Gōng xǐ fā cái, xīn nián kuài lè! Happy Lunar New Year! ^^

恭喜发财, 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow Chinese and those who celebrate it! May you be healthy and prosperous! XDDDDD

Yea, I know I’m about 12 hours early on this side of the world but whatever. I’m going to be busy the next few days so wanted to make sure this is published while I won’t be on. At least I’m on time in China. lol xD

Ah~, a new year. Year of the rabbit, too. Who here is born in the year of the rabbit, hmm? I’m curious to know cuz I don’t I have any “rabbit” friends, I don’t think. 83

Haha, anyways, before I go into a festive mood, I need to get a little pet peeve outta the way cuz I know it’s going to bother me every single year if I don’t say it at least once or twice in my lifetime.

People…call it the “year of *insert appropriate zodiac*” when it’s actually time for it and not at the beginning of every international new year. I know I might sound very petty about my culture sometimes but it’s not like I can sit still when others who don’t understand the significance of our traditions casually throw it around for fun. It just bothers me. xP

*sigh* Good, negative tiny rant over with, on to wishes and my goals planned for this year! I realized I never said anything about them in my New Years post but I’d rather say them for Chinese New Year anyways since it feels more personal. ^^

Credit to "sohi.deviantart.com".

Firstly, I hope everyone in my family as well as my friends will stay in good health. That’s the most important thing. Money and profits are important, too, but health first, yes?
*sigh* Lately, I think a few people around me, especially those my age, are working a lot to get a paycheck. Well, I can’t say that’s wrong since everyone’s in the same boat especially with our current economy but make sure not to overwork or stress too much over it. Same goes for studies. It’s good to work hard but not to the extreme, k? ~.^

Next, I hope my parents will have a better year than the last. For my dad, I hope his business and investments goes well and that he’ll keep on getting “perfect” scores on all his inspections so he can come home and brag about them. lol For my mom, I hope she gets the nice stuff she wants, more day-offs and makes good use of her breaks to rest well…and I hope she sleeps on time since she’s always up so late watching her dramas. Your health, mom! xD;

To my wonderful grandparents, I’m praying for their well-being the most and hope that I can find some more time to visit them soon even with school coming up.

For my brother, who’s going to be graduating and going to college next year…get a cellphone, plz. It’s so inconvenient for everyone that you don’t have one. /P And I hope he gets into all the colleges he applied for and wish him luck and support in his future. Make us proud, Mr. 2060-SAT score! xDDD

To the rest, I’ll be praying for your happiness. So…make sure to be happy and don’t let my prayers go to waste! LOL xDD;;

Haaa…for myself, regarding family, I will try my best to become a better daughter and not just laze about at home all the time. I know it’s frustrating to deal with a bum such as myself so I’m going to work towards being more independent and achieve something that I can be proud of this year. *nodnod* ^^

In school, I hope I can finish my studies on time since graduation has been delayed by a year already. At the same time, I hope I can retain what I learned instead of forgetting them the moment finals are over. I also want to explore things outside my required curriculum so I may or may not be going to Hong Kong in the summer for study abroad if that works out. But most of all, besides remembering my Spanish, I want to finally start on improving my Chinese. That’s the foremost thing on my to-do list.
Among other things, I need to get my driver’s license soon… as well as complete Grade 7 for piano and work towards becoming a better swim coach.

Turning to the smaller stuff, I hope I can find another job soon cuz I’m planning to leave my current one, just don’t know when, and hope the next will be closer to my field. If not, I’ll go for volunteer or charity work. And my budget…I hope I can balance it out better for this year and earn more if I can.
Above all, I want to keep a good amount of free time for myself, one of the reasons being this blog and the rest for entertainment, reading, and if I can, getting back to writing. God, I miss writing so much, it hurts. ;____;

lol, wow, that’s a mouthful of “hopes”. ^^;

Cute lil’ wabbit~ <333

So yea, that’s the general. Apparently, according to my calendar, I have to watch out for any backstabbers as well. Not sure who’s going to back-stab me but will do. *nodnod* @.@;

Hmm, that’s all I guess. K, then, everyone, please enjoy the the celebrations and again, I wish you the best of luck, fortune and happiness as well as pray for your health and safety. Let’s get along for the new year, k?

保重了! Take care! (^^)/”


10 thoughts on “Gōng xǐ fā cái, xīn nián kuài lè! Happy Lunar New Year! ^^

  1. Nián nián yǒu yú! I hope you have an awesome time during celebration and best wishes to you and your family.

    I can understand where you are coming from in case of holidays because I do have such holidays that are based on moon sightings and new year’s in the middle of the year because lunar calendar is different. I guess, can’t help with the majority anyway.

    Btw, out of curiosity, any special food made for this day like mooncake or just firecrackers are the main attraction?

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!! \(^0^)/

    Sadly, I am not “rabbit,” I’m a “horse.” Born in ’90.

    Those are a lot of hopes and wishes and whatnot, but they were all good meaning. I hope that you’ll be able to accomplish everything you set out to do and I wish for your families good health as well (and good luck for your brother and his starting college)!

    Luckily the snow has made it so that I can’t overwork myself (yay for snow days!) But, my hope and wish for the new year is to improve my Japanese; get better at listening and speaking, memorize more Kanji, and learn more grammar and vocab….

    Though I also need to get my driver’s license too! XD

    You take care, too! ^.^

  3. Happy Chinese New Year too! *shakes fist at uni not having a day off* Well, this is what you get when you are in Canada I guess T_T

    Having been stalking you blog for a while due to school (that and Katanagatari was over *ish shot*) But I’m slowly watching Gosick as it comes out, and so far, it’s okay ish…
    Come April, there’s at least two or three series that I really anticipate though!

  4. Kyo-chan: Thank you! x3

    Ah, come to think of it, I still don’t know your nationality, Kyo-chan. Took a few guesses but still don’t know. Mind telling me? :)

    There’s too many to name, actually. lol Well, instead of something like mooncake for the autumn festival, we have big a banquet with all these main course dishes. There are some special snacks, too, but I don’t know how to say them in English. xD;
    And we have fireworks, lion dances, and so on. It’s a pretty huge cleanup afterwards. lol

    LGB: Ah, I know a few people born in your year. My cousin’s one of them. Hehe. ^^

    Thank you for the good wishes! May you succeed in all your goals for this year and your family stay healthy as well. =D (before he starts anything, he needs to get that damn phone! xD; )

    Ack, lucky duck. My school is stupid in that it only gives us delayed openings so I have to wake up super early as always to walk through the muck in the city. Eck. xP
    Yay! Improving your focused language is always good! いっしょに がんばり ましょう! ^^

    lol, we should just be different and grab a shark to use as transportation. xD;

    はい です~! x3

    kittymaverick: Omg, you’re still around! *glomps* x3
    *and shakes fist with you* Honey, I’m in New York right next to Chinatown and my school’s population is probably 60-something % Chinese and we still don’t get off for New Years. Unfair! T_T
    …Let’s just skip. lol xD;

    Ah, busy? Hope you’re doing okay with all the hwk. What other shows are you currently watching for this season?
    And ooo, what are the ones in April you’re anticipating? >83

    • Haaw, I think you didn’t check our aniblogging post revealing every team member’s location? I have a cocktail of a blood from three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Currently, I reside in Pakistan. :3

    • LOL, if I skip school, I’ll be massively murdered by my elite program, and probably end up with suspension or something…XD

      I’m skimming on Gosick, Mahou Shoujo Madoka or something around the words of that (cannot remember name for the love of me). I also skimmed dream Merry, but that kinda lost me pretty soon…Maybe when I get a break, I’ll go watch the latest one.

      As for next season, I’m mostly looking forward to Toriko. Yeah, it a bit outside my range of prefered anime style and out of the blue, but I enjoy the manga, so hopefully the anime will be a faithful adaption, or at least lol inducing enough XD.
      There’s also deadman wonderland, but I’m a bit ambivalent…The manga is good, but I’m not sure how well it translate to anime, given they’ve only just finished the first major overarc.
      And then there’s the occasional Black lagoon ova…Ah…sounds like there isn’t a lot in the end XD
      I’ll probably be forced to watch several of the first episodes though, given I’m an anime club’s treasurer…XD

  5. ::Has a phobia of sharks:: I will grab a dolphin instead! XP

    はい、がんばります!I definitely think we can both improve on our focused languages. By the way, how much Chinese do you know? It is just a basic level of understanding, or is it somewhere in the muddy middle ground of intermediate (aka, where I am with Japanese)?

    Ah, and technically I’ve only got one cancelled snow day; a tree fell down on campus due to the snow, it had to happen. But, the combination of early dismissals and delayed openings equate to the same thing really.

    Oh! And I forgot to mention it in my earlier post, but I hope that you’ll be able to study abroad and that the process is smooth for you. Studying abroad is such a great experience!

  6. Kyo-chan: Ah, I didn’t have time to read that. Gomen~ ^^;
    But wow, you’re a mix. That’s cool! I take from that last statement that you move around a lot? Sometimes? You had that seminar-thingy you mentioned awhile ago so… :3


    LGB: Dolphins are cute~ but sharks will scare traffic away! lol xD;

    Ehhh…well, I’m not sure actually cuz I speak amateur Cantonese and know very little to none Mandarin. I can’t read any Chinese but I can listen to my own dialect and respond effectively if I try since I grew up learning through my family. Still, I’m pretty bad at it. *ashamed* (_ _)”

    We had tons of black ice on the roads and I still had to walk through all that to get to the friggin’ entrance of my school. Dx But at least they won’t be able to cancel our study days at the end of the term since it was open.

    My mom is hell bent on sending me abroad so even if I might not be able to go for some reason, I probably might. To avoid another summer of her criticizing to no end. :P

  7. Happy chinese new year! That’s a long list of hopes you’ve got there! Hope you achieve all of your goals :D
    I get what you’re talking about with the economy, my mom recently got her hours cut significantly, ;A; . When will this recession end?
    Studying abroad sounds exciting! When and if you go, take lotsa pictures xD
    Did you do anything with your family? Watch the national chinese new year celebration program? (I haven’t yet ;A;)

    • Thanks~ You as well. <)

      Oh god, that sux. :(
      I'll be so happy when it ends that I'm willing to go drunk. xD;

      I shall~ I'll probably spam my blog since I'll be too lazy to go out in the heat. lol

      I watched bits of it. But we haven't done much. I have school, they went to Mohegan Sun. So much for family time. /P
      You? :)

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