Gosick ~ Ep. 11 ~ Doriru is such a romantic ass.

And one with no taste in women either. Seriously, Jacqueline is so boring, I can die from just looking at her.

I mean, she named her pet chipmunk “Q-chan”. How f*ckin’ lame can she be? =_=;



So yea, since this episode royally sucked the most of all the sucky episodes there are so far, which there are a lot btw so I’m not sure how my closing thoughts on Gosick will be, I’m just going to keep this brief and say…it S-U-C-K-E-D, SUCKED!

Honestly, that murder with the vet and the “p”s and the “q”s and the wife was one that even a blind retard could have solved. DUH, who else can write on their own arm, you morons!

But that’s not why I’m pissed.

You know what I loathe is overly grand proclamations of love. And now that I know the reason behind all of Grevil’s hate for Victorique is just because he got pissed off that she demanded he give up on Jacqueline (EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY) when he could have been an adult, simply said “no” and tried to use his own flat, useless brain for once to help his mortally dull crush, it makes me want to throw a huge punch to his face.

It’s not like it’s Victorique’s fault, either. Sure, it’s offensive for someone to talk about your feelings as if they were nothing but trifles but WHO exactly were the ones who locked her up in a tower all alone for most of her goddamn life till now, hmm? You think she would just magically understand the concept of love during all those years of lonely imprisonment and you have the gall to say to her “you have no heart” when nobody has ever bothered to teach the poor girl what “love” exactly is?!

Don’t give me this f*ckin’ bullshit, you detective fraud! Your little infatuation over a woman you will never have can never compare to what Victorique had to endure.

But what I can absolutely never forgive him for is making Victorique cry!




And that is all. I hope to hell that Jacqueline won’t come back EVER again. And it’s such a shame that Satsuki Yukino is wasted on voicing her. She should have done Keiran (Kuiaran, whatever) since that was her original role in the drama CD.

Anyways, next episode focuses on one of the side-story novels and I’ll be damned furious if Kazuya left Victorique in the tower all alone to go anywhere with annoying Avril.

But ooo~, my Victorique looks so cute and adorable in her purple summer ensemble. <3