Gosick ~ Ep. 5 ~ In your library, stealin’ your Golden Fairies…NOT! xP

Meh episode. So I won’t have much to say. *sigh* Guess that’s good then since I have a lot of hwk I still have to do. -_-;



The third piece I’ve been waiting for pertaining to this arc has appeared but the episode itself is so tasteless and bland with handling the answers effectively that I couldn’t tolerate it.

BONES, you suck. You’re not wasting time but your pacing of this episode royally sucked. xP

Ugh, honestly, what’s the fun if they have Victorique solve things too quickly when you’re not even getting the clues, right? In the original, the fake Avril, Keiran (not Kuirain or whatever CrappyRoll sub her as) II, came to the library, found some very valuable bisque doll that looked like Victorique and then she started laughing like the dumb thief she was on how she was going to steal it while boasting about her true identity into the air. And the real Victorique was hiding somewhere in the greenhouse and heard it all.

And they got the staircase scene all wrong. Pfft, look so lame to see Keiran run down those stairs and get simply knocked down like that. She was actually supposed be strangling Kazuya over the edge so she wouldn’t have time to dodge the books when Victorique threw them at her. But more importantly, WHY DID VICTORIQUE NOT EPICALLY ANNOUNCE HERSELF AS THE GOLDEN FAIRY?!?!!?!? Dx

Whatever, whatever. I’m going to forget this episode ever happened.

But before I stop complaining, I won’t say Megumi Toyoguchi did a bad job voicing Keiran but she made her sound so…so sleazy. Sorry, but that’s just how it sounds to me. I know she’s a bad guy but why that way? Ugh. Satsuki Yukino was so much better. *pissed* Dx<


Revelation Corner

*sigh* I don’t even feel like going through a with a run-down for this third-rate mystery but here’s how it goes.

The culprit behind the motorist’s murder and the Mummified Knight are not related at all.

Keiran II, however, is the self-proclaimed successor (I guess cuz I don’t know if they’re blood-related) of the first-generation Keiran who disappeared 8 years ago aka Maxim who died 8 years.

The four ghost stories Keiran II mentioned in the last episode all served as marking clues to the overall picture.

Firstly, the Dark Reaper that comes in the Spring is Maxim. Rumors followed him everywhere but maybe the name “Dark Reaper” didn’t firmly fix itself as such until after Millie Marl’s death. And since Maxim always returned in the spring to store away his stolen goods at the Academy, that’s how those two merged into one.

Maxim’s last theft, the first stamp that was ever made, was left in a book with contents about the Golden Fairy. After she found it in the crypt, Keiran II used the rumor of the “13th Step to Heaven” to hide the book in the library, knowing no one would dare stop on that step due to their superstitions over ghost stories and therefore, would keep the stamp safe.

Finally, Keiran II impersonated the real Avril Bradley to get into the Academy and hid Avril in the storehouse because no one would want to approach thanks to the fourth ghost story…redundant but the Ghost in the Abandoned Warehouse.

And her hand injury was from when Avril bit her, proving any connection to the murder of the motorist wrong.

Ack, this was not fun at all! I want a better mystery! *grumpy* >x(



Silly Kazuya-kun~ You have no sense of proximity…or at least when it comes to Victorique. Kehehehe~ x333

If Victorique actually had beautiful translucent wings like that, I would’ve done what (novel!)Keiran did, too, and tried to kidnap her. Hell, I would steal her regardless cuz she’s just too cute. xD;

LOL, point proven!

Victorique: “Hey, Kujo! Your tasty snack looks like dog poo!”

Kazuya: “Well, they are karinto but, hey, listen to what a person has to say!”


So she says it but he still can’t believe Avril is the same thief.

Cue “U rz so stoopid” look from the loli. *sigh* Kazuya, y u so slow? (¬_¬);

This whole episode sucked and this doesn’t redeem it in the least but I was so happy that Kazuya told Keiran to f*ck off cuz his Golden Fairy is real and she’s gonna pwn her ass right now.

Back away from Kujo, bitch! I’ve got a stack of encyclopedias and I ain’t afraid to fling ’em!

Victorique: “HUZZAH!” *throws*

Keiran: *BANG!* *falls* *THUMP*


lol, awesome loli is awesome~ <3

But I still prefer this done in the book when she kept on hitting Keiran one book after the other. Her crash was much more funny. :P

Victorique: “Yo, brainless quibbling servant, where’s my snack?”

Kazuya: *thinking* ‘I’m just going to ignore that last one since she was lucky enough not to knock me off as well.’

Ahahaha~ You two, please be don’t play on the stairs. ^^;

Hehe, my Victorique is so adorable~ She hides in her own little cabinet (macaroons and all) when someone she doesn’t know comes up those stairs.

Kazuya: “But hey, why didn’t you didn’t you hide when I came up?”

Victorique: “…”

Kazuya: “Ne, Victorique? Eh, your face is red!”

Victorique: “N-no, it’s not!”

Kazuya, clueless as he is, keeps pestering her: “But your face really is red!”

Victorique (oh-so-cutely): *explodes* “IF I SAY IT’S NOT RED, THEN IT’S NOT RED!”

Kazuya: “…Ok, sheesh.” *sits down*


And we end it off perfectly with some sweet, cheesy words about soulmates or something along those lines courtesy of Kazuya. Yes, hun, we already get that you figured out she’s lonely so stay with her always now that you’ve found each other, mmkay~? <333



Woot! So we are going into Vol. 2 next!

I apologize in advance cuz I read it already so there’s likely going to be more heavy-spoiler dropping than there are hints-dropping from me. So I’ll just shut up not as to not kill any suspense. ^^;

But now I’m worried if BONES can possibly screw things up any further. *sigh* It’s so tough knowing the outcomes of an anime. -_-;