Gosick ~ Ep. 17 ~ And the climax POURS!

People of the world, I have two announcements! *spreads arms out to the sky*

1) I am awesome! *obnoxiously enjoying herself for no apparent reason* x)
2) I just got out of school!

So while this means I’d like to sit back, relax and bask in my shallow arrogance, I’ll still do a somewhat lengthy run-through of this week’s episode which is for many, many reasons just AWESOME. Perhaps not as AWESOME enough to earn the anti-drug tag but it did finally earn the AWESOME OTP one.

Hahahaha~ xD

And now you’ll get to see why I’m in such a perky, awesome mood along with that. Also, because I’m a lazy ass, I merged the “Thoughts” and “Mystery Corner” section together since it’s all bound to be the same thing anyway.


Thoughts/Revelation (sort-of) Corner

As I thought awesome me, the Marquis locked Victorique up at Beelzebub’s Skull to lure out Cordelia, knowing she’d come if her wolf cub cried for her but Victorique, ever the strong lil’ rebel she is, held her silence the entire time.

Next, we move onto Simon Hunt who unfortunately died before anything was revealed about him but we can still make some solid guesses on who he was working for before he kicked the bucket.

He was obviously tampering with some machine hidden behind the projector and since he claims that all the magic they’re showing there are nothing but tricks, we can assume he’s not with the Ministry of Occult as well. So that leaves us with two possibilities:

1) He is working for the Science Academy/Jupiter Roget. He may also been the one to have set a timer for the gates to flood the convent. Not hard to believe since he was the one that mentioned them in the first place.

That can probably imply that the Science Academy is no longer there at Beelzebub’s Skull (why would they hang around to get drowned? :P) and the Phantasmagoria event was all a doing of the Ministry of Occult. Further proven by this unnamed dude, who seems to be in charge and who’s wearing the same uniform those in the Ministry wear.

Purpose for doing so, though? I mean, Hunt flooding the convent?

Not exactly sure but someone from the Academy must have had suspicions that Albert de Blois was up to something so they sent Simon to ruin his plans.

Note: The Academy may not know anything about Victorique or Cordelia and what their involvement in this is. People in the Ministry, however, because they are working for the Marquis may have some kind of inkling about his goals. As demonstrated on how the unnamed Ministry official knew about Victorique and told the nuns to keep an eye on her and Brian.

2) He could be working for Brian, which after the first theory, seems unlikely. Brian and Cordelia seem to be operating on their own as a pair and since they’re sort-of in league (or had been) with the Academy, they could have expected someone like Hunt to show up to oppose the Ministry.

Hunt couldn’t have possibly known about the momento box they’re after either since…well, he died. If he did know, he wouldn’t have went up on stage and got himself stabbed in the cabinet. So really, this theory just crosses itself out. :P

Conclusion: Simon Hunt was working on behalf of the Academy.

The howdunnit on his death, though is still up for debate.

We see that (also unnamed) girl from the train ride in the audience and just after they close the cabinet doors, she fidgets with something in her pocket. Then lightening strikes down, scaring everybody for a minute or so before they hear a scream. The doors open, the old lady is covered in blood though she is clearly not dead while Simon has that dagger (large knife, whatever) stabbed in his chest.

Right, so let’s put things in order.

The performers are no doubt working for the Marquis (since they act as his bodyguards later) and to prevent suspicion or rather, science from exposing the truth, they had Hunt killed. And it’s not that difficult to guess how they did it. The back wall of the cabinet could have opened, giving the old ladies enough space to quietly switch places before the cabinet was opened again.

If so, then the person who was responsible behind the stage for that could have easily opened the cabinet, grabbed the dagger and stab Hunt while everyone was distracted. Hunt’s scream would have been muted out by the shouts of the audience when they got distracted by the lightening.

So where does that leave the girl? Is she working for the Academy or the Ministry? Did she take part in killing Hunt or is what she was holding in the pocket something to set off the timer and/or possibly tamper with the hallucinatory mist?

Well, I want to say she’s with the Ministry since the Marquis has them apparently everywhere, some of them possibly including passengers on the train. But there’s still not enough clues on her to judge since she hasn’t done anything too extreme to indicate which side she’s on. Either way, she and her other companion are up to something since no background characters would be given this much action.

Next, the projection machine, or “magic lantern” as they call it OMG, IT’S GREEN~ 8D. And yes, I was so right so I don’t think I need to explain anymore (*punches air in victory* xD). Go look back on the last review…and just ignore that bit about the full moon cuz there wasn’t one here…or if there was, it wasn’t important anyway since it started raining. :P

Though I didn’t think Brian would be the one switching the slides but hmm, whatever.

I mean, he probably volunteered to do it so he could get the chance to hide his memento box in the same room where they were keeping the machine. Only he didn’t realize they would actually find it and steal it for themselves which so began his chase for it back.

I’m curious to what’s in his Pandora Box that can pose such a serious threat to the Academy and their potential influence in the future. If the box came from the village of the Gray Wolves, given that we’re still assuming that, how can something that originated from a still ancient place out of nowhere have such an effect on a modern institution?

Other than that, I really don’t know what it could be.

But it seems we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out more since the Academy was one step ahead of them this time. Which also means we’ll be seeing Brian and Cordelia again sometime in the near future.

That being said, wow…the old geezer really was the Marquis in disguise. Haha~, I’m getting so much better at this guessing stuff than I thought I would. *so proud* x);

Anyways, Kazuya finally meets face-to-face with Victorique’s father and what Albert tells him only further confirms that she’s nothing more than a tool to him. Kazuya appearing only helped refined her intellect and in his words, “brought her closer to perfection” (creepy old man, Victorique isn’t a bisque doll! xP).

Well, he was after Cordelia this time but instead, ran into Kazuya so in that way, Kazuya foiled his plans. Yes, Kazuya, thank you for existing and becoming Victorique’s one and only most-trusted friend! <3

Still, even though he couldn't catch Cordelia, Victorique still has some value to him. Whether regarding Cordelia or not, she's going to play some part in the next great war he's anticipating (is he expecting her to do what her mother did during the first war? hmm…). And he's hardly intimidated by Kazuya since he's also aware that they won't be able to stay together when it happens.

As much as I hate to say it, it looks like Albert has majority of the cards in his hand at the moment. You can't deny that it won't be an ultimate happy ending since hello, World War II did happen so there's not much room to hope for one. It's really all riding on how exactly Albert intends to use Victorique for the war.

And I'll stop there for now since it's just too depressing at the moment to theorize any further. Albert, you bastard! ;_____;

But before I close it off, it looks like we’re already heading for more trouble on the way home. *sigh* Can’t give us a break, can you?

Well, we can assume that this mysterious, evil-smirking dude in the shadows who was watching Kazuya and Victorique at the end is also working under the Marquis…just because he is evilly smirking in the shadows. I don’t know who to suspect otherwise cuz you just know evil goes with evil, y’know, y’know.

Oh, and the fact that the Marquis has his goons everywhere so…yea.

And he’s probably that young blonde guy we see in the preview as well (there’s a screenshot below). Ha, that wasn’t so hard. They always come in harmless-looking packages. :P



So now we know how Victorique got her pendant. Cordelia came back to see her when she was a little older and gah, you must be heartless if you didn’t feel anything while watching this.

I can shoot a guess at how old Victorique is here (probably around 5 or 6 years?) but isn’t it a little crazy how she was able to flip the bed and prop it up as a ladder on her own despite her size? Need I remind you that she’s not made out of muscle either so it’d be close to impossible for her to do that by herself without feeling pain.

And she couldn’t even voice out proper words yet (she’s crying like a wolf cub for her mommy! *wants to huggle her* >A< ) so I'm thinking she's even younger than that.

Ohhh god, this is just so sad. Mother and daughter obviously want to be with each other but can't! So Cordelia gives Victorique something to remember her by and promises to come for her whenever she needs her. To a baby Victorique, of course she would put a lot importance on the pendant since not only was it a gift from her mom but something that tied them to each other no matter how far they're separated.

But in a bit of blunt honesty, even losing a meaningful item like that wouldn't ever severe her relation with Cordelia. She's her mom, after all! She'd come for her daughter regardless if she lost it or not! Though it is incredibly cute and heartwarming how Victorique, who is just 10 years old (thank you, Sera-san for clarifying), still has…well, not to sound degrading at all, a child's mind of thinking if you understand what I mean.

God, why can't they be together? ;___________;

But Victorique doesn’t let that get to her since Kazuya came for her after all. Just like always. Yay~ <3

See, Victorique can act like an incredible tsun at times but she's really not just any another tsundere at all. She's more complex than that. Sometimes she can be cold, childish, and plain rude and dishonest about things but she's not so waist-deep in those stereotypical traits that she can't show other emotions like gratitude, sadness, and undisguised, geunine happiness when the moment calls for it.

And before she met Kazuya who was able to change all that, she was hardly treated as a human being in the first place. So give the girl some credit. She's come a long way in such a short amount of time. I think that's something to admire her for. :)

And because Victorique is so grateful to Kazuya for always coming for her, she gets a little shy and can’t really finish her what she wants to say but blushes and turns away to savor the moment…only to have her stomach interrupt it. lol Oh, what a cutie~ xD

Love how Kazuya is just standing there like a clueless guy until he hears her tummy grumbling, too. Oh, Kazuya. ^^;

Yaaaa… as I thought, a darling, happy Victorique wouldn’t be complete with Kazuya bringing her usual sweets. I’m gettin’ cavities just seeing her enjoying them. x)

Ever the best hubby (kehehe~ xD), Kazuya takes care of his Golden Fairy like one should dote on his wife. And she’s more than content to just let him.

They do this quite often in the novels and drama CD as well.

Gaaaahhhhh, I’m so happy. *rolls all over the floor* x33333333333333

Look! He even brought her tobacco pipe!

And did she just praise him? She did, didn’t she? That won’t happen for another several years. Kekeke! xD;

As awesome Kazuya was so far in this arc, he did do something pretty stupid. Leaving Victorique in the middle of a gas leakage to see what Brian’s up to when he saw him. Didn’t confirm it but just ran off at the sight of him and Victorique has to fend for herself in a place where any of her evil father’s men can take her back up the tower.

Thank god Brian was there to look after her, I guess.

Cuz I bet he let himself deliberately be seen (or was it another projection?) at the window by Kazuya so he can meet up with Cordelia. And Cordelia couldn’t be seen out in the open, especially by Victorique, unless risking getting captured by the Marquis as well.

Anyways, Cordelia entrusts a ring to Kazuya and tells him to give it to Victorique along with another message (ha! So he has gained Maman’s approval! xD). It’s a bit hilarious when she yanks him down to whisper it to him cuz it reminds me of the first arc when Victorique did the same thing to warn Kazuya about the dude who was faking dead. Kazuya, never stop wearing a tie. It might mean you choking one day from all the pulling but that’s what you get for being liked by the short peoples. Hahaha~

With that, Cordelia takes her leave without a backward glance but Kazuya still really wants her and Victorique to meet since they clearly miss each other dearly. And Kazuya can’t stand the sight of Victorique crying. Proud, adorable, lonely Victorique crying for her mom.

Me either. ;______;

Brian, you’re a jerk. For being un-gentlemanly and walking away from a lady like that and also for making Victorique sad when I just said I don’t want her to look sad! *throws an encyclopedia at him* >x(

Though he’s much more likeable that the Marquis. Grr, he gets the “Worst Parent of the Year” award, no arguments!

Saying stupid things like “I’ll use her for my own purposes”, “She’s my kid so why can’t I do as I please?”, and telling Kazuya to get lost now that he’s done what he has to and “leave the rest of her conditioning to me”.


This makes Kazuya furious and just so friggin' AWESOME when he criticizes this man with a large amount of power and influence to treat his daughter in the way a father should treat his child and love her because it’s his f*ckin’ obligation as her f*ckin’ PARENT!


And he just wrapped that up real nicely by declaring he won’t let Victorique near him or be used by him like a tool.

Kazuya! I know I said this many times among all the reasons why I chose and am continuing to do episodic blogging for this show but you are



And Albert is like “Pfft, okay, that’s cool. Just to let you know, I own everything in Sauville anyway and one day you’ll have to go back to your country in time for this next big war I schedule in my agenda book. Enjoy your stay here while you can.”

Bastard. >:(

I don’t think I want to believe it but I guess even a heartless son a bitch like him can be a little generous at times, too. But it’s probably not that. He figures that since Kazuya is the only person to ever treat Victorique as a person and would protect her no matter what, there’s no harm in letting him do that job a little longer. To “bring her closer to perfection” or just to keep her safe until the war comes or whatever, Kazuya isn’t a person who can pose a threat on his level of affairs.

Kazuya then goes back to Victorique just as the sea starts flooding into the area but she refuses to budge after her encounter with Brian, still discouraged about not knowing how her mother is doing or whether she said anything about her and lost on for what reason she’s born.

He just looks helplessly at her for a few seconds but…

Picks her up princess-style and says “Y’know, I met your dad just now and he sucks more than BONES does when making my face look weird in a few shots. But it’s okay for you to be depressed cuz that’s life. We’ll have a bunch of cookies over tea and get over it.”

Because what’s the most important thing is that he came for her so they can go home together.

Just like always.

And Victorique remembers that because she met Kazuya and became friends with him that she was able to find meaning to live in the first place. That she wasn’t lonely and had a place to return to.

Cheesy but true and heartfelt. <3

Then she makes the most sincerest request of him to protect her and coming from Victorique, that’s an acknowledgment that she needs someone like Kazuya to be there for her. Knowing that, Kazuya vows that he will and it’s a pretty damn Hollywood-production sort-of moment cuz you have the instrumental version of “Resuscitated Hope” playing in the background and all.

Then there’s me trying not to ruin it because this is so undeniably attempting to be vivid with the waters just threatening to swallow them up at any moment and here I am going “Run, Kazuya! RUN LIKE THE WIND~!”

Right, I’m sorry if some of you won’t be able to take this seriously anymore cuz of that. xD;

But they made it and Victorique again shows how much she appreciates Kazuya cuz he just saved both their lives again with his devotion and bravery and damn, this series does put a lot of emphasis on hand-holding, huh?

Not that I mind? Nope, not one bit. In fact, please give me more, kthxluvyazbai. <333

And the bittersweet thing to end the day off with. Cordelia’s message to her daughter to “solve the riddle” so that she can “demonstrate her power so that she may live”. And we all know that Victorique excels to solve riddles so this one is more like a life-riddle to prove she has the will to live. It’s just the words of encouragement Victorique needs to hear (from her precious Maman) to walk forward and struggle on.

But the part that really touches the heart the most:

“I love my little daughter, as I always have…Even if you don’t cry, I’ll come running like this, no matter where you are.”


Cordelia gets the “Best Parent of the Year” award! No questions asked!




Woot, so next is the train arc…where for some reason, Kazuya and Victorique are made to dress up like servants. I dunno about you but seeing them in matching outfits makes me giggle madly like a fangirl. *giggle* x3

And looks like those two women and some new people we never saw before (I’m pretty sure it was the innocent-looking blonde guy~) are all going to be tied up in this next conspiracy some way or another.

Hmm, ok. There will be action on a train. What more can I ask for? :)


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  1. Victorique isn’t actually 10 though–it was just a mishap with the Anime (which they later contradict in another episode probably for that reason). She’s supposed to be 12-14.

    Though, it doesn’t surprise me too much if they are still saying she’s 10, considering they also made her shorter in the Anime too. (4’7″ from 5’2″)

  2. MY GAWD! this was by far the best episode of Gosick yet! If studio BONES keeps up like this, I might start to love them again.
    I nice to know, what all those pictures I’ve been collecting over the years finally mean. I sooo wish they’d bring out the novels already.. (Damn TokyoPOP!) <_<

    And, was I the only one who wanted to see Kujo kiss victorica as he was holding her?

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