Brief Impressions: Houkago no Pleiades ~ ONA 1-4

Very brief.

So brief that it shouldn’t even count as post.

But it sure is damn pretty, Gainax. *A*



In a nutshell: K-ON! x mahou shoujo – instruments + wand-brooms. Severely-too-pretty villain bishounen and jellyfish alien mascot included. Please note that pseudo-abridged version of what could have another generic magical girl season might cost more than 5000 yen if/when released on DVD (7000+ yen for Blu-Ray).

So, Subaru, are you implying that sparkly staffs are the transportation of the future? Cuz I’m all for it. lol xD;

Really, I don’t have much left to say. The voice actresses are all rookies (minus Yui Makino but she’s still kinda in the rookie department and still trying to figure out Minato’s seiyuu), who I’m hoping to hear more from soon in other productions. Especially Saki Fujita.

And while I found all the girls cute even though they’re generically moe to infinity, I think the ONA’s short length makes it justifiable enough for me to have a favorite…which is Hikaru, the blonde girl. <– twintails + Yui Makino bias. xDDD;;;

And, um…it's just FRIGGIN’ SHINY!!! :P

…Oh, and whoever is comparing this to Madoka, you’d be pretty dumb to waste time on that. Srsly. D8

Gotta say, though, that the illustrations at the end were gorgeous. As expected of the Gainax staff when it comes to concept art. <33



5 thoughts on “Brief Impressions: Houkago no Pleiades ~ ONA 1-4

  1. Lol, whut!? People are comparing *this* to Madoka? o.O; They are way too different to do that, even with the moe character styles, cute mascot, and magical girl connections. Madoka is a complete and utter deconstruction of the genre (which I am enjoying immensely), while this series is just really, really adorable!

    The colors in this series were fantastic and the shiny was awesome! (^^)b

    Since this was so short, I enjoyed watching it and didn’t really find it to be a waste of time or anything like that, since it was a nice take on the magical girl genre (are there going to be more than these for episodes, or no?) I liked the use of the brooms, everyone’s outfits were wonderful, the voice acting was fine, the music was fitting, the girls were moe, the bishounen was so *very* pretty (and reminded me of Howl, in the look department and with the whole “star” business), and the mascot…I just want to squeeze him!

    While it wasn’t anything ground breaking, I enjoyed what I watched. ^^ Oh, and my favorite is Itsuki, I tend to favor Yamato Nadeshiko types…I don’t know why… Also, I agree about the gorgeous illustrations at the end!

  2. LGB: I think that was before they found out it was only 5 min long for each episode but I doubt that will stop the trolls. lol xD;
    But yes, Madoka as itself is complete awesomeness while this is just cute and pretty.

    It certainly was enjoyable and I’m glad they kept it short cuz I don’t think I would stand it if it were longer than that, to be honest. I don’t think there will be more episodes since this was just a promotional project for Subaru and the ending seemed pretty final, despite being open-ended.
    Haha, if you squeeze the president, will he shoot out stars? xD

    Ah, Itsuki is my second favorite for the Yamato Nadeshiko reason as well. I tend to like that type of female character as well. :)


    kel-san: Go watch and spoil yourself with the purdy~ eye-candy! x3

  3. Oh, trolls~ XD

    Having a cute, pretty, and short magical girl series like this one was a nice breather. Madoka has been awesome, but really intense at the same time.

    Ah, and I figured it was only these four episodes, the ending seemed very final to me as well. It was good for being only a promotional project. Though, if it had been longer, there is no way I would have enjoyed it it at all.

    I would *love* if the president shot out stars when you squeezed him! X3

    I knew that the blonde twin tail girl would be your favorite! = P Though, I liked her too. The only one I didn’t really care for was Aoi, but that’s just because I’m not a huge fan of Tsundere types.

  4. Haha, I’d actually love for this to be longer and get a series! * 3* If Gainax could produce a shoujo like Puchi Puri Yuushi again… (Pleiades in many respects reminded me of it guh.)

    Bah I miss this type of stuff.

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