Fall ’10 Wrap-up

Art credit to Yuuki.

Because no finished fall show has managed to go over my expectations, or rather, fell short of them, random, cute fanart takes the leading post image. Ahh, so cute~ Pink twintails. *still obsessed over pink hair* xD;

Anyway, I wouldn’t call it miraculous but this is probably the first season where I had a long list to follow and didn’t drop anything. Strange, considering that I find most of them to have too many occasional obfuscating crappy moments one way or another…but I guess that’s just me being too critical. And I also tend to get angry when I’m not impressed. That’s something you gotta remember about me. Hmph. x/

Eh, I’ve been watching anime for a long time now. Not every single one of them out there but still. Maybe it’s just hard to live up to the extremely good ones of the past. *shrug*

So, without further ado, the fall wrap-up…


Fairy Tail – Oracion Seis was supposed to be the best arc. And they ruined it. You can’t make it up now, Satelight! You can’t! Dx

It still follow the manga pretty faithfully. There’s just no…I dunno, it’s just that. There’s a the original script and voila, here’s the animation. So what? It doesn’t carry the same sense of AWESOME factor like the manga does. That’s it.

*sigh* At least I’m somewhat satisfied on where the good Jellal/Erza is going. Gray and Lucy’s episodes didn’t cut it for me and I doubt Natsu’s fight against Cobra would be any different. Also, I don’t recall Wendy being THAT much of a useless crybaby. God, I want to smack her. She gets much better later on, but I really wanted to smack her. -_-#

Still going to follow this one since I’ll have something to watch on Monday. It’ll probably end if/when the manga ends. Ack, I really don’t want to sit through stinky animation of the Earthland arc or the Anima arc or whatever it’s called.

Heartcatch Precure! – Starting to get good now that Dune has finally arrived, kidnapped Grandma and turned the whole earth into a friggin’ desert. Oh, and the shota got exchanged for some height and deeper Hikaru Midorikawa voice. *sigh~* So much for hoping for a possible ship. Can’t have my Tsubomi-chan as jailbait. :P

I’m honestly not expecting any action that would impress, even though this season is reaching the climax and will end soon in February. I’m more interested how the issue with Dune and his subordinates will turn out. Seems like Cobraja and Kumojacky will go out like Sasorina did so nothing will surprise me there. Dark Precure will probably be the toughest to beat while Dune…he’ll probably get a evil-mastermind psychological breakdown and hug that cures everything at the end. Whatever. I’ll decide when I see it.

On another note, not really looking forward to the new Suite series. The designs kinda repel me, characters seem to be a rehash of previous seasons…but I’ll with great reluctance check it out for the heck of it.

Tegami Bachi – I seriously hope they conclude everything this season. I’m only holding on for the sake of completing it and wanting to know how it will end. It’s not that the adaptation is bad or anything (heck, it’s much better than FT but that’s obvious). However, the series doesn’t get more than a mediocre grade. For me, at least *shrug* :/

Index II – Please raise your hand if up to this point, you have understood everything that happened so far. Cuz there’s no way in hell that I’d ever do. Stupid J.C. Staff, squeezing too many things in and making a mess of things with this current arc.

And Touma’s harem girls are really pointless. Oi…

Bakuman – Pretty much the same situation for Letter Bee. It’s amusing and interesting but not really at the top of my enjoyment list. Following it to have to have something to watch.

…ugh, and there’s going to be a second season, too? Kkkkkkkkk… D/

Star Driver – …I still don’t understand the point of this show. It has mecha fights? Yea, so does every mecha anime out there. Honestly, the cast is way too big giving me no time to sympathize with anyone cuz it goes by focusing on a certain slut person and having them go out by monster-of-the-week formula, courtesy of the less than impressive so-called galaxy pretty boy namec Takuto.

The only thing I actually looked forward to was the vague relationship between Head and Sakana-chan…and they already broke up. Meh.

I also heard that nobody dies in this show. That’s just boring, given how everyone is annoying so the sooner they go, the better. What kind of lame mecha is this? And why am I still following it?

Cuz I hate boredom. I’m risking 12 episodes of future disappointment to give me a Sunday schedule. I must be stupid. -_-;


Otome Youkai Zakuro – Shitty cheap-ass romance to the end. It would have been good if they put more emphasis on the racial problems but instead, we get third-rate fanfic drama and development (anything that involves sealing power with some sort of object is now declared as SHIT), Zakuro being the apparant Mary-Tsun, and shitty deus ex machina ending.

I want my three months wasted on you back! D:<

If you have read this far, don't mind me too much. I'm going to make use of everything for all the interest invested in them even if I have to be abusive~ Ahahahaha…I'm such a troll-wannabe. Neh. =P

Psychic Detective Yakumo – God, this is probably the only one that didn’t annoy me. The mystery sucked, the supernatural element wasn’t great at all, the animation and action were below average…but it was a tolerable watch. Maybe it’s a little wrong for me to say that what I liked about it the best was the relationship between Yakumo and Haruka but since that balances out all the downsides I had, I think it’s fair. They’re possibly the only, er, I hesitate to say “shipping” since that seems like such a shallow term to describe them. They’re friends, yes, but they seem more than closer than that while not really being in a romantic situation. Which is totally fine with me. I’m done with poorly-done couples. What I want is depth and understanding between two people to convince me that there is something that can’t break it. Yakumo was able to open his heart to Haruka in the end and Haruka is always there besides him. That’s more than enough. I don’t need cheesy lines, confessions and kisses. That hug at the end was enough! *ranting done*

Xiao is satisfied. :)

So I’m glad it ended how it ended, sad as Isshin’s death was but at least he was able to save that little girl’s life. I doubt there will be another season since this one wasn’t as popular and I’ll miss the snarky interactions between those two but it’s okay. I still have the manga. Eheh~ ;D

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – I know this is a kinda-parody to all the stereotype galge out there but it still rates my nerves how f*ckin’ retarded these girls were, with the divine exception being Elsie. She’s the only reason why I would bother with the second season. Keima’s okay. I like his “Don’t give a damn!” attitude and his strategizing.

*sigh* What I do for something to watch. *shakes head ashamed*

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – That second season announcement at the end must be a troll. PanSuto has some merchandise already. They don’t need another season. D:

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat amused at times. I just honestly don’t care about the blatant sex. If that’s ignored, this would have been over in three episodes. :P

Anyway, Gainax, please have some sense and don’t do this again. First time for the laughs, okay?

Angel Beats OAD – This extra episode didn’t even have crack in it. Whaaaaaat a shame.

I lol-ed alright. Not much, though.

The 3 min epilogue, however, was something else and I kinda wanted more. Seeing Yuzuru as the Student Council President and helping loss souls move on might have been a good second season or at least a good OVA before he was reborn.

*sigh* This makes me rethink the whole series and all the time wasted on butt-humor. Angel Beats! had a lot of potential to be much more, Yuzuru could have displayed more of his skills as a person aspiring to become a doctor even if it doesn’t apply to the medical field and so on. I also wanted to know what was the reborn Kanade’s reaction to meeting him in the next life. Thinking about it makes me so sad and greedy for more. ;___;

Haaa, that’s it, I guess.

Mirai Nikki pilot film – Urr, why is this even here, I don’t know. Though I’m curious if it’ll ever become a full-fledge anime later on since it seems to be popular and has a very intriguing plot. :/


There ya go. Not exactly the best year for anime but I’m afraid if next year could possibly be worse. *sigh* Let’s hope not. I doubt I’ll get excited for anything anymore but there should be some that are good enough.

K, the winter watchlist should be out soon as my New Years greeting post. Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm. I’m watching drama at the same time so any happy mood got killed because of it. Heh. <P;


6 thoughts on “Fall ’10 Wrap-up

  1. Next year has Kimi ni Todoke season II, that will be good enough for me! XD Since, really, that is one of the best Shoujo I’ve seen in a long time (I still need to get around to reading it).

    For the rest…Most of these anime I haven’t had time to really check out one way or another. Though, I do agree with you about Zakuro (except, I just laugh at, kinda like when my friends go to see the Twilight movies as comedies…)

    And I think, though the quality of anime has something to do with it too, the age and amount of anime one has seen also plays into how picky one eventually becomes about the anime they watch (or the manga they read). After a while one has simply “already seen it” and therefore anime that once would have been watchable just becomes a “such and such has already done it.”

    I’ve become far more picky about my anime as well. Finding that I’d much rather watch less anime than more, so long as what I watch (or read, in the case of manga) is something unique that hasn’t been done to death or simply entertains me in some way. I don’t have as much time as I used to before. : /

    Trying not to leave this on a depressing note though, I’m happy that there are a few anime that I’m already looking forward to for next year. ^^

  2. I didn’t like the brakeman anime much, the manga was tons better :)

    Most of the girls in KamiNomi were indeed retarded. I actually liked Kanon though. The last girl, Shiori, was the most annoying in my opinion. But Elsie is adorable :D

    I haven’t watched the latest episodes of Fairy Tail, but I’m not sure they’re actually worth watching. I might as well catch up to the manga.

    Since I’m a bit of a newbie at watching anime, I’m not that picky about it. The day will surely come when I’ve seen I all, but I hope it doesn’t come soon :). Even if next year doesn’t have good anime, I’ll be happy because of Kara no Kyoukai’s epilogue and Fate/Zero :).

  3. awww but i like Key’s butthumor xD but yeah that short 3min clip was awesome~ (I’m gonna join those fangirling over the studentprez xD)

    Zakuro really did disappoint its premise; cause seriously, this guy shouldn’t be trying to write romance, or drama… comedy was fine though, but pretending to be shoujo? nowai.

    StarDriver doesn’t have a point. I rarely ever remember Index explaining itself proper (just fun to watch their crazy conceptz)… and Bakuman is at least interesting for the industry stuff still~

  4. LGB: Before I get into anything, let me say this first: WELCOME BACK FOR JAPAN~! xDDDD
    I’m glad you arrived home safely right before the blizzard hit us. My flight and vacation that was scheduled after X-mas got cancelled so it was pretty boohoo for me but I’m glad your holiday wasn’t as bad. :)

    I’m fine just watching the anime for the slice-of-life ones. Unless it gets me really interested into doing so, I won’t go to the original.

    …In other words, you’re calling me old. LOL I kid, I kid. But yea, that’s pretty true. I am “old” in a sense of watching anime. Granted, I haven’t seen everything out there but I’ve watched enough to justify about me being picky with the new ones. And I’m sure, like how it is for you, it’s the same for a lot of other people.
    As for time, haha, I make time to watch so the reason why I’m always angry and dissatisfied is that the ones I pick are not making it worth it. <P


    Nayu: Haha, don’t worry, I got you the first time. ;) And I bet it is though currently I don’t have much time to check it out. Maybe some other day.

    I hope the girls for next season will be better. Of course, nothing can top Elsie~ <3

    MANGA = YES. ANIME = NO. There, I have answered. 8D

    Oh god, you're lucky then. It'll take you a while before you finally have that "already used to it" feeling so don't worry about it and just enjoy. It's much better that way.

    Hmm, now that you mention it, I mind as well get around to Kara no Kyoukai soon. I've been putting that off for a while. ^^;


    Aorii-san: I do, too! Just not in marijuana amounts. -.-; And…*totally joins you* lol xDDD;;


    Star Driver wants to overtop Code Geass in the CAMP factor. Nuh-uh.
    I’ll just agree with the rest. *nodnod* :)

  5. THANK YOU!! (>)><(<)

    I was so worried about my flight, because it was already snowing in Chicago, but luckily the snow was still very light there and no snow was even in Connecticut at the time.

    Ah, and I'm calling myself old as well! XDD I find it odd when I can no longer relate to younger anime fans, or when I hear them dissing Sailor Moon (they used to do that a lot in the Shugo Chara fandom)…And then I find myself relating to and understanding the fans who loved the older anime that I could never get into. OTL

    I know I haven't seen everything out there either (there are still tons of anime and manga I haven't gotten around to reading or watching), which is why I can still find anime and manga out there to read and watch. : )

    …I wish Japanese allowed me to make room for anime, but it doesn't! D=

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