Gosick ~ Ep. 15 ~ It’s all a story from long ago…

BONES, you are just…wonderful.

‘Nuff said. <3



Shaddup, I like putting these two together. xD;

There’s actually not a lot for me to say here (since everything will be discussed in full below) but HA! I so knew it about Leviathan…well, maybe not the bit where he dug himself out of a grave but still, HA! I so KNEW it! *satisfied* x)

And what’s better? Is that I so knew it that this whole Leviathan case was somehow connected to the grand scheme of things centering around Victorique as well. So yea…I so KNEW it! MWUAHAHAHAHA!


Right then, on the other hand, since we know that now, it’s only going to spiral down into something bad later on. And I’m not talking about WWII about to happen but…well, yea, it’s happening and Kazuya will have to be separated from Victorique and moon-sized buckets of tears will fall and they will fall HARD.


…But that will be for later. Now onto the longer-than-usual reconstruction of the evidence!


Revelation Corner

Oh, so there was a science branch back then after all, huh? Hmm, well, even so, nothing ever stopped the suspicions against Leviathan anyway (duh, he’s always cloaked and masked, what person wouldn’t be damn suspicious? -_-; ) and that old dude named Musgrave finally laid a trap for him to prove his alchemy in front of them or pack his bags and be prepared to be shot by a hundred arrows.

Of course, since we all knew his alchemy act was just a farce in the first place, it wasn’t possible for him to magically generate some gold in front of the court…and that just made him angry and start losing his head over it.

Add the fact that *gasp* somebody tried to take off his mask! And *gasp!* it was the king himself cuz he’s wondering if he actually made a deal with the devil or not which just made Leviathan all the more untrustworthy and increasingly suspicious. Which resulted in more loss of power and influence he had.

Still unsettled by the turn of events along with everybody wanting to know his secrets so they can use it to make gold for themselves and therefore, have no need for him to be around anymore, it reached the last straw when Ian, who simply wanted to help Leviathan prove all those accusations about alchemy being false, asked to learn from him as well. <– Long sentence, I know. Sorry.

Leviathan must have been really hating Musgrave for setting that trap on him to be able to go through with poisoning Ian by making him drink melted gold. Hate the old man? Kill his son as revenge. Oi.

And then his clock tower home got surrounded and he was confined there for a while until he decided to appear on the roof and get shot at. Huzzah.

Before we discuss Albert’s meeting with him before his death, let’s look at the motive behind the Alchemist and the things that happened before he became the Alchemist.

Starting with the strangeness of the clock tower. That dizzy feeling you get when you’re climbing up those steps? Ain’t no ghost. The clock tower was built on a slant so that the hallways tilt slightly and each step of its stairs were built with a different height, adding to the disorientation.

Reason behind this odd structure. To accommodate a hidden room. And long before Leviathan came, these hidden rooms were used to shelter Protestants from the Catholics.

So now we know there is a hidden room to hide the gold. Now where exactly did the gold come from?

The hint lies in the African song…which has pretty gruesome lyrics now that you think about it.

In the year 1873, the Africans who lived in Sauville died. Around the same time, the Gold Rush (no, not that one, this one is pure fiction) started. Sauville who also had a colony in Africa had used Africans to secretly carry gold into the country.

Then to prevent anyone else from knowing, they killed all the Africans in Sauville, leaving only the king who knew exactly where the gold came from and where it was hidden. But he died a year after the so-called “epidemic” so the secret was lost. That or so they thought.

There was an actual survivor among the buried Africans. Said survivor managed to dig himself out of the cemetery and escape only to come back as Leviathan the Alchemist of twenty years ago. That ghost that the gravekeeper claimed had ran past him that night and left behind only a pair of child-sized footprints? That was him. And since it was so dark, the boy’s dark skin helped camouflaged him (or vice versa), making it appear as if there was no else there.

Fast forward to his return. He already knew where the gold was hidden and used the guise as an alchemist to gain the reluctant trust of the king and consulted in the political affairs of Sauville.


“To protect his motherland” and protect it from colonial rule of another country.

How he was able to prevent others from finding out the hidden room where all the gold was stored? His so-called “Philosopher’s Stone” which really isn’t a stone at all but a clue in the wall. A red clue in the wall which happened to shoot out a long poisoned needle if you found the relation between the myth and that crucial hint of the room and was careless enough to touch it yourself.

Can’t blame the guy for putting extra security there, though. *shrug*

So there’s your gold…and 20-year old corpse. *shudder* >.<

K, so onto Albert who I thought was a priest but is really not and is actually the Marquis aka Victorique’s own father. lol xD;

He was also part of the Ministry of Occult (wow, they actually had one?! Approved, Sauville. 8Db) and offered Leviathan protection from the king under the condition he help him make artificial humans to be soldiers for the upcoming war. The Great War. World War I.

Hmm, ok, so I get that the person Albert de Blois is one heck of a nationalist but he’s clearly lost some marbles if he has to go to the Leviathan to create a homunculi army. I mean…hell, man. o.O; Sauville is an incredibly small European state and all that so yea, I’m sure you need an army to defend yourself but this is… yea.

How did he ever make it to dukedom is a mystery to me now. @_@;

Anyways, so when Leviathan failed to produce Albert’s army before he locked himself in the gold room and died standing up (urr…), Albert just went a bit crazy (understatement) looking for him.

As to why or how or rather “HUH?!” about Leviathan telling Albert to “sire a woman of extraordinary ability”, it is something we’ll probably never know. I seriously doubt he knew the legend of the Gray Wolves unless he visited them himself which is not impossible but hmm, I really don’t know. Either way, that must have given Albert the idea to look for a female Gray Wolf to bear his offspring who would be eventually used as a tool in the next upcoming war.

And find that Gray Wolf he did and give birth to another Gray Wolf she did and well, whaddya know, it’s just another ten or something years from now till it happens, huh?

We’ll save the bit on how the Marquis intends to use her for another day…then.



Yaaaa…Victorique really is the spitting image of her mother save for the make-up and maturity of a woman.

It seems that Brian/Bryan (which one is it, godammit?!) helped her escape the de Blois but that doesn’t tell us anything on how they know each other in the first place. *shrug* Oh well, I’m sure we’ll know eventually.

On another note, anybody else notice how bitter and angry Bryan seemed when he was talking about the de Blois family using the Gray Wolves for their own benefit? Is that from some kind of personal experience (he is descended from them after all) or is it on Cordelia’s behalf?

And while he barely shows signs of sympathy for her daughter, it looks like he really despises the nobility for what they’ve done. Or perhaps people like the Marquis in general. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what he has animosity and I suppose it’ll become clearer as we move along but hmm, I wonder… *ponders*

Well, Kazuya got fed up with hearing him call Victorique nothing more than a tool and proclaims that he’ll protect her.

Omg, yay, Kazuya~ It’s really been too long since I heard those words from you. <3

Though he’s still a kid who jumps in without thinking in situations like this (hey, that crazy dude from the first arc didn’t count cuz he was…well, crazy).

But still…seeing him angry for Victorique makes me <3 so hard.


Bryan, you bastard! I’m going to hate you for ten minutes for that! Dx

Kazuya firmly repeats that Victorique is no tool or a monster or a Gray Wolf and that is she is simply Victorique, his dearest friend.

I think his persistence and faith in the Victorique he knows manages to convince Bryan from looking at the pessimistic side. Perhaps not completely but it’s hard not to believe a straight-forward guy like Kazuya when he’s defending his friend.

Why else would he warn Kazuya about “things are starting to move” and the Marquis?

Guess it’s sort of a gamble of hope for him as well. Hmm. *shrug* :/

So…Kazuya walks out with those words on his mind and wondering what the Marquis plans to do to Victorique. It worries and bothers him so much that he just shouts “VICTORICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” out of dramatic habit. lol

And she’s like “Wat?” right next to him. lololol xD;

Right, Kazuya. Vocal exercises…right. Haha.

Victorique tells Kazuya to sing.

He objects.

Kicks him in the shin. Several times.

I think we know who’s the winner. xD;

“That’s the last time! You make a guy dance and sing in front of people…!”

Sweetheart, I think your manly dignity is always forfeited when your bossy significant other is concerned so in all honesty, you really can’t help it. Kukukukuku~ x)

“Silence. Close your mouth and look unspeakably sad.”

*Kazuya pokes his fingers together, pathetic and obedient*




And extra side bonus for seeing a pissed off stupid Avril behind. xP

Victorique bids farewell to a fellow monstre.


Not for Leviathan but it’s clear that Victorique still sees herself as a “monster” so she could sympathize for Leviathan since he was pretty much in the same hopeless situation like she is now. Locked in a tower and used by those around her without a single person to believe them and treat them with respect.

…Then again, I hope she doesn’t lose hope and go mad like how Leviathan did. He ended up killing Ian but I doubt Victorique can ever bring herself to harm Kazuya the same way. Oh god, please don’t let that happen. I will cry blood and scream anguish everywhere. ;_________;

If Victorique had no knowledge that her father had a relation to Leviathan before than she certainly does now after relating Leviathan’s own story to hers. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if she knew from a very early age that she will be used as a tool for the “upcoming storm” by her father since she’s pretty sharp about these things. That doesn’t make it any less depressing especially since she seems resigned to her fate.

Ohhh, Victorique. Don’t think like that. ;____;

Grevil then wonders out loud how long the Marquis intends on keeping her at the Academy, her “secret armory”, unless he’s already…well, no more is said after that so we’re left to guess what’s that supposed to mean until something happens.

Whatever it is, it makes Victorique feel unsecured and maybe even scared a little and that is also up for interpretation. Does that mean the Marquis will lock her up in a tower again with no contact with people at all? Dispose of her? What?

Point is, the Marquis is a bastard (yes, he is; I don’t think I hate him but he is a bastard) and if he tears Victorique from Kazuya, I’ll rip him to shreds! Dx<

Ah, good timing, Kazuya, on distracting her. Though your “Don’t blame me if one of these days I can’t find you” is just a bad follow-up. Don’t joke around like that! x(

See! Look what you did! *huggles Victorique* It’s okay, baby. It was just a stupid joke. Baka Kazuya. T_T

At least he’s quick to realize what he did wrong and recalling Bryan and the Sergius’s words of not being able to protect Victorique makes him almost as disturbed by the thought of being separated as she is.

*breaks into a million pieces*

Look at her! She’s so vulnerable and so reliant on you, Kazuya! How can you even think of being separated! You musn’t! After all, your hearts will never be apart! *BAWLS INTO A CORNER* D’X

Kazuya comforts her like always because he knows he’ll always be able to find her like always and hell yea, I’m pretty damn sure my OTP will prevail like this ALWAYS.

That is all.

So we end this arc with Leviathan’s words of plea to save him from solitude. We can assume Leviathan’s already been saved since his crime has been solved so maybe those words might allude to Victorique. From the look that she gives Kazuya, it looks like one full of uncertainty and fear about what might happen to them later on but you can tell she also trusts him very deeply, too.

BONES, if you want me to love you forever, please don’t give me a tragic ending. T___________T



Whoa! Wait a minute! Who’s that guy Bryan is speaking to? He looks like the science dude we saw at the beginning of the episode! Wait, wasn’t that 20 years ago?! How come he looks so young?! o.O;

And whup, is that Harminia? Did she survive that long fall off the log bridge somehow? Turned from crazy maid to crazy nun? Oi, so many crazy peoples here. *sighs*

And why is my Victorique crying and look like she’s signing some dangerous contract?! Kazuya! Why the hell are we going on a train?! *BRAIN BOMBS* @__@;;;;;;

…Right, so this is either a small arc or not. Things are getting interesting. And I’ll be screaming my lungs out, oh yea.


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