Gosick ~ Ep. 19 ~ La Vie en Rose

Title of this episode is not, in any way, related to the signature song of famous French singer, Édith Piaf, or the biographical film of the same name starring the wonderful, Academy-Award winning actress, Marion Cotillard.

Because I doubt France’s greatest and most beautiful cultural icon sang about tarts and macaroons while doing the can-can on roller skates, ok? Only in Sauville! ONLY in Sauville! *rolls eyes*

Right, so a quick heads-up. The “Thoughts” section will be where most of my rambling will go for today instead of the mystery about Coco Rose. Obvious reason being the Cordelia’s backstory and all.

K? K.




I like being right when I want my theories to be right. Hehe~

Though Cordelia’s past is hardly anything to be laughing about. In fact, it was downright and atrociously unforgivable of the horrible Marquis for what he did to her.

And Brian’s hatred for Albert de Blois has not changed at all during all those years either. Even before they delved into flashbacks of Cordelia’s life as a singer/dancer, you can immediately tell how affected he is by Cordelia’s ordeal by looking at his eyes. I mean, the glares on them were literally shaking with emotion.

Aish, now this is going to be tough to talk about. *sigh*

So after Cordelia was exiled from her village, she somehow landed a job at a cabaret and that’s where she first met Brian, who is implied to be younger than her by the way she and a fellow dancer keeps calling him “the redhead boy”. Aww, that’s really cute. Tall younger guy falling for short older woman. Kehehe~

*coughs* But yes, I suppose it’s safe to say that they’re in something of a relationship already and perhaps they know that they’re both descended from the same clan as well.

In any case, Cordelia seemed pretty content with her life then though she never forgot about how she was wrongly accused of murder.

Moving along, seeing as how Cordelia takes center on stage despite her height and all the shouts she gets from the audience, she must be one of the more popular performers at her nightclub.

And her beautiful looks only serve to make her stand out more so no wonder it wasn’t hard for the Marquis to find the Gray Wolf he was looking for. But we’re not going to talk about him now.

Cuz I need to ramble and squeal a bit on how adorable I find this couple. Wow, Brian with shorter hair is really cute. Hehe~ x3

Looking at it from here, he does seem younger than Victorique in age and I guess he must have frequented this nightclub a lot to see her as well. Aww my god, this really is too cute and so sweet. Young, innocent love. They had it all! *continues to fangirl-ramble away for the next ten minutes* xD;

Then this happened…

Which led to this

And then THIS.

Omg, poor Cordelia. Poor Brian. ;______;

Albert, you evil bastard! Dx

Kidnapping an unsuspecting woman in the middle of the night, stealing someone’s girlfriend and raping her to produce your offspring! That’s three counts of serious felony! Why hasn’t anyone arrested him?! Sauville, your police force sucks! No wonder why the country is so infested with unsolved murders and corpses hanging from closets full of gold!

I don’t think I need to elaborate any more than it needs to be. Just hearing Cordelia scream in pain during childbirth and all the trauma she must have went through at the hands of this vile man is enough to make me want to cry. Why?! Wasn’t it cruel enough when she was abandoned by her own village?! ;_________________;

And all so the Marquis can have the ultimate intelligence weapon to use in a war. OMG, this man has no soul! D:<

Then after he’s done with her, he just drops her off at an asylum oh look, Julie from the first mystery arc is there! like a garbage bag.

At least one of his servants or whatever, even if it was just on a whim, had some compassion to give Cordelia a photo of her and Victorique. It must have been really tough for Cordelia spending all that time alone, missing her daughter and not knowing what they’ve done to her while the mere sight of her own child is a reminder of that entire year she spent in captivity.

Luckily, Brian was able to find her again and free her but it’s not like Cordelia can ever be the same again after having her soul stolen (ejected, w/e) from her.

And I guess Brian tried not to mention it at first. Perhaps even tried to forget it about the whole thing altogether and move on which is probably why he offered Cordelia to join him in his magic acts and travel as way of distracting her. Though for a mother, whether she wanted it or not, it’s extremely difficult to forget about her own child.

So that’s how the mess of scheming for revenge and attempting to throw each other off from their pedestals started. You have Cordelia, whose own soul took the form of her daughter, and her willingness to do anything for bird-in-a-cage Victorique. Then you have Brian, whose object of affections was violated by some other man and his hatred extending to a child who did nothing to deserve it but just because she had the Marquis’ blood running through her. Then the Marquis who only wants to come out of the second war on top and be all “It has all gone according to the plan” about it. Throw in a third party called the Academy with some influence and power in state affairs and you get absolute drama chaos.

Adults are such unpleasant things, aren’t they?

Now I understand a little more on why they choose to have kids as protagonists. :P


Mystery Corner

So the “tragedy” case as everyone calls it is a play called “The Blue Rose of Saubreme”, which tells about the story of Sauville’s “national idol”, Queen Coco Rose.

Hmm, didn’t think we’d hear from her again after the affair with Leviathan and all. Apparently, Sauville women have so many issues, it’s enough to have a play written about them. I mean, c’mon, an anime isn’t really that different. Oi… D/

Here’s how the story goes. Coco couldn’t get pregnant, her husband, Rupert, went a bit Henry VIII on her cuz he’s probably the one that’s impotent and confined her to the countryside with a maid BECAUSE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP HER CONCEIVE HOW?!

Seriously, hasn’t anyone, especially those royals, figured out that if you keep someone under house arrest, they are inevitably going to find a way to get out, do some gallivanting around town, and be back in time to catch the news before going to bed? “It is 10 PM, do you know where your Queen Consort is?”

Sure, I do! She’s locked up in a big mansion somewhere, not getting any more pregnant!


Anyways, Leviathan gave her a magic stone (where the f*ck does keep he getting all these stones?) that can make her turn invisible and thus, allow her to go out without being noticed. Oooo, I’m so impressed~ [/sarcasm]

If you noticed at the end, the play actually have two actresses playing Coco so that may be hint that Coco had someone dress up as her while she went off to have some fun. And it’s probably her maid otherwise the maid wouldn’t have been mentioned (and there’s another blonde woman in the stained-glass screencap as well so…) At least, that’s what I’m thinking.

So the Marquis planned this performance on Christmas, which just happens to be the same day Victorique was born. If there is a deeper meaning or connection between the play and Victorique’s birth other than doing it to spite Cordelia’s memory of that night, then I don’t know what it is but the Marquis is confident this will cause “them” to move, nonetheless.

True enough, Cordelia and Brian plan to go there because they know Victorique will be there.

And Victorique is required to be there under the Marquis’s orders to solve the “most famous unsolved case in all of Sauville” aka the mystery of Coco Rose, whatever that is. Apparently, there’s a killer involved. Hmm.

Right, so other than that, we get Jupiter Roget walking around town with some other man as well. Jupiter got quite on guard when Sophie walked in front of that man and was about to chastise her for it but was cut off short, as if the person was someone of great importance. Moreover, the man told Jupiter that “Today’s outing is, first and last, a private affair.”

If you take a look at his face, doesn’t he resemble the king and Coco’s husband, Rupert de Gille, somewhat? Except a bit older?

That could explain for all those soldiers being at the theater, too. For security reasons.

So if that really is the case, does the Marquis intend to have Victorique reveal the killer in Coco’s case before Rupert, the King? And does he intend to frame Jupiter Roget as the culprit behind it, thereby stripping all the influence he has as head of the Academy and pave a way for the Ministry of Occult? The Marquis already has Jupiter’s momento box so presenting it to Rupert, who is highly suspicious of anything relating to the weird and/or supernatural as it is, will only destroy his trust in Jupiter.

Then with the Academy out of the way, the Marquis can do as he please and waltz the country into WWII just like he planned.

Yes, I think I’ve done enough theorizing for today. We shall find out next week if I’m far from right or not. God, this is long. @_@;



First off, Victorique shares the same birthday as me! No, really, my birthday is on Christmas. It’s how I can remember my blog’s anniversary cuz I opened it a day after X-mas was over.

Sooo…now don’t you think that’s a little more abuse of author’s convenience? I dunno, I guess it’s just me cuz I don’t like sharing my birthdays with others except Jesus, lol. But w/e, I suppose. Why not have everything happen on a holiday so the whole world has the free time to watch, right? :P

I like how Victorique likens Kazuya to Coco’s “magical stone” that enables her to leave her prison whenever she wants to go out. “Hard stone, hardheaded, no difference…” BWUAHAHAHAHA! xD;

The whole backstory drama is by far, the most fascinating part of Gosick yet, depressing though it is. I can’t help but feel for Brian almost as much as I feel for Cordelia on what happened. I mean, Victorique’s daddy could have been him had the Marquis not existed or something. And by some twist in that alternate universe or whatever, Victorique could have met Kazuya anyway because it’s simply destiny that they would. (What am I talking about?)

Anyways, it’s clear that Brian’s feelings for Cordelia hasn’t changed (<3) even though she did. But what's interesting is though he's straight-out honest about how much he can't stand Victorique for being the Marquis's child in front of Cordelia, he doesn't hesitate in wanting to help Cordelia meet up or at least, see her daughter from a distance.

Cordelia, on the other hand, perhaps due to the "ejection of her soul" doesn't show much expression but just says she believes in Victorique's power. I wonder if she has any plans (that may or may not be hidden from her only friend and ally) that she'll execute during the performance or not. We'll see.

Victorique is not impressed with your not-amusing story.

Though I can say I don’t hate Avril anymore for trying to become friends with Victorique in the right way but can’t say she’s likable yet either.

There’s really nothing I can say here. Doing so will only take away the weight of Cordelia’s words on how she felt when she gave birth to Victorique. It’s so…so complicated and muddled and full of emotions I can’t comprehend that there’s no way I can put it into words.


Ah, and here we are again though this is probably one of the first of many unspoken clashes between Cordelia and Brian when it comes to Victorique. Brian might have been willing to put everything behind them and forget altogether (again, might being the key word) but since it’s Cordelia’s daughter and her very own soul we’re talking about, I don’t think he has the power to refuse her request either.

Aww jeez, is this going to be one of those things were nobody comes out a winner? T_T

A brief but heart-rending reunion between mother and daughter. And I suppose I can forgive BONES for using stock footage. Really, the way Miyuki Sawashiro cracks her voice with such emotion while saying “My daughter…” almost make me burst into tears.

Victorique running around school looking for Kazuya would have made me the happiest girl of the weekend had the situation not been so grim and Kazuya not being on campus to be found. *cries* Dx

But this is good. This is really good. We always see Kazuya taking huge efforts to find Victorique no matter what so it’s nice to see that Victorique reciprocates those feelings when it’s her turn to take up worry. And she damn should be with this war looming ever closer.

Nooo! Victorique and Kazuya must not separate! Dx

Ok, I forgive Cecil for trying her best to prevent Grevil from taking Victorique away. And the fact that she is not intimidated by his doriru at all because she has many little doriru‘s of her own. LOL XDDDD

Oh god, the disheartened look on Victorique’s face when she realizes she’s run out of time to find Kazuya…oh Grevil, have a heart! It’s Christmas! Go find Kazuya for her! ;_______;

Kazuya thinking of what to get Victorique is nothing out of the ordinary but I love the way how takes such care in deciding on what present she would like. Moreover, this is a special occasion cuz it’s her birthday so he wants the gift to be even more meaningful.

And the coin-locket replacement for the one she lost couldn’t have been a better choice. <3

Uh, ok, so things like this have been done so many times, I just won’t bother saying anything.

*lets the foreboding atmosphere hang there*

Kazuya chose the coin pendant because he wants Victorique to remember that he’ll come to help her anytime just like how Cordelia promised when she gave her own pendant to her.

OMGAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDD, KAZUYAAAAAAA~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGGLES* x33333333

This really freaked me out.

A great gale of wind.
Sergius’s prediction.
Soldiers marching by.
The prophecy coming true.


With Kazuya in a state of panic at remembering that and Victorique probably on her way to play “starter of the war” or something for Sauville, ya just wanna praypraypray GODDAMN PRAY that things won’t be as bad as they seem.

Or at the very least, like Victorique hopes that this is not where they will be separating just yet.

God, I hope so. That would be one sucky Christmas and I would’ve been that one extra unhappy birthday girl in the world had this episode aired on Christmas. ;_________;



Lots of things happening next week!

Brian somehow gets a hold of Victorique so I’m wondering if he hijacked the stage or not. If it were right in the middle of the performance, that would be hilarious. lol :P

But gah, what am I talking about? Victorique seemed to be in some sort of pain there (NOOOOO!!!) and finally, Kazuya starts running to her rescue (hopefully) and it looks like he’ll find her locked up in another windowless room.

Another emotional reunion? Yesh, plz. <3


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