Gosick ~ Ep. 14 ~ Farting newt needs to f*ck off.

To be clear, this episode was actually very good.

I’m just incredibly annoyed about the drama and STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID Avril and everyone else I deign to be STUPID but not as ANNOYINGLY STUPID as Avril.




Let’s just get this over with cuz I really have no patience to go over it anywhere else.

1) Cecil sux. Really wanted to slap her when she forced Victorique to go to class. God, I didn’t think Cecil could be more than a useless douche character but apparently she can when she tries to act like a teacher. Bimbo bitch.

2) Grevil sux…just because I’m reminded about how he made Victorique cry so yea, seeing him makes him suck. Go do your job as a fake detective in the name of the crown and whatnot, just don’t get in the way of your awesome sister’s investigation. XP

3) AVRIL NEEDS TO BURN IN A HOLE!!! And there doesn’t even need to be a reason for me to list all the reasons why she should rot there but things I f*ckin’ wanted to punch her for:

– Picking on Victorique in class, pulling her hair, calling her names like the stupid little kid she doesn’t think she is. Though Victorique retaliated magnificently so I was more than happy with that. This is what you should do towards bullies. :P
– It was her fault for all this mess in the first place yet she doesn’t have the guts to be truthful to Kazuya about it since she’s acting in her own self-interests and doesn’t want him to hate her. Well, if Kazuya was never interested in you before, then he sure wouldn’t be interested in you more now since you’re a slimy little coward.
– Acting like they should all “be friends” without apologizing and making it appear as if Victorique is the third wheel. Stupid girl, you definitely got the order of this all wrong.
– Declaring a competition with my Victorique. Ha! That’s just rich, hun! >xP
– Squealing like a senseless fangirl in a cemetery, clinging onto to the supernatural when all evidence points that it’s the purpose of a mystery to prove it wrong and acting like a whiny brat about it when nobody acknowledges her so-called “theories”. Grow up and learn to take this seriously, noob.
– Screaming “don’t take Kujo-kun away!” like he was hers to begin with. Well, he’s NOT! CUZ HE’S VICTORIQUE’S SLAVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
– Just being in this goddamn episode. >:(

Really, I enjoyed the mystery a hell of a lot more and I suppose that’s a good thing compared to the previous ones that I wasn’t so happy about but I can do the same without these unecessaries around. *sigh* Anyway, not much in the highlights today (there is some, just not a much as I would like) but there’ll be plenty to go over on the clues.


Mystery Corner

First, starting with the clock tower. Not long after Leviathan disappeared at the end of the previous century (1899), anybody who went up to that room where he stayed had died and one of their fingers always showed the signs that they were poisoned. Since then, five people had been murdered up there and they are apparently all “visitors not from around here” or maybe what they meant is foreigners.

Then from what Grevil said, the Academy was “the front of the secret royal army” and also a place where it has a long history that couldn’t be revealed to the public. The “dark past” of Sauville or whatever.
May be the same reason why it has not been accepting any foreign students like Kazuya until a few years prior to the start of the story. The reason why they decided to change that is still unknown. As is what exactly do they want to keep hidden.

Next there’s that thing about all the Protestants that were gathered in the village and killed 500 years ago in the conflict with the Catholics. Everybody who died was buried together in the graveyard.
There are also some hidden rooms that are still around where the Protestants were sheltered.

Not really sure about this but maybe Sauville is a predominantly Catholic country then? So if you recall the priest bystander in last week’s episode flashback to Leviathan’s audience with the king and queen, there might be some connection to that. After all, magic was heresy against God (and the Church).

But as to the five strangers who were murdered in the clock tower, their graves can’t be found (well, I assume much since they wouldn’t be buried in place where they’re not originally from if they can help it :P).

On another note, the old guy/grave keeper (I’m thinking) claimed to have had an encounter with a ghost when he was still a kid in the same graveyard since he heard it run past him and it even left footprints…which were the size of a child’s.

Moving along, apparently Africans also lived here in the past but died from an epidemic (at the end of 1873, where a year later the king passed away). The proof that they did live here though are the songs they left behind which the other villagers soon learn and passed it down through their generations, becoming something of a tradition. Explains how Sophie and the children are all singing it.

Another clue is in the lyrics: “Gold and black skin!”

The latter seems to refer to the Africans (just guessing) but “gold” poses several question. Is it the same gold as the Alchemist’s gold? Or is it metaphorical or seriously literal as in “gold skin”?

Right, I’ll get back to this later…

As for the whole secret behind Leviathan’s rose trick and his “immortality”, they’re nothing more than fantasy mixed with legends and you’d be damn silly to really believe it as true… in this genre anyway…oh, and blue roses in real life don’t exist anywhere in nature. They can be dyed blue like how Victorique did it with a white rose using cotton soaked with blue ink and placing it under the cut stem but there is no genuine non-genetically altered blue rose out there.

Which proves that the Alchemist was just like any other ordinary man hiding under all those cloaks of mystery. He probably didn’t have this “Philosopher’s Stone” but had some knowledge of science which many wouldn’t have taken seriously back then anyway with religion dominating society and all.
That and he probably had connections to resources somewhere which can explain for how he got the gold. Maybe. Still theorizing.

I’m also thinking the Alchemist can also be an African who traveled to Sauville. He supposedly arrive there in 1897 or around that time, right? That’s a little more than two decades after the epidemic happened and he could’ve been hiding his face to prevent anyone from kicking him out of the city. Again, theorizing.

On another note, Victorique finally meets Bryan Roscoe (though she doesn’t know his name) and learns that Wong was another magician who had taken interest in Leviathan’s ghost story.

And he somehow got poisoned when he broke into the clock tower.

Another theory: those who are not from Sauville are subject to some sort of disease floating around in Leviathan’s old room. That or people of Sauville have developed some immunity to it.

As for what exactly did Victorique knows about Bryan since she said she figured out his motive and the name of his partner (for some reason, I’m thinking it’s Grevil), I’m not entirely sure but the way Bryan taunts her the same way Grevil taunts her about being a monster who doesn’t know love may hint that Bryan is really interfering with this case to keep Victorique out of trouble.

I dunno. Bryan is sheltering Cordelia after all so I suspect as much. *shrug*

So the last fragment that Victorique is waiting for really depends on the carpenter guy she asked to find something for her. Hidden doors? Unknown passages?

Hey, if a king made a secret garden at the top of the library to meet his mistress, then there’s bound to be some more of these lying around the Academy. So maybe then we’ll finally know how Leviathan managed to sneak in all the gold he “produced”.



*claps* Bravo, Victorique. BRA-VO.

No, seriously, I really approve of this. I wouldn’t encourage it but if a classmate were picking on me first and be stupid enough to continue with it, I wouldn’t hesitate throw damage against them. I mean, in all honesty, this is just comical. It’s harmful but comical. Unlike this parallel example which is…well, in my opinion, justified…and awesome.

*shrug* /P

And really, as childish as it is on her part, Victorique is under no obligation to be nice to Avril after that even if Avril tries to make amends on her part. And it’s not like anybody worth your time would care about Avril anyway but I’m just being mean so deal with it, losers. My Victorique is more important. :P

And Kazuya is stupid. Baka Kazuya. Victorique is obviously hurt that you’re not even trying to understand it wasn’t her fault but to go off with Avril and leave her by herself and order her around to apologize to Avril and all that is really just the idiot side of you. Baka.

And throwing out that “you’re my best friend” attack to try and guilt-trip her. That’s just unfair. It’s a good thing she didn’t buy it otherwise it’ll be dumb on her part, too.

Baka Kazuya. Hmph. >x(

*huggles* My poor Victorique. ;__________;

Stupid Kazuya really walking out on her and she really wants to follow them but pride and that trip stopping her from doing so and all.

Kazuya, you’re an idiot! Maybe Victorique was wrong, too, for being a bit hardheaded about it but you’re the biggest idiot here! And a dumbass jerk, too, for leaving her alone! *throws rocks at him* Dx

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! Don’t cry, Victorique! *huggles the life outta her* >.<

My god, I seriously wanted to hold her cuz that fall must have hurt since she's so sensitive to pain. And I can't stand seeing Victorique cry! Aoi Yuuki does too good a job at acting here, not breaking Victorique's old-lady voice in between the sniffles and tears. Victoriiiiiiiiiiiiiqqqqqqqqquuuuuuueeeeee!!!!!!!1 *hugs* ;_____________;

And I guess looking at the book distracted her from being hurt temporarily because she remembered she had a mystery to solve. That or she had come to sympathize with Leviathan in some way. About losing someone close to them, even though Victorique didn’t actually “lose” Kazuya but y’know.

Anyways, it was smart of her not to dwell on it because it really isn’t worth her time to be sulking over Kazuya. Dumb Kazuya. xP

Good girl, Victorique. ^^

For some reason, I can’t bring myself to hate Bryan even though he said the same words that Grevil said to Victorique. I mean, Bryan looks like he’s enjoying the taunting but I suspect it could all be an act (since he’s a magician/performer) and or part of his personality to be kinda cruel or both.

Perhaps it’s because we still don’t know much about it him or what his motives are so the mystery saves him from any true loathing from me. And he’s more interesting and better looking than most of the cast. *shallow* xD;

Still not happy on how everybody seems to be picking on Victorique today, though. Nope, not at all. *frown* >:(

Kazuya comes back and has totally forgotten everything about their fight and tries to reconcile with Victorique by saying he brought back something for her. Victorique is trying to give him the cold shoulder but fails at the mention of “raspberry sandwich” and is just…the ultimate case of ADORABLE.

I mean, who can resist good food and sweets, hmm? x3

In seriousness, I wouldn’t take the bait but since this is Victorique and Kazuya, it’s allowed so…yea. lol

FINALLY! Seeing Avril royally pissed because no one cares about this “competition” she wants made up some of my bad mood throughout this episode. I mean, both Victorique and Kazuya are taking this seriously while she’s treating it like a thrill adventure and ghost-hunting. It takes all of me to stop myself from slapping the screen.

Then she resorts to name-calling cuz she can’t win in anything else. FAIL. xP

Ooooo, was I so laughing the roof off my ceiling when Victorique stomped on her ghost story obsession and threw her Leviathan theory out the window by proving the rose trick. IN. FRONT. OF. YER. F*CKIN’. FACE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Now do us all a favor and go die in embarassment somewhere. Don’t worry, no one will miss useless, boring you. ^^

And Kazuya meets Bryan…after finally remembering who Bryan Roscoe is. *rolls eyes*



And we reach the end of this arc next week. Looks to be exciting. We get answers and to see Kazuya lifting fists again. RAWR! Go Kazuya!