Gosick ~ Ep. 1 ~ C’est élémentaire, mon cher Kujo.

Yah, I got impatient on waiting for a good resolution raw so I’m using the 480×272 one for the screencaps instead. OP, ED and preview ones can all be viewed in better size, though.

Anyways, whoo, for a novel reader, first episode was nothing but a recap. I’d say the pacing should have been horrible but I’m too familiar with the book to rant on it. If you’re confused, you’ll just have to deal. Or better yet, go read it yourself. :P

Not to say this was the perfect introductory episode but BONES doesn’t seem to be wasting time dwelling on several details and chose to omit a huge chunk from the original plot. So far, it isn’t that big of a problem but eh, it’s still too early to tell.

Ack, look at me ramble. I should do that under the proper section. Okie, then, here is the first Xiao masterpiece for the new year. You should all know what that means now, my readers. ;D

WARNING! Possible spoilers ahead for those who didn’t read the novels!


OP: “Destine Histoire” by risa

Visuals are stunning to say the least. Not sure if this is a good thing but it reminded me of SHAFT’s Maria+Holic as far as the scenery goes. I was expecting BONES to do a better job on the character design overall since I don’t consider it really great compared to their past works but I guess this can work, too.

Moving along, already we got quite a few people in the opening. There are at least two characters I don’t recognize but only two novels have been published in English so far (third one coming in March, hopefully) so it makes me wonder if BONES is planning to skip the mysteries that aren’t relevant to the main story. *sigh* Well, we have 23 weeks ahead of us to see if things will detrack or not. Not that I would know since TokyoPop is retardedly slow on releases for Gosick. xP

In the meantime, I’m going to bask in satisfied giggles over all the blatant KazuyaxVictorique (or should I use Victorica?) hints. Hehehe~ x33

Regarding the song, it’s pleasant on the ears but not addictive or anything. Might take some time to grow on me or not. The singer, risa, sounds familiar, maybe? I dunno, there’s so many women with the name “Risa” in the industry that I wouldn’t bother to remember. @.@;

ED: “Resuscitated Hope” by Lisa Komine

Never heard of this singer before, I don’t think, but I like the atmosphere of this song. It’s a nice contrast to the opening one and everything’s…well, so dark. Definitely suited for the mood of this series.

Which means angst somewhere down the road. Full speed ahead! *CHARGE* xD;

Not much else to say about it…except I got double the happiness cuz it feels like everything in the world centered on my OTP right here. Hehehe~
I especially liked how the end image water-dropped changed from monochrome to brighter colors. Victorique looks really pretty in warm-themed clothes over the black ones BONES seem to be making her wear (for now).

Hmm, that’s all, I guess. I hope we get a second opening and ending them halfway through. These two are alright but I want better. *nodnod* 83



Hmm, where to begin? Since I already voiced out my concerns on how much content will be covered and some small impressions on the animation so far (like I said, it’s still too early to tell if it’ll stay consistent or go bad), maybe delving straight into the episode is the only thing left. I have no opinion on the music yet since I’m too busy paying attention to everything else and seiyuus, I’ll get to in the “Highlights” section.

Okie, then, uhh, first episode basically follows the first novel. Important note is that Kazuya and Victorique’s actual first meeting has been altered. In the novel, they were already sorta-friends/acquaintances due to an earlier incidence but here, they’re not. Even if it’s not a major problem, I’m a little worried on how the development between these two later on. The anime tries to make it have a mystical “feel” to it with Victorique kind of predicting Kazuya coming up the library steps to meet her but it’s just not the same. There’s something more special about it the novel because it already gave them a foundation to build on through later arcs.

That aside, everything else seems intact with the exception of Avril Bradley who will probably appear later. The setting (it’s Sauville, btw, not Crunchyroll’s dumb translation “Sauber” D/), the penchant for ghost stories, the megane teacher, the weirdo detective, etc. It doesn’t seem they’re holding back on the gore either which is awesome~ cuz what’s a good crime scene if you’re going to pixel-party all over the blood, eh? *demented* 8’D

As far as where this lands on the real historical timeline…well, let’s remember that Sauville is a fictional country gah, why am I dealing with this again?! Katanagatari wasn’t enough?! so of course, accuracy is going to be twisted around a bit. I’m curious about the fashion, though. Is what Victorique is wearing considered part of the Victorian era? Cuz that ended during the very late 1800s to early 1900s. And the date for the story is 1924, a little over a decade before WWII (note: this fact will also be important for this arc so remember it). Hmm, just something to think about. *ponders*

Plot-wise, I think we’ll be able to finish this boat-murder arc by episode 3 or 4. Then we’ll probably hit vol. 2 and goddammit, I want my vol. 3 already! *stomps foot* >:(

In any case, I’m okay with it so far. I’ll be even happier if BONES just drop Star Driver altogether and pour their budget and priorities for Gosick. Hopefully, even if this doesn’t end as spectacular, it’ll leave me satisfied one way or another. Ah, but that’s still too soon to say. Sorry, I’m just being overly cautious. lol ^^;




Ain’t this fun? 8D

I wonder how many people were grossed/creeped out by all the dead rabbits already. Just to inform those, just because it is a mystery doesn’t mean it’s a horror. I mean, Gosick falls under the “horror” category, too, but you get used to it, don’t worry.
And because it’s a mystery, I doubt there will be much of a supernatural element present either. This isn’t Yakumo, okay? Don’t drag magic into this. :P

So! What’s all this shenanigans about this Mistress Roxanne, a box on the sea, and the 11 hares? You’ll see. It might be very confusing at first but it’ll all make (creepy) sense.

…ah, those poor rabbits…hares, whatever. T_T

Tada! Here is Kujo Kazuya, our squishable male lead~! *squishes his cheeks* x3

Ack, the anime made him gain on some weight. He’s not shota-like anymore. Poo.

Hmm, I’ve already complained about it so many times on how it would’ve been better if they kept the drama voice cast so I’ll spare you anymore whining and just miss MiyuMiyu in this role. T_T
Not saying Takyua Eguchi is bad or anything. In fact, he’s doing a good job so far. It’s just that they have a bit way to go to live up to the professionals.

Anyways…he came to St. Marguerite Academy to become a better scholar but that’s only the surface reason. Since he’s the third son of an Imperial soldier, you can imagine the pressures that weigh on him, especially being the only Asian student on campus which earned him the nickname “the Dark Reaper”. Che, aristocratic brats really don’t go out much, do they?

So yea, it’s hard for him to make friends on his own because of racial issues but not for much longer~

And by “friends”, don’t necessarily mean her but yea…

Cecil here, compared to the novel version of herself, seems to be super enthusiastic about ghost stories while in the book (or rather, drama cd), she’s a more of a scaredy-cat. I don’t find Yui Kano’s voice for this bubbly personality shift really convincing either. If it were Yui Horie, it would’ve been much better.

Also, since when was Cecil that eager in persuading Kazuya to go read ghost stories? Everytime Kazuya mentions something scary, she’s supposed to go “Kujo-kun! If you say anymore, sensei will get mad!” or something like that. :P

Kazuya goes over several tales in a book. One, the Queen Berry which we’ll see at the end of the ep, something about Leviathan and dun dun~, the gray wolf. Stick a sticky note on there. IT IS IMPORTANT. >83

Haha, I love knowing all this stuff. I’m such a Mammon when it comes to hogging knowledge. Huhu~ >x3

lol, love how Kazuya picks up that single strand of hair, looks up to the top of the library and immediately goes “Is that the rumored Golden Fairy up there?” (Victorique is called the “Golden Fairy” cuz of her hair, duh). xDD

I mean, normally, people would assume it’s a strand of blonde hair and just throw it in the garbage. But this is Sauville so I guess not.

Poor Kazuya. So begin your many days of climbing up those magnificently long steps no thanks to your curiosity. But it’s okay~ You’re fulfilling Xiao’s OTP need after all. Haha. xDD;;;

So, Kujo Kazuya-san, besides discovering a greenhouse at the top of this old bookshelf, what’s it like coming across a doll-like girl with hair more fine than Rapunzel’s and a voice more cracked than you own grandmother’s? xD;

Bah, what am I saying. Aoi Yuki‘s rendition of Victorique is nothing compared Chiwa Saitou’s brilliance of capturing every aspect of her Baa-san loli-ness. *totally, completely biased* <3

Really, here it sounds like an extremely bored Mina Tepes and the last thing I needed to be reminded of is Vampire Bund.

Gah, I miss Chiwa Saitou. Please give her more bigger roles already. T_T

That aside, I've already gotten use to her so mind as well shut up. At least Victorique is as gorgeous as ever~ *huggles her Victorique* If Gosick is good, please give me a nendoroid and plushie and many more merchandise, mmkay~? x333

Haha, Kazuya freaks out, actually thinking she was a doll that really spoke to him.

He isn’t like this in the novel. Then again, their who meeting was different so…still, he wasn’t like this. My Kazuya-kun wasn’t like this. *sad* T_T

And after hearing how they “befriended”, Kazuya is no in charge of delivering homework to Victorique. Oi…lol

Kazuya, this is why women will be your greatest enemy. They rely on you too much. xDD;;

Kazuya: *to self* ‘Alright, second time. Don’t worry, I know she’s human now. How hard can it be?’

Victorique: *rolls*

Kazuya: “Uhh…”


Sorry, I couldn’t possibly resist. One of the reasons why Gosick is worth reading the first place. Victorique rolling adorably all over the floor when she’s bored. Kyaa~! So cute!

Ah~, here it is. The “fountain of wisdom” phrase she always uses. It’s nothing magical at all. Just a fancy way of describing her highly deductive skills…but really, she’s just really intelligent, that’s all.

Whup, we have our valued item of the day. Links to details on Victorique’s past and background shouldn’t be too far around the corner.

Grevil de Blois. He’s a detective…and his hair would put all the doriru in the world to shame. Kahahaha!

It’s only January and we already have an award for the most outrageous haircut. :P

…also, Grevil is voice by Hidenobu Kiuchi, the same guy who voiced Hei in Darker than Black…yea, can’t believe it, right?

Bwahahaha! From “Springtime Reaper” to “Dark Reaper” and then demoted to “Baby Squirrel”.

It’s okay, Kazuya, you’re an adorable Squirrel Reaper. *huggles* <3

Kazuya wins for having the best expressions this episode. xDDD

As for why Grevil uses him to talk about crime scenes in front of Victorique…well, you’ll know sooner or later. Dude absolutely hates to acknowledge her so he has no choice but to use a medium. And unfortunate Kazuya is now that medium. ^^;

Aww, I just realized Grevil doesn’t have his two wacky twin lackeys following him around in the anime. That sucks, I rather liked those two. They were funny.

So here’s the deal: Old Roxanne (the fortune-teller from before) was relaxing in her locked up room, there was a gunshot, everybody came running and after opening the door, finds the woman murdered.


For Victorique, this isn’t even a murder. Just another simple puzzle to solve.

And yawning Victorique is cute~ x33

OHHH~, I was wondering when the pipe would show up. 8D

She smokes a lot, which explains why she sounds like such an old lady. Kids, only Victorique can look cool with a pipe. You are not permitted to follow her example.

And Kazuya, not understanding anything, just stands there and adorably pouts.

GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!11 *dies of cuteness* Kazuya-kun is so cuuuuutttttteeeee~~~ x3333333

Again, there’s no magic~ Just some very pretty snowflakes but it ain’t magic~ Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a mystery~ I’ve been reading too much Umineko. @.@;

So the culprit is the maid, says Victorique.

Grevil who doesn’t get it takes it out on poor Kazuya. Poor Kazuya. ^^;

Since the maid only spoke Arabic and the fortune teller was the only one who was able to talk and understand conversational Arabic, the maid tricked her into coming closer to the door, then BANG!, shot her bulls-eye through the keyhole. The impact is enough to push the old lady back a few feet, making it seem like someone else has committed the murder before hand.

It’s ingenious really. You dirty your hands write under the witnesses’ noses and they wouldn’t suspect a thing.

…honestly, if you think about it, any person with a gun in their hands could be the suspect.

So calling it case closed? Of course not~ It wouldn’t be a mystery then. We have the ‘who dunnit’ and the ‘how dunnit’. Now it’s time to find out the motive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a good mystery~ *loving this genre a little too much right now* 8D

While Grevil goes to arrest the maid and investigate, Victorique is bored again~ *rolls around on the floor* \3

God, she’s so cute. xDD

Kazuya is slightly fascinated by this specimen rolling on the ground in the front of him.

Except for him to get any answers from her, he has to dance.

It’s like a cultural exchange between a sane man and an intellectual creature (well, they are in a tiny jungle). Kekekeke. xDDD

…Specimen seems intrigued despite that look on her face.

Aww, Victorique was mean and didn’t tell him anything after all. Adorable disappointed Kazuya is adorably disappointed.

lol, I love angry Kazuya. He goes out of his reserved mode and totally blows up at any injustice he sees.

Most of the time, it’s usually because Grevil takes all the credit that rightfully belongs to Victorique for solving cases. That’s what got Grevil so much fame as a detective in the first place. ^^;

lol, he even goes to the police station and makes a LOUD fuss about it.

But Grevil kinda deserves it. :P

So they agree to a weekend yacht trip but compared to that isn’t anyone disturbed that Grevil has a porcelain doll on his desk? the detective mentions something vague about Victorique needing permission to leave the school and that can’t be done without Grevil’s influence. Obviously, there’s a connection between these two but we’ll save that for another time.

Haha, Kazuya seems proud of what he’s done and goes to report to Victorique (wow, best chums now, aren’t they?) only to realize he has to spend an entire weekend with that weird Grevil now. Oh, Kazuya. xD;

Victorique is actually anticipating it since she’ll be “free from her prison” for a short while. A true Oujo-sama trapped in a bird cage, eh?


I wanna pinch her cheeks! Blushing, pouty Victorique is the CUTEST THING EVERRRRRR~~~~!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDD

This is why Kazuya is a good match for her. Who else can play husband to this eccentric lil’ loli? Kakakaka~ xDD;;;

And to get back at him for poking in her suitcase-packing business…

Victorique: “You can huff and puff down the looong staircase, wearily lifting those out-of-shape thighs.”

Kazuya: “VICTORICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Ah~, my OTP~ <3

BWAHAHA! This speaks for itself.

Victorique: “My brain has meticulously calculated this as the very least amount of baggage needed for a trip. Of course, hubby Kujo, you’ll be the one to carries it.”

Kazuya: *starts unpacking stuff* “…A chair? Are you a refugee?!”

Victorique: *blushy pout* “I say it’s necessary, so it’s necessary!”


Though I can relate to Victorique a bit. When I go on a trip, even a short one, my mom or dad would always go “Why do you have so much stuff?” after picking up my luggage to see how heavy it is. It’s cuz I take ALL the clothes I’m currently using along with the necessary cosmetics, some books, an extra pair of shoes…but honestly, compared to other girls (like Victorique), I’m not that bad at all. ^^;

Kazuya’s thinking like this is her first locomotive train ride. Well…yea.

Kyaa~ She’s so cute! All full of curiosity about the outside world. x33

Kazuya: *gets too curious and pokes her*

Victorique: “What…are you doing?”

Kazuya: “Er, um…this is a game we play in Japan!”

|D; Right, Kazuya. I think your fascination with your living doll here is getting a little bit to your head. Though I’m not complaining. It’s cute~

Especially since Victorique made that genuine curious look, it’s cute~ x3

Aha~ Victorique all excited by the sights around her. She’s just like a little kid. And Kazuya’s her babysitter. xDD;;;

Pfft, took him long enough to ask “You don’t go out much, huh?”

O-kay…Grevil’s weirdness aside, continuation on the crime details. The maid apparently shot a mirror in the next room before going to kill the fortune-teller. But it wasn’t just any mirror since it was ooo~, a magic mirror (right…).

And something about the “revenge of the box”. BOX PEOPLE EXISTS!!!

Box, box…box on the sea *points to first highlight*…box that floats on the sea…

A ship, duh. And whaddaya know? An invitation to said box tonight for dinner. Main course is hare.

Woot! Now we’re talking! 8DD

Board the haunted ship (aha! It’s Queen Berry!) in the middle of a friggin’ storm and see what this is all about.

Gah, I’m all full of answers just waiting to burst out. Hurry up with the next episode already, yea? It’s time for hare-hunting! *evil laugh* >83



Ok, if I talk anymore, I’ll eventually give away the whole story so it’s best for me to shut up now.

Next week, there will probably be less screencaps since I’ll say most of my thoughts in the “Thoughts” section urgh, redundancy but I doubt it’ll lessen by that much. I love this series too much not to have long rants about it. Hah.

Alright then. Looking forward to ze dinner. *continues to laugh evilly into the night* >:D

K, thanx for reading this first review for Gosick. Laterz. (^ ^)/”


3 thoughts on “Gosick ~ Ep. 1 ~ C’est élémentaire, mon cher Kujo.

  1. Victorique is pure love, she is such a tsundere at times haha XD

    I love the opening for somet strange reason… it’s the colors! It’s just the colors!!!

  2. Since I have yet to read the novels (I have no time to really do so and am lamenting at all of the books I still have sprawled about my room that I have still to read) I can’t really comment about the changes made from novel to anime. Though I do understand the pain (though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was certainly one of the better HP films, and quite possibly the best, it’s not as amazing or epic as some fans are deluding themselves into believing. I have many, *many* issues with it! =.=) But yeah, hopefully these changes will be better fitting for the anime…Unlike with the HP changes.

    Hmm, seiyuu and animation, I bother with neither. My focus is always on the characters, plot, and artwork in general (the artwork is one of the main reasons why I can’t get into One Piece or Fairy Tale, it’s just…very unappealing to me). And actually, I look at those requirements in that order, though plot and characterization are about even and are sometimes switched around.

    So far this series has got check marks next to all of them. The art style is pleasing to me and the opening and endings were both gorgeous. The singer, Risa sounds familiar to me as well, though I can’t place where I’ve heard that name…Oh, and I like both the opening and ending songs.

    It’s a bit too early on to really say much about characters and characterizations, though they are to my liking (even though I don’t find much outstanding in any of them so far, but it’s only the first episode so there is plenty of time for my mind to change.)

    Hmm, the detectives hair scares me. O.O; I hate those types of hairstyles in anime and manga, but since he is the only one with that type of hairstyle, and since it gets played for laughs, it doesn’t bother me as much.

    Getting away from hair and into the luggage bit. I relate to you (except that it’s me mostly packing too many books…) though I *know* there are worst people than me out there (I saw it first hand with one of my roommates when I was in Japan, she had stuff airmailed to her, and then when it was time to go she couldn’t pack it all back into her suitcase…OTL)

    Anyway, I do like that the main character is more of a cute Shota Boy, rather than a Kickass Hot Bishi or something, because there simply are not enough cute Shota Boys as main characters. So, that was definitely a nice change. : )

    Ah, and I’ll wrap all this up by commenting on the mystery. When I was watching this episode I took a glance at some of the comments and someone was like, “That mystery was easy!” And I was just thinking to myself, ‘Do you not realize that the mystery still isn’t over yet? XD’ I enjoy the slow build up around the mystery (and I didn’t really find the opening sequence to be horror, more just occult-ish, but not horror).

    Oh, and I figured that that Grey Wolf thing would probably be important later on, it’s a good thing to know that I was right in guessing the foreshadowing there.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to future episodes of this anime and, so far, have been enjoying the new anime that have been coming out. : )

    Ah, and no problem, I enjoy reading your reviews! ^.^

  3. wonton jr.: She’s actually one of the few tsunderes I can stand.

    Yesh, aren’t they purdy~? <3


    LGB: It’s like that for me, too. Except that in the rare case, the anime fails me more often in those three categories (plot, characters, animation), I at least have my cast to make me stick to it…at least hoping it’ll get better later on. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. *shrug*

    I’d say it will take a while until more of their backgrounds are revealed before they can make any lasting impressions on you but they certainly will in some way. I guarantee it. ;)

    Lol, his hairstyle is such a trait in itself. I love it for its sheer ridiculousness. xD;

    This is kinda why I hate traveling. If I could, I’d bring my whole room with me on a trip (plus a private bathroom). At I won’t have to spend money on a hotel.

    He’s actually not a shota boy at all but I just call him that cuz he has such a cute babyface. lol And in the novel illustrations, they made him look shorter than he really is (you can’t really see him standing up straight since he’s always bending down to Victorique’s height, lol) so that’s how I started calling him a shota. Haha.
    And oh, I’m over the bishies. At least the ones I don’t find interesting. Among many of them the ones that fall into the “too generic” box. :P

    Hehe, Gosick itself I don’t consider a really good mystery but it keeps ya thinkin’ and that’s what’s good about it. :)
    I got a little freaked out by later events but yea, it’s not really horrific at all either.

    Haha, when you hear Kazuya say “Ha, now that’s something I wouldn’t mind befriending,” ya kinda know he’ll meet one. ;D

    Yay! I’m glad you’re liking it so far! That makes me happy~! x3

    Thank you for enjoying my reviews, too. :D

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