Gosick ~ Ep. 10 ~ Jiantan tried their own Ebay. It didn’t work.

Before I start on anything, I just want to send my thoughts out to those in Japan and hope that they receive as much aid as soon as possible. To be honest, I was reluctant to post anything after hearing the news on Friday and seeing those overwhelming photos of all the disaster the tsunami created. It reminded me too much of the Sichuan earthquakes that happened three years ago, which really brought tears to my eyes so I can only imagine what the aftermaths of an earthquake of this magnitude must be for them. Especially for those who have loss their loved ones or are still searching for them. I pray for their safety and recovery and hope things will get better for them soon.


Well then, onto the episode to try and keep things on schedule, it…really wasn’t that much of a great one. Or good one. It felt like somebody just handed you the answers to a quiz you already knew all the answers to. And it only took some invisible paint to prove your point.



There was minimal progress in the relationship between Kazuya and Victorique though this arc seems to be steering more attention to Grevil, who will more or less likely be the focus for next episode. Him and whatever history he has with that Jacquelin woman.

But we’re not going to talk about him today.

Instead, I think I’ll be disappointed if the corresponding novel plays out the same way this episode did. My major problem was with the homeless boy, Luigi. He seemed too convenient a plot tool for the solving of this mystery. I mean, sure, yea, people can have perfect memory if Victorique is a detective genius who only needs to look at newspapers at home to know what the hell is going on in the department store. It’s only fair.
Still, again it was too easy. Mysteries that are too quickly solved using extreme factors, however slightly they are or not, are absolutely no fun. And we’re talking about this case where we’ve figure out most of everything in the previous episode.

All that hubbub about “demons” or whatnot was that kidnapped girl blowing things out of proportion.

And why is it that everyone assumes you’re Russian if you have the name “Anastasia”? D/

*sigh* I suppose I can forget how badly this was executed cuz it really isn’t all that relevant anyway.


Revelation Corner

I can understand why she’s traumatized but I not to the point where she had to go that crazy. At least match the circumstances right or something. I dunno. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, kidnapped children were being auctioned off along with the artworks that were stolen during the Great War. Blah blah blah, we all knew that.

And cuz Kazuya was around, the police finally took this kid and his impossible memory seriously and as a reward, he gets a bath, a wig and the opportunity to go to boarding school. Hooray! [/sarcasm]

As for the Blue Rose, I should have mentioned this last week but for those of you who know your jewelry and/or mineralogy, a diamond is, of course, impossible to scratch or break since it has the highest hardness out of all rocks. So merely dropping it on the floor really won’t do it any harm.

A paperweight, however…I guess their paperweights were more flimsier back then. Cuz the (well-made) ones today wouldn’t shatter like the one Grevil had. Hrm.

There’s no need to go over the Great War again but it helps to know that Sauville is still a monarchistic state. Well, duh, Grevil is a marquis and his and Victorique’s father is a duke so yea…

I doubt this will affect the storyline much but the de Blois family might be getting more favors from the king for helping retrieve the royal heirlooms. Aka MOAR INFLUENCE AND POWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


Finally, the Blue John technique.

As Kazuya says, it is a stone (specifically, a fluorite) that when grounded into powder, glows in the dark. This is due to the florescence that fluorite gives off.

I’m not going to go into that much detail since I’m no expert on science but I wonder where Kazuki Sakuraba got this idea. As far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be any information about this ever being used by detectives or anyone of another profession for that matter. Not any I could find anyway. Hmm, interesting.

So, basically, they found the secret auction room that didn’t have a handprint on it. It helps that the Anastasia girl mentioned about being able to see the palace from the window of the room so it narrows down the search by a lot.

Wow, we really covered a lot of blue stones this arc, huh? :P



lol, I loved how when Kazuya was describing Victorique to Luigi in a rather affectionate way, he suddenly gets all butt-hurt about the way she pushes him around (well, you have yourself to blame for that, Kazuya, but I still love you <3) and constantly makes fun of him.

Then he starts to question if she really considers themselves as true friends or not and I had to go "pfft" there cuz yea, his loli companion is an abusive tsun alright but just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you’re always sunshine and cupcakes together. And it’s not like he would stay away from her anyway so it’s just him making complaints about her rudeness. He cares for her regardless. <3

All the while, Luigi had this hilarious expression that said "Omg, I can't believe I'm listening to this guy rant about his girl…" and really, if I had to like him for anything, it had to be that. lol xD;

I can’t believe Kazuya forgot about Brian Roscoe that fast. D/

But yea, redheaded magician dude is Brian Roscoe. As if we haven’t known that weeks before. /P

And I think it’s safe to assume that Cordelia, Victorique’s precious, still well-and-alive Maman, is the “lady” hiding in that chest. I mean, who else would be small enough to fit in there.

Plus, he told them to be “careful with the lady” as she has “caught a cold”. Coincidence? You decide.

On another note, we can tell now that Brian is really a descendant of the Gray Wolves since he has the same emerald eyes that they and Victorique have.

Yes, Kazuya is Grevil’s one-line cellphone to Victorique.


Remember when I said Grevil referred to Victorique as a “villainous loan shark”. Well, the statement to Kazuya just reinforces it.

“The benefits you receive is something the corrupt officials would give a lot of money for.”

Oh, Victorique, you and your life-scarring demands of compensation. XD;

So now it makes me wonder…did she order Grevil to have a doriru hairstyle to get her services?

Kazuya, after hearing that, realizes just how much Victorique sees him as a friend and appreciates her more now even with her blunt attitude.

But of course. You wouldn’t make a friend do impossible tasks for you now, would you?

Hehehe. x3

Ah, Victorique, even working away boredom when you’re sick. So boredom is only a leap ahead of sickness (aka shots). lol xD

D’awwwww. Kazuya apologizes for always bothering Victorique about helping him solve cases and thanked her for it as well. You can tell Victorique is really touched by his (late) sincerity since she tells him to hurry up with the details. Haha.

“Mr. Garnier, YOU are the culprit!”

Kazuya, hun, your hat is on weird. |D;

And this is Jacquelin. Don’t know what role she’s going to play. Will learn more about her in the next ep.

K, moving on…

It really pains me to see Victorique suffer all by herself, locked up in a cold tower, but what really shocked me was to see Grevil (or her dream’s projection of him) taunting her from the doorway. I mean, I can see why he hates Victorique but I never thought he would stoop so low as attack her psychologically, as vague as what he was saying in her dream sounded. Poor girl has lost her mother when she was just a babe and here he is, telling her that her power, intelligence and existence will only bring despair and she will never learn to love nor would anyone be willing to love her.

That’s just awful.

I will lose a lot of respect for Grevil if this actually happened and I feel for Victorique more cuz none of that is true. Kazuya cares for her. She’s not alone! You’re not alone, Victorique~ ;_______;

Woot, thank god it was just another dream. Looks like her fever is gone, too.

But I would like to see Kazuya watching a sleeping Victorique mumble in her sleep sometime. ^^

Kazuya: “Hey, Victorique, I brought you a souvenir. Do you want it?”

Victorique: *perks up* “Want!”

So cute. x333

I’m really starting to wonder what the deal with the hands are and how it’s supposed to connect to Victorique’s situation overall. Hope there will be better explanations later on.

lol, ingenious, I say. Simply ingenious.

And oh look, he got it in green to match her eyes. I do believe that was his subconscious working. <3



Alright, so I have no idea if this week’s episode is going to be delayed or not. If so, I don’t mind since priorities definitely have to go to the tsunami victims first. But if it is still scheduled, will likely have it up by Friday evening or so.

K, so more about doriru, his history with Jacquelin and is that the pre-doriru I see? Wow, he looks more like a girl than the one in the dress does. XD;