Gosick ~ Ep. 21 ~ God save…oh wait, nevermind.

A rather boring settling of this arc, in my opinion. There were like a dozen twists here and there to make it all confusing-lookingish but really, getting all the million Cocos right was more of a knot than the overall case. *sigh* -_-;

So I won’t have a thoughts section for this review.

…Oh, and btw, who else thought Sophie was an incredible earsore narrating through the entire play, huh?! D:x


Revelation Corner

So of course, ya get the “fairytale tragic”-that-is-accepted-by-everyone-stupid version of the story with the actual truth.

BUT! What I was correct on was that Coco did come from France.

What I didn’t know was that Coco actually “died”/murdered in 1900 instead of 1914. Well, that was because nobody mentioned the stillbirth of her child beforehand making the whole “could not bring an heir forth” thing misleading.

But anyways, since Coco was murdered after the baby was born, it makes sense that the search for her deadringer happened the same year. And then they found Nicole Lulu to take her place in the country house with the reason that Coco couldn’t have a baby or whatever. Naturally, Nicole knew nothing and just enjoyed her time being rich after this shady employment. Yea, she enjoyed partying in town too much to question why she suddenly got to wear all the fancy dresses when she was supposed to be doing a secretarial job whatever that meant. *rolls eyes*

And another thing that doesn’t make sense to me. If according to the false tale, Rupert and Coco were so “deeply and purely in love with each other” that he even had to “defend her from the evil Leviathan who threatened to separate their love”, then WHY would he be mean or displeased enough to send her away when her baby died? Please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand why the audience is going all gaga at this pretty crappy plot. Dx

Right, so 1914 comes along with a French emissary visiting to see the Queen. Obviously, the real Queen is dead but nobody knows that. So they have no choice but to call Nicole to the palace, kill her, cut off her head, and voila, your perfect murder.

Again, I don’t get this audience. They’re all yelling at her “Don’t go, Coco!” but nobody has the brains to wonder WHODUNNIT?! and shit. -_-;

Now for the body proof. Coco’s body, which was already preserved, was buried in Nicole’s grave earlier on (hence, the 1900 date of her death). Nicole’s decapitated body was buried in Queen Coco’s grave since it would be weird not to bury the body they found in the palace, not to mention the one found in the Queen‘s room.

Nicole’s severed head which was not preserved, however, was buried with Coco’s body under her rightful grave and that’s why you see the difference between the head and the body. While Coco’s preserved head on the other hand, after it was set on fire and burned was buried with Nicole’s.

Yes, confusing, I know. Both women went to the afterlife with the wrong heads. :P

And the mastermind behind this grand scheme was none other than Roget who offered to help Rupert when Coco “died” in 1900. Look at him! He looks so proud to have killed a poor Queen and innocent woman he tricked to dress up as rich lady.

I still don’t know the significance between the note Victorique kept after going through his memento box, though. You know, the one that said “don’t turn around” which she said meant he had “experienced some failure”. Whatever the case behind that is (if it is even related to the Coco Rose case at all), it’s what brought him to their booth to confirm with Victorique if she still had it or not.

Now as for the howdunnit on Nicole’s head disappearing from the room, Rupert simply stuffed it in his large crown and walked away with it. HA! I knew he was guilty as well! Whoever thought otherwise is dumb!

As for the reason behind killing the real Coco Rose, well, I don’t think anyone is surprised. The proof was all in note stored away in her locket and which is now safely in the hands of Brian and Cordelia.

Of course, Coco had an affair with her masked-alchemist lover as if we hadn’t known that already! Of course, they’ve been doing the no-no behind the King’s back! And of freakin’ COURSE, she got pregnant with his child and the king found out about it and went sword crazy on her.

But wait, that’s not all!

Mother and son are actually alive and well.


Remember that maid Coco always had with her? I knew she was just another stand-in as well.

So out of her master’s order or some kind of deep friendship between them (lolwut?), Coco maid-lookalike switched with the Queen and was killed in her place while Coco and her child escaped.

And really, I never liked Coco ever since there first hint that she was cheating behind her husband’s back came up but now, I’m just appalled at looking at her. With how everyone in Sauville views her as their tragic idol doesn’t help. It was her fault that she caused all the murders to happen. First her maid (who was supposed to be her friend and you don’t just have your friend killed to spare yourself!), then Nicole Lulu.

I mean, her son is completely innocent so I don’t dislike him but really, does this woman plan to take any responsibility for these lives she’s indirectly taken and all the trouble she’s caused?

For some reason, I kind of wanted all this to get exposed to the public now because I just find the truth so disgusting that it can only be justified if the world knows it, impending conflict be damned. *brick’d for that*

And for some other strange reason, the Marquis is like “That was great! A toast to ya!” even though he didn’t get the answer he’s been waiting for but I suspect he knows all the details all along and that Victorique waited precisely for Roget to come to their booth so she could take them down to the stage and show how it was done with the crown…in front of him in his own theater booth right in the center!

So yea, he gives the okay for Victorique to go back to the Academy for now but I have no idea where his plan for war stands since nothing has been exposed to lead to havoc. Which means, unfortunately, that he might have to use her again when the time comes for it.

But then what was the purpose of this play? He was the one who set it all up for Rupert and Roget to see. Is this some kind of warning or threat or something? Hmm, with 3 episodes left, who knows? :/



Just because Victorique looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable resting her head on her arms while looking down from her booth. <3333333333


She obviously wants it for a souvenir. It will look great next to the turban-thing Kazuya got for her a while ago! XDDDDDDD;;;

Ok, either Kazuya is tongue-tied because he’s trying not to spoil her Christmas/birthday surprise or he has seriously forgotten.

Either way, he still deserved that kick. He wasn’t there when she went looking for him!

Aww, Victorique~ Y so cute?! *huggles her* x33333

Yep, back to boring days at school.

But it’s just heartwarming when Victorique tells him she prefers these boring days to Kazuya getting hurt on another one of those crazy events they get pulled into.

Say it with meh, O-T-P!!! <333333




Nothing beats an ending like an ending where Cordelia hums in contentment and Victorique, with their awesome mother-daughter bond that gives her SUPAH Gray Wolf hearing, hears it and smiles that her Maman is proud of her.

*sniff* <')



K, so apparently, Sauville’s (or the Academy’s) version of Christmas is more like Halloween than actual Christmas. Right. I don’t know what makes me pissed of more. Avril dressing up as Tinker Bell or that annoying Jacqueline back again. I suppose Jacqueline since she’s crushing my Kazuya. GRR.

Well, looks to be fun…’cept the Marquis is back again. Great, what does he want now?

Anyways, looking to more promising VictoriquexKazuya moments (CORSET!) and hope to God nobody will interrupt them when he gives her the locket or heads will roll again, YA HEAR ME?! >:(