Winter ’11 Wrap-up

Let it be known that for the next 30-so days, I’ll probably be repeatedly dying from waking up every morning feeling academically nauseous. So before I deteriorate into a pile of throw-up, here’s my will need to get the usual end-season ramblings off my chest. Otherwise, I will be very sick.

And yes, that was meant to gross you out. No need to thank me cuz I love you, too. <83

Note: Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not on here since it’s not complete yet and won’t be discussed until I feel in the mood to talk about it. *makes authoritative face* >:/


Casshern SINS – Finished this during winter break in like 4 days or so. And, well, if you haven’t picked up hints from my other posts, I EFFIN’ LOVED THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x33333333333333333333

Yes, it’s post-apocalyptic depressing to a T, especially for our pitiable, always angsty that you either want to hug him or slap him but oh-so-bishounen roboto main character and yes, if I don’t stop now, I’ll just keep on going on and on, so yea, about Casshern SINS. *cough*

If you’re thinking this is just some sort of reboot of the original anime series, then you’re wrong. I haven’t watched it or the live-action film adaptation but the only thing they have in common is the setting and character names. Everything else stands alone on its own, no allusions to the other works. At least not from how I see it, no extreme ones.

That being said, I was so glad Funimation had all the episodes subbed and streaming on its website cuz it truly is one of the more underrated anime of 2008, not to mention it fell right into the fall season that everyone is still raving about even now making it more…underrated. *a bit sad*

Anyways, there are more cyborgs than humans but for the most part, they don’t focus on any mecha at all. Just living beings trying to escape from death, which they call the “Ruin”, and Casshern journeying to find Luna, the “Sun Named Moon” he killed yet forgot all about. Pretty boy with amnesia. Hrm.
Along the way, he meets other decaying robots and a few humans and learns about what it means to be truly ‘living’ cuz *GASPETH!* He is an immortal roboto.

It’s a lot better than it sounds and you shouldn’t judge by how I summarize it cuz I basically suck at that. Casshern SINS doesn’t call for all your emotional investment but it does require a good amount of pensive attitude throughout and maybe a Ringo (she’s the cute kid in here and no, I’m not talking about the girl up there o.O; ) to hug occasionally when it goes uber sad. Which is pretty much why I would recommend it. This anime is anything but shallow. It’s like a hundred shades of gray and the forever blurred line on what’s good and evil, salvation and damnation and then the whole REVERSAL of it as well. *goes on with the gigantic vocabulary words*

I plan to discuss this more in detail another day. Probably after I get the series on DVD so I don’t have to take notes on my computer while being constantly distracted. To me, it’s a remarkable work. Perhaps not one of the bests I’ve seen but it’s close up there. I mean, even if tragedy is not your genre, you gotta admit that this has beautiful, consistent animation and an equally awesome soundtrack (by Kaoru Wada) to match. And once you watch it, it’s impossible to miss how…how the whole production is so devoted to the story, the characters, the ideas. It’s not just some anime some studio made just for the heck of having something to show like a handful of those crappy ones you see today. If it were, then it would’ve been a reboot that wouldn’t have aired at all. :P

So, yea, I recommend it. So watch it. If you want…cuz I said so…and I’m obsessed. Heh. <P


*ranked from least to most satisfactory

Index II – Ok, no no no. I will tell you how this whole war between the science and religion started. TOURISTS! IT’S ALL THEIR FAULTS! xP

This series is just way too ego-inflated on cramming every goddamn theory and concept there is out there for me to really want to see it as any good. Unless you’re hopelessly in love with it or something, then that’s your problem. I’m not.

The first season was a bit of a mess but I managed to like it which is why I was kind of all hyped out at the beginning of this season. Until all the useless women with no purpose and too much fanservice started popping in, mixing in with all the annoying girls who had a reason to be there but were just intolerable as it went on. Oh, and if I had not officially stated this yet, I f*ckin’ hate the Misaka Network and that broken-tape loli. =_=;

And Touma hardly went through any development at all, if just barely shifted a little in his static spot. Accelerator was the one who really progressed in anything.

Hmm, but I really don’t care for this anymore. There looks like a promise for a third season despite how awful this one was. Knowing J.C. Staff, they’ll probably do it. Except this time, I won’t watch it…unless my Saten-chan makes an appearance. Wouldn’t mind more Musujime Iwaki either. *shrug*

Tegami Bachi – I actually didn’t watch the last episode because I got bored and dumped the chore of doing so on its last week but it doesn’t matter since I had expected this sort of ending anyway. The old Gauche is long gone but Noir!Gauche is still alive. It’s a bittersweet closure but for an anime that caught up and went ahead of the manga, I think it’s the best ending that can happen. At least it makes sense and doesn’t pull a Deus Ex Machina out of its ass. Lag and Gauche have to go their separate ways because of separate views and we sure as hell don’t know if either one will ever deal with the government again but it’s, hmm…a little bit closer to realistic, I suppose. And that’s why I like it.

Good job, Studio Perriot. Satisfactory enough. *nodnod*

Star Driver – This along with the next two make up the three major “UHHHH….”s of the season for me. Meaning that there were very few things I could actually find to like (and I mean, genuinely like) about them compared to everything else that…well, I disliked.

For all its Skittle presentations and fruity campyness, Star Driver’s attemapt to be FABULOUS failed to live up to any of its mecha predecessors and personally, is pretty much an insult to his late Majesty, Ledouche (OMGWASTHATASPOILER?! xP). Not even Sugata’s peacock outfit can make up for the lack of…well, himself in the finale. Yea, everything has to go out with a BANG! but honestly, did we have to go down the noble self-sacrifice route? I’m sorry, that’s just stupid.

“I betrayed my friends and joined the enemy organization to seal this behemoth before it devours the world and shall entrust my fiancee to dude with the Yugioh hair there because the script my “role” requires me to be a king and a king I am. CROWN MEH!!!!


And we all know he’s not the worst compared to his other two loser friends, which only makes it more worst. Takuto was all visual-shock on Tauburn’s hips and annoying corny English, big damn hero-wannabe enough to make diamonds bleed (he should’ve been gay) and Wako was useless and STILL A SLUT till the very end. I just couldn’t fall into their trio-story cuz there was simply nothing special about it. Nothing. They make it appear that way but seriously, there is NOTHING special about it at all.

Which is why I can understand everybody rooting for the Glittering Crux. Everybody is still part of this huge masquerade shindig gone crazy with the mecha but they proved more interesting than our protagonists can ever try to be. World-domination ambitions ftw.

Yea, I want my pink-haired twins and fish girl back. God, I swear, they were what made this series worth watching…and Kanako, too, because she’s just damn awesome. Meh.

IS: Infinite Stratos – Only Char-chan cuz she was the only thing worth watching another boring harem. I mean, how often do you see a haremette encouraging and trying to get along with her fellow rivals? And still kick ass with a nearly out-dated skeleton weapon, have the nicest personality (and legs, yes I envy her nice legs, LOL) and be so MOE at the same time? If Ichika wasn’t such a fail male lead with only a pretty face, I would’ve actually considered shipping them. But no, I’m glad that didn’t happen. He really isn’t worth all her awesomeness.

On another note, it’s such a shame that what was supposed to be the main plot (aside from the harem plot) turned out to be nothing than Tabane messing around in the end. So yea, there was no main plot. Just the harem wearing highly mechanized armor and flying around in them.

And Houki should die. Predictable, boring bitch. Because of her, I hate tsuns now. >:(

Fractale – This could have been something…perhaps not great but good to say the least when it first started. It’s really another one of those YMMV things. For me, somewhere along the way, you just get used to the degrading quality and overall awkwardness of how everything was handled. And I mean, everything. The animation was crud but I learned to live with it since the beginning if not cringing a few times at how odd it looked. The story was something except the pacing was just utterly horrible. It’s like they chopped that huge meat of a plot into smaller pieces and stringed them together in hopes that it’ll still be presentable. Uh, no. I wouldn’t have to say “what the f*ckin’ hell is going on?!” if it were that case.

Zero smooth transitions from one point to the next. That’s what’s wrong.

That, and the script was awful. Even the voice actors, with a slight exception for the A-list ones, weren’t as great as they should’ve been. Which just made the characters even less tolerable. I could hardly relate to any of them at all.

Bottom line: had promise but let down expectations.

Heartcatch Precure! – Well, another Precure season had ended…like two months ago. And I did take a look at Suite Precure only to confirm that yea, I really won’t be watch any more Precure until next year probably.

Anyways, hmm, since it’s been a while, some brief recapping is needed. There was the ultimate finale showdown and while team-merge to Super Giant Precure was hardly the best ending Toei could come up with omg, it’s like mahou shoujo gattai! *SHOT*, it was damn pretty till the very end.

Yes, I am biased so I was definitely thrilled to see that Mugen Silouette resembled Tsubomi the most out of the four when they combined their powers to defeat Dune (and Mugen had Tsubomi’s voice, too).

The Giant sizes and Dune using the earth as his personal punching bag and all I thought was a bit ridiculous but urk, whatever, this is aimed at younger girls. They’ll eat it up.

What I don’t like, however, was how he was defeated in just one love punch to the chest. I mean, yea, Mugen is probably more powerful than a super nova at this point but really, I was expecting more.

Why? Well, Toei went through all the trouble to make this Precure series’ villain look more human than previous villains and it turns out that he really targeted Earth and the Heart Tree because of his deep hatred, not so much out of plain evil. They never explain what caused that hatred, though, and I thought that’s what cut this really short of being something exceptional among all the Precure seasons. Sasorina had development and even Cobraja and Kumojacky at a minimal level. Why couldn’t they do the same for Dune who was the Bad Bad Boss and all.

Moreover, as great as it is to have the twist of Yuri reuniting with her long-lost father only to lose him shortly afterwards, WHY’D YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING SO CRUEL?! The poor girl had lost so much already and you take her father away from her twice! ;_____;

I mean, wow, they literally killed someone and kept him dead. No revival magic, no nothing. Since when has mahou shoujo took the realistic route?

But there’s nothing I can do about that. At least Tsubomi was able to show how much she has truly changed and become stronger when she told Yuri off to not let her rage consume her. I’m so really proud of my Tsubomi. <3

Aye, so love overcomes all and Dune supposedly regained the heart he has lost and fades away back into space to do god-knows-what.

Mugen watched him go with a few tears rolling down her cheeks so I’m going to assume that although the Precures have done their job in protecting the world, there still are some things that haven’t been completely resolved in whatever distant lands there are beyond earth. Perhaps it’s an indication that they still have much more to learn and understand about “aliens” such as Dune before doing so as well.

Tsubomi has voiced her wish to travel there and hopes to plant seeds of love (or something along those lines, I can’t remember) where places are barren and nurture hearts and yea, something like that. Maybe she intends to meet Dune again is what I’m guessing and maybe they’ll strike up a diplomatic relationship and create a universal greenhouse together or something. I dunno, I’m just throwing out ideas. *throws them* @.@;;

Well, that shall be left for fan theories and speculation, I guess. In the meantime…

We have saved earth! *unreserved pose of SMUGNESS* xI

Haha, oh you silly girls. <3

So life has pretty much returned to normal. The fairies still come and visit, giving news of the Heart Tree's growth every time.

Tsubomi’s lil’ sis, Futaba, is born and OMG, she is just the most adorable thing like EVAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I WANT TO TAKE HER HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x33333333333333333333

And kyaaa~, Itsuki grew her hair out! I like it in this style and not extremely long like it is when she transform into Sunshine. Besides, all the others have pretty long hair already and shoulder-length Itsuki (in a girl’s uniform) is probably my favorite look for her. Gawd, I kinda want a second season now just so I can see more of Itsuki like this. <3

So with that, it marks the end of the seventh season for me. I don’t know if they’ll ever pick Heartcatch back up to make a sequel of it since the ending shows Futaba clutching her Onee-chan’s Kokoro Perfume which is a pretty sure thing that she’ll probably follow in Tsubomi’s footsteps.

Either way, I’m satisfied with this and so very glad I gave it the chance. It wasn’t a great anime but a good one with the occasional blaring flaws. I still loved it, will always love it the most perhaps and of course, will always love Tsubomi, the biggest love I found in this series and entire franchise. Rabu rabu rabu~ <3

And if anyone is bothered to be interested than yes, I would recommend this to you but not every episode. Just the ones that mattered. The movie I found was incredibly awesome as well and I really should've mentioned it in here somewhere but that would make this post too long but maybe some other time. lol ^^;

Hourou Musuko – It was less of an emotional roller coaster than I assumed it would be but I really did enjoy each episode, with all its drama and whatnot. There’s not much to say since while I felt for a good handful of the characters, I truly couldn’t sympathize with their situations.

I will say, however, that I admire people like Nitori, Mako-chan and so on for having the courage to be themselves despite all the sneers that were directed at them just because they were different. It’s very difficult to break that barrier down and for them realize that it didn’t matter what others think must have given them some relief.

To be honest, I think I would be surprised, too, if I found out that one of my classmates was gay or like cross-dressing or whatever. But that would be all there is to it. Surprise. Cuz I don’t personally know anyone like that well enough to react otherwise. Though it makes little difference in the end. I wouldn’t judge a person based on their sexual orientation…I’d probably ask to be friends if I were brave enough and see what’s your opinion on pi instead but that’s just me. *talking nonsense*

Anyways, this was a good anime. Nice and brief. Didn’t really get me into loving it, though, so I doubt I’ll check out the manga anytime soon. Hmm. :/


Fairy Tail – Well, you know how it is with shounen works. They keep going on and on, lost in one arc followed by the other and I sure wasn’t going to stick around when the anime became more infuriating to watch than necessary.

Kimi ni Todoke – You know, I never said this before but I often like to compare my hobby with anime and manga like a passionate love affair where multiple relationships are as moral as real life cheating is immoral. (What the hell is she talking about? ⌐.⌐;)

So let me break it down to you on how said relationship with KnT ended:

“Look, drama every Wednesday morning ain’t going to work out. It’s not me, it’s you. Yes, it’s you. Come to think of it, I should’ve remembered the reason why I go out of my way to avoid anything centered around high school romance. Keyword “highschool“, ugh, highschool. xP
And I supposed I made an exception for you since everybody was gushing over how absolutely innocent and heart-warming and omg, PURE your little love story was which should have sent off all the warning signs but curiosity got the better of me. And it was cute the first 24 episodes, it really was but I’m sorry, you’re just too friggin’ SLOW and conversationally dumb to live. The world doesn’t run on stammers and blushing alone, sweetheart. It’s over, love! Goodbye!”

And that was such a refreshing break-up. ^^

Bakuman – The start was an encouraging one but the constant repeat of everyone having problems, getting discouraged, sulking like a brat and then emo-ing about it before reconciling only to go back to square one (not taking into all the things that happened outside the two boys’ accounts) really, really got on my nerves. I never had much of a close attachment to it anyway so cutting it off hardly maimed my ongoing anime experience for life. :P


So that’s it. I’ll save any talk for the ones on my ongoing/current list for the end of June or so, hopefully before I leave but if not, I’ll just publish that before classes start. Madoka may or may not be an exception. Again, it’s just…complicated to talk about that. Inside and outside the anime. I have to prepare myself…yea. |D;

Alright then. Off to suffer my failing grades. T_T


2 thoughts on “Winter ’11 Wrap-up

  1. I like the slow pace of Kimi ni Todoke, as well as the side pairings and just the extreme Japanese feel the main couple has, but to each their own. ^^

    I also understand about Madoka, and I don’t think one can *properly* discuss it until it is completed anyway.

    As for Hourou Musuko I really loved it. Having a lot of friends who are gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered, and etc. I found this anime to be an extremely emotional and touching one. I also really liked the slow, calm air it had, even during drama filled moments, and found the inner strength of the characters to be admirable. The music was also really good.

    Basically, I’m just happy that Japan decided to do an anime based off a manga with a social topic that is severely understudied in the anime/manga community and in Japan in general. To see such a serious and genuine take on the confusion and difficulty surrounding sexual orientation was a big break through. I think, even if the anime itself doesn’t do well, I will still see it as a milestone. (I now need to get around to reading the manga of this).

    Those are the only ones I can really comment on, since I didn’t watch any of the others. I’ve been planning on watching Casshern Sins, and am definitely going to do so once this semester is over, and I’ll probably watch Star Driver too, since I think I’ll like it (among others that I plan on watching/catching up on).

    Anyway, to end this, I wish you good luck when it comes to your grades and school!

  2. Casshern Sins: Sadly I’m a fan of the original Casshern (ORIGINAL CASSHERN WAS MY FIRST ANIME CRUSH DAMMIT! I was so tiny then…can’t be more than 4?), so trying to watch Casshern Sins was…well…..VERY PAINFUL to say the least XD… That being said, I haven’t actually tried sitting through it…so I’m kinda complaining about shows I don’t watch in this case ==U

    Cliffhanger ish ending of stardriver made me facepalm…and considering I’m missing basically episode 2 to episode 2nd to last, and that I still get the plot just by watching the ending….*facepalm*…

    Fractale was interesting to start with, but then it suffered what I call the Escaflowne decay…aka plot goes and flip the table and rots ==U. I guess it’s one of those shows that if you don’t want to do some research on the original light novel, or try and figure out some implications and mechanism of the story, it really makes you want to slap it for laziness…And then once you do think about it, you would go “WTF, studio? You could have totally incorporated it into the plot dammit! EXTRA BIG SLAP FOR LAZINESS!” ==U

    I swear, every time I go to check out anime now, I keep on refreshing the letter M section just to see if something has begin again ><…

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\<*sits in anticipation*)

    …If this is about me signing a contract wishing for the series to continue, I'm passing the offer…

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\<…Drats…)

    ….I guess I'll make do with torturing you for the time being…

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\<……*bolts*)

    I be getting my sniper rifle! Later~

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