Gosick ~ Ep. 2 ~ Run, lil’ rabbits, run!


Can we just…not care about anything but this?


Fine. /P

Btw, I’m totally addicted to the OP and ED themese now. PLEASE GIVE ME FULL VERSIONS NAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x333333333333



Hmm, they gave out more clues for this episode than I thought. I think we’re already halfway through the first book but that’s only because we weren’t shown the perspective of one of those 11 murdered children during their time on the ship like it did in the book. Though we’ll probably get that in the next episode or so, when there will be more revelations.

Whatever, maybe it’s just because I know too much already but I’d give this mystery a low-grade anyway, going on how BONES has presented it to us. It’s too easy and simple to solve. And too obvious. *disappointed* >:/

Coming back to actual ep, since there was a flood of hints, it shouldn’t be hard to guess who the culprit is. Hell, they killed off so many down to the remaining five that it would be silly if you can’t narrow in on the suspects. I definitely won’t spoil what really happens next for you but I’ll go through all the clues to drive things into a clearer corner…actually, no, I just want to organize things and point fingers for fun so indulge me. Hahaha! Hmm…do I need create another section for that? I guess so. ^^;

But before that, I just want do a bit more “Kyaa~”-ing for all the KazuyaxVictorique cuteness! I’m still not comfortable with how the anime sped up their relationship so fast after they only just met but I found a good argument to counter that so I guess I’m okay with it. Note: it has to do with instinct. ;)



Ok, so let’s start from the moment everyone wakes up in the lounge. There’s actually a “hidden” bahaha, lame attempt at being mysterious~ xD; clue before Victorique mentions that there is an extra person among them but I’ll leave that alone for the readers to find (hehe~).

We don’t know who that extra person is since everyone was dining in the dark. Btw, how the hell do you dine with such dim candlelight and not suspect anything? -_-;

Moving along (I’m watching this as I go), besides Kazuya, Victorique, and the lady in the red dress, everyone is conversing with each other on what’s happening. Notice that they are all men perhaps in their late middle-age or somewhat. That’s clue #1. Three of them wonder if Victorique and Kazuya are the hares so it means, they do know what’s going on with the situation. Proof: someone, later introduced as Maurice, warned Kazuya not to touch the model ship over the fireplace when he nearly got nailed in the head with a stake. After that, they’re quite freaked out about it meaning they’re not the ones who planned this “dinner”. Moreover, all the ones who panicked drowned while trying to escape while another got shot in the head. Old geezers minus Maurice who survived: not the culprit. 6 people already eliminated.

…alright, so I’ve just been putting the whole scene into words. Let’s speed this up.

Clue #2: Lights go out then come back up. What do you see? Or rather, what do you not see? Aha~ Where did the woman go?
Obviously to tear down the wallpaper where the bloody text was hiding behind in the clean lounge. She was the first one to scream after seeing it.
Clue #3: They show a flashback of the children over a dead body. Pfft, I wish they could’ve made it less obvious cuz by now, we all know she, Julie, was one of the victims and clearly, one of the few survivors who have come back for the revenge against those who put them on the Queen Berry (IN BLOODY TEXT!). It makes sense since the murders happened 10 years ago. Add that number to the age of one of those children and they would be an adult around Julie’s age. That would also explain how she’s more calm about it than those adults were when they realized they were on the very “same” ship that supposedly sunk in 1914 (I mean, at a glance, you wouldn’t think a lady all dressed up like her would have that much composure now, would you? ). But this is only a replica of the original Queen Berry, thanks to Victorique pointing out the fresh paint smell and the wine they drank.

So Julie planned it all. Exactly how, I don’t quite remember so I’ll have to look back at the book, but yea, she planned it all.

Ding ding ding! Suspect and motive are found! The culprit is Julie Guile.

But it’s not over yet! *having too much fun* xD;

For what purpose where all these children of different origins put on the same boat only to be killed off in the end? I mean, that old fortune-teller Roxanne certainly had something to do with it since she was one of the invited targets. The hares being hunted down, the mention of the box, fortune-telling all seen at the beginning of episode one. The children and the ship is the same thing on a more grand-scale level. But fortune-telling for what?

Boop, I’ll stop there. :3

Next, what about this Ned Baxter guy? He’s young enough not to be one of those adults responsible for planning the original murder and doesn’t seem to know a thing about what’s going on so why is he here? Possibly because he’s one of those survivors but then, why would Julie invite a victim to go through the same ordeal all over again? Except there are two major clues that tell otherwise:

1) He says he’s a stage actor and his next role is going to be that of a “murderer”. Though “murderer” isn’t the key word here.
2) When Kazuya was about to use the elevator, he yelled at him to stop and the lines holding it completely snapped so he seems to be aware of how the ship works as well.

Finally, drawing back to the original murder, if you put Roxanne’s fortune-telling methods with Maurice’s story on how the children ended up killing each other, it doesn’t quite match until he brought up the missing “dog” that was set loose among them that caused them to lose trust and take each other’s lives. Is this “dog” still alive? Maurice certainly can’t be it. Kazuya and Victorique are out of the question. The only ones with the vague backgrounds are Julie and Ned and if Julie wanted revenge, why would she kill her companions in the first place?

So…forgive me for such a messy rundown (I promise I’ll do better next time), but here are the things I’ve come to a conclusion to.

Culprit: Julie.
Motive: Revenge for the Queen Berry incident in 1914.

Original culprit: Roxanne and those old men.
Motive: Fortune-telling for something.
The first murderer aka their hunting dog: Unknown.

I shall stop there. I apologize again for any confusion from this mess but it’s far from done. Next ep should explain the details better than I do so I’ll just leave it to that.

Now onto the more awesome things about this episode. Squealfest ahead! x333



Kazuya complains about no share for him and asks for snacks which pisses Victorique off and she gets back at him, saying he’s to blame for not bringing her extra luggage along and quibble quibble quibble. Ooo, I think I found my new favorite word. Quibble. *giggles all tingly* x3

Kazuya: “Me quibble?! You’re the one to-” *gets bread shoved in his face*

Victorique: “Have a roll, quibbler.” (BWAHAHA! I take back what I said about Aoi Yuki. This line was just perfecto. xDDD)

Kazuya: *grumpy but munches* “…It’s good.”

Cuz Victorique fed it to you, ne, Kazuya-kun? <33


*cough* Sorry ’bout that. ^^;

Ahhh, Kazuya even feels the pressure of the high expectations of his family in his dreams. Poor kid. *huggles him* ;____;

Judging from this, we can see that the men of his household all must live up to the MANLY standards in a strict sense with little tolerance for self-weaknesses (sheesh, these are soldiers we’re talking about here). Kazuya has two accomplished older brothers so it’s even tougher for him. Academically, Kazuya is in top-shape but on outer appearance, he looks rather mild and timid.

I don’t really mind cuz I love the slightly hesitant and often quibbling but adorable gentleman that he is. And I’m sure he’ll discover his own way on how to become stronger and be a man worthy of his family’s pride. Go Kazuya! I support you all the way! *waves Kazuya support flag* xDb

And lol, I forgot to take a screencap of this but I liked how Victorique woke him up with her foot. xD;

*GASP!* KAZUYA! Do not touch the pretty boat ever again!

No killz my precious Kazuya-kun, plz. ;____;

Aww~, Victorique is worried about him. So sweet~ So cute~ My couple~ <333

Kazuya: “Victorique! This is it! The ghost ship I read about!”

Victorique: *says nothing but is probably thinking… ‘Did something invisible hit your head instead?’ *


She chose to laugh at him instead. Dry “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”s ftw. x3

Kazuya: *angry* (cute!) “What’s up with you?!”

Victorique: “I thought you were joking so I laughed for you.”

Kazuya: “I’m serious here!”

No, no, carry on. I’m enjoying this. *giggling in a corner*

It looks like Kazuya might be afraid of the dark…or maybe he lost his security blanket. “VICTORICAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!”

*lights switch back on*

Victorique: “What are you doing?”

lol xDDDDD

It’s still going to take me a while to get use to how fast their relationship is progressing but I’m glad to see that despite finding her eccentric oddity something out of his comprehension, he’s not avoiding his curiosity to want to know more about her. It’s not really stated but you can tell the more he grows concerned for her safety (because as a man, he feels it’s his obligation to protect her small little Victorique~), the more he realizes he has to learn more about her in order to do that.

Maurice: “We’re all going to die!”

Victorique: “…Ok, I don’t know if that deserves a laugh like Kujo’s silly ghost story does but I’ll laugh out of politeness for that crazy look on your face. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Victorique and her pipe look so awesome together and you know it! x333

Kazuya: “Here, Victorique! It’s dangerous so take my hand!” (*cheering inside* xDDDD)

Victorique: *pouts oh-so-adorably* “Kujo! Don’t you DARE think of manhandling me!”

Kazuya: “What?! I’m worried about you, you obstinate sore loser!”

Haha~, only couples would ignore the fact that they’re in a red-danger zone to argue with each other about the simplest things. I love it. I just love it. Kuhuhu~ x33

Victorique: *steps* “…Oops, didn’t see that.”

xD And now the moment of the ultimate “Kyaa~”…

KYAAAAAAAA~~~~~ Kazuya, you’re so cool! He has better reflexes than he lets on! x3333

Hehe, Julie’s a shipper on deck. *gets shot for pun* |D;

They cut out a lot of her scenes from the novels. I think she tried to get closer with Kazuya (NO! It’s not what you think! ^^; ) because she likes that protective personality of his and even displays some sad enviousness on how close he and Victorique is. But you’ll see why later.

Ultimate “KYAAAAAA~” moment #2. Hand-holding! I swear, for some reason, I like seeing these two hold hands the most! Sometimes, they take turns blushing. One is all too aware that they’re holding hands while the other isn’t even thinking about it. Haha. xDDD

Yes, I still have air for more “Kyaaaaa~”s but I’ll spare you of the annoyance.

Instead, I’m going to smile at seeing Kazuya’s gentleman side come out (lol, the adults just ran on ahead) and lol at Victorique’s grip. Don’t choke him while he’s carrying you, Victorique. He’s even careful enough to not let your dress touch the water. ^^;

Getting down to the serious business now, yea, Kazuya finally realizes what Victorique means about him “shouldering the heavy burden on his own free will”. If he didn’t demand Grevil to compensate Victorique for this trip, they wouldn’t be caught up in this mess. Also, he could’ve just ignored the invitation but didn’t and that’s what got Victorique involved. She was really only following him all along.

And like any ordinary girl (well, she’s not ordinary but ya get what I mean), she’s scared, despite her expression saying otherwise, so he feels even more responsibility for it. So I think Kazuya finally understands what his father (?) was trying to say to him back in that dojo. Just claiming to be strong is nothing. If you can’t protect others from trouble, you have no strength. It must have hit Kazuya hard to come to that realization, perhaps more than knowing it’s his fault.

But the good thing is, Victorique trusts him a lot more than they both know it. Haha, even though they only met a short time ago. I hope Kazuya figures that out soon. It can help him move towards his goal of becoming stronger knowing there’s someone who relies on him and whom he needs to protect. :)

Kazuya: “I-I won’t let you hurt her!” (Kyaa! So heroic! Go Kazuya! x3)

Victorique: “Uh…” *pokes* “What are you doing?”

Ah, I totally love this moment. Not as much as the others but I do. It’ll take some time before Kazuya sets aside that habit of saying “It’s because I’m the third son of an imperial soldier!” and replaces it with “I’m going to protect you because I want to!” but I’ll definitely wait for it. After all, that’s good progress, ne? ;)

Haha, I don’t think I can keep my head from flying around the room if someday it’ll be “You’re important to me!” instead. Oh god, the giggles…they’re rushing to my head. *high* lololol xDDD;;;

And look at our Victorique. She’s so surprised Kazuya is going so far to ensure her saftey. Of course, she’s also a girl after all. And who can resist being touched when a guy says he’ll protect you, hmm? <3

Now excuse me as I beat Maurice to a friggin' pulp for pointing a gun at my cute little twosome. )8<



I’m sure all are curious as to how Kazuya didn’t get shot in the forehead. To be honest, I only vaguely remember it but eh, we’ll find out next week along with what happened 10 years ago on the real Queen Berry.

It seems Victorique is struggling with herself on what to make of Kazuya’s determination (aww~) so I hope we see some more personal moments as well. Even if it’s short, I hope they do it well. Hehe.

And…we also get some pretty tough violence ahead. Kazuya with brass knuckles (?). He looks way awesome but I’m going to cry if he gets hurt. Grevil! Hurry your detective ass up and send out a rescue boat to save them already or I’ll never forgive you! Victorique~ Kazuya~~~ ;_______;


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  1. I really enjoyed this episode actually and although I guessed who the culprit was (in my mind anyway) I didn’t really try investigating because I was just sucked into the story. Kujo and Victorique’s relationship is really sweet – I love how they argued in the hallway when they should have been running for their lives. I think it is going a tad too fast but I don’t have anything to compare to since I haven’t read the books. I really need to get my hands on the novel now – the only thing is that it’s out of stock in every place I try :(
    Thanks for breaking down the culprits – you did confuse me a bit, Ill admit, but I hadn’t noticed a few of the clues.
    And yeah – the opening and ending music is awesome :)

    • Yea, they are really hard to find. The first one came out a few years ago so that’s why.

      Ah, again sorry about the confusion. I just threw that all in there for fun. ^^; Hopefully, I can do it better for the next ep. If not, I might just skip it altogether. But hmm, we’ll see. :)

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