Merry Christmas and Happy 2nd Anniversary, ěk-sěn’trĭk! xDD

ELSIE~ <3 *Kanon's existence is irrelevant* :P

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! Merry Christmas, my dear readers!! I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays! *does a random dozen things at once to celebrate* xDDDDD

And it’s one day early, but my lil’ blog here is already two years old! What have I done the entire time from the moment I opened it? NEVER UPDATED MY ABOUT PAGE, THAT’S WHAT! KEKEKEKEKEKEKE

Hahahaaaa…srsly, I think it’s going to remain under construction forever. lol xD;

So, uh, currently working on Katanagatari FINAL review while I’m doing this along with multi-tasking other things cuz I have to get ready for people coming later today. I’m also going to Texas next week for four days but I should be back before New Year’s…so maybe I can get the fall wrap-up and winter-lineup posts done while I’m away.

Anyways, yea…god, I want to watch Iron Man 2 already. <– *been saying that for the past two weeks* …This is going to be a rambly post. Kakakakaka! xDDDD;;;;

On top of that, I suddenly want nunchucks to play with and for me to somehow have bangs again. Got a haircut yesterday so yea…durr~

…Oh crap, almost forgot. This will be a late when the post is published but…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAGISA~~~~!!!!!!! <33333333

God bless her. She’s one among the few anime girls I with-all-my-heart love that have special birthday shout-outs here. The other two being, of course, my precious Cool & Spicy girl, Amu-chan~ (<3), and Sakura…whom I dedicated a whole tournament to. xD;

Do I have more? I feel like I should have more for some reason…hmm.

Yea, this post is like a car without a driver going haywire up a cliff right now. I should do something about that, huh? <P

Fine then. Before going to the "thank you"s, I guess I owe a small explanation on where I fell off the earth for all this inactiveness. This past month has really been tough for me, school and general life, so I needed a break away from the community. I'm not fully rested from the stress but am recovering gradually and am SOOOOOO glad for this one-month break until I have to go back. That’s the only thing my school is good for. Everything else, it’s a buttload of ***wipes. *gets scolded for cussing on Christmas*… *pouts* :P

But really, I’m going to make use of this time to get myself emotionally together. 2010 is probably one of the most dreadful years I’ve ever experienced in my life and while, just to reassure that, I haven’t collapsed into a weeping mess of pathetic sobby whining or dramatically exaggerate any further, I’ll still need that precious quiet time. So you probably won’t be hearing from me as often. A reason why I haven’t replied/spammed comments for a while. I still have plans to do posts but they can come at anytime or might not come at all depending on my mood.

I dunno. I guess while I was away, I finally did what I mentioned in what-would-have-been “goodbye” post which was to go back into comfy seclusion and got so quickly used to it again that it’s hard to get out. That, and I’ve come to realize…that I’m not…a person who likes to interact with people? …lol, as far as the RL me goes. My mother keeps criticizing me and calls me a “country girl”. I say she’s wrong. Country girls at least leave their house. I can’t even get out of noon! Hahahaha… xDDDD;;;;

Ahhhh…so bad. Don’t follow my example, kids. I’ll live because I’m…well, me (pfft) but really, go outside and breathe in the earthly germs and go clubbin’ and pick a fight when you’re drunk once in a while. Viva la vida! *GETS SMACKED*


Anyways, I won’t abandon this blog, oh no. I just won’t go crazy over it like I did this year. It spawned good results, though. I haven’t checked my views at all (cuz I honestly don’t care anymore) but it went over 150,000-something, I think? So yea, I’m satisfied. :)

Haha, and here I said that I was going to quit blogging. Xiao can never stick to what she says for some reason. lol

Art credit to 祐馬.

So enough with all the negativity and onto the bear hugs of gratitude from moi.

First off, a great, big, THANK YOU to all my readers and commenters and lurkers and your parents for giving birth to you. Yes, you solely exist to listen to this crazy girl rant. *shot* xD;
While ěk-sěn’trĭk is merely a humble, personal blog at my convenience to abuse at my fancy, it makes me really happy that a handful of you would consider my constant chattering something worth reading.

If I have ever been annoying, obnoxious, arrogant, condescending, or just plain mean to any of you, I truly apologize. It may have been one of my cranky days or maybe I was just being angry by myself and had to take it out on something. I tend to do that a lot. Which is why I need a room full of plates to throw. Somebody told me that works and I want to try it now. Hehe. *crazy* 8D

I would also like to especially thank my top two regulars of the year and they are LGB and Kittymaverick. Seriously, you guys come to my blog more often than I do, I think. lol

LGB, we date back all the way to…marry me. *snort* lol, I kid, I kid. xDDDD;;; Though I do see you as some sort of a godsend for being able to put up with me. If we continue to keep in touch into the long future, do tell me what your husband’s like so we can compare personalities. If he can’t beat me, then he’s the right one for you. hahaha

Kittymaverick, thanks a lot for reading my ultra-long Katanagatari reviews and amusing me with your wonderful comments though I’m still wary of you for wanting me to type to death by luring me with cookies *eyes suspiciously*. And omg, you’re still waiting for ep 11 and 12. *sniffs* What have a done to deserve such an awesome reader?! *shakes you like a mad woman* xDDD;;;

Really, guys. I love ALL of you so much. Thank you. <')

Secondly, I wish everyone else, fellow bloggers, active or inactive, those who have left, stayed or are new coming into the blogosphere well. It feels like so long since I had any decent interaction with you (I've been avoiding twitter lately and it seems it'll stay that way) and god, do I miss the old times when everybody was just starting out. Like the time I led a whole entourage of fangirls onto Kokidokom Forums just to fangirl? Yea, that was fun. Haha.
*sigh* …So this is what it feels like to watch everyone growing up…pfft, I’m never growing up. *bratty* <– This is why she'll live out her life as a twisted ol' lady.


And that's all, I guess. Thanks so much again, everyone! C'mon, group hug! *HUG* x333

Future Plans

Aside from the three planned posts I mentioned above…hmm…2011 doesn’t seem too busy at the moment, blogging-wise anyway. My biggest priority in terms of anime is Gosick which will air on Jan. 7th and that’s a Friday. I plan to do it episodically so I’ll definitely have to do some serious time management if I don’t want schoolwork to kill me again. I also have to get my license haha, I said this last year, too xD; and maybe try to find a new job.

As far as that goes, that’s my major concern for the year and I hope it won’t be too long. I think I’ll avoid anyone posting about Gosick as well. I just can’t read reviews for certain shows, especially the ones I might like a lot. *shrug* :/

Manga chapter reviews will come when I have enough individual chapters to make a post. Might continue to do some light novel reviews, too, for Bungaku Shoujo and Gosick.

SoMT is still going to run HERE. Yep, I decided to keep it where it is though we’re going to cut back on the decorative stuff and just do the polls. I hope you’re all preparing your nominations cuz that comes in just a little over two months. Don’t disappoint me. ;)

My ROP project…lol, oh dear, when am I ever going to get to that? Tsk, tsk. We’ll see. That’s all I can say for now. We’ll definitely see.

Finally, if I can, I’d like to make do posts for all the merchandise I bought. Had I had the time to, I would have done so the moment I got them in the mail but it didn’t happen. I’ve been really into figure-collecting lately and the wish-list just keeps getting longer with all the new releases. *wants to punch the companies for raping my wallet* I think I can manage one or two before the spring semester begins. Look forward to it. Hehe :D


I’m back into Kpop. Omg, it’s been three years since I last touched it! And it’s no thanks to the Korean wave and its growing fandom that revived this obsession (plus, I was craving for new music and just remembered how good it was). BUT! It’s okay…cuz I’m keeping to myself for this one. People who know me know very well how I am with fandoms. And Kpop fandom, oh boy, really is like no other fandom. I mean, all fandoms are scary but this…THIS fandom is the scary of scary…fandom…*shudder* >.<

That aside, I'm not really listening to a whole lot of groups. Just Super Junior cuz they stole my heart and I've only been listening to their songs for four month straight. Haha, it's funny. I heard about them three years ago but I was too into TVXQ/DBSK to pay attention to anything else. Then I came back, listened to to DBSK for a while, got hooked onto SuJu's "It's You" somewhere along the way…and then completely shifted.

Ah! But I still love my original favorite boy band. It's just I was busy watching a lot of variety shows with SuJu in them so my fondness grew in a different and closer way, I guess. They're such adorable dorks, I can't help but love them immensely. <3

I don't have a bias (because I love them all!) and not to be rude or anything, but not interested in anyone else's either. Or opinions for that matter. Really keeping to myself on this one so it will probably be the one time you'll ever hear about it again on this blog as far as "personal" posts goes.

Anyways, this MV was a collaboration between these two boy bands for their joint single, "Show Me Your Love", and damn, it goes all the way back to 2005. I wasn't into Kpop at the time but seeing them all happy and singing together like this makes me miss seeing them together. *sniff* T_T It's the perfect Christmas song. I played it a hundred times today. *about to cry*

Damn SME for splitting them apart! Though I'm happy that Han Geng won his lawsuit so he won't be treated like crap by that stupid company again, I hope there's a chance for him and the members (all 15 of them together) to be able to sing on the same stage before Leeteuk and Heechul have to leave for the army. Echoing the fans, they're like really close brothers! Please fulfill this dream, God! Dx
Same goes for JYJ and HoMin, whatever their situation is right now.

Hope everything goes well for these awesome boys cuz they truly deserve better for all they went through to come this far in fame. HWAITING!

Woot! And that’s it. I’ll save New Year’s greetings and such for later.

Right now…I’m freezing! GAH! Going to sleep and wake up later to finish Katanagatari. Crap, I still have to vacuum and help clean up. Where are my socks? Jeez…

In the meantime, I also have to start those dramas I want to watch and read Umineko EP 7. Oi, so much to do~

Sooo…I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays to the greatest along with all the presents and food and all that nice stuff. Stay warm and GIVE ME ALL YOUR COOKIES! be safe! Love you all! ^^


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy 2nd Anniversary, ěk-sěn’trĭk! xDD

  1. Happy 2 years!! good job on staying alive :D
    I recently came back from hiatus too! (like a month ago), and it seems like other bloggers are coming back too xD so happy ^^
    I really like reading more personal types of blogs so dont worry
    about fangirling all the time :3 its fun ^_^
    Merry Christmas Xiao! :) hope you enjoy your holidays!~

  2. Merry Christmas~! ^o^

    Now that you touch long posts— I swear I’m never going to get used to the tl;dr way you write xD. But nevertheless, look forward to your Katanagatari review— I’d pester you about ‘writing more again’ but… it’s not like any of us haven’t experience the real-life stress to fully sympathize x3
    Frankly, if you do ever feel the need to vent it here, I doubt I’d mind lending a ear at the very least. But in the meantime, ganbatte~! /o/

    And my cookies are mine, no stealing =3=

  3. Merry Christmas, Xiao-chan! Hope you have awesome fun with the family. I lol’d harder reading, where are my socks? Because I did the same right now. Damn, it really got cold and fast.

    Anyway, looking forward to your last Katanagatari post. That ending was more than EPIC WIN~

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy new year ! I’m so glad you celebrated Nagisa-chan’s birthday, she’s my absolute favorite anime character :D

    Looking forward to your next posts :)

  5. Merry Christmas and happy 2 year anniversary!

    No worries about your about me page, it adds a bit of je ne sais quoi to you as a person, which is good? LOL

    Shall be looking forward to your posts! I need some new anime to watch!

  6. MERRY X’MAS– AH! *gets the brain shaken out of her*

    Hope to enjoy more of your blog posts! Even if it means I’ll need to lure you with them cookies…yum cookies…yummy cookies! >8D

  7. Happy Merry Christmas! :o And happy birthday Nagisa! T_T I forgot about her birthday… I love you Nagisa! YOu are still one of my favorite anime characters! Anyway, I’m glad you’re back! I’m also looking forward to your reviews for Gosick.


    And Happy 2 Year Anniversary as well.

    2010 has been a very up and down year for me, some parts have been amazing, life altering, and have made some of my dreams come true (such as my time in Japan), while other parts of this year has been horrendous and stressful and some of the worst in my life (this past summer). But it has made this year an unforgettable, and very special, one for me. I hope that 2011 will be able to be that for you, rather than just a stressful one like this year has been for you.

    Also, I’m not that social in RL either, but I think it’s better than being too social (though I did laugh at your: go out, club, and get drunk). Oh, and when it comes to going on hiatus or not being as active, I see that as being a bit of a good thing. It makes me feel as if your posts will be even better, because then you’ll be able to put more into them and they will be more meaningful.

    Anyway, getting away from RL stuff, I’ll just briefly mention that I also enjoy Kpop, though am not really a part of the fandom and have no desire to be, since I have heard HORROR stories about it! o.O;

    I also plan on watching Gosick, as well as a few other new anime coming out this next season. Though, we’ll see how many I actually get around to watching…

    I agree with you on Nagisa, I loved her to pieces. Her, Tohru, and Ahiru/Duck are among my favorite females in anime. I think it’s because they are all emotionally strong females, and I find that more appealing than physically strong females. I’m the kind “feminist” who wants equal opportunity, but also understands the fact that women simply aren’t men genetically, and therefore can’t do everything men can in the same exact way.

    …Or maybe it’s just because I’m not a very physically strong female, so I relate to the emotionally strong and determined ones instead. =P

    Finally, you’re welcome and thank you as well! You’ve been a wonderful friend that I am glad I was able to meet. You’ve brought about such wonderful topics over the years (it has been years, hasn’t it?) and I don’t plan on losing contact with you. Also, we should totally marry over the interwebs! XDD

    I’m looking forward to the unpacking and relaxing tomorrow, since I won’t be going anywhere (not with the Blizzard Warning we have in affect anyway). And this Christmas has been perfect. I arrived home yesterday on Christmas Eve, so yeah, so this year really brought that whole “Christmas Spirit” along with it. I hope you’ve had a wonderful winter season thus far and that you take care! ^.^

  9. Merry Christmas, Xiao! Gongrats for being able to keep up so long with blogging! Hope you can go even further than that!
    Moreover, happy birthday Nagisa-chan! (I had completely forgotten about it ;-;)
    Looking forward to your super long (as always) reviews of Gosick! I’ll have fun reading them!

  10. Oh my I’m so late!

    But visiting my cousins means limited interne access time.

    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year
    & congratulations on 2 years here!

    I’ve truly loved your work since your Shugo Chara posts and you still have that wonderful sense of humor in your writing.

    I think that all of us maintain some of our childishness, don’t worry.

    Awww, Nagisa. Truly one of the few characters I have felt emotionally attached to and cried over.
    Happy Belated Birthday to her.

    Definitely looking forward to Gosick! I hope the 2011 season give us good anime.

    And I’m unaware of the Kpop fandom’s history, but I’m a Girls Generation addict <3

    Good luck next year~!

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