Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 4

Pfft, this episode entire show makes me so Genry Savvy that I can’t even hold back on laughing while being cynical. xD;


Frankly, I thought Susuki’s insecurities about her powers were a bit exaggerated. Yea, I get that she’s the very timid type of person but everything felt like it’s been bloated to give an excuse for her and Riken to have an emotional embrace at the end. It’s not really…that necessary to go that far. I’m happy with the hug, I just don’t want it dramatized by that much. ^^;

Well, whatever, it was an okay episode, still going strong in strengthening the relationships while not forgetting to address the racial problems and issues.

One small thing that irks me a little, though…why is it that most of the youjin we see are female? Besides the elephant man I forgot how to spell his name, a non-yucky demon dude has yet to appear. :/

In due time, I guess.



lol, fanservice so early in the morning.

Yes, boys, go work off that sweat. xD;

Still teasing Zakuro about spending the night with Kei. And Susuki’s the one doing it, haha~

See, this is why you got shouldn’t underestimate the shy one. They are the most awesome when they do something that’s unexpected for them. Hehe

Love how Kei works so hard to improve himself. And Zakuro is adorable for being curious about why he’s so hung up over it. Oh, Zakuro, you don’t understand what it means to be man. Ahaha~

I like this scene quite a lot. Riken offering to shield Susuki from other people’s gazes. Of course, I only approve because she’s ultra sensitive to others’ emotions so that’s why it works. Still, it’s so kind of him to help her out in these small little ways, especially since, at this moment, he didn’t know about her powers.

It just makes me “D’AWWW~”. <33

I really liked the one-ep characters (saying this cuz I’m not sure if they’re filler or not) as well. Heck, you can’t help but just like a lot of the nice ones like Mugi and Aya…because everyone else in that society is prejudiced so finding people who get along with both races is a wonderful thing.

Oh~, poor Mugi. I’m glad that Aya took her in and became her surrogate mother after that tragedy with her real one. Otherwise, it’d be so sad. She’s just an innocent kid! ;___;

Interestingly enough, the murder of Mugi’s mom doesn’t seem to be the cause of demon hate but of demon possession. Am I to believe that this evil sword will play a bigger role later on in the story? Hmm.

God, Mugi doesn’t remember how her mom died either and thinks they got separated instead.

That’s it, I want to adopt all the orphan youkai kids here now! ;___;

And it was very kind of Susuki to convey Mugi’s mother’s feelings to Mugi after seeing the memories by touching the comb. Very sad as well. Mugi…I want to hug her. *sniff*

It was pretty cool to see the quiet Susuki have a total change in nature after catching the sword. I mean, bad because it possessed her but demon!Susuki just made me go “Whoa~, awesomecakes… 8D”.

Hmm, I don’t know if it’s the sword’s influence or not but did anyone else find it amusing that she was able to throw off Riken like that? xD;

This brings me to my question on exactly how strong the hanyou are. Our fox girls look like normal girls but do their demon qualities give them above-average strength? Do they recover faster than humans if injured?

Hope they answer these somewhere down the road. I’m curious to know more about the youkai in this series so I can compare them with other youkai-centric anime I’ve seen.

Great drop in animation here. What we should’ve gotten were swords swooshing around at each other. Instead, we got a lot of still-shots. *not satisfied* >:/

And as you can see, the faces were slightly off, too.

Not too much of a detail failure but it still pokes my nerves a little.

…you know I don’t have any intention to be mean cuz I do like this scene…but you can’t deny it isn’t cliche either.

Eh, fine, I’ll shut up cuz a crying Susuki is very cute. <3

A rather nicely reserved powerful moment for these two. Riken is not a man of words so he touches Susuki’s hand to tell her his true feelings through her powers. Susuki is overwhelmed by his genuine sympathy and is so deeply happy that he’s not repulsed by her that she can’t even hold back her tears.

Aww man, such a sweet scene. It didn’t move mountains or anything but it still touched my heart. I love this couple. <33


Yay for hugging! Hugging is good. It heals the soul. <3

I couldn't help but let the fangirl in me smile when Susuki said she wanted Riken to someday understand her feelings as well. In modern day setting, it be totally cheesy so it's good that this takes place in a historical era because it fits better.

In the end, Mugi remembers what really happened but she remains cheerful and promises to be a good girl cuz she’s sure she’ll meet her mother again someday. Aww man, why can’t all children be as good as Mugi?

Such a strong girl for her delicate age. I love you, Mugi~! *huggles*

I totally love scenes that include the sunset bathing everything with its warmth. Usually, it accompanies very romantic or heart-felt moment which make things even better.

And of course, these two are no exception. Susuki doesn’t fear looking at other people now that she has Riken with her. Hearing that, Riken reaches out to hold her hand again and something is communicated through that action alone. I really like that. You don’t have to describe it. You just have to watch them and feel it. That’s one of the best things when it comes to good couples. <3

Gah, the twins doing the same to Ganryuu, albeit more like imitating Susuki and snuggling up to their favorite play thing (yes, Ganryuu is their favorite toy XDD), is so utterly cute I can squeal my head off. They really adore their shota boy lots, huh? Can’t wait for the next episode since it it’ll focus on them more. AH! I just love all the couples in this series! lol XDD;;;

So the lady who dropped the evil sword off at Aya’s in the first place is also after Zakuro. There’s no question that the kitsune girls we saw last episode are in league with her since the ED shows them together along with some man whose face is not shown to us yet. Question is, why Zakuro?

God, if Zakuro turns out to be some demon princess, I think I’ll flip a table or something. Haha

My thoughts are that it was all in their plan to get the sword to the Youjinshou (Spirit Affairs). Obviously, they were trying to lure Zakuro out. If not for Kushimatsu intervening, who knows what might have happened if Zakuro went along on this mission? Perhaps not much but she’s still the main target here.

Not enough information to go any further so we’ll have to wait and see.

lol, Zakuro is totally bewildered at how close Susuki and Riken are now. Zakuro is an ordinary girl after all~ Ahaha~ xD

They’re so…couple-ly. <DDD

Yea, Zakuro. Why don’t you take Mamezo’s advice and give a towel to your partner as well?

lol, I love how everybody teases Zakuro. She’s so easily flustered. xD

Hahaha…ahhh, so cute. x3


ED: “Futari Sei (二人静)” by Kana Hanazawa and Satoshi Hino

I love this duet. I don’t know if I love it so much that I’d go squealy every time I hear it but it makes me slightly giggly and fangirly inside. *giggles* x3

We all know Kana-san has a sweet and adorable voice but damn, can Satoshi Hino sing or what?! 8D I honestly didn’t know he could do it in his super-masculine voice so well. It sounded awesome. Like really…awesome.

Together, I don’t know what to think. Riken’s part seemed to be toned down to a more backgroundish feel while Susuki’s was brought out more. In other words, it seems more like they were singing in a parallel fashion instead of truly synchronizing or complementing each other. Not that I mind but that’s how it sounded to me.

Ahh, whatever, I liked the slow, sorta-jazzy (?) rhythm to it. It suits this couple well just like how Ganryuu, Hozuki and Bonbori’s suits them, albeit in a more mixed manner. Hehe.



Butoukai next episode and…well, Zakuro’s dress doesn’t suit her at all. But maybe it’s just this particular screencap…nah, I don’t think the colors suit her at all. Purplish blue stripes? *frowns* /:(

I’ll reserve my thoughts until I see a better profile of it.

That aside, Susuki’s totally fits her! Ahh, so pretty, Susuki~! <3
I would have also said the same for the twins because green goes well with their hair but I don't like the top design of their dresses. And it's not like they had bras back then either, did they? I almost called Zakuro a pettanko after seeing the middle screencap, too…what? It totally looks like that, doesn’t it?! xDDD;;;

Hmm…anyways, kyaa~! Can’t wait to see the twins showing their own powers. And HozukixGanryuuxBonbori FTW~! x333

Can do without that creepy lieutenant, though. His body proportions freak me out…especially that weird-looking torso of his. -_-;


4 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 4

  1. Mugi is the most adorable youkai ever. That’s all I could think of after watching this episode.

    I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode. I love seeing the twins and Ganryuu interact. They’re so cute ^^

  2. I think my first thought was “Hello fan service~”

    The shadow demon thingie from episode 2 was a guy right though? He was adorable.

    I like that Mugi didn’t get mad at Susuki when she found out about her mom. And yes she was a very good girl.

    I found this episode to be very adorable. It was nice that they had an episode that wasn’t about Zakuro and Kei.

  3. is there any way you can upload the full version of futari sei?? i love the song too and i can’t find it :(

  4. Nayu: She is~ <3

    Awesome! More twin love to spread around! x3


    warrior: That was my first thought last week during the preview. xD;

    It didn’t say but I think it’s a boy.

    Why would she be mad at Susuki? She was the victim, too. o.o?
    Though it’s pretty amazing for her to understand that the sword was all at fault for possessing the guy who killed her mom.

    Zakuro and Kei seem to be the central characters of the series but I like how the author rotates everyone around so they get their fair time under the spotlight. :)


    girl: The CD for the ending themes are not out yet. Full version should be available when it’s released on 11/24.

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