SoMT 2011 Opened! Main Tournament, Stage 1, Round 1 START!

お誕生日おめでとう, さくらちゃん~!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Sakura-chan~!!!!!!!!!!


  • Since we did not receive more than 30 nominations this year, preliminaries will be skipped and the number of matches for the main rounds of Stage 1 as well as the schedule have been altered.
  • New breakdown of matches in main rounds and wildcard round:

    – Round 1 (4 duel matches)
    – Round 2 (3 duel matches)
    – Round 3 (4 duel matches)
    – Round 4 (3 duel matches)

    – Wildcard Round (4 three/four-way matches)

  • There WILL still be only 18 who can pass onto stage 2.
  • Please refer to the Tournament Guidelines if you have any questions or leave them in a comment.

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4 thoughts on “SoMT 2011 Opened! Main Tournament, Stage 1, Round 1 START!

  1. Woot! I’m excited for this year as well :D And even Hiyori is included!! *is now torn*

  2. I’m totally rooting for Tsukimi all the way!
    Love the new badges by the way, I’ll promote on my site as soon as I figure out which one I like best! :)

  3. Thank you everyone for voting! ^^

    lostty-san: Ah, merci beaucoup~! *showers you with love* <3
    I would have made one for Tsukimi but there was no shot of her I liked. Might add one up later if I have time. :/

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