Gosick ~ Ep. 6 ~ When the Wolves Cry…

Pfft, lame attempt at a good title for this one.

Anyways, yea, so when they do cry, IT MEANS YOU PINCHED THEM, DIDN’T YOU?! >:(



Haha, oh man, BONES has redeemed themselves with this episode!

Normally, you’d expect background revelations to come slightly later down the road but I guess since they want to cover the entire novel series, the pacing of the plot has to be sped up. I mean, look at this week’s preview. The village is already on fire by next episode!

Not to mention, we got a psycho maid doing who-knows-what. Che, such a spoilerish preview.

I don’t like that because even if Victorique is a genius, they should still give her some time to gather clues, form hypothesis and make it look even remotely like detective work instead of having her take out her pipe and go “Here’s your culprit, let’s call it a day”. -_-;

So yea, looks like this arc is going to be rather short, too, despite that its corresponding novel is pretty long. At least longer than the first one. Now I’m worried. I really am. If they’re simply going to do an adaptation but NOT care about anything else except for getting all 24 episodes done, then what’s the point?! I don’t want that! I don’t want to sit through another anime that should have been a remarkable one but got butchered in production and half-heartedly sewn up again to get only a passing grade for being animated at all. And I have to buy this series, as well! UUUUURRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! DX

*sigh* …well, I suppose I’ll live. Because I love this series and the hardcore fan in me always holds out for anything when it comes to that. Not for you, BONES. Not. For. You. >:P

Moving along, there weren’t a lot of mystery elements for this episode. All we got was a brief glance into the past of Cordelia’s crime that she was wrongfully accused of but we still don’t know any details on who was killed or how she did it. All of which, like I said, will probably be revealed in full by her daughter in the next ep.

Oh, and some dudes tagged along to go to the festival, too. Phah, right, like who would go out into the dangerous mountains to visit a village closed off from the rest of the world just because of festival? *suspicions alert*

Other than that, KYAA~! This episode was just AWESOME for me because of all the KazuyaxVictorique moments! So…WARNING! MAJOR FANGIRLING AHEAD!!!!!!!



Mystery Corner

Everyone must be wondering who this redhead magician is, huh?

Well, to the best of my memory, he didn’t make any appearance in the second novel much less was involved with it at all.

However, we saw him in the OP sequence so he must play some important role later on. BONES is probably just introducing him a little early, I guess.

In any case, he’s not related to the current mystery. Don’t worry about him for now.

*sigh* I wish they would hurry up with the English publications already. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! *frustrated* Dx<

Moving on, before we get to the main course, let’s just clarify what we know about these tag-alongs.

The nun who isn’t actually a nun, Mildred, somehow avoided getting arrested for that fancy plate she “stole” (even though she was the one selling it, weird). Now she’s on her way to Horvitz with our two heroes and “claims” to have grown up there yet she bears no resemblance to the description of the village people at all.

Purpose/Reasons/Intentions: Unknown

Then we have these other three dudes and there are currently no clues on what they’re planning once arriving there either.

Whatever the case, you know these four have something up their sleeves concerning this festival. Pay close attention to them.

Now for the Gray Wolves.

Written myths and whatever supported facts that were mentioned so far:

– They have extraordinary intelligence.
– They’re actually humans.
– Physical features: golden hair, rosy cheeks, small bodies. And all of them look exactly like one another.
– And according to the book, emerald eyes as well.

Mystery behind Victorique as the “Gray Wolf” solved. She’s descended from the Village of Gray Wolves but wasn’t raised there. Her mother, Cordelia Gallo, was.

What we know of Cordelia Gallo (from Victorique’s account):

– She was a maid who was exiled from the village because of a crime she was accused of. It is unclear if she actually committed it or not.
– Once out of the village, she performed as a dancer.
– Marquis de Blois was probably aware of the myth about the Gray Wolves and upon finding Cordelia, took her as his mistress to “insert the ability of the Gray Wolves” into his bloodline. Thus, Victorique was born.
– After learning that she was a criminal, the Marquis supposedly ousted her out of the de Blois household but she escaped when the war started. It is not known if she’s still alive or not.

Right, so we know all that but take a look at the Marquis. Seem familiar?

It’s that same guy with the long, blonde curly hair carrying Victorique away in the opening. So yea, that person is Victorique and Grevil’s father.

It seems he’s up to something a lot more sinister than having Cordelia give him a child with the qualities of a Gray Wolf. He had to kick Cordelia out when he found out about her secret cuz it’s one thing for a noble to have a mistress, but certainly another if said mistress is also a criminal.
However, he kept Victorique, probably still having some use for her. It was also easier to conceal her existence since she was only a baby at the time and not many people must have known that Cordelia had his kid.

*breathe* Alright, this might prove more useful in later events so I’ll store this away for now.

All that is left is to learn what Cordelia’s crime is (murder, but who was killed?), who actually committed if she is truly innocent, and how the real culprit did it as well as pushed the blame onto Cordelia.

Question, though. If the Gray Wolves are so smart, why couldn’t they have held a trial to find out the truth before exiling Cordelia? -_-;

Hmm, my memory really isn’t good since I can’t recall everything that happened in the novel in the right order so I guess I’ll have to skim it over again. Alrighty, the answers will be out by next week so I’ll stop here for now.



Victorique is so adorable~ Especially when she’s eating her snacks and not giving a damn about the mess she makes everywhere. And Kazuya, like the good husbando he is, has to clean up after her, lol. xDD;

Gah, I really want to pinch her cute, puffy cheeks but if anyone did that, she’ll probably hate them for life.

Not Kazuya, though. Hehe~ x3

Kazuya: “So I got your a souvenir from the marketplace.”

Victorique: “What’s this? A hat?”

Kazuya: “Yea, a really weird one that some dude put on my head after stealing my textbooks.”

You’re both wrong. It’s a a headdress. Don’t know if it’s a turban or not, but it’s a headdress.

Victorique: “Whatever, I’m tired of it.” *throws*


But Victorique tries it on anyway and she’s all “…” about it. lol

And I swear, Grevil has got to be the last person on earth that any person in the right mind will allow to become a detective. How can he sweat so much just like that? I mean, yea, Cordelia is known as dangerous but c’mon… xD;

Haha, love how Kazuya has gotten so use to Grevil’s exaggerated dramaticness (even though it’s for real this time) that he just blatantly ignores him and turn to Victorique. xDDD

Uwah~, first time seeing Victorique so surprised but it’s no surprise since it’s concerning the village her mother came from after all.

Probably so shocked at the opportunity to prove Cordelia’s innocence that she trips…BUT OH SO ADORABLY WITH SUCH A MOE THUMP! ASDKLFJASLKFJASLF SO CUUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* x3333333333333

“Itai tara, itai no daaaa!”

Aww, my poor baby. *huggles Victorique* There, there. You’re still extremely cute even when you’re crying. <333

To think there is even more to follow. Oh dear… \D;

Victorique: “Take the responsibility and eat the damn macaroon!”

Kazuya: “Hai…” *miserable*

lol, don’t worry, Kazuya. Sure the floor maybe dirty with dust, all that greenhouse bacteria, and whatever god-forbidden things that you stepped on outside that left its particles there when you walked around…not to mention it probably hasn’t been washed for ages and Victorique constantly dirties it but I’m sure one little squished macroon wouldn’t kill you. ^^;

HAHAHAHA! Kazuya is so curious as to why Victorique’s so sensitive about pain and uses perhaps the most meanest (but fangirl-rewarding x3) way to find out if it’s true.

Kazuya: “Ne, Victorique, look over here.”

Victorique: “Hmm?”

Kazuya: *closes in*

Vicatorique: “?!” *blushes*

Kazuya: *flicks*

…And then he proceeds to laugh like the dummy he is. ^^;


Kazuya, look what you did! Even if it was a flick in the head, that was just mean! It’s equivalent to kicking a puppy!

Aww, Victorique~, don’t cry~! Even though you have me banging my head on my desk cuz OMG, THIS IS JUST SO MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, but don’t cry, Victorique~ Kazuya’s just a silly dumbbell, please forgive him and don’t cry~ *HUGGLES* <333


I swear, crying Victorique is fatality. Forget wolf, she really is like a puppy. Slightly whimpering and backing away from her “attacker” (lol, what are you doing, Xiao? xD; ), she really is like a puppy.

Don’t kick my precious puppy! *protectively hugs Victorique to her* >x(

But the follow-up “I’m over with you!” was the icing on the cake. *stupid person who loves a good silly fight for her OTPs* xDDDD;;;

Kazuya, being the dumb one one (then again, they’re both dummies but Victorique is hurt and so cute~ so all blame has to fall to Kazuya lolwut? xD;), drags himself down into the childish quarrel and fires back rather weakly that he’ll never come see her again and calls her a crybaby.

Tsk, that last one was mean, Kazuya. You’re the one who made her cry in the first place. *frowns* >:/

But we all know that other part is a lie~ Even if he meant it, he’d miss her too much. <333

Kazuya, I don’t know why you need to copy someone’s textbook by hand when you can just buy another one. Silly Kazuya… |D;

*gasp!* Another Academy mystery? The self-moving trunk?!

Oh wait, it’s just Victorique…damn, the trunk’s bigger than her! lol XD;

Anyways, haha, look like Kazuya is over their little fight (wow, that was fast) and is now all concerned about what Victorique is up to again. “I thought you weren’t supposed to leave the academy. The gates are locked, y’know. Can’t you talk?”

Kazuya, y such a good husbando? x3

Bwahaha! Kazuya, you’re a good boy but also a dense one. Of course, Victorique hasn’t forgiven you so fast like that! Silly Kazuya. xD;

And her really thought she had to go to the dentist. He really thought that! Oh, how cute! xDDD;;;;

As usual, Kazuya rummaging through Victorique’s stuff = Victorique’s adorable pout.

Too cute, I say. Way too cute. <33

Kazuya: “Wait for me. I’ll get my wallet and take you to the dentist.”

Dakara… why is he so sure that she wants to go to the dentist?! xD;

Ah, Victorique’s cheecks must hurt from pouting so long. Maybe she really should go to the dentist. LOL

Uwah~, she’s still mad at him. So much that she won’t even let him carry her bags. And to think, only 5 weeks before did he become her personal luggage carrier. xD;

Half-awake, sleepwalking, mumbling random incoherent words Victorique is the cutest thing EVEEEEEEERRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~ <333

Well, Kazuya is happy…even if she's only half-awake and talking about squirrels and hatboxes and whatnot. lol, Kazuya is such a simple, lovable guy when it comes to Victorique~ x333

Oh, now she’s awake.


Aaaannnddd… now she’s mad.


For a girl her size who can’t even lift a trunk (that would hurt her, she’s ultra sensitive to pain!), she sure knows how to fling stuff accurately. But I guess rage against Kazuya is enough for her to lift a chair. ^^;

Kazuya finally asks what’s her reason for coming all the way out to Horvitz and she stops and he’s saved from what could have been some serious injury, oi… o.O;.

Well, cuz he is Victorique’s closest friend, then of course, he would be worried about her coming all the way out here when she’s not supposed to leave the academy in the first place and want to know the reason why as well. Because Victorique got so unsettled by that ad.

And being such a good friend, he doesn’t force her to tell him but asks if she really does hate him even though she was the one who said that she was one of the few friends he had. Aww, Kazuya doesn’t want Victorique to hate him, that’s obvious~ He’s worried and wants to help her, that’s obvious~ <3

I really like how he makes a clear stand with Victorique when it really matters but at the same time, he won't make her do anything she doesn't like. Even if Victorique is still angry with him, he still puts it as his priority to take care of her. So long as she's okay, he can bear with not knowing for a while and Victorique will eventually tell him. I think that's how far their trust in each other has grown. *happy* ^^

Victorique relents and shows him her locket with a picture of Cordelia inside.

We can tell that the woman in the picture is clearly older than Victorique but I guess that Cordelia’s youth is so prominent (and like the Gray Wolves, she has a small, childlike body) that people like Kazuya and Grevil would mistaken Victorique for her.

Supposedly, the Gray Wolves’ genes are the dominant ones, too, so that’s why Victorique has such a strong resemblance to her mother than she does with the de Blois family.

But wow, Cordelia really is a beauty. I would like to see Victorique all grown up now, even though she’ll probably look the same. Haha. xD;

On the other hand, does anyone else find it creepy that Cordelia had a child with the Marquis who is bigger and probably a lot older than her? PEDOPHILE! *points* Dx

Poor Cordelia. ;_____;

Victorique says if it weren’t for her crime, her mother would probably still be living in the village now and I guess she’s implying that she wouldn’t have to face the cruelties of the world outside the village. At the very least, she wouldn’t have to suffer as the Marquis’s mistress, being labeled as dangerous by the government and have to run for the rest of her life. Even if that meant Victorique wouldn’t have been born, she wouldn’t have to go through all that.

Kazuya disagrees (of course~ <3) cuz that means he wouldn't have met Victorique.

D'AWWSOME moment follows.

Kazuya’s blurt-out leaves him embarrassed and Victorique amused.

Such a cute couple. Steadfast, honest Kazuya and witty, clever but lonely and adorable Victorique.

<333 When can I use my OTP tag?

Ha! Payback!


So Victorique is determined to prove her mother’s innocence and “win the war” between her and the village. Until that happens, she won’t return home…and neither will Kazuya cuz he has to protect her.

Victorique is such a good daughter. She’ll definitely be able to do it. And Kazuya’s by her side so everything will be okay. <3

Hwoo~, alright then. Done for this week.



Isn’t the answer so clear even if we don’t know the details yet?


As for me, I’m going to have to reread the book after all but I don’t mind. Especially to refresh my memory on that special moment. Then I will be able to use my OTP tag, just you wait. Huhu~ x3

So, BONES, please do a satisfactory job or you’ll make me cry and I’ll curse you with everything I have. ;________;