Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 5

Sorry for the lateness. Been a really busy week and crap, I still didn’t set up an appointment with my advisor. Ack, my next year schedule looks so screwed right now. T_T

Anyways, it was a good idea that I decided not to have a review up for Monday since I was in a pretty bad mood then. I enjoyed this episode lots, though, despite that it was so sugar-coated in shipping everywhere but hell, whatever. My twins were AWESOMELY ADORABLE and that’s what’s important. ^^


Nothing happened much just as expected. Dress up, go to a dance party, some couple moments ruined by some unwelcomed guests and woo~, we get this *pinches fingers* much of some advancement in plot.

Is there anything I can’t predict while watching this? :P

I dunno. I’m definitely going to stick with OYZ till the very end and it’s keeping me entertained but I’m already so bored~ Kaaauuuggghhh…

And I’m gonna stop talking about the animation unless it’s suddenly superb somewhere down the road since this is obviously not J.C. Staff’s top priority of the season and I bet they’re putting all their budget into paying the seiyuus. Kikoku Inoue is in here, whoo~

God, this isn’t like me. How come I have nothing to say? *wails a bit* D/

I’m starting to get a little fed up with the shipping, though, even if I support the couples and they have no choice but to interact with each other like a pairing since they’re partners. It just reminds me too much of fanfiction, putting romance before the hello-hello! real issues. I don’t like shipping being thrown in my face like that. My appreciation can’t grow that way. Leave that business to me and don’t ship for me, dammit! >:(



I dun care~ I love this elephant guy cuz he makes me nostalgic for my favorite childhood toy, Babar. I miss him. T________T

This is Zakuro running downstairs to greet Hanadate…lol, look at her face. QUALITY.


*cough* Erhem…yea, making it seem as if she’s just casually coming down the stairs. Girls. *rolls eyes*

*gags* I can’t watch this.

At least Kei got over his superficial praising and sweet talk earlier on but Hanadate is just disgusting sucking up to Zakuro like this. And she actually eats it all up like a simpleton.

You’re just a simple girl after all, Zakuro! xP

I don’t really care if Kei is jealous or not since I know he is the better man so there’s no need to for him to get all worked up about Zakuro liking Hanadate.

But if they insist on playing it up the cliche way, what am I to do? *shrug* …pfft. /P

Haha, Mamezo made this scene totally better for me. “Mmhmm, yea, just keep telling yourself that, Nii-chan.” lol xD;

Anyways, Kei…isn’t your face just a little too close to the lil’ guy who likes to molest you? Hahahaha…

Well, I guess I’ll partially take back my comments on their dresses from last week. At least the bottom half/skirts look nice. I’m still not fond on the twins’ tops, though…it just bothers me that they don’t wear bras, whatever size they are. Ok? :P

Other than that, they look lovely. <3

Haha, the…hmm, I wouldn’t want to call them “awkward” since that term doesn’t seem to fit them. Umm…I just know they’re not good at expressing themselves. Is there a word to describe that? *can’t think at the moment = vocab fail* |D;

But Susuki definitely looks the best out of the others! Maybe that’s why Riken glanced the other way…dammit, he’s just shy cuz his partner is so pretty. lol~ xDD;;

And Zakuro, the last one to come out after a whole day of objections to the “JESUIT DRESS!”. Hmm, she doesn’t look half-bad. Not as good as the others, though, but I’m happy the color of her outfit suits her. Maybe it’s just the lighting but at least it brings out her eyes rather nicely. :)

She goes into tsun mode as expected. Kei gives her a nice compliment, which causes her to blush, as expected but dumbly follows it up with a remark about her un-ladylike behavior.

Which earns him a sharp heel in the foot, lawl~

Ok, so they’re both at fault here. For one thing, Kei, you should know better than to speak the blunt truth in Zakuro’s face that way, you idiot.

For another, Zakuro…It’s the friggin’ truth! You’re such a tomboy! xP

Hanadate: “Yaa…I’m speechless. Your usual kimono is always beautiful but tonight, you’re just dazzling!”

Kei: *mutters* “For a guy who’s speechless, you sure talk a lot.”


This is exactly why I’m sure Hanadate is one of the bad guys. And even if he wasn’t, he’d still fit in with that category. Seriously, what kind of person lays it on that thick? …Well, maybe Kei but he’s an adorable wuss underneath so it cancels out. <– lol, wut? xD;

Joking aside, he's probably aware of Zakuro's great animosity towards humans so the only way to work around that is to approach her like a flattering gentleman and appear "*gasp!* suteki~” in her eyes. <– This is why Zakuro is so simple. So easily fooled. /P

And I'll get more into my little theories about him later. With him being "seduced" by the spider lady and all.

Kyaa~! I love them! They’re such romantics about almost everything. Even their petal-tracking skills.

Twins are much more lovable when they act in sync. Kyuu~ <3

Please tell me I’m not the only person who found Kei really cute here. Eating because he’s jealous. Kaaahhhh!!! XDDDD

Spider lady: “Okay, let’s initiate the plan. Pretend to be enamoured with me and follow me to my room to suggest stuff. Then Zakuro or whoever will follow thinking you’re in danger and we’ll have our target right where we want her!”

Hanadate: “Ok!” *stares*

This is way too easy. つまんない~ Tsumannai~ (Boring~) -_-;

You know what would be funny? If someone happened to be randomly strolling through the garden, saw them, and just kept on walking. <– This is what Xiao would do.


Tch, typical jerks. Typical scenario of picking on a girl. Typical girl getting angry but not being able to do anything because of it’ll make her division look bad.


And typical knight in shining armor on a white horse…except he comes with no armor or horse, he had to bring the friggin’ SUN with him.

Kei: Don’t mess with mah partner. *SHINES ON YOUR LOWLY INCOMPETENCE*


And typical crying/hugging scene.

This is such an upgraded fanfic, it isn’t even funny. *frowns in a corner annoyed* >:(


Hozuki: “Watasha hana ka♪ Chouchou ka♪ Oni ka♪”

Ganryuu: “You girls, do your work.”

Bonbori: “But we are! Singing’s just a part of it.”

Ganryuu: “EH?!”

Bonbori: “Don’t worry. People will think we’re just drunk so it’s fine~”

Ganryuu: *sniffs* … “Aren’t you already drunk?”

Hozuki/Bonbori: “Ah, we’ve been caught!” *giggle giggle*


Hanadate likes big lips.


AWWW, Hozuki is so adorably pouty because she wants a turn at hogging their favorite shota. And Bonbori readily agrees to change shifts with her. KYAAA!!! Y SO CUTE, U WANT TO KILL ME WITH DA CYUUUTTTEENNESSSSSS?!?!?!?!?!?! HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x333333333

I’m guessing Bonbori is the older sister then? Seeing as how she took more of the aggressive role in this episode and being so understanding with Hozuki. Funny, I thought it was the other way around but that’s probably because Yui Horie (Hozuki) is a more established seiyuu than Aki Toyosaki (Bonbori) is so I thought that applied to the twins, too. I guess not. ^^;

Huzzah! The other foxes arrive!

Riken’s quite reliable with a sword…rather, he’s the only one reliable with a sword. ^^;

Susuki touched Byakuroku’s hand and saw her inner feelings. It’s antagonist-emphasizing time. Moar crying.

Must be some serious, depressing business that motivated anti-government action from them.

…moo. <– Xiao's being an ass. 8'D

Dude, she danced with that strapped to her leg. Doesn’t it poke you? D8

So the deal with the twin’s tracking skills is that if even one petal is destroyed, it’ll physically harm the one who sent it because it’s necessary for them to put in a little bit of their soul in order for their powers to work. Bonbori got hurt since she was the one singing at the time she switched with Hozuki.

Ganryuu is shocked about this and protests them from doing it again when they suggest using the same method to open the door.

It was quite touching really, seeing Ganryuu set aside his prideful, soldier-like attitude to show concern for them. I think, in a way, he also sees himself responsible for their safety as well. Not because he’s a man boy but he tries his best to act mature and all grown-up while in contrast, the twins are more carefree and childish.

And of course, because he loves them cuz they’re so cute and love to pamper him~ <3

“We love you, too, Ganryuu-sama~”

OMG, this is just too sweet. <3

No wonder why they adore him. Besides being a cute shota, he's probably the first who can tell them apart with no problem and looks out for them and doesn't want to risk their well-being for the sake of their job.

Also, gotta remember that it's a bit odd for the twins to be cheerful all the time. Since they’re hanyou girls, you’d expect they’ve gone through some tough times while growing up but unlike the quick-tempered Zakuro or shy Susuki, they don’t seem to let the pressures of society get to them. Makes me wonder what experiences they could’ve gone through in order for them to always continue smiling like they are now. Then again, they’ve always had each other so maybe that made things slightly easier to bear. It helps to have even one person understand you, especially if you’re twins. :)

Soo…since Ganryuu-sama forbids them from putting themselves in danger, they’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Hozuki: “Excuse me! Can you please open the door?”

Ganryuu: “HAH?!”

*doorknob clicks*

Bonbori: “Ara, that was quick.”

Ganryuu: “Ehhhh?!”

lol, Ganryuu is so confused~ So cute~ Man, this is why I like these three the best atm. x333

Spider lady’s name is not mentioned by according to ANN, it’s Rangui and she’s voiced by Kikuko Inoue.

lol, totally weirds me out cuz while not technically using her other voice, Mai Nakahara also played Nagisa in CLANNAD and Kikuko Inoue played Nagisa’s mom, Sanae. In this series, they’re enemies…it’s totally weird! xD;

Anyways…hmm, spiders. Was never really fond of them.

…oh yea, and Hanadate seems to be alive. What does that tell you, hmm?

I felt a little bad for Ganryuu when he tried to attack Rangui but failed. He’s still a young kid after all (sorry, Ganryuu, but it’s true ^^; ) and inexperienced with fighting despite being ranked as a second lieutenant. It’s not like anyone can blame him for being scared about demons either since he’s a normal human after all.

But lucky boy has his devoted twins to protect him…ahh, but he’s probably not happy with that. He’s the guy after all so he should be the one doing the protecting. ^^;

Even so…as if Hozuki and Bonbori will let you even lay a finger on their precious Ganryuu-sama.

Gah, I loved this part. Zakuro isn’t the only badass one here. The twins seem to specialize in defense yet if they split themselves into that and offense, their powers drop by half. It was still cool to see Bonbori go kitsune on us and burn Rangui’s face with her pretty petals, though. AWESOME, BONBORI~

Also, Aki Toyosaki’s voice when Bonbori was getting super determined in protecting Ganryuu no matter what…yea, you get what I mean. AWESOME. 8D


Agh, this is the worse feeling. Bonbori’s hurt, Ganryuu is frustrated because he can’t help and Hozuki can’t let him out of the barrier even when her sister’s injured.



Why is Bonbori the one who got the most hurt this episode? ;____;

Finally, Zakuro arrives in a rage for what Rangui did to her friend and I’ll forgive her for being late since she stab that creepy spider lady in the face so splendidly. Teach her to mess with my twins, GRRRR!!! >:(

Thank god, Bonbori~ *huggles her*

Ahh, it’s just not a good day for Ganryuu, huh? His pride as a soldier is hurt and he couldn’t protect his partners either.

I see some potential growth ahead. Please give me another HozukixGanryuuxBonbori episode soon, k? <3

So we learn that Zakuro’s mother’s name is Tsukuhane and even more mysteries concerning Zakuro pop up.

Great, we’re starting to get somewhere but it’s already the end of the ep. I’m impatient, I can’t help but want to know more so I’m cranky. >:/

Um, ok…where the hell did that ofuda come from? D/

Rangui’s still alive. She was clearly having the time of her life laughing her evil heart out even though she just got stabbed in the face and it would be such a letdown for her role to end here. Expecting to see her again within the next episode or two.

Yo, Zakuro. Your BSOD time is up. Get ready for next ep!


*such a jerk*



Back to being Zakuro-centric again. Preview doesn’t tell us much but looking forward to any new leads we’ll get.

…Yea. *sigh* Why can’t I write decent posts lately? *sad* Huhu… T.T


8 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 5

  1. Been watching this series because Katanagatari updates too slow (more like, impatient kitty is impatient XD).

    It certainly does seem kinda typical type of show…
    “Herbivorous” guy meets tsudere girl, hilarity ensures…8D
    …Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that….==U

    When I first saw episode one, my first response was…
    “LOL what? Tamaki, what you doing in this series? 8D” (Has obviously been reading Ouran…)
    And then since I started, I ended up drawing parallels like no other anyway….just haven’t fit Honey to anyone…XD

    Susuken shipping to the max! It’s started at level six, and now they’ve cranked it up to the eleven! (OMG, just get married, you two…)

    Twins = cuteness overload. No…resistance…to…cuteness….AH!
    (How old are they suppose to be again?)

    It’s okay Xiao….no decent post = do extra better next time! (Like do an extra long and good one for Katanagatari –*ish shot*)

    • Bwuahaha, you’re the same as me. xD;

      lol, Kei as “herbivorous” …aww man, that’s great. And Zakuro is lactose-intolerant. Doesn’t really match up but yea. xDD

      I know. That’s why I’ve been trying not to reference it too much but it seems impossible. ^^;
      And I’d say you can find Honey’s shota-ness in Ganryuu, perhaps. Minus Honey’s baby charm…maybe that goes to the twins, I dunno. Haha.


      Er…well, I’m guessing Zakuro can be around 15-17 range so maybe they’re the same as well. Hmm…14? Somewhere around there.

      …are you trying to kill me? xD;

      • Maybe? This way you can join me in the land of the dead by school! (Join us Xiao~ JOIN US~)
        *gets exorcised by a handful of salt to the face*

  2. The art is pretty (the colors are gorgeous) and it makes me laugh. For me, that’s good enough. The plot is lacking and I was laughing really badly at how quickly they’ve been moving the romance and coupling along (though I was like, “Oh, Japan, you just went there, didn’t you? You’re pairing him up with twins!? hehe) Of course, I’m already impressed by the fact that neither of the (awesome) twins haven’t gotten jealous of the other one yet. At least they haven’t gotten *that* cliche…

    Your thoughts basically mirror my thoughts; really, from Hanadate being a bad guy to Kei being adorable when he eats away his jealousy to not liking the twins’ tops and to the fact that I’m glad Zakuro isn’t the only one of the girls who can actually fight (without being possessed). Oh! And random ofuda is random, I have no idea where that came from either…>.>;

    Speaking of Zakuro though, one of the good things about a Zakuro centered episode is that we will probably be getting more Kei, which I enjoy, since he reminds me of Tamaki (who I simply adore) greatly, and he is adorable and gets the lolz from me! XDD

    Though, I would have to say that I relate the most to Susuki, since the way she behaved at the beginning of episode 4, I think it was, when she was walking through the town, is basically how I am when I’m taking the train to Shinjuku for school every afternoon! ^^; Gosh Japanese trains can be really quiet, it can be rather unnerving…Until night time comes and kids are out from school and teenagers are heading to Harajuku and Shibuya and Ikebukuro, then it gets a bit loud, but only a bit.

    As for couples, yes, they made them glaringly obvious, but at least this is like a good fanfic, rather than a bad fanfic. If it was a bad fanfic then I doubt either one of us would have gotten this far (then again, I was somehow able to finish reading the Twilight series and that’s as bad as fanfiction can get so…I don’t know.)

    Anyway, I’m really liking the side pairings (the twins and Ganryuu-sama and Riken and Susuki, especially since, with this one, we don’t actually get to *hear* what they say to each other, so it leaves more room open to make up what we want… =P)

    So yeah, those are basically my thoughts on this series thus far. I hope that the plot picks up a bit too, but if not this is a pretty series that puts me in a good mood. Besides, it acts as a nice counter balance to Togainu no Chi, which I love but which is so twisted, dark, and gay, literally, so yeah. ^^;;

    Also, I’m glad I was able to finally get around to watching this, since now that I’m actually in Japan I have little to no time to actually *watch* anime. Though, I really cannot complain…I’m practically living in a convention, especially since I am in walking distance to Harajuku and Takeshita Dori and about half an hour away from Ikebukuro and Animate…So now I’ll shut up.

    Hmm, if you want some manga with plot I can suggest to you Karneval (it’s got about 26 chapters up on MangaFox right now) and Orchestra (there are only three chapters up and the fourth one just came out last month), but those are just suggestions. And I’m going to stop this rambling post now.

    Good luck with your classes and schedule (I have no idea what I’m going to do about mine, which is probably going to get all screwed up due to my studying abroad) and take care! ^.^

  3. kittymaverick: Tsk, tsk. You don’t even offer me cookies. I won’t submit that easily. >x)


    LGB: Ah~, you’re finally nice and settled in Japan? I hope you’re enjoying it there so far. Is it cold? Please bring me back a souvenir. *luv jyuu~* lol xDDD;;;

    I feel like the twins and Ganryuu are the only things making this series worthwhile for me. It’s not like I hate the others or anything but they have nothing new to amuse me with. It’s not my first time seeing a twin “triangle” either but Hozuki and Bonbori’s charm has a freshness to it that I haven’t encounter before so yea.

    I like Kei because he’s not like Tamaki at all. Expect for his shiny blonde hair but that’s as far as similarities goes. Tamaki was just a little too over-the-top for me while Kei is just an adorable wuss. lol xD;

    Ah, I know that feeling. I talked about it in my vacation post and that awkward silence is in restaurants, too. Nobody talks! It’s depressing!
    I went to Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, too, and while I hate crowds, it was nice to be in the middle of a bustling city since I lived in one all my life.
    But anyways, yea, Susuki is adorable. Hmph, those people who glare at her don’t know how to appreciate the cuteness of a girl and her cute fox ears. *hugs Susuki* <3

    Hmm…I wouldn't call it a good fanfic. More like a "popular" fanfic since it caters exactly to a fangirl's needs. And that doesn't necessarily make it a good fanfic. But at least it’s not bad…so far anyways. *shrug* :/

    Haha, everybody loves Susuken so much! xD
    Like I said, I’m not too crazy about the romance portions and sometimes, I don’t even understand why others are the exact opposite but eh…this is a Lily Hoshino work so what can you expect?

    GRRRRR!!!!!! No more being nice Xiao! You bring home something nice or I’ll steal all your Gackt CDs. xDDD;;; J/k. J/k.
    Well, it’s to be expected since going abroad to study does take up a lot of your time. But you can always catch up when you come home, no worries. :3

    I’ve heard of Carneval before and read some good opinions about it. When I have time I might check that and the other one you mentioned. Thx. :)

    You, too! And have tons of fun in Japan! Oh, and take lots of pictures, too. Andand…kidnap any bishies you see! lol xDD;;

  4. I should be sleeping now…But whatever. And yes, I am nice and settled in Japan. ^^

    Without being spoiler-ish, I’ll just say that episode 6 was not quite what I was expecting (in a good way). More twins = awesomeness in my book. I really like those two too, simply because they are cute and just plain *fun.* Their personalities are easy for me to like.

    I see more of Manga!Tamaki in Kei then I do Anime!Tamaki, I like both versions, though I think the anime version is more over the top. Though, I also don’t think that Kei = exact replica of Tamaki…because that would be a lie. I think the way he reacts to things (and his blond hair) is what makes me connect the two. Also, the wuss factor. Tamaki is a huge wuss too. But I like them both separately and for different reasons in the character department.

    Ah, yes, no one talks in Japan. I swear, Tokyo must be one of *the* quietest cities ever! Though, I’ve found that the real personalities of the Japanese and of Tokyo occurs at nighttime, when everyone is done with school or work and can then therefore step out of those roles and be more of “themselves.” Tokyo is far louder at nighttime. But, I luckily was prepared for the silence, since I’ve taken enough Japanese and Asian Studies classes to know that Japanese tend to be more introverted than many other people.

    It also helps when you are traveling in a group. Like when I am with the other American and Canadian students as my school, and we are going around Tokyo, the silence doesn’t seem so bad (because we break it…) Also, being in a group just seems more natural in Japan, which makes complete and utter sense.

    Anyway, I guess I went for the “good fanfic” comparison because the art style is pretty and I therefore equated that to an fanfic author having a good writing style and knowledge in basic spelling and grammar! XD Though, your comparison works just as well, if not better. Ah, and yes, it could be way worse…Way worse.

    The romance is definitely one of the weakest elements of this anime, though I am personally treating it as fulfilling my “I want to read a completely unrealistic Shoujo” quota, so I’m just kinda going with the flow. Though, Susuken is probably my favorite, just because it seems the least straightforward, in the sense that there feelings get conveyed basically entirely by actions and I just like that. ^^

    Actually, I only have one GACKT CD (Ghost), but I have nearly all of his Concert DVDs, so you can try stealing those instead. Since I am going to a GACKT concert in two days, this would not be as much of a damaging blow! =P

    Naw, just kidding. I’ll definitely get you a souvenir though. :)

    No problem! Yes, right now Karneval is shaping up to be a very good manga. If I see any others that catch my eye (or that I think you might like) I’ll let you know.

    And thank you! I plan on making the best out of my time here. Ah, about the bishies thing, well know, I don’t think I could do that. Simply because I’d be stealing men off the street every second. I swear, I try to make it so that the guys *aren’t* attractive so I don’t stare like an idiot, but then this happens: I see the suits and think to myself, “They are old, balding Salarymen. Nothing else.” But then I look and I see these young, hip guys with awesome hair and my mind yields to defeat. Then I get all creeper and steal glances whenever I can. OTL

    …My friends and I also found a Butler Cafe in Ikebukuro, it’s right underneath K-Books, which just sells tons upon tons of Doujinshi. We plan on going.

  5. Haha this is a pretty good show, but the shipping moments that come like 24/7 are really tiring…. I really do like hozukis voice here, especially when she was singing X3 so pretty!

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