Gosick ~ Ep. 3 ~ Farewell again, Queen Berry.

Wow. They really closed first case off very well. It was a relatively simple mystery but I can’t say that for myself since it’s my third time going over it, lol but an exciting and good one enough.

Haha, and of course, I’m totally going to spam all of the wonderful moments for my cute couple. Gah, I can’t wait to be filled to the brim with “happy~ <3" again. <333



Instead of a mystery corner, I have an answer corner this time and I’ll try my best to be more organized than last week’s. ^^;

Before going into the details, though, is it me or did the quality go up a bit this episode? Hmm, seems like it to me. It’s still inconsistent (especially the deal with Kazuya’s hair which makes the whole shape of his head look very weird) so I can’t call it impressive but it’s an improvement at least.

As for comparison to the novel, I guess they chose not to reveal Julie’s real name after all, which was “Alex”. But there probably wasn’t any point in doing so anyway. When I was reading the book, I could’ve sworn that the POV of the orphan was a boy so I was very surprised to learn it was Julie in the end. That’s because they don’t show us any pictures of the orphans, though, while the anime did so it defeats the purpose of keeping the gender vague since you can identify the young Julie right away.

The anime also failed to convey the suspense I felt during the scene that Ned, or “Hughy”, came back with his ax. But again, the anime provides visuals so it can’t be helped. That’s what awesome about novels. It forces your imagination to play it out in your head. *shudder* I dislike getting spooked but it felt really thrilling at the same time and I kinda liked it, haha. Shame the anime couldn’t pull it off but eh. *shrug*

Um…lol, the immediate arrest of Julie right when they were getting off the ship made me laugh as well. In the novel, she tried to secretly walk away from the scene when they reached land again but the carriage she was taking actually dropped her off at the police station instead. xD; Ah well, I guess they couldn’t waste too much time on that. Besides, we all knew she was the culprit from last week…well, if you read my spoilers or you’re that good at solving this.

Right then, I guess I’ll get to that bit on World War I (or as they call it, the “Great War”) and Victorique’s personal revelation to Kujo somewhere below.


Revelation Corner

Alrighty, so we’re clear that Julie was behind this whole scheme but I’m going to draw back attention to where I left off last week…which was the hunting dog sent out by the adults to stir distrust among the “hares”. And that person is…

Ned Baxter, aka the orphan “Hughy” who was the one to “die” first among the 11 children on the original Queen Berry as well as England’s representative on Roxanne’s fortune-telling “box”.

And since I have the book in front of me right now, it seems that Julie knew Ned and Hughy were the same person all along. Because the remaining children that survived with her, one had committed suicide, another is in jail for murder and others assumed dead. She found out through a newspaper that Hughy was the only one who was still alive and well, living under the name “Ned Baxter” the stage actor. So that’s how he got the invitation.

Anyways, there’s no reason given as to why Hughy has such a murderous personality so I think it’s safe to assume that he’s just a crazy kid they picked up and thought would be perfect to play their hunting dog.
As to how he pretended to be dead, like Victorique explained, he used his tennis ball to temporarily stop his pulse by holding it under his armpit. He did “die” in a very weird position, though, and you should’ve started making connections when they kept doing flashbacks to Hughy (Julie also mentions about her not understanding it the first time so those were all clues).

Moving along, the main purpose of gathering all the orphans, like I said last week, was to have a grand-scale fortune-telling. For what? To predict the outcomes of World War I or rather, the future of the countries involved in the war.

Obviously, Sauville is the fictional extra on the Allies side (and I’m guessing Julie is from Sauville) and Kazuki Sakuraba may have taken some liberty on adapting the accuracy of history to her plot but here is how Victorique explained the results of the fortune-telling in the book:

The prophecy came true. The children on that ship divided into two groups: the Central Powers and the Allies. First, the Hungarian girl was killed by a trap, and then the Turkish boy was shot and killed. The British boy [Hughy] survived through duplicity. England was the trickster in that war. The German and Austrian boys both died, and the Chinese boy was shot, as well. And the Arab girl [Ree, Julie/Alex’s friend who gave her the pendant and who represented]…The Ottoman Empire was dragged into the war, lost most of its leaders, and emerged barely alive.

The surviving ones, besides Hughy, Julie and Ree (who was assumed to be dead by the time), was the French girl, the boy from Italy and the boy from America, who represented the Allies.

To tie this all up from the start end, Roxanne wheels in and predicts “the death of man that will be the beginning of everything”, referring to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria which was the trigger to the war. And then you see why they went through all the trouble with the hares and the box.

Of course, this is all “subjective” fortune-telling…and fiction so it has its flaws but that’s how the story goes.
…And my history isn’t so great so please forgive me for any facts I screwed up. *shrug*

Going back to Julie, since she survived, they gave her an enormous amount of hush money (“fatten up the hares”) which she used to stage her revenge after spending years overcoming the trauma in the hospital.

Then Victorique explains the clues to point out how she’s the culprit. Most of them I already said in last week’s post. The new ones are the gun in Julie’s bag, which was the “secret” hint I mentioned, and her habit of walking a only a few paces back and forth which is something that a lady who grew up in a rich household probably wouldn’t do. But a recovering patient in a small room? Hmm, yea. *nodnod*

I think that’s all. So…

Case closed.



And the hand-holding continues~! *HAPPY~* 83

Haha, Victorique is being all curious around Kazuya’s constant shout-outs about being the third son of an imperial soldier and it bugs him. It bugs him~ Cute~ xDDD

Well, every man has his pride and Kazuya isn’t an exception. He’s had to live up to his two older brothers all his life and the one thing he excels in over them is academics. You think that’d be enough but apparently not since he’s “the third son of an imperial soldier”.

Oh Kazuya, you men and your honest pride. That’s not what a lady wants to hear. Kehehe~ x3

Aww, a scared Victorique is so cute~ (And her eyes are real purdy, too~)

Who can resist wanting to hug someone when they’re vulnerable like that? Ne, Kazuya?

Kazuya: *walks over*

Victorique: *yanks* “I just saved your life. You owe me a bag of cookies. Chocolate chip.”

Kazuya: “HAH?!”



*CHEERS KAZUYA ON* WOOT! You go, boy! Show that crazy dog what you can do with your knuckles!

Wow, Kazuya may not be physically buff or anything but I think he trained well enough to hold a fight on his own. I mean, yea, Ned is kinda preoccupied with that last punch to the face but not anyone can land another blow while dodging a madman swinging an ax like that, let alone even want to attempt something that dangerous. o.O;

Uwah~ Where have I seen this?

If it were another couple, I don’t think I would stand it but I love these two. They’re just too cute together.

Sometimes it seems that Kazuya just does everything at Victorique’s whim but she’s more of a kid when it comes to taking care of herself so Kazuya has to look out for her. Looks like he’s gotten used to it now and doesn’t mind at all. Haha. Such a good husband. xD

After Victorique explains what Ned did with the tennis ball, Julie teases her because she was scared after all…for Kazuya’s safety. That’s why she called out to him to stand by her. Bwahaha! I don’t care if you’re the culprit, Julie, I love you! xDDD

Victorique gets all puffed up, embarrassed and adorably tsun about it.

There, there, Kazuya. You will face stuff worse than this. ^^;

YES, FINALLY! Kazuya goes “to hell with all this talk about protecting my honor” and says what he really wants is to protect Victorique. KYAA~! That’s what I was waiting for, Kazuya! xDDD

And Victorique is really panicking this time, even going so far as to say she was the one who brought them here and that she wanted to him to stay with her so they can go home together. She doesn’t want to be alone. Aww, Victorique~ Don’t worry, Kazuya won’t die on you!

But I guess this goes to show just how much Kazuya became a special person to her. Before him, nobody treated her like a human being, let alone be her friend, so she must have been lonely. Now the first one she’s made is about to face off a crazy killer to protect her. God, who wouldn’t be scared? ;___;

I was tearing up inside when I was watching this. Really, I almost wanted to cry cuz I can’t stand seeing Kazuya being beaten up like that! KAZUYA! Y u make me worry so?! Ned, you son of a bitch! I’ll never forgive you for hurting him! NEVER! Dx<

However, even though he's getting pummeled very hard, Kazuya doesn't think of giving up cuz he has to protect Victorique. Through that, I think he found the strength to fight back. Now that’s the mark of a true man.

Hmm, guess those who have something they want to protect are strong after all. ~.^


You wouldn’t think he packs this much PWNAGE! in him but in the novel, since he always has to run up those stairs to go see Victorique, his muscles get a workout. So yea, going to visit Victorique does do him (and his “out-of-shape thighs”, lol) some good. xD

And Julie, being so awesome, lands the finishing touch on the crazy mutt.

Good riddance! >:(

Haha, Victorique so concentrated on calling for help through the telegraph.

*tap tap* *tap tap tap* *tap* *tap tap tap*

*sigh of relief*

Look at Victorique’s face…and Kazuya’s. Ok, I get that you’re happy he’s still alive but isn’t there a first aid kit around?! xD;

lol, immediately goes back to being formally tsun.

Kazuya’s like “whatever” and is just happy she’s okay. xDD

The feeling’s mutual and the hand-holding says it all. There is no need for words. <3

Enjoying the dawn together. Ah~, don’t you just love the good ends? You get something so precious out of it…like Victorique’s smile. <3

Hehe, Victorique held Kazuya’s hand so tightly because he was being a little too friendly with the culprit. Aww, Victorique~ You were worried about him all along~! How sweet! <3

*sniffs* Even though they’re both culprits, I wouldn’t blame them at all for wanting revenge against those rotten officials who put them on a boat to kill each other and this short, bittersweet reunion really made me tear up inside. So I’m glad. I’m sad but I’m glad. ;____;

Victorique revealing that Grevil is her older brother and Kazuya’s reaction to it was priceless. I wish I could’ve seen his face.

Though they are only half-siblings with different mothers, which is no wonder Grevil is often adverse when talking to her…and the fact that she’s the one who’s the actual genius.

Anyways, Victorique’s mother was the mistress to the head of the Blois family and at the same time, considered a dangerous woman by the government. What exactly does that mean, I won’t say today cuz you’ll find out sooner or later.

But because Victorique is her child, she had to live in isolation from others all her life. Again, reasons why will be told later.

Except one. Being any mistress’s child isn’t really looked upon as something good so it’s not hard to see why her family would cage her to protect their own honor. Still, that reason doesn’t compare to the much deeper ones.

Heh, and Victorique terms herself as a “captive princess”. Yes, Victorique, it suits you almost too well.

Uh-oh, boredom tantrums. lol

“AACCCKKK! I’m so bored! I may die of boredom!” and then she orders him to go find more mysteries for her if he doesn’t want to lose a friend. *squeals* x3

lol, can’t believe he really thought she died from boredom. xD;

But yay! Kazuya finally made a good friend! I’m happy for him! And from here on out, their friendship and trust are going to develop more and more so I can’t wait to see how close these two will become! x3

How sweet of him. He tells her that they’ll go out to see the ocean again. Just the two of them. Kyaa~ Kazuya~ You really do know how to make a girl like me happy~! <3

lol, Victorique's suddenly pops open and says it's a promise.

Cute surprised blushing ensues.

And Victorique just goes back to sleep, lying comfily against him. *HAPPY~* <333



Next week, Avril Bradley comes! Still have no idea who’s doing her voice but I doubt it’ll be Satsuki Yukino. Meh, whatever. I don’t care much for Avril since she’s just the unrequited love interest.

I don’t remember Kazuya describing her as “mature” in the books or drama CD, though, so I’m wondering if there’s another pulling off another character change again. -_-;

Hmm, anyways, not sure what order they’re going in now but it’s definitely not going to volume 2 so there’s a good chance they’re going to cover the arc that’s the first chapter in the manga (which follows the drama CD somewhat). Kazuya gets handcuffed so maybe he’s been accused of a crime he didn’t commit and Victorique has to go save his butt. It’s time to break out the candy compensations, Kazuya! lol xD

And seems like there’s some jealousy on her end, too, about this transfer student trying to get too close to Kazuya. Cute~ Also, Kazuya, what happened to your nose? o.O;

Haha, ok, I’ll shut up for now. See you next week then! ^^


2 thoughts on “Gosick ~ Ep. 3 ~ Farewell again, Queen Berry.

  1. I thought this episode was really great – I think my highlight was when Kazuya used the knuckle dusters against the ‘hunting dog’ and when he protected Victorique by pushing her into the radio room, it was really sweet. Although I knew about Victorique being the sister to the inspector, I had no idea she was his half sister, so that really was a surprise – and the whole ‘captive princess’ thing I did not see coming. I’m looking forward to next week – although Avril was never a favourite of mine (as she took away from the main pairing) I’m interesting in seeing why Kazuya is in handcuffs – probably because of the story in chapter 1 of the manga, which I have managed to read. Thanks for a great run-down of the episode – you’re always my first stop after watching Gosick now :)

    • Haha, same for me as well. ^^

      You kinda want to pity Victorique when you hear about her always being locked up somewhere. But now that Kazuya came along, she gets to go out more so it’s all good. :)

      Hah! Avril has nothing on my OTP. She tries but it never works.

      And it’s great you read the manga! Maybe I won’t have to stress out too much about the clues now, lol.

      Aww, I feel so honored hearing that. Thank you~! <3 I'll do my best for the next ep as well. ;D

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