Gosick ~ Ep. 16 ~ Came for the girl, unwillingly stayed for the insane party.

So, I know several Beelzebubs actually. The Beelzebub of another name from this book, the actual one (although, very vaguely), the titular always naked baby, and my top favorite, this murderous lil’ demon cutie of a glutton (Beel-tan~ <3).

And apparently, it, or rather, it's skull, is also an old convent/hospital in Lithuania during the war slash science academy slash some place for a circus act called “Phantasmagoria” to be held slash whatever freaky stage of events that will occur.

Really, it’s like the ground of all unholy matrimonies with a giant ghost of Mary literally overseeing everything to top it off. “Crossed the threshold” much? o.O;



Four words:


You know where to go, right? ^^


Mystery Corner

As always, we start with a flashback or some “proof” of the supernatural happening, of course.

‘Cept this one doesn’t seem as much of a myth as the others. 1914, which makes this 10 years before current plot time and also the start of the Great War (for real). German planes are bombing the convent, which at the same time was (and probably still is) the academy of science that we heard about in the last arc. Doesn’t really make things clear on why they attacked it, though.

…I mean, was Lithuania even involved in the war? And why is the academy located all the way over there instead of at home in Sauville, which borders the Mediterranean sea and Lithuania is…well, not?

And how the hell does one “take a train” from there to there? HUH?!

*so confused* @_@;

Geographic confusion aside. Said convent apparently had very vengeful nuns who can summon a giant Mary into the sky and you know the rest.

I’m guessing it’s more of an illusion created by the full moon that’s associated with Phantasmagoria than anything because there is such a thing as Phantasmagoria but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Right now, I’m more concerned with why Victorique was taken to Beelzebub’s Skull in the first place under the orders of her father, the marquis, Albert de Blois. He and Grevil said that there’s a great risk in bringing her there.

And though it seems that her transfer may have nothing to do with Phantasmagoria the event, it would be easier for Kazuya to pass through to find here through an invitation of that instead of just barging in without notice and yelling “VICTORICAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” LOL xD;. Which is why I suspected Grevil gave him the envelop in the first place.

But anyways, Grevil said they’re keeping her there to keep her mouth shut about things. Whether it’s Sauville’s “dark history” or what, I’m not sure, but the bigger reason is to “lure a certain someone out”.

I have a hunch that certain person could be Cordelia, since she “threw herself into the First War” and did many dangerous things (whatever they were) which earned her the fear of Sauville’s government if I remember correctly. Though it’s strange cuz they already have Victorique as their Gray Wolf so why they would need Cordelia…I dunno, this is a messy line of theories I’m pulling out of the air as I go along.

Now I’m not sure if the vague “she” that Grevil referred to would cause problems if she got set free or died is Cordelia OR Victorique but I’m more likely to suspect with the former. Victorique doesn’t seem like the type to want revenge against the de Blois since she’s rather passive to living as a tool under them but Cordelia might be different since she managed to escape and all.

Hmm, who knows? Maybe I’m wrong about all this and they might be talking about a different person altogether. *shrug*

Either way, there’s a good chance we might find out by the end of this arc.

Moving along, people we should be suspecting were just blatantly laid in front of us.

First of all, the old man who we still don’t have a name of so we’ll just refer to him as the old geezer going to visit his daughter. I had a half a mind to suspect this guy was really Albert in disguise with that whole “I’m finally going to see my daughter!” line and all, even if seems rather uncharacteristic for a person like him but I’m having heavy doubts on that cuz it seemed way to genuine to be some sort of act…still, I might hold onto that theory cuz of the way the geezer kept glancing at Kazuya throughout the train ride. As if he knows something. Urr… =~=

Next is Simon Hunt. Who is quite obvious to be suspicious of as soon as you see him. I mean, do I even have to list all the reasons?

– Sees an Oriental kid, calls him “cute” (EWWW!!! PEDO! Dx), and guesses that he’s going to Beelzebub’s Skull as well when a normal dude would really just…well, not “jump” on someone so quickly like that but yea, now you see why he’s so suspicious, eh? :P
– He seems way too enthusiastic with the occult stuff and you can tell when he tags onto the “Reaper” legend and how loosely coincides with the bubonic plague that swept over the convent when it was built.
– Ok, ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who introduces themselves to you with a profession (clockworks) and offers you a “discount” if you ever have the sudden interest in purchasing in this genre is automatically S-U-S-P-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! >:(
– Besides knowing a little too much about ghost stories, Phantasmagoria or what not, he also seems to know about Beelzebub’s Skull too well. Notice how he points out to Kazuya about the gate that separates the convent from the sea? That tells me he’s been here more than once and perhaps long enough to know the layout of the whole damn structure.
THIS. I don’t think there’s anything more to be said.

Now’s the matter of deciding which side he’s on. Most likely not on Brian and Cordelia’s since we saw them watching him trying to run around secretly, doing hell knows what. But it’s not “secretly” if you can be seen, huh? :P

And the lady and who I’m suspecting is her daughter. Dunno what purpose they serve if they’re serving a purpose at all but they’ve been given screen time and a less-than-cardboard cutout look than the people around them so they might have some part to play…or not. Just keeping all eyes open. Hmm…

Beelzebub’s Skull itself. Not much to say about it since I went into several details already but it just looks like the giant head of a fly and Beelzebub’s other name being the “Lord of the Flies” and all. Yea.

I’m really starting to think that someone’s going to blow up that gate and flood the whole thing, though. I mean, why else would Simon Hunt mention there’s a high tide that night to Kazuya? I hope Kazuya remembered to pack Victorique some sort of swimwear. Or floaties. lol <P

Dude, the nuns are like creepy robots. What the fudge is that gonna mean? D/

Ok, then. Phantasmagoria.

Here’s what is (from the Wiki page):

…a form of theatre which used a modified magic lantern to project frightening images such as skeletons, demons, and ghosts onto walls, smoke, or semi-transparent screens, frequently using rear projection. The projector was mobile, allowing the projected image to move and change size on the screen, and multiple projecting devices allowed for quick switching of different images. Invented in France in the late 18th century, it gained popularity through most of Europe (especially England) throughout the 19th century.


Right, that’s all I think we need to know. *going back to read more about it later anyways*

So really, it’s just a projection showcase. All that stuff Simon said about the floating ghost, disappearing acts, and what not are probably just that. And it’s happening overnight as well, when everybody’s drunk out of their minds so it’s not like they have the rationality to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s illusion. Magicians, I’m onto you. >:3

Probably backed by the Science Academy that was there for “construction purposes” or something so they might have been responsible for creating the projection machines or whatever…yea.

Now do you see where I’m getting at with the whole Giant Mary thing? They some how used the full moon (hence, why Phantasmagoria is being held on the night of a full moon) to project an image of Mary across the sky. I don’t know how they did it but they did it somehow.

We’ll most likely have more of these projections popping up as we go along. Fun.

So what we saw in the preview last week was actually a flashback of Brian meeting with the president of the academy, Jupiter Roget, the same guy who helped framed Leviathan in front of the Sauville court twenty years ago. They appear to have the same enemy in Albert de Blois.

Jupiter’s (lol, odd way to name a guy) reasons for opposing the Ministry of Occult and “expand the country by adapting the new force that is science” aka labeling the supernatural as nothing more than superstitions and taking the “Haha! I win!” award home at the end of the day.

And what he said about “using conjuring tricks to pull off a feat of engineering” just supports my theory more on the projected Giant Mary thing. It’s not a coincidence if he mentioned this in the same year the convent was bombed. Oi.

Brian’s reason, however seems more personal. “I can’t forgive Albert de Blois” really just screams personal vendetta to me.

On another note, according to Brian, Jupiter seems to have another motive for allying with Brian and it has something do with the “momento box” that Brian brought back from the “nameless village”. I’m pretty damn sure this was what he exchanged the photo of Cordelia and baby Victorique with when he went back. Why it was hidden under the floor in Cordelia’s house, I’m not sure. Hell, he wasn’t born there, right? So how could it have been his or rather, had know it was his when he wasn’t born there?

Which makes me even more curious about how he met Cordelia, what their relationship is and god, it’s just a mess.

But Brian’s pretty determined to get his lil’ box of secrets back so much that he’d even put her daughter on the line and by the way he’s just talking about it to the chest doll there, it really just confirms that Cordelia has been hiding in there all along (lol, she even hit Kazuya on the train using it, xD; ).

For her to show up in front of Kazuya (my god, she’s quite the tiny lil’ mum, ain’t she? x3) at the event below to lead him to Victorique…well, I’m guessing she’s got some plans of her own even if she’s cooperating with Brian. To secure whatever safety she can for her daughter with her friend and all.

But god forbid she pull a Marianne on me. Ohhhh no, that’d be awful. o_O;

Right, so that’s all for now. I think I figured out a good small amount of the howdunnit. Now’s a matter of the whydunnit and some of the whodunnit.

Oi, that was long. *rolls eyes*



Kazuya thinking very thoroughly through on what sweets to get for Victorique (with a smile on his face) makes me incredibly happy. So incredibly happy. <3

Gawd, it's only so close to getting an engagement ring. *GETS SHOT* LOL xD;

And it makes me equally sad to see all his trouble go to waste when he finds out that Victorique left.

OMG, thank god this is not some horrible third-rate cheesy romance novel cuz if it were, I’d have a huge fit at how cliche it is. >:(

And I’m very grateful that Victorique is her usual blunt and brief self when leaving her letter behind to give Kazuya incentive to find her. “Idiot.”

Honestly, Kazuya, were you expecting anything different when it comes to your proud Victorique? Of course she’d never admit to needing your help, much less asking you to come find her on paper. Dummy Kazuya. Have your worrying habits jump-start themselves already. /P

HAHA~! Of course Kazuya wouldn’t leave to go find her immediately without making sure he brings her luggage of frills along! Oh Kazuya, you’re such a thoughtful, smart man. The guys in the movies should learn from you. Hehe~ x3

But really, going through Victorique’s closet like that, sheesh. If it were anyone else, it would be just…well, let’s just say a hard slap would hurt very much. |D;

Still, it’s just too cute and funny and hilarious and everything adorably awesome mixed in. Him taking the time to choose her outfits and making sure they match and all of a sudden, who but Grevil comes in and tells him he’s got it wrong and that “that panier goes with that fluffy dress there” and I’m like “lolwut?”. xDDDDD;;;;

I suppose I can start forgiving Grevil for finally showing some concern towards his lil’ sister (more than their father would anyway and that’s something). He’s still far from being called a brother, much less a good brother, but pointing Kazuya in the right direction and simply having some faith in the “baby squirrel” Victorique’s so fond of is enough for me to not glare at him throughout this episode.

But I really don’t care about that now cuz the more important thing to Kazuya is “To hell with you or the Marquis. I’m going to go find Victorique!”

WOOT! I LOVE YOU, KAZUYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! x333333333333333333333

Cordelia leading Kazuya to Victorique was probably the second greatest highlight of the entire thing. I guess she came to find out about Kazuya through what she heard from Brian but it’s still hard to gauge her emotions or figure out what she thinks of him with that stony face she has on. Whatever her opinion of Kazuya is, I think she’s glad that Victorique has someone who cares enough for her to come all the way out here to find her.

I mean, she must be anguishing a bit on how she can’t even help her own daughter but if there’s Kazuya around, her worries are probably lessened and that’s why she might be grateful to him for always looking out for Victorique.

So, does he gets Maman’s approval then? hehe ^^

But really, nothing beats this. And I mean nothing.

Kazuya finds Victorique and is all happy to see her.

She’s not. Calls him an idiot and commands him to die cuz he’s late. (Gggggaaahhhhhh. *about to die* xD;)

He gets angry, starts to retort but she’s like “I don’t want your excuses” and it’s all teary eyes and irresistibly puppy-adorable pouts and understanding that follows. But the important thing is…

THE POWER OF HUGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, ok. No, the most important thing is that he found her just like he promised.

Everybody altogether now for the crowning moment of heartwarming:



Aaaaannnndddd…we’re back to our regular schedule of things.

Haha, leave it to Victorique to criticize Kazuya for not being able to tell the difference between “red” and “raspberry” in the dim dark. xD;

Now that everything’s in order, seems like our Victorique will finally be able to meet her mother again (oh, I do hope so *so hopeful*) through one circumstances or another. That will be interesting to see, to say the least.

And whatever Brian’s planning is sure to send the whole place into chaos. K, dude, but not before I sample some champagne that you probably drugged or something so have you and your accomplice keep your big orb in the sky stored away before you’re ready to freak everybody out of their skins, kthxbai.



Simon Hunt mentioned something about the event cast having some hot babes, right?

…*veers quickly away* >.>;

Anyways, Albert de Blois finally makes a full appearance and it doesn’t seem like he’s any less crazier than when he requested Leviathan to create the homunculi army for
him but hey, maybe he’ll be a little decent and try not to kill everybody there with whatever he has up his sleeve. Hmm. :/


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  1. It’s unbelieveable, all these clues and… they lead to no where. I will say this..
    Victorique and Kujo are soooooo cute together! XD

  2. A few things:
    – Lithuania was in WWI. It was captured by the Germans.
    – It wouldn’t be hard to get from Saubure to Lithuania by train, it would just take a while (example: you could cross through Switzerland, Austria, and Poland).
    – Victorica needs to learn to give the guy some credit. He shows up for her, and that’s what counts. Everyone else she knows just throws her into jail cells. SHEESH! Does her fountain of wisdom tell her she is better off without him?
    – So many suspicious people. This arc looks like it is gonna get CRAZY!

  3. Hana-Keijou: No, they’re eventually going to lead to each other. We just don’t know which one ends up where yet.

    And agree~! <3


    Joojoobees: Ah, thanks for clarifying that. Not so big on history and I should have known it was possible to take a train from Sauville to Lithuania or anywhere in Europe. The overnight thing kind of confused me about time.

    It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate Kazuya that way cuz she does. She’s just too proud to be too dere in front of anyone, even him.

    That’s why they’re having a party! xD;

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