Gosick ~ Ep. 12 ~ In which we climb trees while summering…

I was in a very happy mood after watching this episode. I mean, REALLY happy. So happy about everything that I could just go out and grow carrots all over my lawn. And it’s not like I’m not happy with it but god, do I hate being in this house right now. Everybody needs to leave so I enjoy my happiness in silence.

*rant done*



Right, so a rather laid-back episode yet one that was IMMENSELY better than all the crap I got last week. And yea, perhaps it really is just because Victorique and Kazuya spending time together is all I’ll ever need, clearly showing how shallow and selfish I am and whatevs but as if anyone is going to argue with me on this one so don’t bother. Not like you will anyways cuz you agree, you know you do. xP *rambling*

On another note, the animation was just beautiful this ep. There’s nothing left to be said.

Moving onto plot, there was no mystery so no unwinding clues today. However, if you remember what I said in the second arc (the one where they went to the village of the Gray Wolves), I was angry about how Kazuya’s whole epiphany about running away from home was omitted. Well, not sure how if this was in the original novel or not but they managed to squeeze it in here so that mistake is already forgiven.

And I’ll divulge more on Kazuya as I go through the highlights. Before that, kyaa~! This is what summer episodes should be made of. No beaches with Avril, thank god, no annoying adults hounding you every minute about this and that, just lounging around comfortably with a significant other. <3



Praise me, I do such good cropping. *arrogant*


Jokes aside, as I thought, lilac (or whatever shade of light purple it is) is so much more flattering on Victorique than what I call her regular uniform. Gah, so much pretty frills. Wish I were small and skinny enough to wear a dress that fancy. *loves Victorian fashion*

lol, you can tell Victorique already knows that Kazuya accepted an invitation to go somewhere (without her, how dare he!) and this irritates her so much that she refuses to let him say it first and instead gives him the usual taunts and orders to be useful and get her some sweets or otherwise, not show his face there at all.

Kazuya is all “hmph”-ery mood at this but (angrily) agrees to bring her souvenirs back from the Mediterranean anyway before running off.

Ah, Kazuya, I don’t know what to say when you choose not to argue back. For one thing, maybe you just lack a more clever retort. For another, it’s pointless to argue with her anyway so mind as well not sink to the level of her own immaturity.

But you two are still angels compared to others I know. *rolls eyes*

Haha, Victorique cannot hide her envy behind all the scathing remarks she directs at the students below her. Especially regarding Kazuya. Typical tsundere behavior. But if you think about, it’s not strictly tied to her archetype at all. She can’t leave the school so she sorta does have the right to be grumpy about being cooped up in the tower while everyone is off having fun.

See? She wants to go to beach, too (and I’d totally take you there, hun~!).

Or at least, she wanted Kazuya to stay with her. Aww, she looks so lonely~

Kazuya, how could you! Leaving a girl all alone like that to go off to the beach with some other chick. xP

Seeing another small girl run up to her mother, Kazuya remembers Victorique and decides that he should probably stay to keep her company after all.

Hmm, I guess Kazuya’s view on Victorique changes constantly. Well, duh, that’s kind of obvious. It’s loli-genius one moment to lonely girl confined in a tower in the next but that’s not my point. Right now, they’re still in the “friends” stage. The only time he ever showed indication of something more was when he got his fortune told by the village elder on whether he and Victorique can remain together. It looks like he’s stored those feelings away for the time being. Which I’m more than fine with because as close and firm as their relationship is, they still have issues with each other. If they can take it a slow progression and fix most (not all) of those problems before they hit the “maybe more than just friends” mark, that would definitely be better.

Besides, if you rush into things, it’ll probably be a disaster. And with these two, it’s guaranteed to be a disaster so…yea. ^^;

So Kazuya turns down Avril’s invitation and she’s all understanding about it, commenting on how Kazuya thinks a lot about his friends and even offering to buy a souvenir for Victorique, not knowing “he” is actually a girl. Well, the actual spelling of her name is not the same as the romanization “Victorica”, I hope some of you realize that. And “Victorique” really is a boy’s name.

So for Avril to be surprised that Victorique is actually a girl is not surprising but what I really got a kick out of it was “No way! He’s turning me down to stay with another girl!”

MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!! *feels so triumphantly bitchy* >xD

Experimenting new ways to read books…doesn’t look comfortable. I think I tried this once and gave up like half a second later. xD;

Oh hai thar, Kazuya. So kind of you to buy a parasol for Victorique who just happens to be sitting under a blazing summer sun in a multi-layered dress, no less!

And expected shocked, embarrassed, angrily surprised, suppressed happy, unexpected and above all stuttering reaction is expected.

Kazuya just being all smiles about it (cuz he really knows she’s thrilled that he’s there) and gives her the parasol without explanation. Cuz there’s really no need for an explanation so long as he’s there. Eheh~ <P

And it’s like all of the annoyance and little rage storms she planned to throw at him when he was going to come back from his trip evaporated into thin air. In other words, she got angry for nothing and she’s feeling upset about that and tries to cover it up with the “revolutionary way of reading” excuse or whatever. lol Oh, Victorique, you’re so easy to read~ *pokepoke* x333

Lucky for her, Kazuya just ignores whatever it was and cheers her up with something pretty as usual.

But I swear, that’s candy?! I could have sworn it’s made out of glass or something! Was this craft even available back then in Japan? Wow…dude, if that’s candy, how the hell did it not melt into a clump of goop during the shipping over to Europe? I mean, it’s summer now, isn’t it? o.O;

A flashback to how the whole letter-exchanging thing between Victorique and Kazuya’s family started (lol, well now… xD;). Kazuya’s being diligent in his study as always, learning up on self-defense through the magazines his brothers sent him. See, isn’t Kazuya just awesome for being so studious? <3

He's still got that inferiority complex when he compares himself to his brothers, though, and it's not lost of Victorique.

So she challenges the brighter one of his two brothers to see if he can solve this certain puzzle under 5 minutes.

lol, I so love that smug look on her face. “If he’s so smart, this should be child’s play.”

Ah~, what an in-law you’ll bring to your family, Kazuya. Hehehehe x3333

And here is the answer (the white space makes another horse if you just rearrange the limbs and tail). Now you can WOW all your friends at how smart you are if this ever comes up. :P

Kazuya’s brother tries to belittle Victorique through the letter by speaking as if she were seven or something. Phah! How childish. And this guy is how old? /P

lol, I don’t know why Kazuya finds it surprising that they think Victorique is a little girl even though they never saw her. Heck, she may be a genius and the same age as him and all but compared to his siblings who have or almost arrived at adulthood, everyone younger than them would be considered a kid. ^^;

Victorique is, of course, not happy to be called a kid especially when Kazuya rubs it in on how she really doesn’t look like anything else but a little girl so she stabs his butt with the umbrella.


Anyways, turns out Kazuya’s brother was just lying about solving the puzzle so quickly and his sister, Ruri, told them that after agonizing and having nightmares about it for a while, he begged his math teacher to solve it for him.

Victorique actually snorts and tries to cover it up by smugly saying it’s her victory this time. Oh, Victorique, you adorable thing~ x3

Oh, and she finds the color of the candy “not stimulating enough for one’s appetite” but says she’ll keep it for now so get her better ones next time.

Right, it’s just too pretty to eat, that’s all. Ahahaha~

Victorique reading under the shade is just worth screencapping that is all. <3

Uwaaaahhhh~, Victorique is in awe of Kazuya climbing a tree. Yes, hun, it must be so fascinating to see him doing something boyish, huh? 8D

GAH, she’s so cute! *giggles* x3

Tsun kicks in.

*cough!* “Erhem, right, reading…” *still blushing*


Kazuya remembers and even misses his brothers a bit when he’s with Victorique but it’s not like he’s lonely.

As for me, I’m just as content to watch them like this all day. Hehe x3

Ah, but it had to be ruined when all the flashbacks kicked in. They show Kazuya’s father as the traditionalist patriarch to an even greater extreme. The usual “men must not be fragile!” bullshit and blaming the woman for not doing the proper job in raising the kids right.

Yea, I hate men like that since I’ve had my fair share of in-your-face insults from my own parents so I can sympathize with Kazuya a lot on that a great deal. It’s good that he has such a kind mother and sister, though.

lol, Ruri is kinda awesome in how she practically orders Kazuya not to become rough brutes like their father and brothers cuz she can’t stand that type of man. Well, you can’t really blame her since she lives with and has to deal with three of them. But her sounding like a cool and understanding big sis kinda went out the window when she said Kazuya should have been born a girl. That’s mean, you don’t say that to a boy under that sort of pressure!

Which makes it seem like Ruri may have really wanted a little sister instead before Kazuya was born. Poor Kazuya. *huggles him*

Kazuya’s mother disagrees and says that kindness is Kazuya’s true strength. And because he is always kind no matter what, he is a true man because even if you have all the muscle and/or smarts in the world, it can’t earn you the same rare, genuine compassion.

Yea, you tell ’em what a real man is, Kazuya-mama! *totally loves her* x3

However, Kazuya still left to go prove himself which he realizes was just an excuse to run away from all the expectations of his father and brothers he couldn’t meet.

I refuse to think that way, though. Everybody needs some self-journeying somewhere down their lives and it sure as hell won’t help if your family is constantly bothering you about this and that. So yea, I don’t think it’s the same as running away at all. Kazuya will definitely become a spectacular man in his own right, if he hasn’t already, and will surely make his family proud. *has total faith in him* <3

Hehe, he fell asleep and Victorique was jiiiiiiii-ing him the whole entire time. Reconstructing Chaos my butt, Victorique. You probably thought his sleeping face was cute. x3


That is all. xDDDDDDDD

Well, curiosity didn’t kill the cat in this case but it was enough to get her to climb the damn tree.

But it’s okay cuz curious Victorique is just adorable. <3

Scratch that, stuck-in-a-tree and refusing to come down to share some yummy orange cake with Kazuya because curiosity got the better of her Victorique is even MORE adorable. x3333

…but I really wanted them to share the cake. T_T

And I found the attempt at using a stick as a fork funny but ugh, Cecil is a rude pig for stuffing her face up with the ENTIRE cake. Wth?! You don’t just go ahead and eat somebody else’s cake just because you don’t see them there!

I demand cake compensation and this time, those two better be sharing together or else! Dx

Kazuya remembers being afraid of lightening and being comforted by his mom. Oh god, he was so cute as a little boy. *huggles little scared Kazuya, too* <3333

And yea, as he figured, Victorique is still stuck in that tree and calls her as stubborn as ever. She’s too wet and probably tired from thinking how to get down to snap back so he tells her to jump so he can catch her.

It’s not a fairy tale catch but she’s down alright.

Poor Kazuya. If she were bigger and heavier, his lungs would’ve been crushed. Thank god you are child-sized, Victorique! o.O;

Hehe, of course she liked them, Kazuya, you silly person!

They make very cute decors, don’t you think? ^^

VOILA! This is probably the greatest highlight of the day! Victorique…MAKING TEA!!!!

And you already know that she’s definitely going to trip. Even if she wasn’t absolutely unfortunate at taking care of herself, much less entertaining guests, anyone would trip wearing a kimono that long. ^^;

BWAUAHAHA! I loved Kazuya’s line here: “Unbelievable! You can’t even tie your own shoelaces so for you to make tea…!”

Hai hai, Kazuya-kun, we know that but you’re distract-oh wup, it’s too late. ^^;

Kazuya is so slow~

Who else would she be making tea for? The Dalai Lama? -.-;

So really, for her to get mad (after blushing cutely in an embarrassed, tsun way, of course x3)…

…is totally warranted.

Though laping it up is…well, yea. ^^;

Hmm, so I guess we will never know what happened to the spilt tea but this is the first time Kazuya mentioned his mother to Victorique and how he stopped being afraid of lightening because he didn’t want his father to shout at his mother as well just because he was afraid. Omg, what kind of father is that? I seriously really don’t like him! >:(

But that aside for now, Victorique must have been feeling nostalgic for her own mother after hearing that cuz it seemed like she wanted to talk to Kazuya about it. But she didn’t so I guess it’ll still be a while before she can confide everything him.

lol, it must have bothered Kazuya’s brother so much that he couldn’t win over a little girl in puzzle solving so he challenges her to a riddle and that she’ll get a “spanky-spanky” (wut?) if she can’t solve in 3 seconds.

The indignant look on Victorique’s face at this is just…priceless. xD

Pfft, we all know she’s got this in the bag. You picked the wrong fight, Kazuya’s Nii-san.

Aww, I loved how Kazuya Europeanized the riddle for her since she couldn’t recognize names like Taro and Jiro. That’s so cute. <– Am I saying cute too many times again? *doesn't really care* xP

Aha! Solved it under a second! See, Victorique is just awesome~ and you’re no match for her~! *blows raspberries* xP

But it’s such an easy riddle even someone stupid like me could solve it. Each person has to carry at least two logs down when there is only three logs? Well, set the logs in trianglur formation, have each one hold the ends of two of them and march down with it.

Riddle solved.

As always, Kazuya says she’s amazing but this time, she admits that he is someone who is quite impressive himself. Even if it’s only because he’s probably the only one in the entire academy who can climb trees the highest.

Kazuya was about to go on about how his brothers could do better than he can but Victorique holds her hand up to that, saying the one who is at the academy is Kazuya, not his brothers, and that she was glad his habit of saying “third son of an imperial soldier” died down recently since it was just plain unpleasant to hear.

Get that, Kazuya? It doesn’t matter if you’re not like your brothers or if you’re the “third son of an imperial soldier”. Victorique is only concerned with the Kazuya she knows and is more than happy with him as he is. That he’s Kazuya, quibbling and a bit of a push-over but always kind Kazuya.

D’aww, Victorique~ That was the most honest thing you’ve implied yet. <333

Kazuya realizes that Victorique was encouraging him and well, yea, feel free to gush at how sweet it is since when will it be the next time you see Victorique doing something so incredibly nice for Kazuya? lol

*sigh* I can only hope they’ll get closer and closer from now on…cuz we’re already halfway done with the series so they better get closer! *crazed look*

Ooo, lookie! They climbed the tree together this time! Too bad the macaroons fell. Victorique probably kicked him out of the tree for that. lol xD;

So yea, I’m really excited for more summer quality-time episodes revolving around these two. x3



But UGH! Why did Avril have to come back so early?! GO AWAY! *shoves her out of the picture* >:(

I’m not sure if this means she’ll be meeting Victorique in person soon or not but whatever the case, she better not be barging in on my VictoriquexKazuya alone time or there’ll be hell to pay! >x(


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  1. I remember hearing Victorique is actually a few years younger than Kujo (though, not the 10 years old they hint at in earlier episodes…and heck, they contradict that later). She’s also shorter in the Anime than she is in the novels (by about 5 inches)

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