Katanagatari ~ Ep. 11 & 12 ~ Cheerio~, Katanagatari. *punches* T____T

BAMF Shichika is f*ckin' HAWT. Nuff said. 8DD

I’M FINALLY FRIGGIN’ DONE!!!! FWAAAAHHHH! *strikes FIERCE! pose*…WAAAHHHH, IT ENDED! *cries in a corner* T_________________T

…*recovers* Erhem…Whee~ Hey, guys! I’m truly, REALLY sorry for the huge delay. Wow, I never thought I would push it all the way into the New Year. GOMEN! >.<

But I have a somewhat good reason for it since this marks as the first and only episodic show so far that I have EVER finished doing episodic posts for ignore the month-long delay for ep 11, lol so I want to make this a good post…even if I have a few not-so-complimentary stuff to say, I want this to be a MASTERPIECE! Which means…it’ll be long…yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh~ Aorii-san, you asked for it. lawl~ ;D

And what I meant by “masterpiece” also includes some pointless egg-brained random ranting as well so prepare yourself for that. THIS IS XIAO’S COMEBACK AND NOTHING’S STOPPIN ME, Y’HEAR?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT! *GOES CRAZY*


So let’s get this underway, shall we? I’ll briefly hit over the important points along with some scenes I found funny and/or special and go a little “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” at the end cuz it was just AWESOME. 8D


Pfffttt…where should I start? I mean, ep 11 had death flags thrown everywhere…ah but before that…

We go back 7 generations or 300 years or whatever to Shikizaki Kiki’s kikikiki first meeting with Yasuri Kazune and of course, the first thing Mr. Swordsmith with the purple socks does is mock him on his amateur sword skills. :P

And is it just me or does Yasuri Kazune look more like a wilderness bishounen than anything? (And he’s voiced by Atsuhi Abe~ <3) Haha, he's got none of his descendant's muscles…but at least he can hold a sword. xD;

Well, yea, as to how Kiki was able to lay out the outlines of perfecting Kazune's bloodline I swear, these puns, I’m not sure. It just improves with age, I guess. Kyotouryuu. *shrug*

Skip, skip, skip. Hitei found out about Togame’s real identity. Whatever.

More important thing is, taking into account that up till now Hitei’s attempts to throw Togame off the edge and onto some really sharp rocks were mere child’s play so their real fight hasn’t really begun yet, she actually doesn’t care about who Togame is or what her motives are at all. So in a sense, there is some true rivalry in it (note how Hitei said that she felt some sort of “bond” with Togame through that). As in, no grudges exist outside their little feud for wanting to humiliate and smash each other into the ground.

But now this new information lands in Hitei’s plans and speaking practically, if I were in her shoes, it would be stupid not to use it against your enemy, even if Hitei herself didn’t want to “end her war” with Togame through this method. But hey, it’s Togame’s fault for being so careless in the first place.

Still, you’d probably argue if Hitei really didn’t want to fight Togame this way, then why didn’t she keep her mouth shut about it? Ha, that’s too naive. And let’s not get ahead of ourselves to the last episode yet. We’ll discuss that later.

The reason is plain and simple. This has never been some sort of honorable fight from the start. There’s spiteful scheming and backstabbing involved to get the credit, which is not uncommon back at that time, in that setting. So of course there will be risks. Togame had staked everything for power and revenge. And the one who caused her own slip-up, her own downfall is herself. The same would have applied to Hitei-hime if she had any secret that could not be revealed which might have also led to her execution or foiling of her plans.

I admit that I have a lot favor for Hitei over Togame but that doesn’t mean I’m biased. This is just how it is in ancient times in courts and among people aiming for the top. Togame is not innocent since she’s killed people for her ambitions, so she should be expecting the same from her enemies.

This is also the reason why I have zero sympathy for Togame. Not because I dislike her. I mean, I won’t lie that I do but if she were to succeed in all her plans without karma coming back to bite her in the ass, it’d be a really shitty story. So I really appreciate that this isn’t going the idealistic way. I really do. Thank you, Nisioisin!

And now, let’s move on before my bias really gets out of control. -_-;

Mon-kun and Emonzaemon’s fight was the fight of the episode. No questions asked.

Really now. Wasn’t it such a letdown to have Shichika’s fight with Houou follow later on??

…there’s also the Foe Yay. Hehehe~ >:3 …seriously, there were already fanarts of that before Mon-kun even made an appearance. o.O;

Anyways, I wished we could have learned more about Mon-kun and Emonzaemon’s past and their respective ninja clans before they fell to ruin. They were supposedly allies or friends of some sort? *can’t remember* I wouldn’t be surprised if Houou has lived long enough to maybe witness the wipeout of the Aioi Corps since the theme of his character is a pheonix so he could have possibly had a very long lifespan (hey, that Maniwa Kyouken or whatever her name was was able to, so why can’t Houou?).

Mon-kun, on the other hand, claims to have “died” once before Hitei denied his death. Exactly how old is he then, if we assume he’s the around the same age as Houou and was friends with him once. …Scratch that, Mon-kun claims that Houou and he are the same so I really don’t know what’s going on anymore.

ARGH! I’ll have to go back and rewatch this episode later. So it’ll still be up in the air for discussion. What a pain. They explain everything about Kiki but the situation with the ninjas are left wide open. That, or it’s all in the novels and/or drama cds that has not been translated. Grrr, I want to know! >:(

So, this awesome fight is cut short when Penguin decides to cheat and ends up getting Houou possessed instead.

BOOOO!!!!!!! >:O

And it lands the shota here. :P

The rest is not important. Moving along~

“So hey, while we’re on our way to the enemy village, let’s talk about our feelings, or rather, my feelings except let me be tsun about it since it’s moe and I’m cute when I’m tsun, right? B-because i-it’s not like I wanted to be a tsun to be dere, i-it’s just that’s how the damn author made me so just…just live with it! D-don’t get me wrong! It’s n-not like I wouldn’t like you even if I wasn’t tsun since we spent 12 episodes together so o-obviously, I’ve gotten used to you being around and don’t really…mind it. A-and, it’s not like we have to separate now that the trip’s over so…so…I WANT TO MAKE A MAP OF JAPAN!

…..Alright, I’m done having my fun.

To be honest, though, I thought her moment her was cute. Annoying but very cute. …Even if it was a lie.

I suppose I can put aside some of my cynicism to buy the sincerity of Togame’s feelings. For the first time, I really felt it…even it was a lie. Only in words, but still…

In any case, you can tell she’s genuine despite all the weak excuses she comes up with to hide her desperateness while Shichika is the one who’s actually calm. There’s really nothing more to say if you sat through and watched it all and let their development sink in. Shichika’s different from all the people she’s worked with before. Well, duh, it’s not like she told them to fall in love with her so maybe that’s where you went all wrong, Togame, and-*SHOT*

Dammit, I really can’t be nice to her for even a second. /P

And of course, because you can see Shichika’s really loves Togame this time around and not just saying “I fell for you” for the sake of having something to say, he accepts to being her lifelong, trusted partner because she wants him to be there. Even if it was a lie. T_T

My heart literally melted a little at seeing how warm Shichika’s smile was. It’s not overflowing with confidence or trying to strike proof like how he is when he’s up against his opponents. No, it’s more heartfelt and reserved, like telling Togame she’s the only one for him or something cheesy like that. Ack, so mushy~

But, clearly, Togame’s very thrilled about it. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A LIEEEEEE!!!!!!! T______________T

Does anyone else find it funny on how Pengin “GASPS!” at almost everything? It gets annoying after a while and though Togame says that it his personality is probably the result of training and him being the second most powerful ninja among the Maniwani, I think that’s complete BULLSHIT. The kid’s just a wuss in a penguin suit. That’s right. Any cuteness left in his baggy pants just killed itself on me because it is totally not convincing.

I mean, wtf is up with his ninpou, Unmei Kuzushi? He can’t get hurt by projectiles because of some damn luck he has and the only weapon he has, he doesn’t have to do anything but throw it and let it bounce around the room. COME ON. This is more stupid than the Kyotouryuu’s inability to hold a sword.

I should have felt a little sorry about Penguin’s death solely because he seems like an innocent kid wrapped up in an affair that he should’ve been left out of but I can’t. He’s such a disappointment as this so-called “second most powerful Maniwa ninja” and Houou’s “supposed successor”. Had those titles not been pushed onto him, maybe I wouldn’t think of him so harshly. But that pitiful plea for his own life just made me disgust him. Child or no child, his comrades all died with even the most minimal dignity and Penguin was able to hold Mon-kun off for some time…so why? If you didn’t want to die in the first place, get involved in the first place, then you wouldn’t be here right now. But he is so why would he beg when he’s about to die? That doesn’t make sense. It’s just disgraceful and pathetic for someone who’s supposed to be a warrior or ninja or whatever.

Meh, when the whole idea of Kiki’s soul residing in Dokutou Mekki and it taking over Houou sunk in, I felt betrayed because I really wanted to see a true fight between Houou and Shichika. Pfft, Kiki isn’t a swordsman. Heck, he isn’t even swordsmith. He’s a soothsayer and used his predictions of the future to make his swords. WOW. Never expected that to randomly come up last minute and force everything to make sense. That’s some poor usage of plot tools.

But that explains how Hitei knew about the swords all along. Their locations, the outcomes of Togame and Shichika’s encounters, everything. She has soothsayer blood running in her. Still not happy about this being the answer to all the questions, though. *grumpy* >:/

Anyways, Houou never went out with the splendid BANG! that should have been his and I had to sit here, enduring Togame going into “official tone” mode and them yapping away about false history or something like that. I was already confused about that bit since ep 10 so I figured I’d just ignore it until it became important but apparently that was a bad idea.

So let me get this straight. If the Shikizaki family’s goal was to alter or falsify history and certain things that exist in this history should not have existed in the original…that means it’s because of the Shikizaki family that the shogunate, Itezora clan, Maniwani and even Togame are part the false history. Is that right? God, this is so confusing. And for what purpose will this plan do?

…Is the original history referring to the real one outside the fiction? Meaning ours? After all, our history had no Owari Shogunate in the Edo period. So I’m really not sure how this should be interpreted or decide if Nisioisin is just trolling his readers. If someone knows what the hell’s going on, PLEASE DO TELL! @____@;;;

*sigh* Let’s set this aside for now until it’s mentioned again in ep 12 below.

The fight sucked. What was it? 2 full minutes of the same footage of Shichika taking jabs at Kiki?

And oho~, you’re not going to believe where all the money that could have made this fight even a little remotely worthwhile went.




F*ckin’ stupid. Can’t even try to take it seriously. UGH. =___________________________________=#####

The one I feel most bad for is Houou. Along with what I said above, he can’t even die properly in his own body. Kiki was just TOO glad he hijacked it to experience death by Shichika’s hands – his Completed Deviant Blade.

What a weird old grandpa living a sword. :P

Ha, I just realized I haven’t said anything about death flags at all up to this point. Should I list them?

Togame getting a tea leaf to stand up in her cup at the beginning and it symbolizing good luck.
Togame telling Shichika all her future plans for her map drawings and traveling together him and whatnot.
Hand-holding, sunset background, let’s walk down the stairs to our happy ending.



Peek-a-boo. Mon-kun, I see you~

lol xD;


Togame: *gasps!*



I feel a little impressed with the first screenshot up there. Mon-kun’s gun is perfectly in line with the sun behind him. Hahaha~


*cough* Ok, I can afford to behave for the sentimental moment awhile.

At this point, I haven’t completely understood what Mon-kun meant when he told Shichika it was all his fault that Togame and Hitei’s fight had to end this way but now I do. It was all meant for him to berserk, hence allowing him to become truly Completed Deviant Blade that Kiki intended him to be. The reason for killing Togame was more than convenient since she’s Hida Takahito’s daughter and it’s not like the shogun will allow her to live or even less become his right hand, even with all her years of service. Even if that was not revealed, I’m sure Hitei would have found some way to take her life as it was essential to Kiki’s plan for Shichika. Perhaps not as cruelly like this although I doubt that but…yea.

That aside, I was surprised that Mon-kun had a little bit of heart in him to only fatally injure Togame so Shichika can hear her last words. I mean, he could have shot her in the head right on but he didn’t. Then again, that may all be part of the plan to drive Shichika more into grief, and therefore, give him some motivation to fight later on. But I don’t think so. He may be the evil servant and a cold-blooded murderer acting on his princess’s orders but he’s still a sympathizing human, something which Shichika will remember but we’ll save that for later.

As Togame lays there dying, we get an almost too-familiarly-patterned last goodbye from her. How she, who acted and live all alone for most of her life, was able to learn so many things she never knew and be happy for the first time after meeting Shichika.

Yet even though she went through so much with him and change as a person, perhaps even spare her own life, she couldn’t let go of her own hatred and confessed all her promises with him was a lie and that she intended to kill him after the journey was over from the very start.

Even her own feelings, which were true, were all just tools for her use.

Really, this is probably the most solid example of the quote “you reap what you sow” I’ve ever seen. Cuz Togame, like Shichika said, could have been happy had she let herself just take that chance. But she didn’t and chose this instead. It’s almost, almost like her choosing her own death. And if she accepts that she deserved it for everything she’s done, then who is anyone to argue otherwise?

Those who always believe and want a happy ending would never understand this, I suppose. I think it has to do with the amount of sin you’ve committed and how much you comprehend it that your sudden death shouldn’t come as a shock to you. And that’s why I find Togame’s death a fitting end for her character. She was not a woman who lived with graced and dignity but one who schemed and plotted everything in the shadows, using and discarding others all for her own benefit. She really wasn’t worthy of being Shichika’s master at all because of that, and she admits it. She’s admitting she deserved this.

From my personal standpoint, you all know that I dislike her. Yes, I did and maybe still do. That doesn’t mean I can’t understand what she’s saying right here. Even if I haven’t been spoiled about the ending since the very beginning, hadn’t known she would die and accept this as all apart of the plot, had actually kept liking her, I still would agree that her death is only appropriate according to events that led up to it.

I have no sympathy nor any love left for Togame, yes, but foremost of all, I refuse to be biased, especially when there is a reasonable explanation to why this or that had to turn out as it is.

With that, Togame nullifies the contract she made with Shichika and orders him to live as he pleases as well as forget her after she dies. Shichika, of course, is adamant in that he couldn’t because she was why he was able to become happy and find a meaning for himself. That he really loved her. Oh god… *starting to tear up* ;______;

But Togame still says she’s happy. Even though she lived and is about to die as a vile woman, she’s glad that Shichika will be able to live. That she won’t have to kill the only person she loves, the same person who taught her many things and truly loved her in return. After all, the greatest thing you can learn in life is to love and be loved in return, right? Maybe that’s why she can let go without any regrets because that’s really everything she needed in the first place.

And of course, after breathing her last words “Can I fall for you?” to Shichika, I just fell into silence for a long while. I couldn’t make out what was Shichika’s reply but I don’t think there’s a need to. *sniff* Yea…shut up, did you really think I was that heartless? ;______________;

Moving on, Hitei is finally able to get an audience with the Shogun now that all 12 swords are collected. If that’s the case, I suspect Togame was never able to do that even though she was a strategian who only takes direct orders from shogun or…somebody, I forgot who. It also makes me wonder if both of their ultimate goals was exactly that(Hitei says “It was also that woman’s wish”). To meet with this man and receive their reward from him face-to-face. At least, regarding Togame anyway. Hitei has other plans up those kimono sleeves of her.

Whatever the case is, Hitei won in that sense.

On the other hand, the shogun is your typical fat guy on a throne who relies on his loyal warriors as he sits there and rules the country on his fatty lard ass.

…I’m only speaking the truth here, hun.

Anyways, they start discussing things about Japan being destroyed a hundred years from now by foreign nations and such. I don’t know where Katanagatari’s Japan will fall on the real life timeline but I’m sure she was referring to the Meiji era, where Japan will face military and economic pressures from Western nations. Before that, during the Bakumatsu, the Westerners’ presence have already started conflicts in Japan.

I only briefly skimmed these pages for a general idea so don’t take this as anything more than a reference.

Mon-kun then arrives (everyone’s like “WHOA! Where’d that come from?” LAWL~ xD) and interrupts with a message that we have an intruder on the grounds~



lol, you can tell Hitei is Kiki’s descendant in how she seems frighteningly pleased that Shichika is about to come and kill them.

Just. As. Planned.

Written all over that lovely evil expression of hers. We need more epic villains like these.

Aaaannnddd…here I don’t have much to say other than I wanted to spam the AWESOMENESS that is Shichika. Haha~

And more AWESOMENESS spam. Shichika is so cool when he’s plowing through a 1,000 guards in cold rage. xDDDDDDDDD

Which reminds me, didn’t in ep 8, when Togame brought him back to the capital for the first time and left him at home while she went to the castle to give her report, there was a new policy of no swords allowed in there? lol, what’s this then?

Then again, it wouldn’t be awesome like it is now if there weren’t any guards around so nevermind~

Hmm……well, he left flowers.

Um, really not making a joke here but I’m guessing this is happening not long after Togame died. Maybe even a few hours after, who knows?

As to those who are curious on why Shichika went and bought himself the extra garb to wear, it’s a way of remembering Togame since she wore layers of them to not forget her own past. It’s really touching and sad when you think about it. At the same time, it’s also because of her that he’s…well, yea.

Meanwhile, Hitei manages to work some confusing words around the shogun to get him to use his 11 retainers to go and face Shichika. To be honest, I had trouble trying to understand her as well but it’s still all part of the plan~ so that’s not important as long as it’s done.

So like Kiki to have this sort of…”ceremony” prepared for his Completed Deviant Blade, though. Have him go on a journey to look for the swords, powering up all the way and becoming human as well. Then have him kill about a hundred or so people to further sharpen him as a weapon, destroy those very swords he collected just to show the full extent of his true power.

Oi. Still trollin’ in the afterlife. Ain’t that fun? :P

Well, everyone thought that Shichika came to avenge Togame’s death but on the contrary, he came to die instead. Hurgh, I’ll get to that bit a little later but it’s not hard to guess why.

On another note, Yoshimasa Hosaya is just AWESOME! I love how dark and deep Shichika’s voice became. It’s sexy. That is all. 8D

There’s no need to say anything here. Took some screencaps to display more AWESOME BADASS-NESS (kyaaaaa~ x33333333) but really, it’s necessary to watch the whole fight with the brilliant sound effects and Taku Iwasaki’s beautiful soundtrack playing in the background. Which, btw, I’m still waiting for the download of the second volume and would appreciate it if someone uploaded a sample online somewhere already. *impatient* I want my remix of Bahasa Palus already! >:/

*cough* So for your FULL viewing pleasure…

HERE YA GO! BEST CURB STOMP BATTLE OF 2010, NAY, THE DECADE!!!!!!!!! Just skip to 6:50 since WP is being a buttface and won’t accept the embed code. lolol xDDDD

…Is there anyone else besides me who thought these “11 retainers of the Yanari Shogunate” were more incompetent and overall, worse than the Maniwa ninjas? D/

Then again, they’ve had a severe disadvantage from the start so maybe that’s being a little too hard on them. Obviously, Shichika, whose full strength has been unleashed since he doesn’t have to hold back on damaging the swords anymore, would know more about the swords and their weaknesses than they do since he was the one who collected them. Keh, it’s almost a pathetically humorous situation. ^^;

…But these are guys are still incompetent. :P

Now that the useless ones are cleared out of the way, REAL FIGHT BEGINS. HAHA! >8D

I love how Hitei is enjoying every single moment of this. So much that she couldn’t sit still and wait on the top floor. lol XD;

As far as Shichika killing her or Mon-kun killing him, which means Kiki’s plans failing, is concerned, well…she’s pretty much not concerned at all. Seems any result would satisfy her.

It’s kinda complicated and amusing at the same time…heh.

Mon-kun, however, is a lil’ sulky HAHA~ that he’s been ordered to fight cuz the fruition of Kiki’s plans are on the line and not because it’s for his hime‘s sake (D’AWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~) but Shichika retorts that if that’s the way people find reasons to fight, then it’s better to not fight at all.

Though I think he’s only drawing from his own example and how Togame cared about nothing but herself in the end. She was selfish with her wants, her desire for Shichika to live as he wishes being one of them. Shichika doesn’t seem to agree with her on that point and that’s probably why he says Togame would consider herself first before anything else.

Yet that’s the reason he fell for her.

And I’m not going to even bother thinking why cuz it simply can’t be explained. Frankly, it’s kinda stupid, too. Irrational…but hey, that’s love. It doesn’t have to make sense. Durr~ /B

Mind as well throw in the theory that Shichika is a bit of a masochist as well. :P


Continuing on, after realizing that there’s no point in fighting for someone, Shichika’s basically doing everything for himself now. Without Togame here, even though she said to live on, it’s meaningless. Because she’s gone already, there’s no need for him to follow orders or live anymore. I think this was just a rash conclusion he came to because I’m sure he didn’t have a Plan B if Mon-kun failed to kill him. The old blockhead Shichika wouldn’t die that easily.

Strangely enough, he says he doesn’t have a self-destruct button or rather, would prefer to die by Mon-kun’s hands since he’s probably the only person in the world who can kill him. I suppose it’s his pride as a warrior that prevents him from grabbing a knife and stabbing himself in the chest. If he’s going to die, he’s going to die fighting. That’s my guess. *shrug* :/

The fight itself is…MASSIVELY indescribable. Mon-kun’s bullets going off, Shichika’s speeding around the room faster than lightening and then that nuclear cave-in kick! WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Well, now we know that bullets won’t work on him either. Damn, guy must really want to die to not feel anything after getting shot like 50 times. o_O;

For another odd reason, I don’t think Shichika would be very good at dodgeball either…I’m serious. O_o;

Oh god, what a mess. What a friggin’ bloody awesome KICKASS mess!! 8DDDD

You still can’t see anything because they’re moving so fast but we at least get close-ups of them getting cut and blood spurting everything AND OMG THERE’S FIIIIYYYYAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!…god, it’s just an AWESOME mess of a fight.

Also wondering how exactly can the building is still standing after all this wreckage. You’d figure that the top floor would collapse on them or something. ^^;

ARGH! If only this Shichika Hachiretsu Kai can be put into an awesome gif. Alas, it can’t. But we have a CLIP! On Youtube! Thank you person who has uploaded this portion of the ep. 8D

…yea. Awesomest fight EVAR. I’d like to see another historical anime top that. Haven’t had this much fun watching them since the Rurouni Kenshin days. lol

Just a last note, people should have recognized Togame’s hair hanging from Shichika’s waist now. That makes me sad. It’s his only physical reminder of her. T________T

…but she didn’t have a lot of hair left so for him to take that much must mean he had to cut it close to the roots to have the strands in perfect, straight conditions . o.O;

Alas, poor Togame, you will enter the afterlife bald. ^^;




…And this guy’s still standing up. Can you believe it? CRAZY! o_O;

Ugh, forget him for 23 seconds. I need to mourn for Mon-kun. Mon-kun~ I shall miss you and your attic peeping. ;______________;

Haha, it takes Shichika a minute to realize the state of his clothes. His response like…”Eh.”

And just like the case with Mon-kun, I was surprised a little at what Shichika did next after glancing down at Togame’s hair. It left me a sense of admiration for him actually.

Yea, yea, I know. Wait a sec, we’ll get to it now. xP

And here “Gettouka” starts to play. Shichika ascending the steps takes me back to the first episode where we first saw his dad, Mutsue, doing the same thing on his way to execute Hida Takahito.

Hitei’s reaction was expected. “Oh, so you won after all.” Hehe.

Shichika: “Emonzaemon’s dying words. Steel your heart and listen.”

Hitei: “I’m listening, what are they?”

Shichika: “Princess, please forgive me for dying for your sake.

And who would expect otherwise of Hitei’s most loyal servant? Mon-kun~ ;______;

Haha, Hitei isn’t fazed at all and comes up with a with a dry, amused but less scornful remark to it. Now this makes me a little disappointed inside. It may not have been important but I still want to know under what circumstances did Hitei and Mon-kun meet. It is a plausible theory that Mon-kun’s loyalty to Hitei doesn’t just stem from their relationship as master and subordinate but maybe adoration as well. And it seemed to have been quite a huge adoration since he chose to disobey orders and fought for what he wanted to die for, his princess.

I’m willing to bet my money on it. I mean, I won’t go that far to say that they’re a couple of any sort cuz they’re notBUT YEA, I SHIP THEM LIKE THE FLAMING BULLETS OF ENTOU’S GUNS! NYUK NYUK NYUK~! >:3

And Shichika…I guess this was a last favor from one man to the other. Mon-kun allowed Togame to live long enough for Shichika to hear her last words and since Mon-kun couldn’t say his to Hitei himself, Shichika decides to deliver them. It’s probably standard conduct among warriors or such but I still find that very admirable.

So instead of killing Hitei right then and there, Shichika turns his attention to the cowering shogun clutching his security blanket.

“Whoop! That 1,000-year prosperity I mentioned? Sorry, I lied. And I kinda need you to die right now. Otherwise, grandpa’s plans won’t be fulfilled and that’s just not fine with me.”

As for the whole false history thing, yea, the Owari Shogunate is exactly that and Kiki’s objective was to have him killed. Or have his Complete Deviant Blade kill him? Whichever. He just had to be killed.

…great, now I’m confused again. So he wanted to falsify history…to correct it? Wut? I DON’T GET IT! WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?!?!?! @A@;;;

And it was all in Kiki’s plans to have Shichika kill him? What are the chances of that?! *BRAIN CRASHES*

… @______________@;;;;

As for why Shichika has to “make an example” of the shogun, even though doing so isn’t going to help Togame or make his situation any better, I can only surmise as much.

And him asking if Hitei really liked Togame deep down instead of hating her is what I’m basing it on. It’s strange, yes, but Hitei always seemed to have fun going odds against Togame. Moreover, they’re very alike in stubborness and biting personalities so while I’m not sure how well, or how bad, they got along after their first meeting, their rivalry still formed and morphed into a bond. A weird, mutual “can’t stand you!” bond but nevertheless, a bond.

So when she answered that she didn’t dislike Togame, it just clicked with me. Sometimes, it’s only a very thin line between love and hate. And maybe their cat fights were another way of expressing themselves toward each other.

But if so, why couldn’t have Togame been spared then? Referring back to the very top, that’s one reason. Enemies or friends, that didn’t matter. The main thing was to bring the shogunate down. Togame through obtaining power, and Hitei through Kiki’s plans of murdering the shogun. Different methods, same goal. Perhaps that’s why Togame asked Shichika to send her thanks to Hitei? Because she knew Hitei wanted what she wanted and would see it through? Possible. It could’ve all been just another trivial race to the finish line between them as long as somebody reached it.

Up to this point, everyone probably thinks that Hitei was the one who ordered Mon-kun to kill Togame. After all, Mon-kun seems to only carry out her orders and the shogun, whom Togame answers directly to, had no knowledge she was dead until Hitei told him. But ah~, wait a sec. The shogun might not have known that Hida Takahito’s daughter, Yousha-hime, and Togame the Strategian were the same person. So say somebody (Hitei) informed him that she was still alive without telling that she was also Togame. He could’ve given the order to someone (Hitei) who would pass it on to Mon-kun, who worked in the CIA Intelligence Department or whatever that was, and BANG! You just paved way for her sword to end your own life.

Is Hitei still responsible for Togame’s death? *nod* I think so, I absolutely think so. But the direct order could’ve been given by the shogun and that’s probably how Shichika narrowed it, bypassing all others.

…oh, can’t forget this guy was also the reason why Togame wasted her life away. If he didn’t exist, Togame wouldn’t be dead now. Guess you’re just unlucky, Mr. Shogun, sir. xP

An epic finale to an epic climactic fight of such an epic final episode.

And the shogun is still whimpering, asking if our Shichirin would like power and the country in exchange for his life.

Response is obvious.





……… *claps* Bravo. Just…BRAVO. *crying* <')




Shichirin is back to his old self~ Yay, I’m glad. ^^

Guess he just needed something to take his anger out on to cool off after all. Hey, we all have those days, y’know. *shrug*

He’s also taken up Togame’s sorta-will and went around Japan to draw a map! Yay! That makes me happeh~ <3

And oh look, Hitei followed him. What's with this sudden change from villainess to the cute haircut? Such a cute lil' stalker she is. Haha. XD;

She’s wearing Mon-kun’s mask, too. YAY! THAT MAKES ME HAPPEH~!!!!! *twirls around in circles* x33333333333333

And she said “Did he think I would be impressed with that?” Yea, hun, I’m sure he didn’t leave some sort of impression on you. *rolls eyes and giggles*



I give up on this whole falsifying/altering history GAH whatever this crap is. If I think any more on it, my head will explode. And why the hell is it always changing? When did the word “revolution” ever come up?! Nisioisin, are you trollin’ for real?! C’MON, SAY IT STRAIGHT, DAMMIT! >:(

Apparently, there seems to be some truth to it if the Japan in the future might come under attack by other countries. But yea, I’m really not going to go into it anymore so I’ll just shut up and enjoy watching them eat their dangos. /P

Haha, I can only imagine how many passionate TogamexShichika shippers (are they any out there~?) must be bombarding Hitei with bashings right now. Either on the dangos “SHICHIKA SHOULD ONLY EAT DANGOS WITH TOGAME!” or them traveling together now “SHICHIKA IS ONLY TOGAME’S BODYGUARD, BITCH!”. That’d be hilarious. Ahaha~ xD

Really, I don’t see them as anything more than business partners. Hitei is the one in charge of their “war funds” while he deals with anyone trying to steal their money.

And it’s not like Hitei had anything else to do after she accomplished her goal. Moreover, staying in the capital would be idiotic since she might be a wanted criminal now if the current Shogun has labeled her as such. Best option was to tag along with Shichika, since he’s also a criminal but I doubt anyone sane enough would approach Japan’s No. 1 Swordsman, especially after what he did to that castle. ^^;

Coming down to it, they both don’t have anyone left so why not pair up and make the best of it, eh?

As for Hitei’s sudden flirtyness…well, she’s always been flirty to me. It just changed a little, that’s all. Doesn’t mean she’s interested in him or anything. And I find it cute…ok, ok extremely cute how she follows him like a puppy. It makes me laugh, thinking about how much she’ll nag him all the time and he’ll be his usual “meh, what a hassle” self. Not that much different from Togame, I don’t think. xD;

Shichika: “Ah! However, by that time, you’ll be torn to pieces.”

Hitei: “WHY?!”

lololol …ohhhh god, I’m going to miss that catchphrase so much. And Hitei’s “NANDE?!” was the best reaction to it ever. lol xDDD;;

Hmm, so that’s it. Now they’re both on a journey to draw a map of Japan and nobody knows what happened afterwards. lol, I cracked up when the narrator said “He may have died by the roadside”.

So Hitei just left him there?! xD;

Ahh, nah. I’m pretty sure they traveled elsewhere, even if it was uneventful but that’s fine with me. Huu~, now I wish there was more. I’m greedy for more!

…I do say, it’s time for fic-planning again. OHOHOHO~ *excited* 8DDD

And we get a nice little run-down collage of all our major characters. Always nice to see those at the end. Hee~

Shame I couldn’t put it all together in on pic. Everybody kept flashing in and out and then there were those goddamn petals. Hmph. *pouty*

Concluding Thoughts

Alrighty, before I really close the curtains on this, I’ll just give some final thoughts on the series overall.

It’s plain to see that I loved it. A lot. I mean, I actually finished reviewing every single episode so if that doesn’t mean I love it, I don’t know what does. <P

Katanagatari was far from the best anime I've ever seen but I think it earned a spot among my top ten for many, many reasons. For one thing, it is a Nisioisin work. Probably not as clever and original as his other, I hesitate, "masterpieces" but still a very enjoyable one. The dialogue was annoying at times for dragging on but everything seemed to balance out well in the end. The action, the execution of the plot despite its many flaws. Honestly, if you ask me what would I complain about this as an anime, I'd give you a short list…and then give you an even longer one on why you should try it out as well.

A lot of people at the beginning checked out for the art and was quite disappointed with first impressions of it. But Katanagatari is one of those you’ll have to give a chance to develop before you can say you’re satisfied with it. By then, you should have already found something to like about it. I mean, besides the art, there’s the colorful range of characters (includes artistically speaking as well). I was able to love every single one of them at least once and frankly, I wouldn’t alter any of their traits at all. Yes, Penguin and Togame as well.
Additionally, the music was without a doubt, awesome. Nothing more needs to be said there. Eeto…what else? Swords, yes, who doesn’t like swords? :P

…Oh screw this. Who cares? I loved it. That’s all that matters. <3

lol, and I'm going to sorely miss it. I'll miss the "Cheerio~!", the funky ninja costumes, Shichika's catchphrase, hell, what am I not going to miss, huh? This was one of the great ones, my saving light, of 2010! RAWR!

Oh, and one last time for the sake of it. Altogether now! WAAAAAAA-HAMAAAAAA SAOZEIMEIYOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!


That goes down as the best ear worm of the show. I have a lot more, y’know, and I originally planned to list them here but decided not to since I didn’t have any images to accompany them. Should I do it anyway? …Yea? Ok, here’s a few (it’s wacky and random so deal with it, haha):

Best Tsun with the Close-call Hair-cut: Togame, duh~ (Runner up in the hair division: Hitei~ <3)
Best Badass martial artist w/best ahoge: Shichirin~ SHICHIKA~ xD
Official Couple: ShichikaxTogame… well, y’know, they’re not an OTP for me anymore by they’re still an okay pairing after Togame told Shichika she loved him…and everything before that…*sniff*
Xiao’s Best Couple Pick: Chouchou and Oshidori…because their relationship was actually healthy and too short-lived.
Best Catchphrase: Sorry, Shichika, but this one goes to Hakuhei. “I will make you fall for me.” lol~
Best “…” Scene: Ep. 1 – “You will fall for me!” *silence* …
Most Annoying Laugh: Maniwa Koumouri “KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!”
Funny Chew Toy/Plaything/Scarf/”Hey, let me pet it~”: ShichikaxTogame’s hair.
Best Trampoline: Ep. 2 – Togame’s face.
Best Drinker: Meisai
Best Troll: EPISODE 4 DAMMIT! >8(
Award for Conventionl Parenting Methods: Nanami. “I’ll pulled out all his fingernails and he never did it again.” o.O;
Best Shout-out: Ep. 5 – “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY WOMAN!”
Most Adorable Loli: KONAYUKI~ *TAKES HER HOME* xDDD;;;
Muchly Underdogged: Maniwani
Smile to Die For: Nanami…yea.
Best Junkyard Security: Biyorigou
Best dressed and charismatic villain with a smexy fan: Hitei (Runner-up in charisma: Houou)
Best Subordinate with the habit of “Un-“ing everything: Mon-kun
Cutest Jealousy: Uh……UH…
Wildest Imagination: Togame – “Th-they’re taking a BATH together?!”
Greatest Disappointment: Penguin
Siblings of the year: Yasuri siblings~
Kiss scene/death scene/tear-jerker/holding hands/D’AWWW/etc. moments: Togame and Shichika.
Best Fight/CLIMAX!!!!: -.- *shoves ep 12 in your face* (Runner-up: Ep. 7 ; Ep. 4 defaulted)
Most Annoying thing about this series: SCREENCAPPING, OMG! I’M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN! *DIES*
Best Ranter for this series: Xiao
Best long-ass reviews for this series: Xiao
Best won’t-shut-up for this series: Xiao
Best *SHOT*

I would have had more but I think that’s enough. Just another excuse to increase the wordcount. lol xD;

Now that I’ve had all the fun I can have, what’s the next plan? Well, I’m hoping that White Fox would be awesome enough to maybe make an OVA for the side novel, Maniwagatari as well. I have no clue what it’s about but to me, it seems that Kyouken is still alive and has hijacked another loli. I could be wrong. *shrug*
As far as licensing goes for the novels, I’m not hopeful about it all so I guess I’ll have to work on my Japanese and purchase those versions. In the meantime, I’m collecting all the Katanagatari merchandise I am allowed and I’ve already ordered the Katangatari petit nendo set. I just wished they could’ve made another for Hitei, too. *pouts*

So while this is the last Katanagatari post, it surely won’t be the last time I mention it. Ah, I really should take pictures of my Banpresto figures. Hmm, yea, I’ll have a post on that soon. Hehe. ;D

With that, YES I AM FINALLY GOING TO REALLY SHUT UP CUZ I NEED MY SLEEP, I thank everyone who have waited for and read my reviews and I really do hope you had fun reading them (or laughing at my stupidity, that’s fine, too). I especially want to thank kittymaverick again for being such an awesome commenter all the time and I hope I’ll still see around even though Katanagatari is done. Goodbyes are just too sad so maybe I’ll stalk you. *smacked* XD;

Till the next Katanagatari-related post, my fellow fans, Saraba da! :D


5 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 11 & 12 ~ Cheerio~, Katanagatari. *punches* T____T

  1. Yahoo~! You finally released this! 8D

    …What happened in episode 11 again? 8D (…It was that easily forgotten, huh?)
    I remember….yeah, the Foe Yay being thrown around…XD

    I actually finally got to read the complete Chinese translation of Katanagatari, and it actually does skim the surface of Mon-kun and Houou’s relationship. Keyword being skim, of course, because that’s as much depth as we get. A scene that is deleted from the novel is Togame talking to Shichika regarding Houou’s powers and such, to the point I swear she read the novel’s herself…either she already have them figured out, making her a super genius, or she is breaking the fourth wall behind our– what? Oh yeah, the scene we missed in the anime…
    Basically she talks about Houou’s ORIGINAL Ninpou (insert name here because I don’t remember), the one that allows him to “steal” the life of others. And it is quite literally stealing, because, well, he not only steals their abilities, but also their personalities. Essentially, he steals whatever skills the person has by killing them and attaching a part of them to himself…(Must. Not. Think. Wrong.)
    Apparently, you don’t have to actually physically kill the person though…I guess if the person’s mentally collapses it counts to…
    Sounds familiar? *stares at Mon-Kun*
    Though in the novel, Shichika points out that Mon-kun still has all his limbs though, but Togame says, well that’s not really true because…*looks at Mon-kun again*
    So for anyone curious as to what Mon-kun is suppose to look like, just look at Houou. 8D Minus the makeup maybe…
    And then they went into how Houou stole his friend’s face not for his powers, but for his knowledge of how to fit into current society. And that apparently, that skill was what made him the leader of the psychologically and socially impaired Maniwani. *FACEPALM*
    Cannot think of Mon-kun acting like Houou! CANNOT THINK!
    Man, Mon-kun must be really pissed off during the fight…

    Houou: *impersonates Mon-kun*

    …Wait, so wouldn’t the Foe Hay technically be Screw Yourself too? *BRAINBLEACH, BRAINBLEACH*

    That being said, Houou and Mon-kun probably aren’t that old…At most late 30s is what I would say…
    Oh and they also mention how now that Houou is no longer on Mon-kun mode, the fighting will be easier 8D…
    You know what, just find the novel and read it. ==U

    And Penguin is adorable. 8D
    And his personality is not a result of training (you must have read the subs wrong Xiao! You MUST HAVE!). It’s a flaw that he was born with. Like how the rest of the Maniwani are all psychotically annoying/impaired/whatever, Penguin gets to act like a kid….well, he is eleven ish, so it is kinda justified (not it’s freaking not).

    And his Ninpou is basically, he has ridiculously good luck (so no Vegas for you Penguin). So if you try shooting him, you’ll miss like hell. Kinda like trying to throw darts at a water balloon, but the balloon just freaking won’t let you. 8D
    I know, it’s lame, but if say we wait a few years when he gets more control over it…oh boy…It’ll be hell for his enemies because everything they do will FAIL.
    His weapon basically will never hit him because of his ridiculously good luck, but if say you open the door and let it out of the room and then CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU…yeah, Mon-kun got rid of Penguin’s weapon that way in the book…it was hilarious (well, if you ignore the dying kid on the floor…)
    And it’s his gimmick to be like a kid who didn’t want any of this, plus Mon-kun is just jealous that the kid is following Houou and not him–jk, jk. ==U

    Yeah, the whole history falsifying thing was confusing at first…@_@
    I had to go read the novel trice and watch the anime twice to get it.
    Basically, Shikizaki family predict Japan will fall into foreigner’s hand, and apparently that can be prevented if you overthrow the original (OUR history’s) Shogunate. So he did exactly that. But then the Owari Shogunate rose to power instead, so technically he just destroyed something that was easily replaced with another. So Kiki went “You know what, F- it!” and decided to reverse the process of falsification. So he want’s to destroy the current shogunate in order to slap history back to it’s original course…
    Yeah, it’s still confusing as hell 0_0

    *Joins in screaming “THE LOVE WAS A LIE”*
    Death scene death scene….NEXT!
    *Pretends like she’s not crying*
    (Shichika’s shouting during her death scene was so sad! T_T)

    It was weird no hearing Hitei hime deny anything! I understand it’s for formality’s sake, but it was so weird!
    And her evilness is so delicious 8Db

    Actually, I think Shichika didn’t went and bought those clothes…The color could be from dried blood, you know…
    Togame, you’re going to the underword missing some hair AND naked…Not that you weren’t before anyway because of fanservice demands ==U

    Curb stomping battles runs in the Yasuri family for sure 0_0
    Hilariously, one of the shogun’s servant IS a maniwani XD And he’s extra bad too XD Shichika even calls him out for negating the very thing that makes the weapon deadly (It’s the sixth guy) XD The tenth battle was hilarious…. I replayed it at least 5 times before continuing XD

    Well, Shichika is really hopelessly in love right? I mean, you know you love a person when you love not just their good part, but also their bad parts too. Though you should probably try to make them change for the better ==U

    Hur, Shichika playing dogdeball XD
    You’ll need to make Togame make a new order for it to work 8D

    I don’t know why, but I was more interested in watching Mon-kun’s clothes fall part compared to Shichika (well, we kinda saw all that already in May, so….)

    Shichika is insane….he’s probably lost a good portion of blood that normally will kill a person, and he’s haemorrhaging like hell…Though it does bite him back in the end though that by the time he gets up stairs, he only has enough strength to kick one person’s ass. So Mon-kun technically had a mission accomplished moment….
    Well, except he died.

    (If you read his mini stat sheet in the back of the book, his hobby is cleaning in the attic XD)

    Mon-kun X Hitei for life! *HIGH FIVE POSE*
    (Time to rectify with fanfics!)

    Yeah, basically the twelve swords was to falsify history, and then he f-ed up, so he creates Kyotoryu (I iz no gud speler todai) to unfalsify history…

    Epic finish is epic…Though castle was still standing after that though…well, I guess we at least needed the stairs so Hitei can (somehow) drag Shichika back down or something….

    I want someone to loop Konayuki dammit! 0A0

    Yeah, apparently, the two of them were on the run from authorities. It’s specifically stated in the novel ==U

    Huh…fanfic… I’ve seen a fan comic where the two of them end up with a BABY. *rage*
    Can you imagine the rage that will go through heaven/hell from Togame and Mon-kun alone? XD

    *Stares at Mon-kun’s last screen cap*
    *stick out index fingers*
    *tries to push his face so he smiles*

    …Can I has longest comment for this series and the commentator that won’t shut up? XD

    Nenroid is actually cheaper then I imagined, but shipping so expensive! (And I still haven’t finished paying tuition aaaaahhhhh T_T)

    Kitty will shut up now and go to bed.
    First day of school tomorrow! 8D

  2. lol so obvious biasedness XD

    I never really liked or disliked Togame— I did fanatically ship her with Shichika because he made it happen <3 (although I'd say bashing Hitei just cause of one scene is too much, she's wearing Mon-kun's mask which means her feelings for him run a lot deeper than the shallow interaction she exchanged with Shichika).

    Personally I thought if they weren't trying to make a point, keeping Togame alive would have been fine for their whole history-unaltering plot thing… it's just that for Togame, she was always ruled by her goals and hence ultimate desire, and thus she never actually became the master of herself, and one who can't master herself definitely doesn't deserve to become the master of anything, particularly not anything 'ultimate'… well, some more of my thoughts here XD

    The whole history thing was kinda amusing. On one hand, Japan gets blamed more by the world for ‘historical revisionism’ than anyone else thanks to WW2. On the other hand, I never figured out how they ‘altered history’ here in the first place, at least not the way they wanted to— the lord they showed is so crappy Japan is going to fall to invaders within hundred years anyhow. All they did was wreck the current ruler and hope the ruler-meant-to-be would return… doesn’t really change much of anything imo.

    “Award for Conventionl Parenting Methods: Nanami. “I’ll pulled out all his fingernails and he never did it again.” o.O;”
    ROFL Nanoha has met her match, finally XD

  3. kittymaverick: Sorry for the wait! ^^;

    How many fourth walls are there left to break for this series? We mind as well be sipping coffee and eating biscuits with the characters by now. Lol xD;

    Jokes aside…WELL, THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for clarifying that. Really, it’s such a big necessary help. Can’t really blame White Fox since they have to fit a whole novel under one hour but NOW IT MAKES SENSE!!! *rejoices* 8DDDD
    *cough* Oi, I totally feel for Mon-kun. Betrayed by your closest friend like that. It’s like almost having your entire existence stolen from you. Then again, it’s technically like that, isn’t it?

    YOU’RE BAD, HOUOU! How dare you take away Mon-kun’s powers, personality, and even his own face from him?! You’re bad! Really bad! *slaps Houou upside the head with a paddle* >:(

    But srsly, I can’t imagine Mon-kun acting like Houou either. It scares me like hell. D8

    …oh god, don’t mention the “Screw Yourself”. *HEADSDESK TO GET THE BRAINBLEACH OUTTA HER HEAD* WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME, NISIOISIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?! @_@;;;

    With those two’s case already settled, then I’m curious about the Aioi Corps that Mon-kun mentioned supposedly got wiped out 1,000 years ago or something unless I remember it wrong. From how he was talking about it to Umigame, it seems like he was actually there to witness it though I’m more likely to stick to the practical theory of them being the normal age of 30.
    …Yea, when I can read the novel, I’ll do that. D/

    No! I have not read it wrong! Togame read her script wrong! *DEFIANT* x(
    I get it that way if it’s due to his age. I mean, I feel sorry for the poor kid since he’s so young and already being made to fight and all. But as to how he got named as the second strongest among the Maniwani, it’s a little hard to accept that excuse. *frowns disapprovingly*

    Lol, “no Vegas for you”, that’s a good one. xD;
    *sigh* I think it would’ve been much better if he was a teenager or at least going into that age so we can see him better manage his capabilities. Then again, if he were to collapse like he did here, I know I’ll only viciously criticize him more so maybe not.
    And OOOHHHHHHHH!!!! That explains the bouncy ball! Pfft, never thought of that. *dumb* Still…does it really need a name? Even for a dangerous bouncing ball?
    …I think I prefer the book’s version of this little “fight” if you can even call it one between them. The producers can’t possibly show that on screen or they’ll get bashed but yea, I’d be laughing my head off and clapping like a retard on drugs. xDDD;;;

    Bah, Mon-kun has no need for shotas. He likes his very TSUN hime-sama just fine. Lawl~ xDDDD

    Lol, then if they planned all that for the sake of Japan only to fail, as soothsayers, why couldn’t they have predicted that it would fail in the first place?! Oi…such meddlesome soothsayers. They try to troll history and got trolled back. :P

    WAAAHHH!!! It was heartbreaking! They had to make a point to let us hear her blood dripping, too! Poor Shichika! T_______________T

    Well, her whole lie about the Owari Shogunate prospering for the next 1,000 years could have been her formally denying it. God, she’s too good at playing the villain. X3

    If it was, then we wouldn’t be able to see the bright colors as clean as they are now (you see those accessories around his neck and waist?). I’m sure he bought it…solely cuz I think Togame’s kimono is way too small for him to fit anyways. But eh, minor detail. *shrug*

    LOL Maniwani servant truly is the worst out of ALL the Maniwani we’ve seen so far. I went “EVEN THEY WERE NOT AS INCOMPTENT AS YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!”
    And I was wondering, how the heck is the 10th guy (or rather, girl) going to use Hakari? Shichika goes “Just throw it me. *kicks it back at her face*” xDDD;;;

    Of course~ Shichika is hopelessly in love…like every other fool who falls in love because you become a fool when you fall in love so because of that Shichika is a hopeless fool. :P
    I guess it was his slow uptake or complete trust in Togame or more likely, his faith in her words of trust towards him that made him think she would never try to kill him at that point. In the end, it had to turn out like this. Poor guy. T_T

    Gah, she’s a nuisance even when she’s not around anymore. xP

    Lol, how am I supposed to interpret that? xD; Though Mon-kun does have the classier clothes, imo.

    So are we to assume that he just walked down 12 long flights of stairs, pick a random bench somewhere to sit down and recover that way after the final “Cheerio!”? I mean, I doubt Hitei was able to help him going down castle that has already been split in half without dirtying her clothes…let alone, come near his entire bloodied self at all. Really, I can’t see Hitei being the type to help at all. So Shichika could have just sat down a bit to rest and got up and move again after a few minutes. o_O;
    At least Mon-kun died somewhat satisfied.

    …BUT YEA, THE ATTIC WILL BE A LONELY, DUSTY PLACE NOW! MON-KUN, YOU JERK, WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL US ABOUT YOUR WEIRD HOBBY?! *scrambles like mad to find her illustrations book and translate it now* T________T

    OH YEA! *HIGH FIVES BACK…and misses* xD;
    (oh, I’m so on it right now *totally fired up* >83)

    & no way, she’s mine~ *runs even faster* lol J/k. I shall share her with you. Konayuki~ >x3

    I would like to see their “WANTED” posters. “Dude that is a walking sword of destruction and a blonde princess walking around somewhere in Japan. A ton of gold for their capture. And no, we will not compensate any loss of limbs, property damage, or psychological trauma even if you have gotten remotely close to them.” xD;

    …I can actually see them having a baby should Shichika, who doesn’t like alcohol, somehow got drunk and Hitei somehow got really drunk and…well, hey, 9th generation Kyotouryuu would at least be a very interesting kid. *gets bricked* |D;
    Lol, Mon-kun would come back from hell to lay waste to Shichika while Togame would probably be planning to take over hell from Enma to teach her Shichirin a good lesson on cheating over her dead corpse.

    Y’know, I actually read a fancomic the other day of Togame’s ghost trailing Shichika and Hitei. She was all shocked and for some reason, when Shichika turned around, he could see her so they rush to each other. Shichika all happy and in tears and Togame all angry and BANG! Another “cheerio”. Lol xD;

    Mon-kun is UNamused. xDD;;

    Yea, sure~ The hell, woman, it almost took me 3 pages to reply to your entire comment! I friggin’ LOVE you! *HUG OF DEATH* x3333

    Ouch, paying for your own tuition sucks. I hate spending so I don’t know how I was able to bear with shipping fees. T_T

    I bet you’re already in school so good luck with it and don’t work too hard. Thanks for always commenting! ^^


    Aorii-san: xP

    Mm, that can’t work for me. I can’t ship for a couple if I don’t like both partners. It just feels unbalance and wrong. ^^;
    Lol Hitei wearing her keepsake of her servant won’t be enough to stop the crazy fans from raging on her just because it’s an absolute NO-NO for her to be eating dangos with Shichika.

    I read your post and understand your point. Hell, if we had actually went down that road, then yea, keeping Togame alive would have been reasonable. The thing is, if she had chose not to pursue her revenge any further and abandoned the sword hunt right then and there, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still Hida Takahito’s daughter. Even if there was no Hitei to carry out Shikizaki’s plans and therefore, no need for her to kill Togame to make Shichika go berserk and become the ultimate sword, her carelessness over that slip-up of information would have leaked out to somebody somehow and it’s not as if the shogun would be so generous as to forgive her for deceiving him and let her go. Then again, perhaps I’m missing a point or sticking too closely with the plot to try and make sense of this. Sorry for being confusing. I can see a happy ending being possible for these two. I just can’t figure out how yet. @.@;

    Lol, too true. It’s kinda funny how at the end, all those thousands years of planning for this single moment was easily shrugged off so I thought I missed some major point along the way and freaked over it. Guess not.
    In any case, kittymaverick above explains most of the important details from the novel that were omitted out of the episodes so I’ll just refer anyone to that who wants a better understanding of it.

    Nanoha has to use her BFGW wand/staff and pink magical energy to discipline her students. Nanami probably wrenched out all of Shichika’s nails (at the same time cuz individually would be too gruesomely painful, UGH *shudders* >.<) with her own fingers. The White Devil…is now dethroned. Haha. xDDD;;;

  4. Spoiler warning

    Was It All A Lie: Shichika asks a dying Togame if their plans to travel together were just a lie, desperately trying to convincer her to hold on to life. It was all a lie. She was planning to kill him to complete her lifelong mission of vengeance.
    Or so she says. That could’ve been as much a lie as anything else she said.
    This troper noticed that Togame’s left eye turns into a cross whenever she is scheming to achieve an objective. Her entire reveal was done with her left eye as a cross. Take that as you may, although this troper would like to believe that her entire reveal was a plan so that Shichika wouldn’t get suicidal and/or consumed by vengeance after her death.

    NOTICE that Togame’s left eye changes when she is scheming. While she was dying, when she told Shichika those things that made her look bad, her eye changed to a cross. It came back to normal when she asked Shichika if it was okay for her to fall for him. Therefore, Togame really loved Shichika and she lied about killing Shichika.

    • Maybe I exaggerated a little on that “IT WAS ALL LIE!!” bit and admit that I mess up so much in writing all over the place that things get misunderstood but I’m not sure where you get the notion that I thought her love for Shichika wasn’t real if that’s what you were implying. ^^;

      And I don’t see Togame’s eye to be of that much importance if it’s to be used in that way. It’s almost like a useless trinket because her actions (or rather her schemes) spoke louder than her eye ever did. She was going to reveal the truth the moment she realized she was dying anyway, whether she had a cross on her eye or not. Because she was a schemer, and therefore a perfect liar but because she loved Shichika, who devoted himself so much to her, perhaps she felt it was the only right thing she could do for him before dying. In other words, she owed him the truth at least, even if it meant hurting him. These types of deaths aren’t uncommon in fiction, especially between couples who deceive each other so it all fell into place as it went on. For me, anyways.

      Though I do support the theory on Togame confessing for all her lies to prevent Shichika from blaming himself for not protecting her and doing anymore for her sake who’s never been worthy of his love from the start. In fact, it’s pretty much confirmed that she partially succeeded in that. Shichika’s change of view on what to fight for in his small-talk with Emonzaemon before their battle is proof. If anything, at the very least that he’s doing it for himself, and not Togame.

      Finally, if everything in your comment is exactly what you believe, than wouldn’t it have been better to type it out in your own words instead of copying and pasting from TV Tropes? If you want to discuss with me, make some effort in writing your opinion instead of using others. It’s a f*ckin’ pain to respond like this. -_-;

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