“Continuation, plz” list.

Hai, hai~! Thanks to LGB who mentioned something in her comment for my remake/don’t animate list post, it gave me the idea to do a second season want list. Actually, I’m sure this crossed my mind before and I probably forgot to write it down or something. Heh. ^^;

And I say “second season” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. This list includes prequels, possible spin-offs, and so on. Whether they’re full 13/24 episodes or OVAs doesn’t matter much either so long as it comes to a conclusion that I’m satisfied with so I can mark the series off as “finished~”. Haha.

There are a few that aren’t listed here, though, but that’s because it has either already been announced that their will be an anime adaptation of it sometime later in the future or has a very likely chance of having a second season anyway. Like Durarara!! and Ookami-san, both which left their stories open-ended. I don’t think I need to say anything for DRRR!! since just uttering its name will send a chorus of agreement running out. It’s already licensed and set to be released next week so I’m hoping a second season, if it’s popular enough, will be able to get the lite novels licensed as well. That’d be awesome. <3 I doubt it will be long before we get a notice from Brain's Base, so, hmm, perhaps expect it to come out next year? Hope so. I sorely miss my Mikapuu~ and want moar hawt Bosskado, dammit! >83

Ookami-san, on the other hand, had a milder success but that should be enough to get J.C. Staff working on it again. This one I’m not in so much of a hurry for and I doubt I’ll ever be interested in the novels. I just want to know how Ryoshi will PWN! Hitsujikai see my Ringo-chan again. Ringo~ <3 Some screentime for Shirayuki wouldn't hurt either. ;)

Finally, the one I’m looking most forward to I don’t have a clue what’s going on behind that anymore. When’s the release date for Kizumonogatari? Still not stated. Poo, the listings for a Nisemonogatari OVA(s) were also taken off Amazon.co.jp and that makes me uber depressed. I want to watch Karen and Tsukihi’s arcs~ Fire Sisters ftw~! Onii-chan absue ftw~! Why can’t I have nice stuff?! *cries* Dx

*sighs* Anyways, besides those two, Nisioisin is still continuing with the Monogatari series through Nekomonogatari (Black and White), another prequel revolving around Tsubasa’s family case, and most recently, a sidestory called Kabukimonogatari that involves some time-travel and Hachikuji Mayoi. If this keeps up, will I get extra Hitagi, Nadeko and Kanbaru arcs, too? xDD SHAFT, if you can manage to do them all I DON’T CARE, DO IT, DAMMIT!!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!!!!1 I’ll pay for all your budget deficits for the next 10 years!

*grabs a random pen and shoves it to a random person* Here, you help, too. Sign your life away. 83

lol But I would have at least something to look forward to. *shrug*

Alrighty then, now that I’ve got those done and aside, here’s the actual list (in no particular order, btw).


Fruits Basket – I’ve always been curious as to why they never continued since it is possibly the most popular and successful shoujo work anybody can ever come across. Then again, with today’s DEEN being today’s DEEN, I wouldn’t want them to but that’s beside the point. Though I read the some of the manga that was available at Barnes & Nobles a while after I had finished watching it, the anime still stands remarkably on its own. Its animation was so clean, its soundtrack made me want to cry (oh god, I don’t know much about her but I miss Ritsuko Okazaki’s sweet voice singing “For Fruits Basket”, too ;____; ), really, if there was even a scratch on the adaptation, I wouldn’t have noticed nor cared because THIS IS WHAT ANIME IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! T______T

However, unlike majority of the fanbase, I’m not terribly in love with this series nor do I ever plan on finishing the manga cuz it doesn’t interest me in doing so, especially due to that long wait for all the volumes to be published over here. My attention isn’t that concentrated or patient enough to want to wait that long.
Also, I agree that Furuba deserves all the recognition it has and is still receiving but perhaps it’s just too…much of a massive drama for me. I know they have the sweet and humorous moments and the characters and the plot are all wonderful and tragic and all. Still, just too much for me. It’s not the manga, it’s just me. ^^;

So why would I want to have a second season if I couldn’t handle the original version? *shrug* Watching is easier, I suppose, though I’m pretty sure I’ll have the same laid-back attitude that KnT makes me feel. No emotional attachment doesn’t make it any less entertaining, ne?
As long as they don’t derail on anything into disaster (like Tohru suddenly turning into a moe blob, but I’ll happily leave that to the rage of the more hardcore fans ^^b ), I think someone should pick up Furuba again. Not just anybody either. It has to be good or even better than the first. Nothing less For Fruits Basket. *nodnod* x)

If it ever happens, that will be the redeeming point of the anime industry in the shoujo genre. And that year’s SoMT will be so AWESOME as well. Mwuahahaha! *so greedy* xDDD;;;

Maniwagatari – So I learned that Maniwagatari is actually a prequel instead of sequel to Katanagatari. Ack, should’ve known. Why else would I see a loli!Kyouken on the cover?

Anyways, this novel goes back 200 years to the time when the first Kyoutouryuu head, Yasuri Kazune, met Shikizaki Kiki. I can only guess as much what it’ll elaborate on, including the swords, the Sengoku Era, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how the Maniwa ninja clan was before they demolished themselves (and maybe the Aioi ninjas as well) and how Kiki interacted with all the people who got to really know him.

Even though I already had most of the confusion set straight for me in my last episode review, I’d like to see Kiki explain his plan to “destroy” history in actual words right before my eyes. He seems to have a really interesting personality pfft, I think there is a better word for that so I definitely won’t be bored but it’s all up to White Fox to decide. Sales for the DVDs are going well, though, so I’ve heard so maybe we can hope for an OVA in the future. :)

Angel Beats! (or Track Zero) – The first season is fine as it is. Leave it. Yes, I’ve gotten over my grumps about its butt-humor. There’s even a possibility of a game adaptation so just leave it.

Now onto talks about any potential sequels…hmm, honestly, I’m not for that idea much. My initial idea would be that you can show the characters living the lives they couldn’t have in their past ones to the fullest extent. Perhaps through some “inner feeling” left in their souls during their days when they were in SSS/purgatory. But…the thing with Key works is when it’s meant to end, it really ends right there as soon as the message of the story got through. It’ll wouldn’t have as much effect as the first time, especially since everybody had their regrets to fill their purpose. However, there’s a lot of place for me to be wrong here and it’s not like I’m against a sequel cuz I want my YuzuruxKanade fix. I just think there’s no need to have one, that’s all.

Instead, I would much prefer it if they animate the prequel novel “Track Zero”. It goes over the time Hinata first met Yuri and how SSS was formed. Haha, Yuri wasn’t charismatic and leader-like at all compared to the anime-Yuri so I think it would be great if they can show how really wild and non-visibly lonely she was before SSS changed that. And of course, Hinata, who co-founded it with her, takes the male protagonist role! Unfortunately, the level of abuse didn’t change very much since the beginning days (my poor Hinata ^^; ) but I like viewing things from his perspective when I was reading translations of the novel. In addition, he and Yuri make a surprising duo…as a team, people, don’t get carried away. xD;

So yea, if they could do a prequel, that be awesome. ^^

Darker than Black – I hesitated to put DtB here for two reasons. One, I don’t want another Gainax ending. I mean, I wouldn’t completely call it one if I put all my thoughts into it long enough to try and make sense of everything. On the other hand, there’s not a lot of confirmed answers either so it’s really still a speculation-hanging hell.
Two, Hei and Yin seemed to have received some closure so they’d need to have a really good reason for calling them and the remaining cast back. Plus, I don’t want Hei to go through more any more pain than he has already. ;___;

And what the heck, I’ll throw in a third reason as well. The more you get into solving the puzzles, the more f*ckin’ complex it becomes.

…But I guess I wouldn’t mind being driven into endless confusion again if there might be another season. So long as it’s good…actually, maybe a prequel wouldn’t be so bad what is it with me and prequels? either. Even though Yin won’t be there (but I wuv Yin~ T_T), I’d like to see the days that Hei spent with Bai and Amber. And Havoc, as well. Her screentime was too short-lived.

Rozen Maiden – Since the anime has long detracted from the manga with Barasuishou coming in and all of Traumend for that matter, I’d say, WHY THE HELL NOT?! *obviously loved this show so much that she’s crazed*
To be honest, I think I prefer the anime over the manga anyways especially with the abrupt end to the manga’s first run before moving onto Tale…which I don’t like because all this “alternative world” stuff is truly irrelevant to me. :P

*cough* The real 7th doll, Kirakishou, is still out there and they have enough original material to work something out on their own, keeping to the plot or not. I don’t mind so long as I can see all the dolls on screen again and the love flowing back into the now almost-dead fandom. *sigh* What happened to those days when it was voted as the ninth most favorite series among viewers? :(

Well, it’d be nice since Traumend left that big-ass open ending. To hear Miyuki Sawashiro and Rie Tanaka voicing against each other as Shinku and Suigintou respectively will be a real treat, too. And gawd, do I miss my Hina-chan. T_T

Kannagi – I really don’t have any idea what’s going on with the issues regarding the manga, which I’ve briefly skimmed, so I just won’t go there.

Whatever the case, I’m positive this will be continued one day and I’ll willing to wait. Not because I love this series cuz I don’t but I really do like it and thought the anime was really good. It would be a waste not to have a second season full of Nagi’s awesomeness again. :)

Munto/Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Utsumi ni Utsuru Sekai – Despite this being such a winter season flop-out cuz all KyoAni did was grab their old OVAs and extended it by a few better-quality episodes so that they could have something to broadcast, I fell in love with plot and the fantasy. Munto had the scenario I liked — about a floating island of a kingdom about to fall flat on the earth if this certain “Destined” girl did not save them — and while that may sound like the most cliche plot of all fantasy stories, it still sang to me in a way that recent anime couldn’t. I dunno, maybe it had enough of KyoAni’s former glory before it got splashed out during the K-ON! era. *gets killed by fans* /P

The animation was breath-taking no duh, we’re talking about a studio that loves Scenery Porn here and the characters, while not spectacular in comparison to the many popular others out there, made quite an impression on me. Particularly Yumemi and Munto…well, actually, only them two (and maybe Gass) cuz I don’t really care for the Earth peoples. And I find Ichiko annoying. :P

Ah, but I’m getting off track. Point is, I like seeing the inner struggles those two faced alongside each other before they finally reached out together to prevent catastrophe from destroying both worlds and ultimately, restoring the link between humans and the “Heavenly People” (or as the movie calls them “Akutoloids” cuz they rely on the energy, Akuto, for survival). It basically had everything I wanted to see in this type of show – magic, conflicts over power, mystical history – without each overlapping the other too much. lol, I’m so passionate. x3

So I thought it was a shame that there wasn’t more new content shown when the movie came out. It was just the new episodes of “Sora o Miageru Shoujo…” compiled together with less than 3 minutes of extra footage at the end. I mean, wut? They had so much they could’ve worked with! How did Earth and the Heaven dudes establish talks after that? What about Munto? He’s king and obviously the one most responsible for saving all of Heaven so where’s he standing in the middle of all this? I mean, Yumemi just goes back to school and have a normal life and all but…yea.


*cough* Yea, they're my OTP. One of my top ones, in fact. I was so convinced he ran out on the official meeting to see Yumemi because he wanted to propose to her. That should have been the movie…plus some cool action/fighting scenes in the middle before a grand coronation wedding ceremoy. Yea, THAT should have been the movie. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting here ranting away so unsatisfied because I KNOW KyoAni will never even touch it again. Hmph. >:/

D.N.Angel – Another one that I don’t have a clue on what’s going on with the manga. Ugh, Yukiru Sugisaki is possibly the most irresponsible manga-ka I’ve ever come across when it comes to this series so I pretty much gave up hope on ever reviving any love I had for it. As to why this is on here then, it’s because I wanted to see the new arcs animated, especially Argentine’s cuz Argentine is awesome. <3

The anime had its own ending and it wasn't bad…because the official couple kissed at the end (<333)…but it wasn't exactly great…because everything that led up to the end screamed "FINALE" when there's actually more. Hell, the origins of Dark and Krad were never explained so you think zapping them away into 3D ghoulish paintings will settle it? Pfft.
*sigh* I dunno, I just put D.N.Angel here for the heck of it. In the manga, her artwork has gotten noticeably better and designs even cuter (especially Daisuke~ <3) so I would really like to see something similar in animation. Though I doubt it. Poo.

Zombie Loan – There’s no point in keeping up with the manga online since even summaries are so irregular but I don’t have the money to buy all the English volumes to get up to date on what’s happening so far. Imo, this should have ended already but whatever. Peach-Pit’s still working on it so whatever. Second CLAMP. xP

That is as far as the manga’s concerned. Anime, however, left promise for more except we didn’t get anymore from Xebec. Cuz it’s Xebec, the same people who left D.N.Angel (*points up*) and Pandora Hearts with such cruddy endings. …Oh, and their animation majorly S-U-X as well. *wrings head*

Right at the part where things were getting interesting, too. *sigh* Zombie Loan isn’t my favorite out of P-Pit’s works but I thought it was interesting enough to want to hold onto it until it was finished. Now I’m wondering if it’ll ever be finished before I consider dropping it altogether. C’mon, 8 years already. Give it a conclusion. Do something new already. Psh.

Was hoping that if there was a second season to keep me busy, I wouldn’t complain so much because then I would reason the manga would be ending soon but nope. As if that’ll happen. Guess I’m stuck till P-Pit decides. The things I do for my respected manga-kas. *shakes head* -_-;


Woot, I have finished!

I think there might’ve been more that I wanted to add to this list but when I was looking at all the titles I have completed, it narrowed down to this much. The rest that I had thoughts about were just dismissed. Because for those, if I’m so desperate for a continuation but am too satisfied with the ending it already has, I’ll just think it up in my head and say I’ll write it down in fanfiction but never get around to actually doing it, lol xD;.

So there. This list may or may not have more on it in the future. For now, I’m leaving it as it is. As for everything else, I’m eagerly waiting for more news so I hope I get them soon. ;)


7 thoughts on ““Continuation, plz” list.

  1. ooh~ I didn’t think about the fact that JC Staff almost always does sequels and that means more Ookami-san~ :D

    And yes! More Durarara!! is needed! Nao~

    I really want to know when Kizumonogatari will air too. *pout* I was so excited when it was announced and it still hasn’t happened. :[

    I’ve still yet to finish the Furuba anime (I skimmed the end of the manga and was thoroughly pleased~), but more would push me to watch the original before, haha.

    Also, how in the world had I never heard of Maniwagatari? D: That sounds like a thoroughly awesome prequel! Now I really want it to happen too! xD

    • kel-san~ <3 It's been such a long time! I hope you're doing well and I'm sorry I haven't commented on your latest "upcoming" posts. I did read them today, tho, and they were awesome as always. ^^

      The thing to worry about with JC Staff is a lot of their sequels aren't that great so I wonder what will happen to Ookami-san. :/

      I've already been warned about Kizumonogatari beforehand since it's not set for any TV or online broadcast (and this is SHAFT we're talking about), it could mean the release date will remain indefinitely unknown. That makes me seriously depressed. T_T

      Yay, someone agrees with me on Furuba! ^^

      It's easy to miss since everyone just assumes there's 12 volumes for Katanagatari. But Maniwagatari has nothing to do with Shichika and Togame so there won't be a sword hunt active in the prequel either. Why "Maniwa"-gatari, I'm not sure. That's why I'm hoping for my background on the ninjas. :3

  2. An prequel of Angel Beats! sounds great! We get the same lovable characters and it fills some background info – the perfect way to develop characters without changing the original plot! I honestly haven’t thought of it until I read this xD
    We definitely need a Durarara! sequel, but since it’s Brain Base, they probably wouldn’t have one :S

    Have you ever watched Kuragehime? It’s also by Brain base and I think it deserves a sequel because, for one, its ending left a lot of things (including the main relationships) unresolved, and two, IT’S SOO CUTE~.

  3. An Angel Beats! prequel would be interesting. I’m all for that!

    I also wouldn’t mind if they continued with DNAngel. That was an anime that I started watching (and a manga I started reading) way back when there were tons of anime On Demand and ADV Films was still around…Now I feel old.

    Anyway, I never got around to finishing that manga series (is it finished in Japan?) because I was reading the manga through a friend (aka borrowing their manga of the series). So, when that friend and I weren’t able to see each other as often as we used to, the manga got lost along the way too. So, I would love to see that series come to an end (especially one based off the manga).

    I basically agree with you on the Munto bit. Not on the OTP aspect, but on the fact that yes: I WANTED BETTER CLOSER! Those two…I wanted more moments between them (and a better tie up than what we were given)! T^T

    For Furuba, I can totally see your laid-back attitude towards the series, and how the drama never really appealed to you. I’ve had the same experience with a handful of manga (especially Shoujo). I think it all depends, not on what the drama *is,* but how it is handled, for me anyway.

    The focus first on family and personal acceptance drama, with the romantic drama stemming from that was nice. But the way the drama was handled was what made me really like the series, since *everyone* really grew and evolved *thanks to* the drama, rather than stagnating and running around in useless circles that usually causes the main characters to actually digress.

    Furuba being my first true Shoujo series adds to my love for this series, it has that special place, you know. : )

    But yeah, I would adore if they made another season…The only thing is that they would have to completely *remake* the series, since the ending of the anime messes up the manga’s plot (and also makes a huge mistake when it comes to Akito). Nevertheless, I would still want it.

    I already made my comment on Tutu (which apparently inspired this post, which makes me feel somewhat honored). ^^

  4. Starburst-chan: Ah~, if only somebody in P.A. Works would think of this idea and actually do it. That’d be awesome. The franchise has not died yet! x3

    Why? What’s wrong with Brain’s Base? And it’s DRRR!! we’re talking about so no matter what, a second season will be done.

    Nope. Doesn’t seem like my type of show but heard a lot of good reviews about it.


    LGB: Yay~ ^^

    D.N.Angel’s old enough to be in my library for borrowing. XD;
    I don’t know if they can even base it off the manga anymore cuz chapter updates are so irregular and the author herself doesn’t seem to care much. *sigh*

    Haha, my OTP love for them actually developed outside through reading fanfiction. Cuz the anime wasn’t enough so I had to resort to something else to fill out what KyoAni couldn’t. Those jerks. Hmph! >:/

    However it is handled, it’s still drama. I’ve watched drama, I lived drama, I basically can’t stand drama but it’s sadly necessary otherwise life would be boring. But I can sit through it if I have the willpower. Progress and development are very important, I won’t argue with that, but you can only preoccupy yourself with it for so long so unless it’s done effectively and within the right amount of time it’s allowed. If not, I don’t want to waste time watching these people wangst. There are better commitments to make as far as following a series goes.

    As for “remaking” the series, I don’t think we have to go that far. If we’re just talking about Tohru going to confront Akito at the end of the anime, they can certainly find a way to work around that and continue from there. The rest of the anime is just fine as it is.

    And I already replied about Tutu but hehe, thanks for mentioning it in your last comment. I would have forgotten to make this list if you hadn’t brought the topic up. XD

    • Lol, they have to remake Furuba. Akito is meant to be female, this plays a very important part in the curse finally breaking, the reason why the family dynamics at the Main House is so messed up, and why Akito is the way Akito is.

      In the anime though, they clearly made Akito male. Some events were placed out of sequence and some characters were given completely different personalities (Shigeru) that would make it hard to near impossible for them to do certain things that they do later on in the series.

      In my opinion, it would have to be redone in order for the series to be properly represented as an anime.

      Ah, and I do see where you are coming from with the drama. I think I can handle drama now, in anime and manga, when it is done in small doses and when it’s not centered around love triangles. I really can’t stand those! I think Shugo Chara was the last straw for me…That fandom killed my tolerance for love triangles… >.>;

      Anyway, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself more attracted to comedy. I think it’s because I’m past my “angsty teenage years,” even though I never really was angsty as a teenager! XD

  5. I totally feel you when it comes to Rozen Maiden! It has so much potential left. The original story of Barashouisho was indeed interesting but I never got over the fact that my beloved Kirakisho was shown only for 1 second in the anime >8(

    I still haven’t caught up with the tale story but it really seems irrelevant to the original story, doesn’t it? Though I wouldn’t complain about the new protagonist~ Plus, I don’t remember ever getting a real ending to the first run… It was cut just like that when all the action was building up. Just Jun saying “Wait For Me” doesn’t give an ending AT ALL!

    Gah, I have to go )X Thing is, I’d like to see continuations for many shows and I’d like more information on up-coming prequels/sequels like Maniwagatari Kizumonogatari and the -gatari stuff <3

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