Gosick ~ Ep. 4 ~ So many blondes in this ep! @_@;

From this episode on, I’m going to reject everything that is “Avril Bradley” with a vicious coldness. It’s not that hate her much…I just find her existence an unpleasant nuisance later on. Right now though, it’s kinda necessary to keep things interesting. /P

Anyways, I will speak more in the thoughts section this time regarding the order of the anime is going according to the novel and the manga. I see what you did there, BONES, and I’m kinda likin’ it. >/3



Step down, impudent amateurs. Mystery is srs bznz.

lol…no really, this is kinda serious. *serious* >:|

The Avril/Millie Marl/Maxim arc is supposed to be the first mystery in the plot’s timeline, except that one is covered in the first GOSICKs side novel instead. To make it less confusing, there 6 GOSICK novels with the normal-length mystries and 3 GOSICKs novels, which are side story collections, making a total of 9 novels for the series.

GOSICKs I precedes the Queen Berry arc, which was in the first GOSICK novel, and tells about how Kazuya and Victorique actually met through the same crime (the murdered motorbike dude) he was accused of in this episode. The manga seems to be going through with the original story in chronological order so it would seem confusing for only-anime watchers but the plot is pretty much unchanged.

Everything clear so far? Ok…

Now is the concern with the smaller alterations as far as the drama CD goes. Apparently, in the drama CD, the motorbike crime had nothing to do with the one surrounding Millie Marl as the anime and manga make it out to be. Since GOSICKs I has not been published in English yet, I can’t tell you which one is following the novel right but I’m sure the manga is. Still, I found a bit of a clue in the difference between the two versions and it has to do with Avril’s injured hand. I’ll leave the rest for you all to think. *such a spoiled reader* ^^;

*sigh* Well, then, since I got the technical stuff off my chest, personal feelings on how the anime seems to be going about the novels’ contents are…hmm, more good than bad, I suppose. It is workable enough for an adaptation to be different from the original while not detracting from it altogether so I’m quite okay with it for now.

Character-wise, the only problem I have is Cecil’s happy-go-lucky personality but it is a very minor one so I won’t say anymore on that. Avril is more mature here than her portrayal in the drama CD but ehhh, I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway. Crap, I nearly dropped a spoiler. ^^;

So, as far as this episode goes, we got not one but two mysteries thrown at us and since it’s based off one of the short stories, you can tell it’ll probably end within the next episode or so. Look at the preview and how blatantly they show Avril’s true evil side. :P
Shouldn’t be long now for a new mystery to start so if I’m right, we’ll probably go straight to the second novel where we’ll discover more of the origins of Victorique’s mother.

Anyways, I’m going to do a lot of more guesswork for this mystery since I can only rely so much on my novice Japanese-listening skills and what I read in both the raws and translations for the manga. Which means less spoilers from me so maybe that’s a relief. lol XD;


Mystery Corner

Right then, about those two crimes, Victorique has already solved them both perfectly…as far as the whodunnit and howdunnit are concerned. Howver, the motives behind both crimes are still unknown and now that Avril is acting so suspicious, ya kinda wondering what the heck is going on and are any of these three incidences related as (it’s implying) that they appear to be.

Let’s start with the first murder.

Execution of the crime: Motorist’s head was severed from his body by a wire strung across the road. (Note: It’s not stated in the episode, but the motorist was some important person from the government on break or something)
Culprit: A young blonde woman/girl.

Motive: Not stated.

And our blonde culprit was already arrested. Supposedly.

Moving onto the next second biggest mystery: the corpse of Maxim, the Mummified Knight.

What we know of Maxim:
– he was a graduate of St. Marguerite
– he would return to the academy every spring and leave without notice
– “rumors of swindling, blackmail and thievery followed him everywhere”
– he disappeared eight years ago until he was found in the crypt

The crypt has not been used since eight years ago.
The last person to be entombed there was Millie Marl.
Maxim was not present during Millie Marl’s funeral.

Culprit: Millie Marl
Execution of the crime: Millie Marl drugged Maxim with sophoric and dressed him up as a knight. She then stole the key to the crypt and replaced an old corpse with Maxim. Millie Marl soon succumbed to her illness and was later put into the crypt where Maxim was still asleep and unnoticed by the caretakers. Maxim woke up after the crypt was locked and died, trying in vain to get out.
Supposed motive: Millie wanted Maxim to accompany her to death, like a knight to a noblewoman would. St. Margeurite is a school for aristocrats so it isn’t unfathomable where she got this idea from.
Other clues:
– The missing corpse on one of the crypts = Maxim after he woke up from his drugged sleep.
– The primrose found on Maxim’s chest – in the language of flowers, it means “you and I for eternity”.

Current conclusions/questions:
1) What was the relationship between Millie and Maxim? Were they lovers?
2) Why did Maxim continually come and leave the academy every spring? What was his occupation that caused rumors to follow him?

That is how much I’ve come up with them separately.

Now the only thing that have a possibility of connecting them at the moment is:


Or rather, Avril’s injured hand which draws up suspicion that she could be the same person who killed the motorist. But that alone isn’t enough to say for sure that the murder of the motorist and the Millie Marl/Maxim case are related to each other. After all, the latter occurred around eight years ago while the former happened only a few days ago.

Moreover, the police already arrested the culprit for the murdered motorist. How would that explain her being the same transfer student?

Also, there’s something about that purple book Avril rushed into the crypt to get after it was opened. She says she’s the granddaughter of an adventurer. I wonder how much of that is true. I mean, why would a person who aspires to be the same thing her relative was commit murder?

On smaller, but not less, important notes, she’s quite enthusiastic about ghost stories like the rest of the students on campus are. The key, however, are the ones she mentions to Kazuya:

– The Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse
– The Curse of the 13th Step
– The Golden Fairy of the Library
– The Dark Reaper that comes in the Spring

She goes into some detail about the second one but sees it as just another silly ghost story to scare people. <– !

The Golden Fairy is obviously referring to Victorique and Kazuya is called the Dark Reaper but only because he’s Asian (Avril is white and got along just fine with everyone :P) and out of everyone’s superstitious fears. Kazuya also repeatedly points out he came in the fall, not spring.

And sooo…I think I went over everything that needed to be touched upon. All that’s left is for next episode to answer things for us.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing. :)



lol, I love how Kazuya immediately goes to Victorique for desperate help on almost everything and she’s like “No boredom for five minutes? Ok…” xDDDD;;;

Victorique wants all the itty bitty details down to the very last bit of Kazuya’s thoughts.

Kazuya objects, using the gentleman excuse.

Victorique: “If you’re a gentleman, maybe I’m a goddess.”

Golden Fairy, Dark Reaper, Bisque doll, baby squirrel…I thought you both were quibblers! xDD;;;

Ehehehehe~ *giggles like a maniac* Look at that silly grin on his cute face.

Kazuya’s dream girl has blonde hair~

And then it takes him a minute to realize that Victorique also has blonde hair. XDDDDD;;;;

Victorique: “So may I ask why you, of all people, were lusting on the roadside in the middle of the morning and begin to daydream dully?”

Kazuya: “D-Don’t call it lust!”

Oh god, Kazuya blushing is quite…moe. *shot* xDDD;;;

Victorique is cranky because Kazuya didn’t fetch her anything interesting. He, on the other hand, is slightly outraged about almost getting arrested and for some reason, I have no idea how this and that came from each other but apparently that doesn’t matter cuz…

Kazuya: “Are you by any chance angry that I compared you to the girl in my imagination?”

Then she gets mad.

Uhhh…I felt like I missed something but I can settle for being clueless as well. No problemo. *nodnod* 8)

Ewck, no comparing someone like Avril to my cute Victorique, Kazuya.

Though I think it’s very cute on how he criticizes her. “Overbearing and a hothead”. Even so, it’s not like he leave her alone~ <3

Which draws us to more curiosity on Victorique. Mysterious, dangerous but lonely Victorique.

And d’aww, Kazuya is such a good boy, saying that he should make up with her first. Haha, even going as far as trying to find something that’s “not boring” to please her. Kazuya~ x3

Haha, he blushes so much in this episode!

It’s his own fault for being caught off guard thinking about his “dream girl“, though. xDD;;;

Kazuya brings compensation…but more because he wants to ask about Avril and the book which makes Xiao a little sad. :(

But! Victorique is curious! Which makes Xiao happy! 8D

lol, she’s so cute. Sniffing and biting the kaminari-okoshi, which is like another version of a rice crispy treat, I guess (yes, Chinese have them, too).

So cute! But now I’m hungry for some snacks! x3

Kazuya’s usual “I can’t believe you” face at Grevil ignoring Victorique’s existence again.

And Victorique is just chewing away at that treat of hers. ^^;

Well, today we see Grevil acknowledge his own half-sister a little but it’s out of disgust for a gray wolf. We mentioned “gray wolf” in episode one, didn’t we? 83

While Kazuya’s still wondering about the “gray wolf” bit, he asks about Avril’s book again and an annoyed Victorique finally gives in to his determination.

I felt the music was very nice during this moment. Perhaps a bit overpowered, even to see Victorique rushing down the stairs like that (which I couldn’t help but think was stunning in a way especially with her fancy dress, hehe) but eh, I liked it so that’s good enough. *shrug*

Also, this line:

“I’m saying that I’ll provide salvation to your troubled soul!”

That’s an eloquent way of saying you want to help him, isn’t it, Victorique~? <3

And of course, Kazuya runs after her more worried about her tripping down the stairs then her solving his problems. XD

Ooooo~! Look at all the purdy~ gold glitter! 8DDD

Well, as to who or what Victorique is, we’ll just have to leave it aside again for another day. Until then, Kazuya, you’ll have to keep asking that question every episode. ^^;



Such a spoilerish preview. Hmph. >x/

Totally LOL-ed at Victorique coming to the conclusion that Kazuya falls for femme fatales and him agreeing, though. ROFL Oh Kazuya, I love you. xDDDDD;;;;;;

Anyways, I won’t say anymore except that I hope it’ll be an exciting episode that meets all my expectations. *hopeful face* x)

My review for next week will also be delayed cuz of Chinese New Year and spending it with family so expect it on Saturday if I can find time to come onto the computer.

Last but not least…

Chipmunk? xD?

K, then. Thanks for reading. See ya next week! ^^