Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 50

Ahhh, it’s been a while since I did a brief FT post. I thought the ending to the Festival arc was good but didn’t feel like talking about it. Wasn’t originally going to make one for this episode (out of all them, manga and anime filler) either but it was just too funny to pass up. lol xD;


Love potions are never a good thing. But Juvia is just too desperate for Gray. *sigh* ^^;

Mira: “Hey, Lucy, I think Natsu likes you.”

Lucy: “STOP THAT!”

LOLOLOL Mira is the official shipper on deck for this series. Her favorite victim seems to be Lucy.


OMG, three of them are sane today! 8DDD

lol, Natsu is never sane but that’s because he’s the hero so… *strange reasoning* xD;

I don’t know what you should be more fearful of…the bottle or Juvia always “princing” Gray up in her fantasies. Seriously, it freaks me out. ^^;

Ahhh~, look what you and your harmless insistency did, Mira. Now Lucy’s paranoid of everything that’s related to Natsu now. She’s always at her most hilarious when she’s paranoid. And oh god, we’re talking about love here. Geez. xD;

AUGH! NOOOO!!! Not two of them in the same episode!

Bishounen + Natsu = very scary broken math. xDDDDDD;;;;

I do admit that Natsu is incredibly adorable when he blushes. lol, though I’ve said that already in ep 20 but that was when he was a chibi. <3

…I have no idea why they made him blush here, though. I really don't.

All the bases are loaded. She aims…she SWINGS!

AND SHE…well, more or less hit him alright.

Poor Happy. All he wanted was to enjoy his fish in peace. ^^;

Priceless expression from Juvia-san here. “THIS ISN’T WHAT IT READ ON THE LABEL!!” XDDDDDD;;;;

And yea, since her first few dozen misses hit everyone else in the guild, naturally, everything goes to wreck.

lol Erza vs. the pillar. xDDD;;;;

Natsu: “Let’s have 30 babies together.”

Lucy: “Yes.”

What is up with these people and their 30-babies plans?! xDDD;;;

Also, add Happy offspring to the list of freakies-DNW. I would never have a baby again. lol

Ahh~! I love Lucy’s outfit! She looks so cute, all dolled-up for her lil’ evening “rendezvous”, and even more so getting flustered all over the place. Ah, what a waste it was. xD;

Mira wants to fight Erza like they did in the good ol’ days but Erza only has eyes for the pillar (lol).

Mira gets pissed (while still smiling?! XD; ).

Mira goes Satan Soul on us.

You’d expect some good rivalry beat-downs between these two…

But Yamaneko Punch? xDDD;;

I feel bad for these two only sane men…and I don’t even remember their names. lol

Happy, even Natsu wouldn’t look as ridiculous as Gray does right now. ^^;

So all those rumors about Natsu liking a girl and calling Lucy out to the park was just so she can take out her maid shovel to help him dig up some embarrassing pictures the Master may have hidden.

Well, it’s not Natsu’s fault that Lucy read things the wrong way but…pfft, his dumbfounded face is just too great. lol XD;

One of the most memorable Lucy moments you’ll ever remember.

The pose and face and the narration (“And like last episode, Lucy is left with disappointment”) just brings it altogether. lololol

So um…Gray couldn’t become Peter Pan. DUH! Happy ain’t no Tinkerbell! XDDDD;;;

Aww, JuviaxGray moment even though it’s still one-sided. How sweet~ <3

Gah, I can’t believe how oblivious he is to the girl who practically throws herself at him.

There, there, Juvia. He’s a guy. Forgive him.


Or do that as well.

Can’t believe she still thinks it works as a love potion. What a dense lovesick girl. xDD;;


…he’s radiating so much…purple. 8D;

Narrator: “Juvia is also left disappointed.”

Who is this narrator guy? xD;

Mira: “Hey, Lucy! I think Gray likes you!”

Lucy: “STOP IT~! Leave me alone!”

Mira: “Eh?”

lol, be glad that Juvia wasn’t around to hear that. xD;

And OMG, chibified Mira is just too kyuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! x3333333333

Gray: “How the hell did I end up here?”

Old guy: “It’s the Curse of the Moon!”

He’s still going on about that? |D;



Next week, another filler straight from the manga but a more sentimental one since it’s focusing on Lucy’s relationship with her father. I won’t blog it but I’m sure it’ll make me go a little “Aww” when they tell you how her parents named her.

Right, so when’s my Nirvana comin’, eh?


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