Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 3

Uwah~! I loved this episode a lot. <333

Of course, I'm still not in the mood for the zoom-in focus on coupling yet but the development is something that can't be ignored! That's all I have to say on that! xD

Btw, I'm still waiting patiently on chapter 2 scanlations. Then again, I feel like I've been behind and waiting for everything the past month now. Stupid outside life. T_T


Constant art shifts throughout the episode. I didn’t mind them too much since I was too busy paying attention to the interactions between Kei and Zakuro to care.

We moved towards the more personal side of things this time and delved a little bit into Zakuro’s past. It’s more than enough to justify her animosity towards humans but I doubt she has any hatred for them if all she wants is to be accepted.

That, and she’s clearly a lonely person longing for her mother (who looks nothing like her daughter) which eases my worry of any extreme character stereotypes that might have ruined it for me. Glad that’s settled.

I also like how Kushimatsu told her to fix her own problems before jumping into situations that needed solving. If there’s anyone Zakuro would at least listen to, it should be the one who raised her. And someone had to tell Zakuro that she can’t be self-righteous all the time. Thanks to that, Kei didn’t get as much verbal abuse this time around and it just felt good that both sides were more…equal as far as progress is concerned.

That being said, I grow more impressed with Kei every minute. Initially, he might have agreed to this job because it was his duty as a soldier but after meeting Zakuro and the others, he’s become more than sympathetic for their side. What I’m trying to say is, I think he doesn’t see much of a difference between them and humans so anytime he sees them getting treated unfairly (or the other way around like how the youkai this episode devoured all those people), he’ll do the natural thing. Get angry and defend the “weaker” for lack of better term side. I’m proud of you, Kei. Keep up the good work! ;Db

And it’s quite amazing how the process of curing his phobia is coming along. Before, he didn’t want to look at youjin or youkai but at the end here, even after nearly being eaten by a huge blob of slime, he said that the kitsune he saw was beautiful.

Hehe, I think he’s just afraid of getting eaten, not much of youkai themselves. So you know what he should do? Meet more of them. xD; No, for real. The more he gets used to being around different kinds of youkai, the faster his fear will go away. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be one of their notable representatives one day.

…Ah, and I just realized I didn’t talk much about Zakuro. Hmm, well, there’s really not a lot to talk about her. She’s finally acknowledged Kei’s sincerity and support and I’m sure she believes him when he says he doesn’t mean to offend her. Maybe that led to some awareness on how rude she was being as well and that’s probably why she warmed up to him a little at the end.

Yea, that’s all. I gotta rush through the rest cuz have a paper due in the morning. Oi. @.@;



Kyaa~! Hozuki and Bonbori fussing over what shoes to wear today!

They really are like ordinary girls. And their ears only make then 10x more adorable than normal ones! x33



So…cute…who can say “I’m leaving” in such a cute way?! XDD

lol, Zakuro is in the way. You must rub your butts against her to make her move.

This is so cute and so sweet. Kei playing with the youkai kiddies…it’s almost like he’s their papa. <DDD

A reluctant papa, really. Haha.

Did anybody else go "Aww…" when Sakura went all pouty when Kei went to go pick Kiri up? SO CUTE! x33

Wifey is not happy. She wants to go out. KAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh Zakuro. If you’re so bored, that’s fine. But don’t take out that kind of anger on Papa. xDDD;;;

Zakuro: *gasp!* “A job?! Let’s go!”

Kei: “WHA-!” *gets dragged away*

Kiddies: “Ah! Zakuro stole Agemaki!”

Omg, can I adopt them? Please?! Pretty please?! <3

Pffhuhu, now they’re the ones acting like kids.


Enjoying your train ride much, Mamezo? |D

So let me get this straight. Half-breeds…before their mothers are spirited away ah, I miss Higurashi, they are completely human in the womb. Then after the women come back, they’re no long human because they’ve been possessed by demons?

Erm, not sure if that’s right or not for this universe. I was under the impression that one of their parents would be a youkai so…maybe it’s not so important but I’m still curious. :/

Well, now Kei knows about the painful experiences the girls must have gone through when they were still little (taken away from your mothers at birth, that’s just too cruel!) and Kushimatsu adds on that Zakuro really does trust him. If she didn’t mention that, I wouldn’t have thought Zakuro was like that at all. She always sides with the youkai side, which is understandable, but for the human side, she always seems to be vehemently repulsed by them so it never occurred to me she wanted to be accepted by them.

I’m still not sure how or what to think about this so I’ll come back to it later.

This scene was pretty sweet, even with the sad atmosphere over them. It’s not like Kei is telling her not to be depressed or to cheer up or trying to distract her or anything. If he did, that’d be just shallow since he still doesn’t understand his partner that well yet.

I guess him peeling the orange for her is more of a way of saying that he’s there for her if she needed him. It’s similar to how someone would give your hand a reassuring squeeze to tell you everything’s going to be alright.

That’s how I read it anyway.

Aha~ So that’s how they were stuck in the same room.

Why do anime always conveniently have a storage full of excuses for not giving two people separate rooms? |D;

Kei…it’s not that I’m for you changing your clothes cuz I’m really not but you can’t do that in front of lady, you dope! xDD;;;

Classic…just classic.

I honestly thought she was going to request someone to bring those room dividers or something. lol

Hahaha, again with the older woman giving young girls the “Guys are scary…they’re wolves! Beware!” talk.

Oh please, this is Kei we’re talking about. xD;

Another misunderstanding. I don’t think Zakuro caught on this time that he was talking about her personality instead of her being a half-breed. But that’s to be expected. She can’t just suddenly believe he meant otherwise.

Still, it must have hurt a lot. Half-breed or not, she’s still a girl. And y’know, a girl’s greatest prospect (especially during that time) was marriage. Being born with demon features and such was almost as if she’s been denied that happiness.

That’s just too sad. I wouldn’t care about those trivial things.

In fact, I’d be more than happy to have a cute husband/wife who had cute fox ears. I can play with them all day. *weirdo* <3

A heart-to-heart talk in the middle of the night. Kei tries to reach out to Zakuro to give her comfort but hesitates because I think he thinks he doesn’t have the right to do that just yet.

That’s fine, though. No need to rush into things and his words were enough to ease some of Zakuro’s anxiousness.

This counts as a “D’AWWW” scene, ok? <3

Now it’s Zakuro’s turn to play with the kids! Ha! So cute!

But argh! What’s with this episode?! Showing me so many of these scenes of them taking turns with the children and them looking like a couple?! Aren’t you rushing things a bit without saying anything, EH?!

(Why is she freaking out? xDD;;)

Anyways, Zakuro gets lured this time by the illusion and has a dream of her mother and the persimmon tree.

…y’know, Zakuro’s mom looks more foreign than anyone in here so far.

Ahh! Zakuro, don’t sleep-walk all the way into the forest! xD;

Yay! Kei managed to catch up to her in time.

Ah, he doesn’t look very good at running, does he? Compared to Zakuro…who seemed like she went out for a midnight stroll. ^^;

“I’m glad you’re alright.”


Kei: “Ok, so here’s Mamezo. And here’s a saber. Oh, and an orange.”

Kei…you sound more like a worrying hen. |D;

But it’s totally fine, you looking out for Zakuro all the time like this. <3

New characters!

The older one on the right, Byakuroku, is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu and the younger one on the left, Daidai, is voiced by Minako Kotobuki.

Guess what?

Three members of sphere, the group who sang the opening, have roles in the anime! Now I’m just waiting to see if Ayahi Takagaki will have one as well.

So the kitsune Kei saw earlier was Kushimitsu. It was pretty obvious but damn yea, she’s one pretty kitsune in her true form alright. :D


I love this show. I really do.

Eww. DNW. Give me back that cute lil’ shadow dude from last week. xP

“I may be in nightclothes but I can still kick your ass!”

Zakuro: “You help, too!”

Kei: “Eh? Me?” *stands up, looking serious* …”Appare, appare, appare!”

Oh Kei, I love you so much for this. xDD;;

Woot! Kei shows some of his manliness! Too bad it’s severely short-lived.

Kei, you silly soldier. Don’t go charging at a monster ten times your size just because you’re angry.

And eww, stinky breath. Dx

Nothing spectacular but oooo, pretty glowing petals! 8DDD

Here comes that “Just thinking about how you’re the one who always saves me” line but hmm, it’s probably the first time I heard a response, “That’s not true”, like that.

But maybe not? Hmmm…it’s more like I’m interpreting it differently, I guess. I think it’s because I’m actually hoping there’s some underlying meaning to Zakuro’s words other than her saying she’s not doing this to save Kei…but I guess I’m thinking into it too much.

Ok, with the monster of the week settled (and Kei complimenting a youkai’s beauty which makes me very happy for some reason, <D), looks like we're going to get a formal introduction to the real baddies soon. I'm quite excited for it so please don't disappoint me, J.C.Staff. <3

Back at home, inevitable Zakuro teasing is inevitable because she spent the night away with Kei in the same room. Haha, this is why it’s awesome to be a girl! lol XDDDDD

And Susuki and her almanac. “It says that day was good for marriage and making things.”

Hozuki and Bonbori: “Ara! Isn’t that wonderful~?”




Ending theme this week went to Zakuro again but next week is definitely going to be Susuki and Riken’s since it’s so their episode.

Ah! I can’t wait!

Already expecting fanservice? Hmm, what should I say about that? lol He sounds so serious while doing the preview that it’s just too funny. xD;

And of course, I’m looking forward to my adorable blushing Susuki moments as well. Come to think of it, I think that’s how the pattern is supposed to go. We’re going to cover the girls’ backgrounds individually first and perhaps the guys’ for later with some plot in between. Yea, that’s how I think it is. If so, we might need more episodes…oh god, no. |D;

Yep. Till next week then. ^^


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  1. I am definitely enjoying this more than I ever thought. Nakahara Mai does an awesome job, not to mention Takahiro Sakurai actually doing pretty good comedy. They do make a nice duo but I like that silent pairing more and glad that they would be getting more footage in the next episode. :3

    • I like all the pairings in this show, which is really rare for me, so if they keep doing the episodes by each couple, it’ll be awesome since everyone gets their fair share of the spotlight. :D

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