Gosick ~ Ep. 7 ~ Anybody else get slight Watanagashi vibes?

lol, just because of the whole festival thing. Nothing to make a big deal about.

Anyways, woot, despite mixed feelings for this episode, I’m glad they didn’t conclude this arc too soon like I thought they would last week. In fact, I read on a forum that they’re doing about 3/4 episodes per novel in a certain order and that they’ll still have extra episodes left to make an anime original ending. That is, if the source where they heard it from is real.

But that’s nothing to worry about at the moment so I’ll just go along with how BONES is planning to do it for now.



Animation quality improved a lot this episode which made me very pleased. Unfortunately, we’re back to the crappy level by next week judging from the preview which is such a disappointment. *sigh*

That aside, they did a better job of keeping the answers from being revealed too soon but I’m only speaking for the deaths of those two murdered men, Alan and Raoul. The culprit of Cordelia’s case is pretty obvious without needing to think too hard so it’s all a matter of finding out the howdunnit.

Ah, but I suppose I’ll get to that in the mystery corner.

Pacing is decent yet they’re merely following the events of the novel while omitting large chunk of contents that wouldn’t have been able to fit under 25 minutes. To name some, Grevil was supposed to have already arrived at the village halfway through the ep, looking for Victorique and trying to get Kazuya to convince her to go back to the Academy. Then there’s the scene where Kazuya freaked out about seeing some things in the mirror of his room (also another method to try and scare Victorique away), and him volunteering to protect Victorique but ended up sleeping in a rocking chair because of an argument over her luggage again. Huu~, that last one was something I really wanted to see. *pout* x(

I guess I can’t really blame BONES for that since you can only do so much to squeeze a book under 3 episodes but I still don’t like the general lack of passion for this adaptation. The overall feeling falls very flat and stale, the dialogue I often find listless and the dropped hints too apparent.

*sigh* At this point, I’ve temporarily lost any hope for the adaptation being anything great or even good but I won’t make any conclusions until after this is over to give it a final grade.


Mystery Corner

Before getting into the clues, I’ll split the murdered cases and Cordelia’s case separately since they have nothing to do with each other in the first place. So to get the less complicated one over with, we’ll start with the former first.

Clearly, those three dudes didn’t come to the festival to enjoy it. They appear and act like rude tourists talking crap about how antique the place is but if you notice at the beginning, all of them were quite fascinated with the architecture and other items they could touch (ex. the silverware, the urn they threw into that huge bowl of holy water). That is a clue to the whydunnit.

As for Mildred, well, she definitely wasn’t a nun at all but her purpose for being here is still unknown. I wouldn’t write her off yet as a possible culprit (since she did steal that expensive plate and all) but she seems less suspicious than those men anyway. We’ll find out more about her intentions in the next ep since it looks like she has some acquaintance with Grevil.

Now that we’ve skimmed over possible motives behind these two distinct parties, let’s focus on Alan and Raoul.

Alan is the one with the glasses. Supposedly during the middle of the festival, some time after they left the square when Harminia shouted at them for disrespecting their customs, Alan was walking among the crowd and got pelted by hazelnuts the village girls were throwing around. He then left.
However, shortly following that, the real Alan got burned to death in the paper-mache figure.

So the question is, how did Alan end up from on the square ground to the top of one of the wagons (and dressed himself up as the “Winter General”) without being noticed by the onviewers?

Simple. The Alan everyone saw in the crowd is not Alan. For one thing, even if you can’t see his full profile, the color of his hair is different (and that’s the fault of BONES for making things too obvious -_-; ). Alan is a brunette, the guy in the screencap is a blonde.

Also, aside from the outside guests, everyone in the village are wearing traditional clothing. So the Alan impostor can’t be a villager, nor Kazuya or Victorique. That leaves Mildred, Raoul and Derek.

I’ll leave that up to you to figure out and decide who can it be.

Oh, and since they did a close-up on the hazelnuts, it’ll be important to remember that small detail as well since “Alan” was also pelted by them and they can apparently stick to your clothes.

Next is Raoul. Most would probably think Sergius, the mayor, is responsible for killing him.

Though the fact that he and Derek walking out into the woods, where all the dangerous wolves reside, is very strange.

So this narrows it down to the remaining two, Derek and Mildred. Yet Mildred was not at either of these two scenes. It doesn’t make her clear of suspicions but all evidence so far seems to point that it has something to do with Derek.

Current Conclusions:

Culprit: Derek
Crime: Murders of Alan and Raoul.
Motive: Unknown though it might have something to do with the village’s items.
How: Not enough clues to determine yet.

Now moving onto Cordelia…or not. There’s just a tiny bit I want to look into before doing that.

Sergius said that the villagers are human but their “tribe is different than the humans below…”

As far as traits and features go, yea, they’re a pretty distinct group from other European people we’ve seen so far but little is known about their history. We got a look at their culture and practices but apart from knowing they’re a secluded village in the mountains surrounded by superstitions, nothing else has been said about their past.

What’s more is that Sergius seems like more like a dictator than a mayor. Not allowing anything to disrupt the festival, recklessly shooting a rifle and claiming it to be the “wolves, seeing “talkativeness as the sin of a fool” which is a possible indication he wants absolute obedience and silence from everyone. Not to mention, he states the village is self-sufficient so is that why they don’t have any thoughts of interacting with the outside word and modernizing?

Sounds awfully like a crazy old man trying to cling onto authority. :/

Will be all revealed in good time.

Alright, so really moving onto Cordelia’s case this time.

What we know about the incident from second accounts:

– The one murdered was the former village chief, Elder Theodore.
– He was killed in his study with a knife stabbed in the middle of his back.
– The murder supposedly happened precisely at midnight, according to Sergius’s watch, but others with him at the time disagreed for some reason.
– The study’s floor was covered with gold coins.
Thedore collected gold coins since it couldn’t be used in the village. So for those coins to be the same ones in his study is no surprise. The question is how did they end up on the floor.

– Cordelia, who was 15 at the time, was a maid working at the chief’s house. Her job was to change the jug water in his study at midnight.
– She used her key to unlock the door to the room and upon seeing Theodore’s corpse, screamed and ran out of the room.
– At the same time, Sergius and his group saw her go in and leave before confirming Theodore’s death.

Then Cordelia had a high fever and was exiled without trial as soon as she recovered to prevent “misfortune from befalling the village”.

So it was just that that made them put the blame on her. Superstition.

“Je ne sai pas coupable. – C”

“I am not guilty.” Or “I am innocent”.

I think we can believe that since there is no significant evidence that proves she was the one who murdered Theodore.

Poor Cordelia. T_T

But I won’t make any current conclusions yet.

Continuing on, Cordelia was exiled when she was 15. Yet someone came back to the village, went to her house and replaced what she left under a floorboard with a photo of her and baby Victorique.

Oh ho~, a slightly different mystery pops up now.

The village was able to get electricity installed thanks to a guy named Brian Roscoe, who is an offspring of someone who left the village. Apparently, he came to the village 10 years, the same time the Great War started where Cordelia was then said to have done unthinkable things that led her to being labeled as “dangerous”. The time he appeared also happens to coincide with the time frame which the photo was taken.

So are they saying Victorique’s age right now is actually 10 years old?! o.O;

Hmm…new questions then. Who is Brian Roscoe really and what is his relation to Cordelia?
Did he know that Victorique will go back to the village to prove her mother’s innocence and is that why he put the photo there? And what did he take in exchange for switching what was originally there?


Last suspect of the day: Harminia.

The moment Victorique walks into the room to investigate, Harminia is already there and reenacts how Theodore was murdered. Yet she also has contradicting thoughts as to how a 15-year old child could possibly muster enough strength to stab a full-grown adult in the first place.

I mean, take a look again at how deep that dagger went into his body. Can Cordelia, who has a very small figure and is probably as meek in physical capabilities as her daughter, really pull that off? Not to mention, how would she have enough time to do that after unlocking the door and running out a second later?

Harminia’s strange, twisted behavior is something to take note of, too. She has a habit of touching the areas around her eyes and is constantly disturbed by “the curse” Cordelia brought on the village but that can also be a way of disguising guilt that has been eating her away all those years, explaining for her…craziness.

But if so, if Harminia was really the one who killed Theodore, then wouldn’t it have been more impossible since she was younger than Cordelia? Especially in the same way she demonstrated to Victorique just now? How did she pull it off then?

Certain clues that were dropped: the grandfather clock and birds, apparently.

And I’ll stop there for now.

Current Conclusions:

Possible Culprit: Harminia
Crime: Murder of Theodore.
Motive: Unknown.
How: Unknown.

Woot, that was lenghty… ( – )=3



Cordelia~ How cruel was your own village towards you! T___________________T

This makes it even more sad for me knowing that Miyuki Sawashiro is the seiyuu for her.

But damn, she and Victorique are doppelgangers of each other to a T! o_O

Uh, hands OFF my Kazuya-kun, Ambrose! -_-;

But compared to the old geezer, Ambrose is much more open-minded and curious about the world outside the village. Too bad time constraint really limited better portrayal of his character but eh, at least something good happens to him in the end…oops, was that a spoiler? <P

At first I thought he was voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya but I soon realized it was Atsuhi Abe instead. I hope I’m right cuz it really does sound like him, though it sounded strange to hear him speak in such a polite tone at first. That’s why I couldn’t recognize him immediately. ^^;

OMG, seeing Victorique cry for her “Maman” really made my heart ache. Poor girl, she must miss her mother so. And it hurts even more knowing she’s being blamed for a crime she didn’t commit. Victorique~ ;_________;

I don’t remember the actual wolves quite well but wow, they really do have emerald green eyes. o.O;

And while Victorique is thinking about this and that, Kazuya takes the time to worry about the frills and ribbons of her dress getting all caught up together on the way up the mountain. Oh, Kazuya~ xD;

Adorable eager-to-take-a-bath Victorique is adorable~ <3333

OF COURSE, Kazuya would stand outside to guard with a mop.

And OF COURSE, Victorique would start singing horribly without any sense of rhyme. xDDDD;;;;

Sorry, dear guests, we have run out of lemons.

…srsly, this is freaky cuz I’m sure it’s done in the real world, too. o_O;;;

Kyaa~! The moment I was dying to see!

They actually got into a bit of a full-blown argument with Victorique becoming a bit scared that Kazuya won’t be by her side but here, she’s more calm. Meh, not as much fun as it was in the novel but it still made me happy to hear Kazuya firmly assure her that he would protect her so it’s all good. *very happy* <333

Ok, those are either skull cookies or chocolate-covered pretzels.

Either way, Kazuya bringing Victorique her daily sweets is just d’awwwsome~ x3

Protecting her from raining hazelnuts is even more D’AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! X333333333333333333333333

Yea, Kazuki Sakuraba really took some liberties here cuz this resembles Japan’s traditions more than “a little bit” much, don’t ya think? ^^;


But since I feel that the anime development is nowhere near as good as the novel’s, I can’t. Boohoo. T_T

Well, in the book, Kazuya goes off on a slight spiel about how Victorique drives him crazy at times before abruptly ending with the question if he and her can stay together. Not quite in the lovey romantic sense but it does mention that Kazuya “felt feelings that he thought he shouldn’t have” or something like that. So it’s a small hint he might have developed some affections for her.

I liked that a lot better but this is okay, too, I guess.

Cuz Kazuya is all blushy and a bit shy about it but he really does want to be with Victorique. Which makes me love them even more and want them to be TOGETHER even more~ <3

Ugh, but the "other-worldly" beings had to say WWII is coming and they'll eventually have to separate which makes me a very ANGRY and SAD panda. Stupid history! Dx

Though this bittersweet "your hearts will never be apart" eased some of the pain…but BARELY. T______T

And this had to be said all while Victorique was standing right outside, too. I’m expecting to use my “NOOOO!!!!!! Y u do diiiissss?!” tag sometime int he future. T_______________T

Noooo, look how upset you made my Kazuya-kun! Dx

Kazuya, don’t worry! If worse comes to worse, you can elope to Australia!

*slapped for idiocy* xD;;;

Oiya, Victorique had her fortune told, too, and *GASP!*

Why is my Victorique crying?! What did that smelly, creepy old man say to you?! Huh?!

Yea, I already know why but still…it makes me UBER depressed. ;______;

lol, Victorique tells Kazuya that it was about how she wouldn’t grow any taller and he gets aggravated by it.

There, there, Kazuya. You should try to understand Victorique more instead of getting angry like that. *hint hint nudge nudge* ;3

Yes, I’m pretty sure Harminia wanted to hug Victorique, too, via “I killed Theodore this way!” method.


Victorique: “Impudent ones, I have solved the mysteries! Unfortunately, due to the rule of cliffhangers, you will have to wait another frustrating to week to hear the answers. While you are waiting, move your lazy asses and get me some cookies!” *glowy background of self-awesomeness~*



Yay~ I finished this in time for dinner.

So, next time, the conclusion of this arc, more crazy meido and some promised climatic action maybe? And also, FFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one

K, then, see you next week. Thanks for reading! (^ ^)/”


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  1. 1st mystery:
    The two guys were killed because they (the three of them) were planning to steal gold that was hidden by the guy that bought electricity to the village. So some of the villagers eg the elder, the maid, conspired to kill them…
    How arrive at that? The fountain of knowledge told me *takes out pipe*
    *ish shot for plagiarism and ripoff*

    2nd mystery:
    Ex elder was murdered by Maid…don’t know why though….maybe so the current elder can be in control? They break the grandfather clock, so that the victim will have to stoop down to fix the thing, and stabbity stab stab…

    I don’t know if I’m even close, but hey, I can wild mass guess, right? 8D

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