Happy New Year! & Winter ’11 Line-up

Have honestly no idea who made this. Found it on watchanimeon.com so credit to whoever created this chart.

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish all of you the best of the best and hope we’ll get along in the upcoming year! ^^

*sigh* New year, huh? It’s going to be tough for me again after this break is over but I hope it’ll all work out somehow.

Anyways, just a short look at what will be on my watchlist. Seems like another weak Winter Season and there’s a good chance I might drop one or two of these but it’s fine. I have two definites and one to keep me preoccupied for blogging. Spring line-up will come in no time. :P


Gosick – I don’t think I need to say anything other than the fact I’m disappointed they’re using newbie seiyuus instead of the ones for the drama CD. And I want to know who’s voicing Victorique already, dammit! >:(

Well, my impressions will come after next Friday. Even if it kills me to watch and review, then that’s that. lol ;p

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – No need to say anything for this either. But like the first season, not really expecting it to be a top watch on my list. It’s good, just not great in my books.

Checking out

Beelzebub – So I heard somewhere that the manga is good. I won’t be watching it to entice new interest in the manga, though, but the synopsis looks pretty intriguing. Will it drag itself out into the dooms of endless episodes known for shounen series? Dunno. We’ll see.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? – Not much to say about this but out of the all other anime that seems to be a harem how many are there in here? Jeez…, I want to check this out the most. Good chance of being dropped though.

Fractale – Looks like special oddball of the season with expected good reviews? To me, anyway, though since I said that, I probably cursed it already. Sorry~

I’m not usually into the science fiction genre but this one seems too interesting to pass up. For some reason, I really want others to like it as well. Hmm. o.o

Hourou Musuko – Slice-of-life with a can-be-less exciting premise. What drew me in was the gender-personality problems (I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly how to word it). Not really expecting anything big to happen so long as it keeps my interest.

Houkago no Pleiades – Subaru x Gainax … and this will be their baby…ugh, I swear, why must I check out everything that Gainax makes? Stupid TTGL for inserting a Gainax-check function in my brain. I swear, I will never watch Evangelion. YOU HEAR THAT, GAINAX?! NEVER!

*cough* So no other info about what this’ll be or when is the airdate. There are lolis, though. Please make them cute or I’ll drop it.

Goulart Knights (OAD) – On here because I’ve been curious about it for a while now. I’m pretty sure…this might not be a reverse harem. Looks like a poor attempt to throw bishounen out and drive up some ho yay for the fangirls (look! There’s a shota!). And why in the world is one of them wearing a skirt with thigh highs? It’ll probably be a failure. I shouldn’t be wasting my time on it. I really shouldn’t…but I’m curious. D/


…I just realized I didn’t pay attention to the seiyuu cast or whatever studios were responsible for which anime this time around. It doesn’t seem to matter as much as it did anymore. Hmm. :/

So yea, there you have it. I wish I could’ve gone around to see what others plan to watch as well but things over here are really holding me up. Sumimasen deshita! I’ll try to come around for spring. >.<

Alright, then. Again, wish everybody luck and happiness ahead and hope we'll have a great year, ne? Stay healthy and praying for the best for you all! Happy New Years! ^^/


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year! & Winter ’11 Line-up

  1. Happy New Year to you too! : D

    My list is basically:

    Definitely Watching: Gosick, Kimi ni Todoke II (I really love this series, want to read the manga), Beelzebub (the manga is so freaking funny! XDD), Hourou Musuko, and Fractale.

    Will Check Out: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, Houkago no Pleiades, and Wolverine.

    Probably Only Watch First Episode: Yumekui Merry and Rio-Rainbow Gate (it’s colorful and I’m curious about it having been a Pachinko game…That’s about it for that one! XDD)

    For the Fangirl in Me: Starry Sky and Goulart Knights (I didn’t know about this one until just now).

    I doubt I’ll continue watching most of these, with the exception of Kimi ni Todoke II and Gosick, since I probably won’t have the time to keep up with all of them anyway.

    Moving on from what I’m watching though…I’ve never really paid attention to things like which company makes what anime or to the voice actors and actresses. If I like an anime then I like it, if I don’t then I don’t. It’s a bit less stressful that way, I think. :)

    You stay healthy too and good luck in the upcoming year; with your schooling, general life, and with your anime watching. ^^

  2. Happy New Year and good to see you back. ^^ I hope that things go better for you in 2011 than they did in 2010.

    This is really the first time I’ve looked at the winter 2011 watch list (I can’t believe I didn’t think to look it up sooner). I think a lot of things have the potential to be interesting – Starry Sky, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Infinite Stratos, Wolverine, GoSick (I have to at least check it out in honor of you!), Hourou Musuko, and maybe that Onii-chan one. I doubt I’ll stick with all of them but it probably doesn’t hurt to at least give them a shot.

    The studio or voice actors never really made much difference to me in terms of whether I’ll like an anime. A lot of the time, I’ll be watching something and I’ll go, “Hmm, that sounds a lot like ______” and realize it’s the same voice actor later on. Not paying attention to something like that gives you more freedom – you won’t feel as pressured, which is definitely a good thing for you.

  3. Happy New Years~!

    Hourou Musuko is pretty emotionally intense actually, so don’t expect a typical slice-of-life :P
    Fractale is Nomtamina and thus automatically get good expectations x3

  4. LGB: Winter is relatively easy to get over with so long as you drop out all the ones that are bleh. Watch, we’ll all be expecting the spring line-up by February. lol

    I at least pay attention to the seiyuus cuz I just love hearing the talents of their voices. Including a select few singers I follow, they’re my only idols so I guess I can’t help it. Hehe.

    Thank you~ It’ll be redundant to say the same things over again so I’ll just reflect it back onto you. *takes out a mirror and REFLECTS~* 8D


    Chibi-san: KYAAAH~! Good to see you back, hun! I missed ya! *huggles* x333 Thank you, and likewise to you, too. :)

    Haha, it’s okay. Usually, I’d look at it ten times a week when it first comes out but I’m really lazy about it now. lol Anyway, that’s a nice list you got there. And watching Gosick in honor of me? Y-you’re too much! *embarassed now* >/////<
    But I really do hope you enjoy most of them. If not, at least one of them shouldn't be a huge disappointment. *crosses fingers*

    Looking from you and LGB's standpoint on this, I have to agree. It would be a lot less stressful. Unfortunately, I've already gotten used to the habit so it's too late for me. lol I guess I'm stuck being alert on all details. ^^;


    Aorii-san: *New Years hug* x3

    EH?! It’s intense?! Whoa, I’m really excited for it now! 8DDD
    And whee~ AWESOME~ It looks like winter won’t be so bad after all! *twirls around in circles* xDDD

  5. Sorry about the late commenting >.<".

    Happy new year :). Not much to say on the winter season. Everything just looks meh to me, apart from Gosick and Kara no Kyoukai epilogue :D. You definitely need to check the movies out, if you have time to do so :).

    I usually don't check out the studios or voice actors to decide what to watch. I just go with what's interesting, which seems more logical ;)

    Good luck on blogging for 2011 !

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