Winter WonFes 2011

Trying to keep up with nine other live coverages and update my wishlist at the same time while tsuki-board’s server was overflooded drove me absolutely INSANE. Dx

*sigh* But the nightmare is over. I’m still way behind on my hwk and had to take the f*ckin’ train out to NY at 7 AM and didn’t wash my hair so I was feeling really crappy and cranky and shitty in the morning, BUT! …the worst is over.

Now I just have to try and get this most of this post done before going out tonight. Ahah~, I’m so screwed. *facedesk*

…Oh, and for anyone who’s curious on what WonFes is, it’s an bi-annual event where new figures that will be released later in the year are shown, garage kits are sold and stuff like that. Look it up. *too lazy to explain*

So, uh, while my email is constantly getting updates on all the goody new stuff, I’m just going to stick with the photos that I found on the sites where I took them from. All credit to the rightful people and so on, I can’t remember you all. :P

That done and aside, I’ll just be going over the stuff that caught my interests. Some I intend on buying if I still have enough money to live off of T_T and others I probably won’t but thought they looked nice on the eye to make a comment about.

And here’s the order I’m going to go in (just to keep things slightly more organized):

Nendoroid (+ Petits)
Garage Kits

Ok? Ok, ok? K…



Let’s get this straight first. I don’t buy figmas. There’s nothing wrong with them. I just have zero interest compared to regular figures, nendoroids, and so on. Even though nendoroids are kinda like chibi-fied figmas but ACK!

Still, the ones for this showcase left me quite impressed for some reason. Or maybe it’s just that #100 figma which I’ll get to in a bit. Anyways, here’s a few that I thought looked really nice:

STRength and Yomi figma~

No surprise since figmas for BRS, Dead Master, and Black Gold Saw are already out. A figma for Mato was released at the event, too, but it’s exclusive to only WonFes and I think GSC’s limited time offer at its online shop or something.

That’s strange cuz I think this Yomi one is going to be a standard release so does that mean there’ll be another Mato? It makes no sense to sell them as limited edition and regular since they’re such a PAIR and therefore, needs to be sold together! xP

Well, whatever. For those who were lucky enough to attend and get their hands on a Mato figma, I’m sure they’ll be happy to know Yomi’s coming out soon.

I, on the other hand, am not so lucky and am still mourning over how I might never get this petit nendo set! *BAAAAAWWWWWWLLLLSSSS* DDDDDx

Oh, and can’t forget this. WHITE Rock Shooter and she is just gorgeously BADASS. 8DDDD

But sadly, as I correctly guessed, exclusive and another extreme wallet killer (¥10479, OMG! o_O;). To be bundled with the PSP game so if you’re crazy about that, then I’d say get this beauty as well. Even if you don’t want it, you can auction it for 10x its original price. Haha! xDDD;;;;

Here she is! Figma #100 is none other than Miku Append version! To be released in July!

Kyaaaaa~~!!!!! XDDDDD In my opinion, the most beautiful figma there is! Why? Cuz I’m seriously tempted to buy her. She’ll be the only figma in my entire collection but I will encase her with the finest glass and put her at the top of my display so I can worship her prettiness everyday. *crazy* xD;

But wow, I wasn’t expecting to be surprised with the “#100” thing but she’s too lovely to ignore. Figmas’ joints are the main reason that turned me away from them in the first place but it seems to work well with Append. And I absolutely love the shade and transparency of her hair~ Those are the main reasons why I want her. Plus, she has such a cute face. <3

God, I hope this won’t be exclusive cuz I can imagine some of the rage it’ll cause if it is. o.O;

Madoka figma to be released as well.

I already set my eyes on a certain other Madoka merchandise but am still curious to know how the figma will turn out. Hehe~, I’m so happy the series is getting attention from the companies so hoping they’ll give the same treatment to the other characters as well. ^^

…Though that will only mean more despair for my already strained budget. T________T

And, wrapping it up, figmas for Suruga and Mayoi, too~

Now where’s my Nadeko, Tsubasa, Shinobu and more importantly, MEME?!?! >:/

Nendoroids (+ Petits)

Yay for nendos~! x333 My god, I can’t believe I’ve be seduced by them and their irresistible cuteness when I had formerly swore I wouldn’t. A lot of good that did! -_-;

Jack Frost from the RPG, Shin Megami Tensei. Heard of it before, don’t have any interest in checking it out (cuz I can’t play video games anyway T.T), don’t know when this’ll be released or what number nendoroid it is, heck I call it a part of the Mickey Mouse line cuz it doesn’t resemble other nendoroids at all…but that’s exactly why I want it! lol xD;

And here are the main ones that I’m keeping my heads up for the rest of the year…well, not true, cuz there’s still the summer WonFes (*dying*) but as far as standard releases go, I’ll probably order these right away once pre-orders open for them.

Madoka is a definite purchase. Kyaa~ She’s so cute! And so pink! How can I resist?! When will I see the Homura and Mami nendos, huh?! WHEN?! xDDD;;;;

I already ordered the Summer Uniform ver. of Kud that’s a mail-in exclusive (damn, she is mad expensive! T_T) so it’ll seem crazy of me to want another one just for the different faces and another set of nendo outfit but whatever. I’m a collector so of course I’m crazy~ Ahaha~

And STR is due out sometime around May or June-ish. Of course, I’ll have to get her to complete my BRS collection (already have Black Gold Saw on the way in April). <3

To couple with Nendoroid #100, they’re giving us Minnie, too. Great~ Another add to the wishlist. Not in my priorities at the moment but childhood demands the purchase. |D;

And this Sherlock nendo is the anime version as opposed to the exclusive one that came with the PSP bundle in December last year. *sigh* I really wanted that one, too, but it was way too expensive for half of those stuff I didn’t need. Now, even without those, it costs more in the auctions since it’ll probably one of the rarest nendos you can get your hands on. B-but…I still want it. T_T

*sigh* Anyways. They’re going to release nendos for the other girls as well. Pfft, I hate you GSC. First you give us the PSP bundle, then separate nendo petit DVD bundle releases, and now you’re giving us four regular ones?! STOP RAPING MY FINANCIAL LIFE!!! Dx

*continues bawling* Coming #9 in the Touhou line is Cirno just like everyone predicted. Will apparently be released in July, exclusive like all the rest of them before her. Obligatory buy for me anyways cuz I love the Touhou lineup. *continues bawling* T__________T

Heehoo~, starting here are the nendos I’m not so keen on. Cuz I just don’t care about the series they’re from but I like how the sculpting and/or paint job came out.

On the left is Sendou Erika from Fortune Arterial due out in June and to be honest, she doesn’t look that great compared to the previous nendos. Nice hair (with ribbons~), did that. Uniform girl, too many to the point of annoyance. Sitting posture, Touko did it better. The good thing, she’s got it all in one with a teacup and wink as a bonus for me. So yea, I might consider getting her. Cuz she’s so pretty.

On the right, I have no idea who that is nor do I want to it’s Totoruria Helmott from Atelier Totori ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2 *foams at the mouth GODDAMN TITLE!* cuz her face just creeps me out. oAO;
But her get-up is too nice…I might just get that and discard her face. :P

HAHA! Panty and Stocking nendos! This makes me so happy for reasons I don’t even understand myself. xD;

But wow, despite its blatant and utterly shameless vulgarity, the series was more than popular enough to spawn off a long line of merchandise after it. It comes as no surprise to me. I liked it for its humor and what amount of originality it had so I think they deserve to get special treatment from the manufacturers. ANARCHYYYYYYYYY!!!! EVERYONE WANTS TO BE MEEEE~~~♪♪♪ lol

I’ve been reading comments about if Panty’s panties will come off and whether or not Stocking will come with extra legs when she’s holding her swords but I don’t think it’ll take too long before they set a release date for these two. ;)

From the Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA that will be coming out this spring season, these two’s status are still not clear but if it is excloooosive, I will likely not spend to get either~ /P

I dunno, really. Riela (right) and Imca (left, and yes, it’s a she) look very nice and decent and I have a feeling I’m going to like the OVAs since I liked the first Valkyria anime so maybe if I’m still interested in these after a year and bother to remember :P, I might consider looking for any that’s left. Hah, doubt I’ll be willing to spend anything for them, though, cuz the price would surely go up. -.-;

And I don’t care what anyone says, Imca looks exactly like a trap to me! xP


I have no idea if I want them yet or not but if Elsie comes out good, then HELL YEA, I’m so getting her!

The other girl is Haqua, who comes in later in the manga (and anime, too, since second season is only a month away). Meh, don’t care about her much. All I want is my sweet Elsie-chan~! <3333

Oh, and these are made by Max Factory, the same company who released the nendos for Hayate no Gotou. Hmmm, nice change in direction from GSC. The price is not that much better, though. =_=;

Now onto the petits…ehhh, there weren’t many good ones in this event. A few new surprises but I already had the heads-up on a couple of them so meh. *shrug*

Anyways, damn, they’re really hitting the Nanoha franchise hard. That top left one right there? Yea, the ones that look like bootleg versions of Nanoha, Fate and Hayate? Well, they’re characters from the Nanoha A’s Portable game or something so I guess that’s sort of like a side story between A’s and StrikerS. Whatever, after A’s, I came to dislike how they kept on milking the series. The movie was good enough for me.

And eck, I don’t like how they chose those colors for those three. Not one bit at all. x(

Vivio and Einhart (sp?) look really adorable next to each other, though. Holding out their devices of destruc-*cough* befriending stuffed animals like that. I’ve skimmed the Vivid manga sometime ago and while I think it sucks because they won’t let the whole damn thing just DIE, the girls are as cute as ever. However, I’m not going to spend $20-something on the individual volumes to have these two. Nope.

Nanoha Force gets the same treatment with Nanoha up there and her brand new BFG (omg, just how much can that girl befriend? ^^; ). The one on her right is Lily Strosek from the same manga and yea, she’s tied to that…whatever that thing is nekkid. I’m not interested in nekkid puchis. -_-;

…dude, why don’t they have more male nendos? Petits or regular-size, I’ll take whatever! And Nanoha Force supposedly has a male lead. WOW! A guy is in the main role?! NOWAI!

Now I have to go check it out now. /P

Ah, something much better.

Ignoring Taiga, kyaa~! I want that Illya petit! So cute! WANT WANT WANT! x333

I don’t have plans to check out Fate/Stay Night anytime in the near future but “Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA” is an AU spin-off of the series and Illya will be bundled with Vol. 4 of the manga along with a drama CD. *sigh* If I were into this series, I don’t think I would hesitate to buy it even for a second. Hmm, it’ll be released in September, though. Still have time to think if I want it or not. x)

As for fans of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, they can rejoice cuz GSC somehow got the license from Gainax to do a petit nendo for Nadia. Agh, I haven’t watched it but now I really want to cuz this Nadia is just SO. CUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *A*

She’ll be bundled with an AnimeStyle issue (August, I think), though. Damn exlusives! Dx

Fwoo~, okie, I’m getting tired already and I still have to do the Figures and GK sets. Oi. ^^;

Well, these are the last petits. I guess anybody who’s watching Fractale would immediately recognize Nessa and Phyrne in the promotion art colors instead of their anime ones. Kkkk, really wanted these two (I love the purdy purple~) but they’re bundled with the Blu-Ray DVD releases. *hangs head and mourns* T____T

And the Sakura!Miku? Exclusive. And guess what? Not a petit, but a petit PLUS (it’s a keychain and at least half the size of a petit). I’m not for petit PLUS since they’re so tiny, they don’t look good on display but this…THIS! Omg, I don’t care if you charge me $100 or what, please give me a regular-sized nendo for Sakura Miku! I’ll do anything! PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!! DDDDDDX


Yea, done with the nendo section. Finally.


Before I say anything, is it just me or are there ALOT of Shining Wind figures I see? o.O?

Got some very promising ones from GSC and Nessa is definitely one of them. With purple hair! Kyaa~ I want for the purple hair~ <3

And I like her floating~ pose. Don't know if I'm too fond of it, though, cuz that pole holding her up is bothering me and opinion still pending about her face…she looks a bit high. lol ^^;

Still, it's a lovely one. I might just add it to my wishlist a day or so later if I think more on it. In the meantime, if this one sells well, GSC might make a Phyrne one, too. I'd like that to pair with Nessa. Hehe.

Whoohoo! More GSC Bakemonogatari figures! Tsubasa is painted this time and Mayoi’s finally been revealed!

Agh, if they didn’t base these off of the DVD covers, I don’t think I would’ve considered getting them. Cuz the Hitagi one I got in the mail a few days ago was expensive enough on its own but for all five girls? Heck, they have yet to mention if they’ll be making one for Shinobu. But they will. Oh, they so will. And one for Karen and Tsukihi as well. :P

*sigh* Now my bank account is crying as well.

Anyways, though I adore my GSC Hitagi (even though she was smaller than I expected but I forgot it was 1/8-scaled) and loved the base for Nadeko’s and Suruga’s, the winner out of the five is none other than Tsubasa. It’s the wind effects. Look at the details of her skirt and her hair. Not to mention, nekomimi~ x333

She’s scheduled for August but knowing how much Hitagi got delayed and Nadeko is being delayed at this moment, she might get pushed back to December or January next year…yea, there’s definitely going to be a delay. She’s too beautiful. Should I get her or wait till later for a lower price? Hmm…

Mayoi is very eh cuz there must have been several garage kits done for her volume cover already and I was disappointed that this was nothing new or special. Not like I was expecting much since she’s, well, just lying there with invisible “JAIL BAIT” signs all around her. xP I much prefer Kotobukiya’s Mayoi since that one is closer to her character.

This one will probably be out close to the end of the year.

Moving onto Alter’s Bakemono series, YAY~! Cuz since GSC only did the promo poster pose for Hitagi, Alter quickly grabbed Vol. 1’s cover for her. Needless to say, the base is…well, imo, alright, I guess.

The face, however, made me want to cry. That doesn’t look like my Hitagi at all! D8

God, I’ve been so fed up with comparisons between GSC’s and Kotobukiya’s so I was hoping Alter’s would shut everyone up about which one had the best face but NOOOOO!!! I don’t like this face at all! Change it! Fix it! I’ll wait as long as it takes cuz I’ll definitely have to track this down and purchase it in the future and I want every goddamn cent to be worth it! Dx


In the meantime, ooo~, I’m really liking Bakeneko. lol, she looks more like a nine-tailed fox to me with her hair all flaring out like that. Whatever, another one added to my wishlist and hope she’ll be painted soon. Can’t have enough Tsubasa-Neko love. <3

Back to GSC, animation version of STR to be released. No surprise. Not getting it.

Miku, Love is War ver., which made its first appearance as a garage kit finally gets a PVC and we’re all those who really looked forward to this one should be cheering and whatnot…except it’s been so long and they still don’t have a release date. God, everyone’s interest is pretty much dead already. *rolls eyes*
Doesn’t matter to me since I won’t be getting this either. But I have to say it has one impressive sculpting job. Not the best I’ve seen but impressive. *nodnod*
She’s 1/8-scaled, though, so she’ll probably be very small compared to her photos.

Last but not least, GSC is also releasing another Miku haters gonna hate, suck it up and just write a long-ass letter for a Luka figure, Lati ver, this July. I have no idea what Lati means or what it’s referring to but meganekko Miku is quite cute. Her pose, however is not dynamic enough compared with the other Mikus I’ve seen so I’m not sure if I really want to get her or not but for now, she’ll stay on my list.

*sigh* I’m tired of the Miku figures, too, but I’m even more fed up on how, for some dumb reason, they won’t give her a different outfit. There’s so many to choose from! Like “World is Mine”! Why can’t we have something like that again?! >:/

Ok, this is the last Miku, I SWEAR! >.<;

Max Factory's PVC figure for Append also got introduced as a garage kit a long time ago and now it seems they're going to release it for real. In August.

I'm not loving it too much. Cuz of the face. Wut the hell is with dat face? Doesn't look a thing like her. -_-;

Wah~! More Elsie~! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy~~~~~!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD

By Max Factory. No release date given yet.

Don’t know if want or not (since I have my eye on this garage kit) but this looks very well done. Might consider it at a bargain price.

And now we go BACK to Alter (oi… @.@; )…on the Nanoha ones again. *sigh*

Dude, Vivio’s eyes look so freaky when she’s not painted. *shudder* >.<;;

But have been waiting for news on her for a while since last summer's WonFes. Nanoha, school uniform ver., as well though I'm not impressed with how average it looks. I like Kotobukiya’s casual wear ver. a lot more cuz her cuteness was better portrayed. :P

Gah, I’m fed up with Alter over Nanoha. They put too much effort into making Fate look amazing and go lazy whenever it comes to Nanoha. Don’t even make me mention the exclusive version to the standard release which if not for a few adjustments LOOK EXACTLY THE F*CKIN’ SAME!

*fuming* =_=#

I give up. Tell me when Hayate’s going to be done and how many more Fates are they going to churn out with that.

Megahouse release for Kiriya Nozomi from Mayoi Neko Overrun!.

I still like Fumino more than her, though. Nozomi’s archetype is boring and overused.

Bite meh. xP

Well, I certainly didn’t see this one coming. Alter’s making Aoi Yamada. It looks nice and while I find it hard to believe she’s even in a working pose, I had to laugh a little at the drinks spilling and the menus about to fall out of her arm. Nice, Alter. I approve. x)b

Kagura Aya from Max Factory, 1/7-scaled. She’s from this visual novel called “Se Kirara”. Only heard of it recently, don’t know much of what it’s about but when I saw the figma line-up for it, I thought the girls were super pretty. Even prettier than Key’s bishoujos. And I’m such a Key fan. :P

Kotobukiya’s Touhou figures~

Marisa was already released but Aya is due out in July and damn, does Aya’s base look awesome or what? Does it come with the matching branch in the back? x3

Marisa’s pose is nice, too, but her base sucks. :P

And here are Phat Company’s Touhou figures. Hmm, after Lily’s success, they seem to be gaining steam. Not that I’m complaining since I loved the sculpting job they did for her along with Yukari and Ran here and I hope they’ll continue with the good work on their growing figure line.

Holding my judgment on these two for the paint job, though. Don’t fail my expectations of you, Phat Company. =3=

Alter’s male figure line (if they still have one), Altair, is bringing Kinose Azusa.

I don’t watch Starry Sky but glad to see someone giving more attention to the male figures. Sadly, they’re mostly characters I could care less for. /P

But I really like the base for this one. It’s…simply put, perfect and original. ^^

Valkyria Chronicles 3 figures of Riela and Imca by Volks. If you know it’s Volks, you know their quality is near-excellent. If you know it’s Volks, you also know that they will not only eat your entire wallet alive with giant starving piranha appetite but will take your arm, your leg, half your torso and maybe a chomp of your neck as well.

Volks… *shudder* (>.<);

And, uh, looks like GSC and Alter at competition again. This time, over Panty and Stocking in their (NON-chibified) Angel Modes.

Whose team are you on? GSC? Alter?

I’m on neither but I would laugh my ass off if Union Creative International, whoever the hell they are, tops with their pole version one. xDDD;;;;


Includes figures that are not categorized as scaled-figures…I actually see these more as trading figures but since elsewhere says otherwise. *shrug*

There aren’t much so will just quickly go over them.

Nisioisin Ichiban Kuji prize figures Vol. 2!

First one came out last year and while I didn’t get the Bakemonogatari ones, I did order the Togame and Shichika package. It’s sitting in my room right now. Hehe ^^

So of course, I will have to get the one with Nanami~ Even if another Togame comes with her. Ugh, don’t like Togame but have no choice. :P They’re said to come out in May but that’s weird cuz pre-orders would be up by now.

Not to mention, a scaled figure of Hitei is supposed to be released in the same month but I haven’t seen any pictures of the figure in this showcase yet. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING MY HITEI-HIME?!?!? DX

…anyways, I like how they included Araragi’s sisters for the Bakemono set but since I didn’t get the first one, not likely I’ll be getting the second one either. Even though…Hitagi in casual clothes and Nadeko in uniform are tempting me. Gah! >.<!

…AND STILL NO MEME! *not happy* >:(

Panty and Stocking…trading figures? Not sure but I’m guessing these are the ones by Phat Company since the shapes and poses of the prototypes match the ones I saw on tsuki-board.

At first I thought they were Sega but Sega’s quality isn’t really this good…usually.

Ah, well. I sure won’t be getting them but nice to see Scanty and Kneesocks are in this set as well.



Garage Kits

*almost burnt out* Why is this such a long post?! D/

…Well, I usually don’t cover GK sets since it’s hard remembering which circle did which figure and most of them (especially the ones I really like) are not going to get the chance to be released as PVCs anyway but since I plan to buy and paint my own sets in the future, mind as well mention those along with some other ones that grabbed my attention.

Miku’s Vocal Concert, manufactured by MR. Surprise, is looking pretty awesome and GINORMOUS. No wonder, it’s 1/5-scaled. o.O;
It’s so expensive, too. ¥12000. ^^;

The other is Engi Threepiece from currently airing, Yumekui Merry, and manufactured by Zoukeikoubou Ichiyoutei (…ok, that’s long). I dropped that without getting even halfway through episode two cuz it bored me to death but this character intrigues me. At first, I was wondering, WHY in the world was her waistline so low. xD;

Nanoha with wings~

Don’t know who made that, though.

But Vivio is by T’s System and while I sometimes am half-half on the near-same moe expressions they use on all their GK sets, I still love their work. Cuz it’s moe. <P

Not exactly the greatest Angel/Kanade GK set I’ve seen. In fact, it’s one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen but just wanted to point out that there are lot of GKs on her. Hmm.

Miku Project Diva Moon costume by Mine. It looks cool…if it ever comes up on E2046, I’ll be putting it on my wishlist. Might be tough to do a good paint job on it, though. With more horrible skills, amateur or not. ^^;

White Miku by Polygonia is one that I really, really, really want because it just emits UNIQUE out of all the other Miku GK sets. Sadly, it’s super-limited and therefore, super expensive (I heard it’s alround 15-25k yen on Yahoo! Japan Auctions) and I wouldn’t dare even try to fantom the final total price with proxy service fees and everything. @_@;

*sigh*… T_T

These, however, are the few I can afford through E2046. Yui is by Nekohouse, Cure Moonlight I’m not sure who made her but I’ve seen the prototype before and it’s definitely the best out of all the Heartcatch Precure GK sets I’ve seen, Shinobu is by Eyewater and Elsie and Hitagi are from T’s System.

Though I’m sure GSC will make a PVC version for this Shinobu and announce it next year or so. Eh, less stress off my back.

So yea, that’s all, I guess.

My god, I’m so tired. D/


…Hrm, this turned out longer than I thought. Almost 4,500 words. And so sloppily done. I’m sorry. ^^;

Anyways, WonFes Winter 2011 didn’t “Wow!” me as much as the one in summer 2010 did but I liked the turnout since I can recognize everything more clearly and narrow down to what is good and not good. Hmm, still have a long way to go on holding myself back from wanting to buy all of it, though. lol XD;

Ah~, okay. Till the next WonFes then. Laterz. :)


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  1. There are so many awesome figures on this list I don’t know where to begin. To name a few that the images made me fall in love with are white BRS, all the Mikus and Bakemonogatari, Yui from Angel Beats! as wel as the Touhou figures!
    AHH! My list is endless as I could continue – so much greatness in one post :D I wish I had money to spend on things I want!

    • Haha~, hard to resist just taking them all, huh? ^^ And I knew you would love Yui’s. xDD
      And me, too. Me, too. *sniff* x'(

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