Gosick ~ Ep. 8 ~ Put on your best psycho face.

Cuz even with that, this episode still sucked ass.

I almost don’t have the heart to talk about it at all for the entire crappity that it is but for the sake of distracting myself from homework the only two characters I care about, I will. *frustrated sigh*



They jacked it up big time with the content-cutting and that’s what made me upset. I can’t stand half-ass treatment but BONES did it. They really did it.

Not bothering to go into clearer explanation of Derek’s reason for murdering Alan and Raoul, framing Harminia in such a boring way (in the novel, Kazuya was supposed to be dancing like a possessed person or something), trying to compact Saillune‘s history into a few sentences like it was nothing important…well, it wasn’t that important but I’m just a stickler for details.

It’s nothing I can’t forgive BUT! BUT!

The part where Kazuya was falling when the bridge collapsed, that’s what really sent me in rage. He was supposed to go into some sort of inner soliloquy (or whatever it’s called) about his own helplessness and how he would never be able to live up to his father and brothers’ standards along with the realization that he left home just to get away from feeling inferior and ashamed rather than to pursue academics at the academy. The emotional sense of loss depicted in the book was completely omitted. For time, yes. Is it understandable they did it? Yes. Is it acceptable? NO.

That was the most crucial moment in showing the how deep Kazuya’s inner turmoil really is. If you’re going to work on development of character for this later, it doesn’t make any sense to not show what flaws need to be worked on.

I will never forgive BONES for this and they’re lucky that the rest of the novels have not been published in English yet cuz if I had read those already, I’m sure they’ll do something like this again. You suck, BONES. I am SEVERELY disappointed. >:(

Other than that, the best part was of course, the moments between Kazuya and Victorique. As always.


Revelation Corner

So I’ll keep this short and brief.

Derek was indeed the culprit.

Him and Alan and Raoul’s reason for coming to the village was to steal the antiques that were found there.

He killed Alan and Raoul who was only in it for the money they can get. Derek argues that he can’t let them just sell the items off since he’s the only one who can understand the value of the treasures they found and intended to safekeep them rather than sell.

As for the howdunnit, Derek basically knocked Alan out and substituted the mache figure before the festival parade thing started, resulting in Alan burning to death later.
On Raoul, he already shot him earlier on when there were fireworks going off, masking the gun shot among the noise, and dragged Raoul’s body into the forest where he later framed Sergius for the death when Sergius rifle went out.

And all the proof lies in the hazelnuts that were stuck on his clothes.

First case solved.

Next is Harminia.

Thanks to Kazuya disguising as what I don’t know how to call anything other than the voodoo man and, well, talking in Japanese (aka “the words of the other world”, woo~), she confesses that she was the one who murdered Theodore.

The howdunnit.

She was small enough to fit into the grandfather clock where the height of her hiding place would provide her the extra force to drive the dagger into Theodore’s back once she jumped on him. In other words, gravity.
To do so, she had to distract him by letting them coins fall all over the floor. While he was paying attention to those, he left his back vulnerable to her above and wham, there goes your murder.

Afterwards, she locked the door to the study and climbed back into the clock and would escape once someone else has discovered Theodore’s body and then be blamed for her crime. That unfortunate someone being Cordelia.

The different accounts of what the actual time was when Sergius and the other group of elders saw Cordelia running out of the study was due to Harminia hiding in the clock, preventing it from chiming at exactly midnight.

The whydunnit.

When Theodore was still mayor and playing the possessed dude during the Summer Solstice, he predicted Harminia would die at the age of 26. Harminia freaked. Being a young child, she freaked even more. Being a stupid child, she believed that killing Theodore would prevent her death, therefore she killed him.

Case solved.

As for Sergius acting all like a king dictator and the whole Saillune being its own separate kingdom thing, they’re basically a tribe that stretches way back in time (even before Genghis Khan and whatnot) and managed to survive through the eras while maintaining their blood and heritage thanks to seclusion in the mountains. Honestly, this reminds me a little bit of the Basques despite Saillune being fictional and all.

I don’t feel like going into too much of that so just search the book for it. It may or may not serve as something important later. *shrug*



So yea, the redhead magician dude we saw two episodes ago is apparently, Brian Roscoe.

That’s interesting. What’s his connection to Cordelia, I wonder?

LOL, Grevil tries to make a PWNED!YOU entrance but then you see his doriru hair and… xD;

Kinda amused by the contrast of these two at the same moment. It’s all serious on Victorique’s end, the fire nicely casting a glow on her, and on Kazuya’s, he’s unsure of how to explain the “magical words” of his homeland that were just uttered. lol XD;

Yea, Harimina’s dress inflated all of a sudden. o.O;

Anyways, when she started crazily swinging that weapon around, I was cheering inside cuz that obviously meant Kazuya was going to man-up to protect Victorique. <3

Ok, fine, call me a cruel, contradictory fangirl. I hate seeing my beloved characters hurt but if it brings squealies along with it, I don’t mind so much. *slapped* xD;

On the other hand, you might be wondering why Grevil didn’t just grab Victorique as he was running pass them to escape but it’s not like Victorique would leave Kazuya there anyway. Plus, being targeted by a woman gone mad while standing on a log bridge that is suspended several dangerous feet above the ground and on fire, need we remind you, is probably enough to freeze you on spot with fear. If I had said that all in one breath, I would be choking now. ^^;

Kazuya tells Victorique they just made up so he can’t bear to be separated from her over something like this.

Victorique is panicking because he must have lost his mind, bringing something “silly” like that up when they could possibly fall to their deaths at any moment.

Kazuya firmly yells “It’s NOT silly!” (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~ xDDDDDDD) cuz she’s his friend, SO THERE’S NOTHING SILLY ABOUT WANTING TO STAY WITH HER!!!

…Yea, if she hasn’t fallen a little more for him on that, then I don’t know what would. *goes to her corner to giggle the daylights out of her* xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

So, Kazuya’s falling and all he can worry about is Victorique not being careful and losing her precious pendant.

And at the moment he says “You’ve got to really hold onto what’s important to you…”


This makes up for the ending they couldn’t fit in where they’re in the library, Kazuya is sleeping, Victorique says quietly that “friends are more important than books” and he immediately wakes up at that, showing that he was pretending to be asleep all along during that. And cute awkwardness from Victorique ensues.

*rambling* xD;

“We’re going together! You told me that before!

This isn’t where we’re supposed to split up!!

Oh yea. This was my golden moment. Kazuya, you baka! Don’t you dare think of separating from Victorique! Now hurry up and climb up and tend to Victorique’s hands! ;_____________________;

Elsewhere, Brian is watching the village burn next to Cordelia who appears to be alive and well.

‘Course, they wouldn’t show us her face that soon so we can only guess how she feels about her daughter proving her innocence and so on.

God, I hope they meet up soon. It will be a tearful reunion. ;__;

First time Victorique and Grevil had a straight conversation with each other ever which was very surprising for me.

This didn’t happen in the book. In fact, Grevil insisted that Kazuya talk to Victorique on going home instead. Turns out the thing he hates most about Victorique is that whenever he requests her help, she makes these outrageous demands before giving her aid and that’s why he uses Kazuya as a medium. lol, he even calls Victorique a “villainous loan shark”. xD;

Well, I’m not sure if anime!Grevil is less cold towards Victorique than novel!Grevil is after him saying that she won’t be able to leave the academy anymore thanks to all the ruckus she caused. But either way, he still shows concern for her. Probably not as an older brother to his younger sister but as the responsibility assigned to him.

Whichever is fine with me. Kazuya will still play “Mr. Squirrel” on the next case he brings to the library. lol xD;

Aha~, Victorique asked the same question Kazuya did during the fortune-telling event thingy and that’s what really made her so sad.

D’awwwwwwwwwww. For her to ask the same question, even though she probably knew it’ll be the same answer Kazuya got- *SQUEALS~* x333

It just means she’s just as unwilling to part from him as he is from her.

And now Kazuya knows. xD
And then cute shyness follows. <3
And then the train comes. /P

You are expecting this to be another heart-warming about-to-hold-hands moment…

But she didn’t take his hand. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! WHY?! So frustrating! She did in the book! >x(

But Victorique just probably doesn’t want him to worry about her hands, since he knows how sensitive she is to pain and hell, holding him up from over a cliff edge isn’t exactly nothing to her fragile hands, y’know.

Hmm, there will be more chances in the future so I’m not too mad over it.



Right, next week, start of a new arc.

An arc I know nothing about. So no spoilers?

Not unless I find some by next Friday. lol XD;

Whether I do or not, it’s not going to change the fact that I’ll probably scream and squeal my face off over the adorableness that is Victorique. x33333333333333

And what has Kazuya done again to get the “Vous êtes un idiot!” treatment from our Victorique again, eh? *sigh* Kazuya, you will never win over your little wifey, hmm? <3

K, till next week, then. (^ ^)/"