Gosick ~ Ep. 9 ~ Grab me a huge-ass blue diamond while you’re out, k, dear?

Because nothing says “I love you” to a sick person than getting kidnapped while shopping! xDDDD;;;;;



I can feel it. Y’know, that certain certain feeling you get while you’re watching an episode? That, that really-can’t-wait-till-next-week’s excitement in your gut which makes you walk around the house, grinning like an idiot sorta symptom? Kekekekekeke! xDDDDDD

Then again, I have little to no clue what’s going to happen so that counts as well. =P

Anyway, the start of the new arc wasn’t terribly in-your-face or anything. I mean, yea, we got a whole bunch of clues to occupy ourselves over until next Friday and all but habit of running into a mystery has already kicked in so I’m only partially thrilled for a fresh case.

On another note, I didn’t like how BONEs made things look very stupid. I mean, even Kazuya should’ve known that the department store people would go off and fix a few things before he brought the police over. *rolls eyes*

That aside, ur, guess I’ll have a lot to talk about on all the hints dropped in the next section but what’s more important is that KYAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!! So much COUPLE moments despite Victorique being sick in bed and not at Kazuya’s side but it’s okay cuz he made a phone call to check up on her and yeshyeshyesh, all that nice stuff, huhuhu~ x3333

*demented little fangirl* xD;


Mystery Corner

Same routine as usual. You start with a rumor ghost story and you end up right in the middle of it actually happening. Har har, isn’t that fun?

Jokes aside, here is what I cleared out as possible central points of this arc:

– the haunted department store; where once a girl entered (or something), she became a vampire monster mannequin (or something) *going about this all loosely*
– this “Vagrant Who Worshipped Demons” that Kazuya mentioned from the book
– the women and children who disappeared during shopping mentioned by Grevil
– last but not least, The Blue Rose Diamond

Hmm, yea, I think those are the main ones. Hope I didn’t miss one. Now then…

There’s something awfully suspicious about that department store, Jiantan, don’t you think?

No, really? [/sarcasm] /P

First one to point the finger at will have to be the owner of the place, Garnier.

1) The top floor and the invisible “EMPLOYEES ONLY” sign.
2) His workers are like life-sized creepy Barbie dolls…or rather, his assistant is. Everyone else can be Ken. :P
3) The whole change in personality and feigning innocence (his creepy plastics, too) once Grevil comes to the scene.
4) Thanks to that (equally) creepy-faced homeless boy on the street, we got some clue about interior decorators coming in to remodel the room (yes, DA ROOOOOOOM!) while Kazuya went to go fetch doriru hair.

All part of some plan to hide…

This thing that is sure not as hell a paperweight. D/

Oooo, but it is a pretty lil’ gem. *stares*

Question, though. Why is it that when the guy at the entrance, after seeing Kazuya come in, told him to go to the top floor when the souvenirs were on the second floor? It’s almost like they were expecting him, a visitor from the East, to come.

Then it follows up with Garnier telling his assistant that he “doesn’t care if he fits the description” or something along those lines.

Smells like some shady business going on. With a possible Asian person thrown in it.

On top of that, how did he manage to get the national treasure of the royal family is another mystery.

That’s all I can guess for now on those two particular points.

Next are the sore thumbs that stick out.

First off, the employees. They’re like mannequins as observed by Kazuya. Question is why?

Next, the grandma in rags outside screaming about her daughter being “eaten” in the store. Yah, I’m sure she has not been “eaten” but kidnapped which brings us back to the third point about the missing children. The employees might be those women and children who disappeared. And somehow, they’ve gone through some process of making themselves appear very plastic-like in personality. *shudder*

Question is for what purpose have they been kidnapped for?

…Oh, and almost forgot, Kazuya compared the old lady to that “Vagrant Who Worshipped Demons” from the book, too.

Finally, the boy who can tell a person’s nationality at a glance (though he has no eye for telling Asians apart whatsoever) and the girl Kazuya found in the basement.

Don’t know what the boy’s role in this arc is but it seems he might have some knowledge of what’s going inside the department store and their business or something like that. After all, Kazuya is Asian. They’re dealing with someone who is Asian and apparently, looks alike to Kazuya as far as features go. And the boy called out to Kazuya for whatever reason cuz…he’s Asian. <– Confusing, yes, I know. @_@;;

Sounds like a plea for help to me. For the whatever Garnier is doing to the missing children in there.

Which leads to the girl. She's screaming "demons" and tried to escape from them. Therefore, store people = demons.

What are they intending to do with her and what part does she play in whatever illegal activity they're hiding in the department store?

Yea, that's all I can go on about for now. God, this is messy and I apologize. I don't necessarily need more clues but just something that will kick the theorizing into gear. *proceeds to sit in a corner and think about it for a week*

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM…… *thinking* /=<



“Kujo! By tomorrow, get yourself incorrigibly wrapped up in another life-threatening case!”

To fend off her boredom. Oh, Victorique, you viciously eloquent precious lil’ thing. <3

Kazuya is like…such an amazing not-official-yet boyfriend.

“Hey, Victorique, I told my sister about you (HE TOLD HIS SISTER ABOUT HER! *Xiao is giddy* xDDD;;;) and she sent this. Figured it could keep you out of boredom. Want it?” (Is this suppose to imply something, Ms. Kazuya’s big sister? *hopeful* x3)

And Victorique made me stuff a pillow in my face while I laughed at her sudden change in interest.

“Hmph, you brought something boring-OOO, WANT!” *holds hands out* Y so adorable? xDD

Then the tsun kicks in and then she kicks him out.

Just cuz she wanted to do this. Kkkkkkkkkkk, way too cute, I say. Way too cute. x3333

She’s so happy about the gift, she sings on her way home. So now we know her singing = Victorique is happy. Pfft, actually, we’ve known that two episodes ago but whatever.

Gah, and she even put Kazuya in the lyrics. “Kujo gave me a kimono~♪”

There is no rhythm whatsoever. But I don’t care. Too happy to care. <333

Yea, now we also know Victorique has a maze instead of a front lawn and that she lives in a dollhouse…a cute, pink dollhouse.


lol, so eager to put in on as soon as she gets home.

‘Cept, as anyone would’ve guessed, she’s clueless on how to wear it. lol, she calls the obi a ribbon. Yes, Victorique, only you would wear “Chaos” to sleep. xDD;;

And catch a cold from not wearing it properly as well. ^^;

Haha, even though Kazuya went through all the trouble to draw her instructions on how to wear the obi right and go back to his dorm to lend her his book, she’s too much of a prideful lil’ (embarrassed) tsun to feel grateful.

And instead, snots all over it. |D;

…There’s just something about Kazuya standing outside her pink house rather than outside of her room. It’s probably the gentleman in him and the fact that he hasn’t been invited in by her personally despite that they’re friends (you know how old societies are!) but…yea, I guess I just like a guy standing outside a girl’s house worried about her. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE TO IT!

*sits there and grins stupidly* <3

Bwahahaha! Kazuya gets angry. He gets angry but scolds her from outside.

“Mean girls like you won’t get any presents from the city!”

Wah~, so he was intending to buy her something, too. How thoughtful~ How sweet~

I don’t need officialness, they are already a couple SO PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE WHERE I CAN USE THAT OTP TAG, DAMMIT!

*squeals* xDDDDDDD

lol, Victorique waking up at the word “presents” and getting upset (yes, she’s upset <3) that Kazuya left without taking her along this time. Aww, she misses him~

In her own cute, tsundere, stuffy-nose way, she misses him. <333

We are really glad that Grevil’s doriru hair is just…hair. Yes, we are.

And Kazuya, I know your head must be thinking “K, I remember leaving one DeBlois at home but don’t recall joining up with this one for the train ride.”


While Grevil rambles about himself, Kazuya thinks about Victorique. “Is she resting? I hope she keeps warm.” And thinking about Victorique. “She’s arrogant and mean and stubborn…but I can’t leave her alone.” And thinking MORE about Victorique. “She saved me. She didn’t let go and held onto me with all her might.”

In short, Grevil is not the one he wants to be with right now. And Grevil acts like a kid about being ignored. lol xD;

Briefly breaking away from the laughs a bit, it was nice to see some of the pressure of the fame and prestige Grevil did not earn weigh down on him a bit. Of course, it’s better that he takes the credit than Victorique does (not that Victorique would care for it anyway) but whereas she lives a caged and boring but at least, leisurely life, he has to constantly live up to expectations.

*sigh* What can you do? ^^;

Fever dreams. Victorique dreams about being locked up…and the frightening boredom that comes with it.

Poor child. *huggles her*

Cecil (she’s still there?! xD;) says they’ll have to call a doctor and have her get a shot.

Victorique, of course, freaks because shots = pain. And Victorique doesn’t like pain.

Cue tantrums under the blanket and cries for Kazuya to hurry up and come home already. CCCCCCUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Victorique, even if you weren’t a genius, you’re so smart. Yes, they lie when they say shots don’t hurt. THEY. LLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Oh, hey, Victorique. You have a phone call,” says Cecil cleverly distracting Victorique away from the needle.


Aha~, hubby calls home and she smiles.

Hubby, please call home more often when you’re out of town. Victorique smiling like this is…kyuuuuuu~, to die for! <3


…really ouch. She’ll feel that one for days. ^^;

Ugh, you two mean people in the back there while my precious Victorique is in pain! You made her drop the phone, too, and now she doesn’t know hubby’s been kidnapped! *smacks ’em up good with a plastic hammer* >:(

Victorique glanced at her hands a lot in this episode. The calluses won’t go away that soon, especially for someone as delicate as her, but it doesn’t seem to me that she’s thinking about the pain. Though I don’t think she’s aware that she might be subconsciously thinking about Kazuya and that’s where I’m not sure about what she’s currently thinking right now.

*talks in circles* @_@;;

Right, so sweetheart, leave that phone over there. Yes, there. Right where it is.

Man, I hope Kazuya didn’t lose his change when he got thrown into the cab. ^^;



Sooo…while it seems that Victorique is going to stay bed-ridden for the rest of this arc, mannequin girl somehow managed to hijack a cab and take Kazuya for a ride to god-knows-where. The sick wifey won’t be happy to hear that. Ahaha~ |D;

On another note, the assistant who reminds me of Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana goes child-hunting and Brian Roscoe is back on the scene.

What will happen? *emits exaggerated dramaticness EVERYWHERE*

…Yea. So until next week then! (^ ^)/”