Gosick ~ Ep. 18 ~ Masquerade~! Bombs & murders on a train~♪

Had to parody-quote from the “Phantom of the Opera”. Not sorry. 83

Shame nobody brought the costume party onto the ride, though. But who needs that when you get to eat vodka-grilled raisins, get poisoned and be shot at and all that fun stuff? Hmm? 83



This episode wasn’t so much of a extension of the last arc as it was the actual closure of it. I mean, now we know what they mean by “momento box” and everything.

I’m a little miffed at how they keep throwing characters at us only to have them die like 5 minutes later. I know it’s not like they have any other fulfilling purpose then to have some connection with this party or that party, move the plot along and…well, then die if they’re unfortunately meant to but it’s just depressing. I know, I know. I’m saying this when it’s all about murder mysteries in the first place but that doesn’t mean I’m fond of the body count. /P

Anyways, nothing terribly out of the ordinary happened except for two middle-school aged kids dressed up as a waiter and a maid, running around on top of a train and shooting a bomb out before they blow to smithereens but hey, that’s pretty cool in itself so no complaints here. Hee~ :D

I suppose I’ll keep this short. I’m not so interested on the howdunnits and the whodunnits as I am on Jupiter Roget having a bigger role to play than I expected.


Mystery Corner

So since the train is called the “Masquerade” (uhhh, why?), these people decide to play around with the game and gave fictional identities instead. Big, burly dude is a little too into it while the others are just like “Hi, k, that’s all”.

But of course, they are, in their own respective employments, lackeys of the Ministry and the Academy.

Orphan and man with the beard = Academy
Older lady and the blonde boy = Ministry of Occult

Huzzah. *throws confetti*

Ok, a break from the point for a moment but I don’t care what you say about raising-snatching or picking things up straight from a fire and putting it in your mouth as a game (because I know there are crazy similar things like this out there somewhere), but WHY is nobody bothered you’re doing this on a train when you just escaped from being drowned?! HUH?! WHY?! o_O;;

Hmm, so when the poison at the bottom of the glass unfreezes and mixes with the liquid, it’s all over for ya, huh?

That’s something I never heard of before.

Moving along…

As for the motive, ya kinda had to pick it up when they caught him using the radio-transmitter thing to contact his kidnapped sister.

Goal was clear as always. The momento box which we’ll talk about right now.

A momento box is an European tradition where a person would store certain items of significance that he/or she owns over the course of their life. In other words, it’s like what? An autobiography except not a book, but a box full of personal symbolism (or something).

Oh, and when the owner dies, the box is buried with him. But since this box is not buried, then we can assume the owner is still alive somewhere. But we’ll get to that later.

The question now is where Brian and Cordelia intend to go after they handed the task of retrieving the box to Victorique. I find it a bit strange Brian is rather laid-back about Cordelia entrusting the box to her when he seemed pretty determined to get it back himself not too long ago. Or is he the whimsical type? Hmm…

Anyways, Cordelia has the idea that it might protect Victorique from the “upcoming storm” if she can solve the riddle behind it. How, I do know not know. Whatever the case, it seems she and Brian have several back-up plans to protect themselves, too, so I guess they’re also fine for the time being.

Alright, so what’s in this lil’ box everybody’s killing each other for?

An umbilical cord aka the owner’s birth aka EWWWWWWW!!!!! It’s all shriveled up and disgusting. Dx
A awkwardly-drawn self-portrait = his adolescence.
A perfume bottle = a gift from the woman of his affections. Cuz if he owned one himself, you’ll start wondering… >.>;
Finally, a note saying “Don’t turn around”, signifying his experience in failure.

K, I’m pretty sure we don’t have to draw much from a cut umbilical cord (*shudder*) since he was born in an ancient village still going by its old customs but the rest of the quite vague items may lead to something more about the owner.

And who else is it but Jupiter Roget, who is apparently also of Gray Wolf descent.

Wow, shock shock! I guess if it wasn’t for his strange name (I mean, c’mon, compare “Jupiter” to “Sergius” and “Ambrose”, that can’t be his real name! *rolls eyes*) and his relatively taller height than most of his kin’s, we could’ve guessed he came from the Nameless Village. *shrug*

But now we know. The head of the Academy is a Gray Wolf and he wants his box back because according to Victorique, “this is a truth with consequences, one capable of shaking the power balance of the government”. Which explains why the Ministry of Occult would want it (to throw Jupiter of his high horse) and why the Academy wants it (to keep him on that high horse).

…But seriously, they’re going to do all that just because he came from a no-name village hidden in the mountains and supposedly have super smart genes? I’m not sure I’m following the logic of the politics here so if anyone else can explain these in better terms to me, that’d be great. *confused* o.O;

So I suppose we’ll get to those clues we have on Jupiter another day. Victorique gives the box to the blonde kid so his sister can be saved (yay) but keeps the folded note that says “don’t turn around” for herself to solve the bigger riddle ahead.

Right, so now we gotta figure out what this bigger riddle is first or use the clues to figure out what the riddle is before finding the actual answer to the riddle? Oi… @_@;;;



The way Victorique sneezes is probably the cutest way a kuutsundere can sneeze ever! xDDDD;;;

And Kazuya is just weird. Too busy talking to strangers to help Victorique wipe her nose properly.

Kazuya: “chat chat chat” *wipes at Victorique’s bangs*

Victorique: “What are you doing, stupid?!” written all over her disapproving face.

Kazuya: *wipe wipe*


lol, so funny. Lights go out for a sec and he accidentally sits on her. Poor girl. He must have been heavy. And this being Victorique, that’s not something to take lightly.

“You! I’ll get you for this later!”


Taken because Victorique is just the queen of expressions in this entire show while chewing away at her pipe. No competition. xD

I wish we had a closer, better full profile view of him. He looks rather nice in a waiter uniform. Though for Victorique, always the trusty butler. xDD;;;

Well, this is as close as we’ll get to seeing our heroine in a maid costume so shut up and say this is ridiculously cute!

KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333

Uwah! Even Kazuya thinks so and compliments her for it! (KYAA~! KYAA~! Kazuya, you do have a good taste for cuteness after all even though what I’m saying now will probably get me bricked in the face! xD;)

Naturally, Victorique wasn’t prepared for that, blushes in her usual adorable chubby-cheek way…

…and gives him the usual kick-then-tsun response.

“It becomes me? What, are you going to order me to wait on you? You’ve suddenly moved up in the world!”

Kazuya, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Victorique in a cute waitress dress again anytime soon. |D;

Did anyone else find it funny how Kazuya was the one to suddenly throw a chair through the window to look outside?

I like this side, Kazuya. ;D

Hmm, we get a lot of these “determined look” moments sprinkled throughout the episode.

It’s like every time Victorique hears the mention of “memento box”, she goes into “srs bznz” mode or something. Yea, understandable since she needs that box and all but I’ve honestly never seen her so firm in resolve. At least not since the second arc when she went back to prove Cordelia’s innocence.

Ah, what a good daughter she is. ^^

And it’s not like she has to worry about running up there anyways.

Kazuya, on the other hand…gotta love him for shouldering all the bodyguard job every time. <3

Gah, and I love him even more when he yells to the orphaned girl that her life is more important than some smelly old box.

Too bad she died without ever knowing her birthday. Though she muttered “Mother” in the end so wondering if her mother will really show up later. God, hope it won’t be to avenge her daughter or anything. If so, aim for the Marquis!

Victorique tries to shoot the bomb…THAT far away from it…with just a pistol! o_O;

I did love it when Kazuya pulled her back before she wasted that last bullet on trying, though. xD;

Again with her determination to solve the riddle her mother gave her and it gets a bit intense since we’re on a runaway train and all but it’s all good cuz Kazuya is “Oh fine! But I’m helping, too!”

Victorique: “Of course. We’re master and servant after all.”

Kazuya: “You’re exasperating.”

Kekekekekeke… xDDDD;;;

I bet those of you who saw the original illustrations by Hinata Takeda will recognize this part. Well, actually, you should’ve known when you saw the preview last week but anyways…

This is how it basically went.

They somehow climbed to the front of the blasted train. Then Victorique goes, “I have never used a gun before but I am a Grey Wolf and also AWESOME!” or something along those lines and Kazuya is like “Hell yea, and we’re going back to school together!”


And that, ladies and gents, is how it’s DONE. x3

Wow, Cordelia has super mama awesome hearing. Or just awesome super maternal instincts, same difference.

That, or maybe Victorique must have done something with the gun to stretch out sound that far. o.O;

“Maman! Did you hear that?! I just used a gun!” xD;

Haha, I love how they’re all “Omg, it’s over, thank god…” and breathing relief just sitting at the front of a train going who-knows-how many miles per hour and then they’re like “Haha! We SHOT a BOMB!”

Then Kazuya has the sense to ask “Uh, so what do we do now about the train?”

Victorique: “Agh, we’ll stop eventually.” *throws gun to the side* “Right, so are there any sweets on this locomotive? I ain’t eatin’ those raisins.”

And with that, they’re back in school again next week. Meh, what a short trip.



Or maybe I’m wrong cuz I see snow and Sophie is wearing ski goggles or airplane goggles or whatever it is goggles so maybe it’s time for winter break.

…but Albert is there. What could that possibly mean?

Well, looks like a light-hearted episode. Victorique gets a new dress (yay~) and dear god, that can’t possibly be her in that last screencap. I’m betting it’s a flashback to the days when Cordelia was still a dancer…but wow, that’s a lot of make-up. o_O;


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  2. I only seem to realize how far behind I am when I come here xD (stickler of SS releases)
    But strangely enough, this was the first arc I found really interesting, not so much the second part as much as the first part which started tying all those other details they introduced in other arcs together… can’t explain it =x (the last scene definitely goes under *awesome* though :3)
    Jupiter isn’t *that* strange a name—in anime. Japan is obsessed with Jupiter for some reason I can’t comprehend. It’s like, everywhere (in anime) =o

    I think it probably has something to do with the *Chaos* that Victorique always talks about— possibly that everyone from their village’s bloodline can gain access to it or something, and it’s obviously a central part of what inspires her to come up with solutions to these mysteries. Being able to piece seemingly unrelated facts together is a very powerful skill— just think of the potential when you can discern any political maneuver, any military tactic, and business scheme… WORLD DOMINATION! — by a loli with the best laugh and sneeze XD

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