Gosick ~ Ep. 20 ~ Scream my name!

Because for some 55% of the show, all ya get to hear is Kazuya screaming


So I’m pretty sure that earns this an “OTP” tag, doesn’t it? <3



Right, there’s not much I have to say in this section since for the most part, I only got more clues but am not that much closer to knowing the full howdunnit of this case.

But it seems to me that after the murderer of Coco Rose is revealed (and we all know it’s Roget, whatever his reasons for killing her were), the Marquis may not have that much use for Victorique anymore and if that’s the case, might possibly let her go. I mean, not necessarily free her to go out into the world but would probably not bother her anymore than he has in these past arcs for the upcoming war. Think about it, he’s using Victorique to expose Roget so he can strip him of his influence, take over Sauville and lead the country into WWII. That’s his biggest objective, yes?

So what else would he need Victorique for?

Unless he’s planning to use her a strategist or something which I hope not. But that is as far as my thoughts go for now.

We have 4 more episodes left. 3 if you don’t count the next one which is the climax of this arc. The preview just screams it as the climax so I’m wondering if the last ones will be filler or something. I dunno but we’ll see.


Mystery Corner

My theories in the last review came pretty close with what was said here so I don’t think I need to go over them again.

All is a matter of how the Marquis intends to reveal to the public (and any royals watching in the audience, maybe) about the truth once Victorique reports to him all the nitty gritty details of Coco’s murder. And how is he going to weave the momento box in with that as well. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

First, the non-mythosized version of Coco’s death.

Spring of 1914, before the Great War started.
French emissary comes to see Coco Rose (so am I to assume she’s French nobility who married into Sauville’s royal line through some engagement or something?), King summons her back to the capital.

King was the only person to see her in her room before a headless corpse was discovered by the emissary a short while later. Yet the King is not a suspect from what they presume because he was not holding anything suspicious.

AND during the time he went to go see Coco in her room at the palace, Roget, who the reports only mention as “someone from the Academy as witness”, blew her severed head up at the country house.

Alright, I don’t understand how they cannot find the king suspicious cuz it is his palace after all and who is it to say he didn’t hide an axe in her room during her time away only to use it when she came back and have some servants on standby waiting to chop her pretty head off, huh?

Psh, no common sense.

Anyways, the obvious point is that Coco Rose, (or her double but not likely), was beheaded in the palace. At that same time, her double was murdered and also had her head chopped off at the country house to drive away suspicion from the king, leaving this case unsolved.

And Roget was in league with the king, did his part of the dirty work, got to be vice-president, yada yada.

So now let’s talk about Coco’s doppelganger/substitute/whatever.

But first, I thought the brunette lady in the dress was supposed to be the Queen or something and I was like “WAT’S GOING ON?!?! @_@;;” but it turns out, she’s just in costume and also happens to be Cordelia’s fellow dancer/friend during their performing days before she was kidnapped by the Marquis.

It seems she’s been working at the opera house, Phantom (some time ago they changed it to a theater? Hmm…), for a long time since she also seems to know this actress, Nicole Lulu (or Le Roux, which means “red” according to the French dictionary) who resembled Coco Rose a great deal.

And now we might be coming onto where Coco’s double comes from with these clues…

Nicole Lulu.
Former actress at the phantom. Looked so much like the Queen, she was given the nickname “Downtown Blue Rose”.
1900, 24 years before the current time, she applied for a secretarial position (offered by some suspicious men) that required the candidate to have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Around the same time is the time she’s been reported to have disappeared.

Other accounts say:

10 years after Nicole left that stage, which would be 1910, someone saw her riding a fancy carriage through town.
There are also rumors saying that she became a mistress to some aristocrat. Also 10 years ago.

Finally, Nicole died in 1900. Same year she disappeared.

Now line it all up.

Nicole applies for a position in 1900 then disappears from the stage and is assumed to be dead. OR rather, someone put up her gravestone to make others think she’s dead.
During those next 4 years, she was possibly either playing Coco’s double at the country house or was “pampered by a rich aristocrat” (maybe the King in disguise, who knows) to “act” as the queen. Haha, the that bit is not lost on me.
Then those 4 years are up. It is 1914. Coco is murdered. And Nicole is murdered at the same time. Either one at the palace or the country house, they were both murdered.

Is that enough for some of the howdunnit? I’m still left stumped over the whydunnit, though. Killing the Queen and her fake and all.

In the meantime, I guess this man is not Rupert the King after all but someone who is an official and acquainted with Coco somehow. Or Nicole.

Cuz this man is blonde and Rupert has brown hair.

Furthermore, he looks pretty depressed about the whole play and judging by his facial expressions in the preview and perhaps something-to-do-with-Leviathan THIS, there looks to be some major guilt at work, too.

Ok, so I’m done with that for today. Answers next week.



K, I renounce all my previous annoyance for Cecile cuz stuffing herself in a suitcase b/c she was worried about Victorique is the best thing she’s done since ep 1.

Right, moving on…

As soon as Kazuya hears “Victorique” and “her father” in the same sentence, he just charges through the entrance like a missile going “PLEASE MOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!”

Ah, never one to forget his manners, our Kazuya-kun, eh? ^^

Oh, and there were quite a couple of dramatic camera-angle turning at the beginning. It made me dizzy just a bit. @_@;

Omg, he screams like a good friggin’ 3 times when she had no problem hearing the first one. Kahahaha! So desperate for his Victorique to hear him. She does have good ears, Kazuya, being a Gray Wolf and all.

Victorique looks like she’s on the verge of crying cuz, duh, Kazuya didn’t fail to find her AGAIN and he reiterates AGAIN that he always will.

And she’s clearly so happy that she just wants to run up that long spiral of stairs to him so they can hug which they haven’t done for like 3 episodes now! but refuses and apologizes to Kazuya.

Because she can’t get him more involved in their family affairs than he is already. I mean, I can’t even begin to imagine how she would react if he got hurt or god forbid, killed for trying to rescue her when she’s already dreading the time when they have to part like the prophecy said.

The rest just clenches my heart cuz I think this is the first time that Victorique turned Kazuya away so seriously.

But of course, like a good boyfriend, Kazuya doesn’t give up and hearing how the Marquis will let Victorique return to the Academy when she solves Coco’s case, he gets his hopes back.

Then Grevil tells him all Victorique has to go on are articles and he literally blows up (“THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FRAGMENTS, FOO’!!”) and declares that he’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the other fragments to Victorique so they can go back together.

WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Kazuya, so cool~! You’re finally acting like the Watson now! x333333

I let Grevil off my non-like list, too, since no person in their humane mind would try to choke the girl with smoke to get an answer out of her.

F*ckin’ bastard Marquis. “Occult my ass” is right. This is MYSTERY, godammit!

Y’know, I’ve seen Brian here and there throughout the episode too many times and I’m wondering if he has like some kind of super mutant ability to multiple himself or leave behind projections of himself or something…

Cuz you get him here one moment…

And then he blows a tornado through the door to let you through only to turn up on the other side and you’re like “WHUT?!”

Plus, how can his cape produce so much smoke?! @_@;

See? I got my emotional reunion. Am I not such a smart lil’ psychic? Kehehe. x3

Gah, Kazuya has a habit of saying everything 3 times not counting “Victorique” cuz that must have been in the script at least 50 times for this episode alone.

Anyways, Kazuya tells Victorique that he understands that she doesn’t want him to get involved for his own safety but he says that regardless, he is involved since they are friends and that’s what friends do. Get wrapped up in each other’s problems and support each other through them. All that corny stuff.

Yea, as much I love you two as my OTP, I think you should cut it down a bit on going so overboard with the sentimental lines. I mean, you’re barely teenagers for cryin’ out loud! What am I going to do with you when you’re all grown up?! Aiyaya, couples… xDDD;;;;;

Ah, but who cares? All that matters is this.

My, Kazuya looks so reliable and manly when he’s holding Victorique protectively. From that angle, too. Kyaa~! x3

And just having Kazuya with her is more than enough for her to solve this case no problem. Pfft, that’s right. Even without newspaper articles, all Victorique needs is Kazuya! HAHAHAHA!!!

And with that, she gains her confidence back and returns to the proud Victorique we all know and love.


And the Marquis is toasting her and Cordelia with a big ass glass of wine somewhere so I really hope this is indicating he won’t cause more trouble for them anymore.

Right, I almost forgot. I guess Victorique’s intellect has rubbed off on Kazuya a lot cuz before, he would never go out on his own to gather clues without her assistance. Meaning, he’s learning to think for himself and what he should do when she’s not there now. And by how he’s always looking for interesting stories and mysteries to keep Victorique from being bored, he’s become quite skilled at getting information.

So Victorique’s praise at him knowing what things interested her was not a surprise but pleasant, nonetheless. I can definitely say you’ll rarely see this in other relationships especially with the hardcore tsun ones who won’t acknowledge their male-other signficants at all. Which is why VictoriquexKazuya RAWKS. Nuff said. <3



Ok then. So we’ll finally and hopefully have the answers to everything next episode. And that’ll be but one of the many first steps toward the upcoming storm and I’ll be so sad when that happens and this happens and that inevitably happens and I really don’t have a clue on what I’m rambling on about anymore but PLEASE, LET KAZUYA GIVE VICTORIQUE HER PRESENT!!! DX

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