Katanagatari ~ Ep. 10 ~ Saints can be trolls, too~

Or holy men, whatever.

Sorry for the delay. This was supposed to be posted up by last Sunday but I was too tired from school. Think I’ll have to start shortening my posts (aka cutting back on a lot of the screencapping). If not, I’ll have to go on hiatus which is something I don’t want. :(

So yea, gonna try and keep it short.


Eh…I don’t know what to think of this episode. I find it interesting and boring at the same time. It sounds so complicated when it’s relatively simple to understand if you just put things in order and get rid of the wordyness.

Basically, Rinne had his fun messing around with Shichika and Togame and they’re both weirdos for projecting him as a loli, lololol~ and they walked away having learned something: face your fears (or something). Here’s your bladeless sword as a supplementary gift. Have a nice day. :P

Getting down to the more complex stuff, three things: Shichika, Togame, and some small but important revelations on Kiki and his swords.

So, uh, Shichika…your mind works in very strange ways. @.@;

I don’t doubt that he has some kind of feelings, however you want to classify it as, for Togame that serves as motivation from him but I can’t argue with Rinne’s standpoint either. Mainly because Shichika still functions more perfectly as a sword than he does as a human. The idea of him comprehending love the way we do is probably going to be as forever foreign to him as Togame nationalizing “Cheerio!”.

What conclusion can I draw from this? (…Yes, I am drawing a conclusion already even though we have two more episodes to cover)
That Togame is just a very big existence in his life. Perhaps his only one. Like he said, without her, he wouldn’t have had a purpose, and we wouldn’t have Katanagatari. It’s not about the “love” or the swords. It’s just him having some reason to get off that old island of his and fight. That’s why, in the end, killing people to obtain the swords and losing to a handful of his opponents along the way (all of which are noticeably women, and even Rinne, who he can’t beat, takes the form of a girl…oho~ what does that mean? lol) don’t matter one bit next to fighting for Togame. That’s what Shichika’s resolve is.

At least that’s how I see it.

As for Togame, hers was the more generic emotional obstacle with a bonus of remembering her father’s last (oh so bittersweet) words to her.

Yet Togame is more difficult for me to figure out than Shichika so give me a second to straighten my thoughts out here. According to Rinne, she was able to find Hakari because she let go of being on the offense. That’s what led her to the true concept behind Hakari, a sword that cuts oneself, tests oneself. Also, until Togame was able to look Rinne in the face again, she’s been avoiding that one important thing she has forgotten.

Why? Because she was blinded by her ambition and thirst for revenge.

Rinne confirms it. That’s how she lacked the resolve just as how Shichika couldn’t forget his losses against Konayuki, Nanami, and Zanki and guilt over those he killed, Meisai being the most notable one since there was no need to take her life for Tsurugi in the first place.

I hope I’m making sense here. In any case, what is Togame’s resolve then after realizing all this? It’s not for revenge now, is it? It’s for living. And doing so by hunting for Kiki’s swords. Is that what Nisioisin’s trying to say?

If you have a better idea of how to explain this, please share it. I’m still confused no matter which way I try to sort it out.

Anyways, finally, some insight into Kiki’s character. Honestly, nothing too significant has been mentioned about his personality except maybe the hints in ep 8. …But it’s not like you can get a lot from knowing it’s his hobby-profession for creating unusual swords and modeling one off of his old crush. :P

So according to Rinne, he had a habit of denying things a lot. BING BING BING! Early theory about Hitei possibly being descended from Kiki sorta confirmed no matter how much she’ll deny it. Honestly, how else does she know so much about the swords?

Secondly, another theory confirmed: Kyotouryuu being one of Kiki’s Deviant Blades (kittymaverick, you were right~ xD). Though you would have or should have realized this earlier on. “-tou” of “Kyotou” being the biggest clue since it means “sword” and all of Kiki’s other weapons followed the same naming theme.
On top of being the 13th sword, Kyotouryuu is also the “Completed” Deviant Blade as opposed to the 12 Perfected Deviant Blades.

…and? Does that mean all those 12 swords we’ve been after for almost a year were just practice for this final one like the first 100,000-something swords? That’s such a wacked up idea…but at the same time it works so I can’t really say much else.

Still…how do you forge a sword into seven generations of genetics, eh? Wait, if there’s any inclination that the Yasuri bloodline is somehow related to Kiki’s…if that were true, then Shichika and Hitei would be like…15th cousins or something! @A@;;;

Right, I think I’ll stop there before I hurt myself. Oi~… @~@;;

Well, there you have it. Looks like Hida Takahito had his fair share of participation in the sword hunt as well. That or he chose a too fateful place for planting his castle and refused to get glasses after Hakari’s effects on him which led to the rebellion, his own clan’s execution and then his daughter to proceed with the actual sword hunt.

Ack, everybody in this story is so troublesome! I’m done! HAH! XP



Ok, so even if Rinne doesn’t have to do anything to freak people out by appearing as a projection of their memories, it’s still pretty cool how he…well, can. XD;

I loved the part where we get to see Shichika duke it out with Zanki, too. Not sure if that’s real flashback or an illusion in Shichika’s head but the movements were just too awesome. The animation got a bit sketchy here and there but since the art style is based off of take’s, it’s not totally out of line.

Andand I wanted to cry when I saw Nanami and Meisai again. I miss them so… ;________;

Self-explanatory. Very heart-warming…oh alright, it earns an “AWWWWWWWWWWW”. Happy now? lol

Hitei is the best villain of the year for me. Her personality is so consistent with her sinister nature and while other antagonists often get close to the edge of breaking down when the heroes have more of an advantage, she’s not even concerned about it cuz in the end, “It’ll all be as planned”. Kukuku~

Plus, even with that small revelation of her origins, she continues to remain an interesting character. Sometimes characters tend to go bland on me when I’ve learned all of what I need to know about them but not this woman. She outright denies everything and…it’s just awesome. 8D

Did I mention she’s FIERCE!ly hot as well? lol xDD;;

Of course, mastermind evil isn’t complete without a trusty subordinate. Which is why I like shipping the Hitei/Emonzaemon twosome. He’s just as dangerous and cruel as his princess and heck, even seems to take pleasure when she sends him on another goose chase to find out anything that can be used against Togame.

Ahh~ I’m horrible. Why am I rooting for the bad guys? xD;

Shichika’s duel with Rinne reminded me a little of Konayuki’s match. To be honest, it isn’t that much different. Rinne just approaches it differently by constantly running away and is 300-something years older than her. :P

Did I mention Rinne rocks because he practically lives in a pop-out picture book? xD

“Boku wa kimi no koto ga daisuki datta.”

…*sniff* He even emphasized the “daisuki“. ;__;

Alright, I admit it, this was very sweet. And the hug after it as well. <3


Mon-kun, I have never been so happy to see your shoes.

Now run along home (or go and kill Houou) so you can tell your princess that… “TOGAME IS THE DAUGHTER OF THE REBELLION TRAITORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!” so things can get REALLY more interesting, EH?!?! >8D

Phail kissu.

lol xDDDD

Shichika: “Hey, Togame! I think I found a dead bird!”

*gets brick’d* |DDDDD;;;;

Well, something must have happened to Houou for poor Penguin to end up in this state. And yikes, that’s a pretty deep wound as well.

kittymaverick, I’m with you on Penguin taking up the head seat for the next Maniwani generation but the situation looks so grim, I don’t know if I want to hope or not. ^^;


ED:”Ina, to Hime wa Subete wo Karazu” (否、と姫は全てを語らず) by Haruka Tomatsu

Long title is long.

I didn’t take a lot of time to analyze the lyrics for this one but it’s basically meant to describe Hitei’s character. And I’m fine with that cuz I friggin’ love her! 8D

Also, Haruka Tomatsu singing~ *contently sighs* My day is made. Please have this up for download when the DVD comes out, awesome someone out there. <3




It’s totally pointless to show previews anymore…IT’S JUST TOO SPOILERISH! XDDDD;;;;

But man, I can’t wait! Even if the action sucks, I get so many fights in one episode. Mon-kun vs. Houou, Houou vs. Shichika, and even some Penguin vs. Mon-kun?!

Andand, we’ll get to see Kiki interact with the first Kyotouryuu head, Yasuri Kazune, as well. GAH, how much more awesome can it get?!


Prepare your tissues and expect some WTF?!-ing. CLIMAX HERE WE COME!!! RAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

…k, so next episode will air on 11/12. Another Friday. I’ll try my best to get a review up as soon as possible but no promises. Till then!


6 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 10 ~ Saints can be trolls, too~

  1. I see that school has eaten your brain…(Don’t worry, I’m 90%, wait…100% there too! 8’D)

    Yeah, this chapter/episode was a bit of a drag… Though I went through it a couple of times just for plot sake.
    (Though I got so sick of waiting for this episode and went and hunted down whatever there is of the novel translation in Chinese…spoiled myself on some minor detail…)

    One thing that has been on my mind for quite a bit though, is the concept that Shichika doesn’t really truly LOVE Togame (romantic sense). Most people argue it’s because he’s too dumb/raised by wolves/EQ deficient/etc.
    Strangely enough, I see it as he’s too dedicated to swordsmanship that he doesn’t have the capacity to love someone romantically. Don’t we have that sometimes in Asian cultures? Where you are so dedicated to your job that you don’t marry or even have a girl/boyfriend?
    In other words, being Togame’s sword in this case is his primary cause, because that’s his focus. Being a human and liking Togame is bonus…though quite a crucial bonus…
    Though I guess he needed a memory lane from Rinne to remember that… but this is our raised in the wild swordsman we are talking about, so it’s to be expected. XD

    As for Togame’s resolve, she probably has lost sight of it at some point. And yes, her resolve is to keep on living (actually as a wish of her father who said he predicted that she’ll survive). Her GOAL, however, is revenge, and hence her offensive. Continuing to live, her resolve, is essentially the defence that she has given up for her goal. Once she’s realized this, she get the sword.
    (Zelda getto theme: DA-DA-DA-DA!~)
    Though this is never stated outright, it’s heavily implied (and we’ll find out later on about anyway…) Though if you paid attention to Rinne and Togame’s conversation, Togame did state right out that her goals are the very things she cannot give up, even if they go against her resolve. *DF! DF!*

    Oh, and Takahito is the most annoyingly loving father you can have in the world… Imagine he telling young Togame to dig for the sword instead.
    And then while she’s digging he’ll all be like “I love it when my daughter is pissed off. She’s so MOE then~<3" *happy smile*
    Yeah, he's totally like that in my head…XD

    And the whole "lineage" from Shikizaki turns out to be? A PUN. Yes…A PUN.
    Because Kei tou = blood + organization in Kanji = Lineage
    And then Kei dou = blood + sword/knife in Kanji = Living sword, basically "in the flesh". And since blood is also a symbol for relatives, it gets passed down the family…

    No more comments for the ending other than GIVE ME NEXT MONTH NOW WHITE FOX! NOW!

    I totally ship Hitei/Emonzaemon too! (Right behind Emonzaemon/Houou! *ish shot* jkjk…but the fandom loves to crank up the Foe Yay between them ==U)
    They are the perfect couple, expect that whenever they appear together, the evilness just oozes out of the screen and coats EVERYTHING….
    And must I mention how increasingly SCARY those two get?
    Seriously, that smile from Mon-kun? I had to pause the video and go hid in my blanket for a good 5 mins before I can start watching again…I haven't had something raised my goosebumps like that in ages!
    All I have to say though about the pairing?
    1. Emonzaemon must enjoy the view from the attic…not that he can see it anyway…but he's a ninja so it doesn't matter.
    (That scene with Hitei hime sprawled across the floor, I was like "Er…Hime-sama, your kimono is getting loose at the shoulder…That is quite inappropriate…but hey, since only Mon-kun is watching, why should you care?")
    }D 8D

    Oh, and apparently the dvd/blue ray comes with a voice drama…
    And out of the voice drama came?
    ….in the word of my friend and the internet response…

    *RAGES around her dorm room setting things on fire*

  2. …Ah…some of my comments got erased…==U

    point 2 for Hitei/mon-kun ship:
    Mon-kun likes his hime Tsun….he likes her VERY TSUN.

    • School is NOT worth all the money I pay for it. I want a refund or at least compensation for loss of sanity! -_-;

      Ah~ Teach me Chinese so I can be spoiled, too~ lol xD

      *snaps fingers* Exactly that! Thanks for putting it into better words. And the bit on how you can be so dedicated that romance doesn’t really matter so applies to me. lol
      In Shichika’s case, hmm, like you said, he views himself as a sword because of his upbringing. From another angle, if we look at him in the complete sword sense (no human qualities whatsoever), then Kiki has been very successful in “forging swords” into the Kyotouryuu line. Like his 12 Perfected Deviant Blades, they’re all meant to be used as a weapon. Shichika and the Yasuri line are no different. A sword exists to cut, to be used to fight with. You can forge and decorate it however you want, as an object or a human, but its main function is still the same.

      Ah, glad we made that clear about Togame. No wonder why Rinne called her stubborn to the very end. But this constitutes to her overall being as the female lead. There needs to be some kind of inner controversy and she’s full to the brim with it.
      Considering that, I wonder if that has anything to do with her strengths and weaknesses as well. Remember last episode that Hitei mentioned something about her thinking and strategizing possibly being a mortal flaw (or something like that). Had she decided to focus only on living, then she probably would have avoided conflict with Hitei. But she didn’t and here, I’ll stop cuz saying anymore would be SUPER spoilerific but you know what I mean (ahh~, I want next episode, too~, lol xD).

      OMG, I cannot unsee that now because it is SO true! Him having some sort of daughter complex and abusing his daddy rights in the most annoying way possible.
      lol, if it were in a modern setting, Togame would have probably threatened to disown him (yes, him) many times. xD;

      God, this whole show is a friggin’ PUN! Full of it! full of Nisioisin’s clever puns! Nisioisin himself is a friggin’ PUN! xDDD

      Yay~! Baddy couples ftw~! (And you’re not alone in the Foe Yay for Emonzaemon and Houou. I blame Pixiv. All those fanarts of these two ninjas poisoned my brain. |D;)

      Bwuahaha! Too true! This is why I’m so crazy for this couple. It’s an awesome concoction of wickedness and guilty-pleasure spite all around…I need more couples like this. xD;

      Man, when Mon-kun smiled…I screamed and fangirled like I’ve lost it or something. 8’D

      Pffthaha, he’s hiding above an attractive lady’s room. What man wouldn’t enjoy it? *shot* xD;
      I suppose Hitei-hime doesn’t mind, seeing as how she always says degrading/demoralizing things about him, so he’s probably not equivalent to a respected human being in her eyes. That’s not to say she’s not aware he is a man, though, and she certainly isn’t a Yamato Nadeshiko either SO IT ALL WORKS OUT! YEA! *odd way to conclude it*

      Mon-kun would not have his hime any other way, yes? He must be a masochist. xDDDD

      Aww man, I’ll have to listen to that again. I have the first five volumes and am waiting for someone to upload the ones for ep 6 and 7.
      And f*** yea, I want my epic Yasuri-Sabi battle, too. T_T

  3. Hey i am so glad at finding your page and seeing someone’s comment about katanagatari (i found your page while trying to find the lyrics to hitei-hime’s song). but i agree with you- i really like hitei-hime too!

    • Uwah~ I’m happy you found my page! Even though now I kinda wish I did put up the lyrics for her song. lol xD;

      Thx a lot for the comment and yay for more Hitei-hime love~! x3

  4. Hey Xiao, i just want to thank you for your awesome Katanagatari blog! i’ve read all your entries, loved reading it/epic show! (^-^)

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