Gosick ~ Ep. 13 ~ Emerald-eyed fairies have no use for false rubies…

Talking about the Philosopher’s Stone, of course. YES, PEOPLES, WE’RE BRINGING IN ALCHEMY!!!!



ED: “unity” by Lisa Komine (?)

Yay for the new ending! While I’ll miss “Resusicated Hope” and all, I love this so much better. And it’s pretty obvious. So much couple goodness~! *SQUEALS* x33333

Plus, in comparison with the first one, this one has so much *COLOR*, how can I help but not like it, hmm? Not to mention, most of those are based off of Hinata Takeda’s official illustrations for the series, which are just stunning. See the fourth screencap? Yea, notice anything similar to my banner? Hehe xD

One of the best part of the sequence had to be when the stark gray of doll-like Victorique with the empty, glass eyes suddenly had life and all of its pigments flow into the picture. And to have Kazuya follow up in the vision. Argh, BONES, I can’t be angry with you this week since you gave me such pretty eye-candy to fangirl over. <3

The song I think will take getting used to (lol, I didn't pay attention to it much cuz I was too busy admiring the images xD; ) but I'm sure it's sung by Lisa Komine who also sang the first ending theme. I took a look at the katakana above the song title in the credits so yea.

Well, hmm, I supposed that's it. Even if the song is just so-so or whatever, the ED sequence is so awesome I don't even care. *happily replays it over and over* <3



Right, so back to business. While this sets off a whole new arc and I’m more than content with a mystery to finally take seriously again, I still have some petty complaints which ALL consists of Avril. *spat* Dx

But I’ll keep all the trivial insignificants to a very brief point in the highlights and I will relish the obvious “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!” oh so much. Hahahaha! *bitch* >xP

So with the introduction of Leviathan the Alchemist, the picture book-crime he left behind for someone to solve, what his relation is to the royal family back in 1899 (the blue rose and everything) and everybody else mixed in, it looks like we might proceed closer to finding out what the overall conflict of the story is. Hell, you mind as well believe it now cuz it looks like Brian Roscoe will finally have some active spotlights…or not but he’s still sneaking around and more openly as well.

Hmm. *thinks* :/


Mystery Corner

So the legend has it that this immortal, masked dude haunts the clock tower and that he’s an alchemist and someone made a movie based off of him.

Blah blah blah.

Well, since he had time to make an autobiography picture-book before he got shot at with a hundred arrows, maybe we can assume he was real. His mysterious skills at changing materials from one thing to another? Ehhh, not so sure about that.

And here is…Victorique impersonating Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer. Or the nose of a clown that’s way too shiny and way too big.

Stupid jokes aside, Leviathan was able to do things such as attain gold, immortality and while it hasn’t been mentioned if he did, create life using the Philosopher’s Stone. And anybody would recognize the Philosopher’s Stone if you’re somewhat familiar with European myths…or Harry Potter…or read/watch Fullmetal Alchemist…yea.

So he’s been the subject of controversy when one of the past Queens of Sauville found out about him and the king or whatever issued a search warrant. They found no gold and then demanded that he make some while heavily guarded in his clocktower home and without any contact to the outside. Three days later, he says “here’s ur chunk of gold” and they’re all “gaspeth!, how did you do that?!”.

You’d think they’d have half the mind to search the guy since he wears so many robes where he could’ve hidden the gold. -_-;

But anyways, yea, he performs more “magic” in an audience with the king and queen. More “wows” and there’s even a priest dude on the side somewhere all glare-y about it.

It’s implied that he has something of an affair with the queen since he promised her the best anti-wrinkle face cream leik evar and I guess the king was just okay with him since he kept getting gold and all which, for some reason I can’t understand, was good enough to get him into politics. *rolls eyes*

Then things went crazy when someone (not sure if this is the king or not) tried to rip off this mask about what exactly is he after and he’s like “DO NOT TOUCH DA MASK!!”. Then the Alchemist began to feel guilty about somehow ended up murdering Ian…who is apparently made out of cheese.



Right, and back to current time, we have this other Oriental dude in town named Wong who seemed to have been suffering some sort of illness and…well, I don’t know what to call the discoloring of his finger but HEY! It’s the Chinese man who has to die, HUH?! >:(

And Wong seems to have some acquaintance with Brian…before he died that is. I think he died. Why else would they lay a sheet on him?

Anyways, Brian is “monster hunting” for “le monstre charmant” which doesn’t need a huge amount of French knowledge to translate as “charming monster”. What the hell can that be? -.-;

And…ok, I’m assuming it wasn’t the actual Alchemist or whoever else we suspect the culprit is to be the same person who grabbed Victorique at the end there. I mean, I’m looking at the video paused at the frame at the moment and it’s hard to tell if it’s a man or a woman’s hand (it is an adult’s, though) but judging by the frilly cuffs, it looks suspiciously like Cecil’s. So don’t be surprised if it’s Cecil…since she was so adamant on not having anyone go into the clock tower.

Right, enough of that for today. Hope this one won’t be solved too quickly and sloppily like the others.



UGH, NO U!!!!!!!!


Even though Avril didn’t take up most of this episode like I initially thought last week, SHE STILL IMPOSED ON MY PRECIOUS OTP TIME! THE NERVE OF THAT WENCH!!

And if Kazuya wasn’t so eager to get back to Victorique (do not lie, he was dying to get away from Avril *selfishly irrational*) and fell asleep in the middle of their boring “date” (PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT), I seriously would’ve considered bashing her a lot more.

But really, despite the fact that I loathe her presence, Avril’s not a threat at all. She’s just a nuisance I want to use a iron fly swatter to smack with.

And she thinks too highly of herself. Ha! And she thinks she can compare to my adorable Victorique?! In your dreams, barbie girl. Kazuya likes his girls long-haired, harshly blunt, impossibly smart, cranky and above all, shorter than him. And one that can wear dresses with more frills than a wedding cake. Aka HE’S JUST NOT INTO YOU! XP

D’aww, Kazuya is such a dumbass. Making Victorique wait for him all by her lonesome.

An even worse crime when she has to put books back to ease her boredom. Kazuya! How could you?! *overly dramatic*

AAAAHHHHHH!!! NOOO!!!! Victorique almost fell!

Kazuya, you good-for-nothing quibbler! Where are you when we need you?!

Thank god she didn’t fall cuz it really looked like she was going to. o_O;

Severe ouchy on the book hitting her head, though. Owwwwwwww. *winces* >_<

Poor Victorique. *huggles her* ;____;

lol, I love how she pokes it as if it’s going to attack her again. XD;

She’s surprised it’s actually a picture book by Leviathan from the legend and while she’s reading what he wrote it in (while he narrates all of it out loud as if he’s literally speaking to her in the present), it’s just too cute how she gets angry on how the text subtly mocks her and orders her around. xD;

Oh, so now the dummy decides to show up. Che, right in the middle of Victorique’s bad mood.

It doesn’t help that she knows he’s been to the theater and it certainly doesn’t help more to know that Kazuya accepted the invitation from Avril and he accepted. Yea, Victorique has the right to be pissed and she’s gracious enough not to fling that book at him. :P

Kazuya’s just bad with timing, too. Here he comes in all excited about the new ghost story he’s learned but she already knows it and is quite pissed off at said ghost at the moment as well.

Angry chewing.

Hehe ^^

It’s clear that Victorique doesn’t believe in something as foolish and unscientifically profound as alchemy…and that she is still pissed at Leviathan. |D;

I wish I could’ve done a gif or the rolling kick Victorique did but don’t have a video format that allows me to do that so this will have to suffice. Meh, I haven’t made a gif in so long.

But that kick was just the best thing of the week. lol xDb

Love how Victorique is now so determined to solve this Leviathan case. What’s motivating her I’m not sure but it looks like she isn’t doing it simply to pass off boredom and that’s what gets me excited. Hehe x3

Again, she refuses to let Kazuya ride the elevator with her because seeing him simply run up and down those stairs, all in pain and out of breath, is one of her greatest pleasures with heavy emphasis on the “DAISUKI NANO DA YO!“.




So yea, next week, it appears nothing bad happened to Victorique after all so I’m really sure it was Cecil who spooked her.

Grevil must have found something sickeningly stick and sweet to use as hair gel (god, that’s just nasty *cringe* Dx).

Avril meets Victorique for real this time and oh my god, Kazuya! What the hell are you doing to my Victorique and her adorable face?! Hands off! You, you farting newt! Dx<