Redos and “Don’t!” Animate List

Yes, I know Rewrite won’t be out until the end of April this year or whenever if the release date is pushed back again but as you can see from the title *POINTS!*, this isn’t a wishlist of the things I want to be animated. That’s a lie, I’ll just briefly skim over it to take up space. 8P To tell you truth, I don’t think I have much of one at all.

Though that’s not to say I have none. There just aren’t many on there that would qualify it as a list in my eyes. As some of you may know, I don’t have a lot of my manga-reading list either because I’m the picky type and a certain series has to get me really madly in love with it in order for me to want an anime of it…if I even want one at all but we’ll get to that in a bit.

One or two, like Rewrite up there along with Little Busters!, I’m sure will get picked up sometime in the future. I mean, if it’s a Key work, the chances are quite high so it’s almost like there’s no need to think about it. Mind you, this is coming from someone who hasn’t touched any games or visual novels so go easy on me there. As far as that area goes, I’m only familiar with Key. I’m not a fanatic fan of Key…but I just like Key, that’s all. *nodnod* :)

Moving on, yea, there really isn’t that much else. Aside from being very selective in the few manga I follow, I don’t know many good light novels that aren’t already up on any potential project lists either. Though that’s not my fault. It’s the publishing companies that won’t license anything but Haruhi. :P

*sigh* Though if I had to name one nobody said you had to =.=;, I’d like to see Million Girl animated. I know it’s impossible…that it’ll never happen because since the manga didn’t do so well, ending at only 10 chapters/3 volumes, then who’d expect an anime adaptation to go well? On top of that, it’s a shoujo work.

But I still have many reasons why this would be better than many of the crap they show today. :P
For one thing, despite the sparkly image it first gives off, the conflict the story presents is very workable and a breath of fresh air from the usual shoujo that gets animated. It’s not original but hell, it isn’t focused on romance for once. Lately, I think that seems to be almost anyone’s definition of shoujo and that pisses me off. I need something else to serve as the problem for the plot and Million Girl deals with money and debt issues in a very interesting way. Yea, yea. I want to prove a point, too. xP
The art style is also very cute and simple and not so frilly to make you cringe at the sight of it so at least it will be appealing. Characters are really up to the judgment of the viewers and since I’m biased on that, I won’t say anymore other than I find every one of them likable in one way or another. Finally, the length won’t be a problem since it’s a short enough series already so it could definitely finish in 12/13, episodes. Production can always add more content to fill in any extra spaces and nobody can complain cuz they’ll be getting more of what the manga can’t give them. :)

I do know there are several downsides, though, considering that this Kotori Momoyuki’s first work that seems to be out of her comfort zone so there would likely be more flaws with the story-telling. And of course, there’s the target audience (middle school girls, in this case?) so maybe some things may or may not be appropriate… but this is my post, so I don’t really care since it’s all about what I want anyway. Neh. /P

There, now you have a somewhat basic idea of what I’m looking for when it comes to adaptations. If I don’t find it special enough, I wouldn’t bother.

Ah, I have rambled and it feels good. Huhu~ /3

Remake List

Okie, that aside, exactly which ones do I want to be redone then? …Actually, scratch that. Would like to be redone. I say this cuz I’m only interested in seeing what the original plot would look like on the animated screen. I don’t need arguments on “oh, why this can’t be done” or “why this had to be altered” or all the unlucky things that can befall on an adaptation. No, I already know it can’t be redone unless you have a lot of money so there’s no reason for me to demand it.

Every Arina Tanemura work – I don’t want to waste time talking too much about the adaptations so let’s make this brief.

Starting with KKJ, there were a couple of omitted things I felt could have made it stand out from your standard magical girl series. But again, the target audience CURSE YOU!, what can you do?
Anyways, perhaps the biggest issue would be the story behind Finn’s betrayal. The brainwash idea was so lame, making Finn evil for convenience. Her motivation to turn to the bad side was what gave her character more depth, imo, and that help break the stereotypical setting of “good vs. evil”.
Also, Miyako’s love for Maron was what I really liked most about their friendship and her willingness to go so far to protect her best friend was quite moving. The anime kinda ruined it by making Miyako go all emo and “YOU’VE BETRAYED ME!” and shit. It was a terrible portrayal. Nuff’ said.
What else? …Ah, yea~ Minazuki never got to show his “cool” side which was disappointing. Furthermore, why did Kagura only have like one line throughout the whole time he was actually on screen? And Yashiro! She was bitchy and spoiled but she became so much better after getting over Chiaki and getting together with Kagura, which did not happen. -_-;

Strange enough, the only person I didn’t mind in having character alteration was Noir. He went totally gaga for Maron in the manga which set off my anti-Mary-Sue vibes. *shudder*

Finally, Maron’s development. I don’t think I need to go into that for those who have read it. Honestly, if I was a kid, I wouldn’t think anime!Maron was bad but there was more of a true sense of heroine in manga!Maron.

…And no Shinji and Natsuki! UNFAIR! ;___;

ARGH! God, this is starting to look like a list of complaints (on characters, but hey, Arinacchi’s strongest points are her characters) instead. I’m sorry~ ^^;

In FMwS, absolutely HATED the way Izumi and Madoka were made to be bad guys. Madoka has more pride than to snoop around and sabotage her rival, clearly shown in her giving up that commercial award to Mitsuki. And Izumi was not evil to begin with. It’s an utter shame since, I think, he had the most tragic suicide out of all the shinigamis and even more so because he found salvation in Mitsuki the most. GAH, why’d you have to ruin this?! ;___;
I’m also still miffed about how Meroko’s arc was dealt with since I liked hers out of all the others best (YEA! Fuzuki and Moe ftw~). True, it’s really a train-line of nothing but angst stations but hell, it was GOOD angst. T_T

As for Mitsuki, her case is very similar to Maron’s. Even though I’m not overly fond of the original Mitsuki at all for closing herself off from others, the complexity of her story was ten times better than the generic one the anime gave. And I would’ve liked more Eichi screentime as well, even though in both versions, he’s dead throughout but it would’ve been nice if you could’ve felt his presence more in the anime. He loved Mitsuki so much, y’know. ;_____;


Last but not least, that TSK mail-in or whatever OVA…shouldn’t have even been made AT ALL. God, the moment I finished watching such…such craptastic horror, I vowed to myself that someday, SOMEDAY! I say, I will get permission from Arina-sensei to remove it from the face of the earth and even do a decent adaptation of all three volumes to make sure that one OVA is never mentioned again. Sadly, I don’t think I have the capability to do that so I’ll just continue repelling the memory with everything I have. Yeck. >x(
Ah~, it could’ve been one of the best, too. Could’ve been. Could’ve been. T_T

Pandora Hearts – It won’t be done. I know. After what Xebec did, do you think I believe there would be anyone out there willing to pick this up again? Haha, no.

Again, it’s just curiosity. I found Xebec’s animation quite ugly to watch so I dropped the anime halfway and only watched the last five minutes to snort at it. Yea, they would definitely have to start over from scratch to get it done right is what I think.

However, the way the manga is proceeding would’ve demanded, hmm, a third season (perhaps?) to be produced. Pandora Hearts isn’t the type that can endure for so long like Bleach or Naruto, even if it’s labeled as a shounen work. Um, what’s the word for it? …I guess it’s because it’s not mainstream material that doesn’t give it a longer lifespan as an anime. *nodnod*

The hardcore fans may disagree but they love it too much so no use trying tell them otherwise. Either way, even if it had better treatment like Tegami Bachi did, they would have to edit and change stuff around to fit it under a workable show so that’s why I’m really iffy on whether I want this remade or not. I mean, adaptations have to be different somehow, everyone knows that. I don’t have to like it but that’s the fact.

Though, really, I wouldn’t mind seeing all the manga content animated. That would be too cool to be true.

Couldn't find source/artist.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Another near-impossibility like PH. For one thing, how are they ever going to explain Krauss taking down a massive goat like it was in the novel? There’s just no way it would make sense on TV. xD;

lol, anyways, it’d be nice to see it done in better quality, not DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN QUALITY (oi… -_-; ) even if it’s going to be one heck of a brain massacre going through all that text. Ryukishi07 is absolutely merciless with it. o_O; That’s why I love his work so much. Haha!

Hmm, I should actually be more worried whether they’ll cover Chiru instead (which I would suggest not to cuz f*ck, IT MAKES NO FRACKIN’ SENSE! @_@;; ) but I can’t help it. I loved Higurashi and was expecting to love Umineko just as much, if not more, but all my hopes were murdered. Can you blame me for being a Kinzo over how badly DEEN trolled this? Repeat it in red! “I want to bawl “OHHH DESIRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!” to the sky like a madman in all its bloodcurdling epicness.”

Kyahahahaha! >8D

Hakushaku to Yousei – Seeing as the novels are still ongoing, I’m slightly ferociously debating with myself whether I want this on here or not. I admit, I’m in it because I like fairies, not so much for the romance even though I do ship this couple here. But that flaming interest that revived months ago cooled down a bit and I realize it would be quite stupid to do all those respective stories.

The greatest setback being having to deal with the drama. Oh my god, the dorama. @_@; It gets reset every book, apparently, and I don’t think I want to sit through all that. I adore Edgar and Lydia’s fights and make-ups but not to a daily forgiving extent. [SPOILER] Did I mention they got married? Oh boy… [/SPOILER]

“DON’T” List

Not much on here but it includes the few series I love and respect too much to want to see it ruined through adaptation. Cuz the gut feeling in me is pretty much stabbing my insides to indicate that IT WILL HAPPEN. Oh ho, trust me, it will. @_@;

Couldn't find source/artist.

And since I don’t see a need to put games or other popular applications in a separate category since I’m not familiar with those, I’ll just mention that Vocaloid and Touhou Project are under the list as well. I know there are a lot of people who would like to see one for Vocaloid (not so much for Touhou cuz fans are backing up ZUN against it going mainstream) but if you’ve seen a small fraction of the music and fan videos made for it, you’ll think otherwise. That’s exactly what makes the program so great because you’re free to create the Vocaloids’ personality into what you want them to be. Official meddling will kinda kill that. :/

Shinshi Doumei Cross – Yes, I shall become a naysayer to all of you who are still enthusiastic for a ShinKuro anime. It has nothing to do with the length of time since its serialization ended. Look at other series like Gosick. It ended almost four years ago and it’s getting an anime now.

But with Gosick, I can handle. With SDC, I don’t think I could. The chapters are all there in front of you to work off of, we might even get a better casting than the drama cd. Heck, even a good studio picking this up seems likely. But no, even with all this good fortune, like its predecessors, something is going to go really wrong. Maybe not so much for some viewers but my love for SDC nurtured very well when I was following it on a monthly basis so that’s why I don’t think I can stand it if a noticeable alteration is made. I would be more lenient if it were an actual live-action drama but that’s only because I can say “Eh, live-action will never be able to capture the essence of the original” and shrug it off. Anime, however, works much closer to its source. You figure it out from there.

Will I still watch if sometime in the future, there will be an adaptation? Of course! I’ll brave through anything for ShinKuro. It’s just that there’s more of a chance for Sakura-hime Kaden being adapted before SDC and well, SHK is pretty bad compared to Arinacchi’s older works so either the anime (if it will have one) will be better or worse. I’ll watch that, too, but not because I love it. :P

…I won’t say no to a Mistress Fortune OVA, though. *sparkly, eager eyes* 8DDDDD

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden – YES! I am very pessimistic for this one as well. More than I am for SDC cuz to me, FYGK is a special, precious jewel and I will NEVER forgive ANYONE who dares to twist it around from what it’s supposed to be. Please, I’ve already been scarred by ViZ’s translations, I don’t want to go through another ordeal like that again. That’s why it’s taking me so long to buy all the Japanese volumes. T_T

So they were able to do it moderately okay with Fushigi Yuugi but y’know, everything starts plundering downhill once you get to the OVAs that follow. A lot of rightful development had to either get squashed to fit the timeslot or get thrown off the storyboard table altogether. That is precisely why I don’t want to see that happen with GK. The development is the core of it all. I’m more than happy with the five drama cds that were released a while ago. I can live with just that so don’t go and make an adaptation. *on the verge of pathetically weeping now* ;___;

Will I watch it if there might be an adaptation in the future?

…*hiccup* WhaddaUUUUdink? Love makes you do foolish things you wouldn’t normally do and I certainly do love this series. T_T


And that’s it. Yea, I know, lots of shoujo on here. Not proud of it. Not proud of it at all.

*sigh* But it can’t be helped. I told you I’m not that much of an avid fan so I’m also not aware of all the well-know titles out there. *shrug* :/

Sorry for the lack of good writing to support my reasons and the overflux of informality littered everywhere. I really did want this to sound better and have a more organized structure to it but unfortunately, that is not in my system of functions when it takes me more than a week to finish a post. Durr~ 8B

This is probably the first and last time I’ll make a post like this ever again. Or at least for a while. Any new thing that comes along my way and happens to intrigue me might as well be at the front of the waiting line to be animated so what else can I do but wait for the announcements and promotions to start?

Hwoo~, so yep. Let’s prepare for Little Busters! already, huh? I doubt you can fit it all in 24 episodes not counting any extra episodes/OVA/OADs on the side so I think we should aim for a second season, too. Sounds good? Yea. 8D


10 thoughts on “Redos and “Don’t!” Animate List

  1. Ffff I was hoping Gakuen Alice would appear on your remake list but it never did. ;___; I don’t care about anything else. That one NEEDS to get a remake even though it never will.

    What is Momoyuki Kotori’s “comfort zone”?

    …I’d like to see a modern-day character design of a Tanemura character.

  2. HTML FAIL #2 orz… anyhow…

    yeah I’ve managed to avoid all the Tanemura anime thus far. I keep wanting a ShinKuro anime too but you’re right, I’d probably be afraid to watch it when it comes out or something ;-;

    my friends are convinced Umineko is too long and complicated to pace as an anime…

    and is Hakushaku to Yousei actually good? I only watched 2eps when the anime came out and it got a straight boot. The faeries got me interested as well but omg the start of it— so many bad pickup lines >.<

  3. Gah, I definitely agree on the FMwoS remake. It needs to be done ! Like now Dx ! I can’t accept what they did to every single character on that anime. . . It makes me want to march over to Japan and kill whoever was responible for this Dx.

    I actually want a ShinKuro anime, even though they’re probably going to ruin it. I just want to see Haine and everyone moving. I recently re-read the series, so I doubt any little imperfection would go unnoticed. . . I think there might be a little chance that ShinKuro actually gets a decent adaptation since it’s the only one of Tanemura’s manga that doesn’t have anything supernatural happening in it. It’s a minor factor, but maybe it’ll change something since different studios will want to animate it and actually do a better job. I don’t know. . . There may be hope.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Little Busters animated 8D. Didn’t feel like downloading the visual novel and actually playing it *lazy*

  4. A lot of the anime, manga, and light novels you mentioned I’m not all that familiar with, so I can’t comment too much. ^^;

    But first I have to yes and yes to both Million Girl and Pandora Hearts. When it comes to Million Girl, I hadn’t been able to follow it (and now scans are impossible to find), so I would like it a whole heck of a lot if an anime did come out, then it might be a bit easier to find online and I can get a conclusion to a story that I never really got to finish.

    I also agree with you that it would be nice to have a shoujo anime series that isn’t quite as generic as all the others. And while my two “best examples” of shoujo series (Fruits Basket and Kimi ni Todoke) are focused quite heavily on romance, I never saw the romance as being the thing that was leading either story.

    Both deal with outsiders fitting in, and though they do focus a lot on romance, they also spend an ample amount of time on family and friends as well. So yeah…Like you, I’m tired of shoujo that are just “OMG!! A hot bishouen with a dark and mysterious past, an ordinary girl who falls in love with him at first sight, and then the given- a love triangle that causes the female to become stupid when it comes to decision making.”

    But, moving away from shoujo for a bit, I would love to see the shonen manga Karneval as well as the shonen manga Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra (or just Orchestra to me) made into anime.

    When it comes to Karneval I would just love to see brought to life and think it has a good, unique plot to do really well. I just wouldn’t want it to become like the Pandora Hearts anime… T-T

    As for Orchestra, currently it only has like six or so chapters, but the main character being a blind male and having a fascinating plot makes me think it would just be a nice change to the anime I’ve been seeing lately. There are not enough handicapped males in anime, at least, not in my mind. So this manga has been a breath of fresh air to me (and I think an anime of it would be as well). But, of course, at this point in time even a possibility of an anime is far off. I still want it though! XD

    Ah, even if it doesn’t really fit with what is currently being discussed…My friends and I just marathoned Princess Tutu (my second time doing so and my third time watching the series)…The irrational fangirl in my still desires a third season or even an OVA (even though the rational, non-fangirl side of me knows that it would ruin the show and the whole message that is perfectly shown and demonstrated at the end). I still cry inside a bit for more Tutu… T0T

    Anyway, redos. I agree with both Pandora Hearts and Hakushaku to Yosei (the latter simply because I wanted a proper ending and loose ends tied up). The former however…

    Really, Pandora Hearts is probably going to end up being one of my favorite manga ever. It’s plot is just so tight, with just enough mystery to keep everyone talking and interested, but with enough connections between arcs to show that everything is going to (most likely) end up interconnected at the end and answer questions that were found all the way at the beginning. Though I’m definitely with you when it comes to the fact that Pandora Hearts can’t be a long runner like Bleach or many other Shonen Jump series (or even other G Fantasy titles such as Kuroshitsuji). It’s plot won’t allow it.

    With Bleach and even Kuroshitsuji, the basic plot is extremely simple and the arcs can just keep coming without the characters getting all that much closer to resolution. Of course this usually leads to the mangaka (and anime creators) losing the plot and having characterization go odd and become just plain confusing at time (this is definitely more the case of series like Bleach and Naruto). Pandora Hearts’ mangaka has an exact idea of how she wants to end it, and she seems to have a good grasp on her characters, but she also has a little room to work with both when it comes to the plot and characterization.

    But yes, this is a manga that has a lot of content and would need a lot of anime episodes to properly tell the story unfolding in the manga, but it also is one that simply wouldn’t work as a long runner either. So that’s all a bit of a pickle and it sorta reminds me of why the Harry Potter movies became disasters (even though this last one was a bit better than the usual, but not by much: too much content and small details as well as character building that the movies simply cannot properly portray).

    Oh goodness, that was a long spiel, I apologize! ^^; As for your Don’t “list,” I only really know about the Vocaloids and while I would love an anime series for it (since I’m only a casual fan of them, so for me it would clarify some things I think) I see, understand, and agree with why there shouldn’t be an anime for Vocaloids. It’s really unique in the sense that canon and fanon are basically the same thing and I’ve never seen anything really like that before.

    Ah, I’m ending this comment now, I gotta go shopping for things I’ll need at the dorm this semester. So take care! ^^

  5. Kiseki: I didn’t read Gakuen Alice yet.

    Her first few manga are so different from Million Girl that I wonder if it’s even by the same author.

    …What’s the difference? ^^;


    Aorii-san: I’m giving them until next year to make an announcement for it already. If not, I’ll go nuts. @_@;

    Good for you. Though even if it might be bad, I don’t think I could avoid watching all the episodes of a ShinKuro anime. ^^;

    YES…but DEEN was stupid enough to try and fail so… -.-;

    lol, if you can’t stand the pick-up lines than it probably wouldn’t be good for you. xD; It’s a pretty complex story, though, so that’s why I think it’ll be impossible to condense it all into an anime.


    Nayu: I didn’t mind myco’s singing but her acting isn’t that great. If there was a remake of the anime, I would want a different voice actor. Huu~ T.T

    We’ll see if anyone actually decides to pick it up. It’s fairly popular so…we’ll just have to see.

    Haha, as much as I like LB!, I don’t think I would want to play the game. It’ll probably ruin my opinion of the anime. ^^;


    LGB: All the volumes are out now so if you can, you can buy those.

    lol, maybe not as much for Fruits Basket but though I find both these series pretty good, it’s kinda clear that romance gets the spotlight. I mean, shoujo authors being authors and all. It’s not a bad thing but I guess it’s more about what your own perspective on it is. *shrug*
    There are several other shoujo series that go with the peer pressure approach and incorporate a lot of friendship and family, too, so while FB and KnT stand out in their genre, the basic idea is the same.

    It’s just too easy for writers to fall into stereotypes so that’s probably why in the end, they come out quite similar. If you can avoid that, I wonder if you’ll be more ignored than praised cuz at least stereotypes are easily recognized and accepted despite people saying otherwise.

    Ooo~, shounen titles. It would be nice if the two you mentioned could get an anime. At the moment, I don’t have the motivation to go searching for new titles so quite often, if I check out an adaptation and actually like it, there’s a good chance I’ll check out the manga as well. ;)

    Princess Tutu is love~ <3
    Oh god, I must have watched it more than ten times already. I think my obsession lasted over half a year which is pretty amazing as far as me loving something passionately for that long goes.
    And I totally share the same feelings for you on Tutu. Ahiru at least had some good closure by accepting her true self but Tutu really didn’t have much of a part of her own. At least, you can’t see much of her own individuality since Ahiru is acting through her. Rather than having a continuation, I would like, hmm, maybe an OVA to expand on her role a little more since she only got one measly line in “The Prince and the Raven” which is totally unfair! ;____;
    And there are many more thoughts where that came from but I’ll save it for another post on another day. ^^

    *sigh* If Xebec wasn’t the studio, you kinda wonder if PH would have a second season running by now.

    Hmm, I think it’s because mainstream manga (especially shounen) are mostly battle manga. lol, why am I quoting Bakuman? xD; That’s not to say there isn’t good development but the fights are their strongest points so authors prioritize that more.

    PH, like you said, involves more emotional and psychological investment in a wider range of scenarios. It is very difficult to convey that entirely through anime if you don’t know how to do it so that’s also probably another reason why or maybe I’m just reiterating what you said, yea, lol the producers choose not to do it. They’ll just make the anime and be done with it.

    And hey, you and I totally know this and HP is all but a perfect example to draw from. God, I didn’t stop watching the movies after the second one came out just because it doesn’t follow the book word for word, y’know. When a fan knows something doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably true. D/

    No, not at all! I enjoy discussing with ya! :D
    Haha, Vocaloid is the pioneer of its own kind the way I see it.
    It might also be wise to just leave it be in case of any fatal consequences from it’s huge fandom. And “huge” is understatement. ^^;

    Good luck with school! ^^

  6. -san, huh? x\
    I needed a shoujo series and accidental-ed Hakushaku to Yousei in one go >.< liked Edgar a lot better later~ but yeah I see what you mean that the series really needs a sequel…
    actually, do you read the lightnovel/manga continuation on that or something? (and where \o\) I at least want conclusion on their relationship XD

    • o.o?

      You can go here and here for summaries, scans, and translations of the novels. Not everything is fully complete yet since there’s a lot of material to cover. Wouldn’t suggest the manga adaptation, though. :(
      And since it’s still ongoing, I think it would be a while before you get a conclusion even though they…well, you’ll see. I think that as a couple, they had good development and they’re still making me laugh at least. lol xD

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