Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 2

First things first…did anyone notice that the OP had some minor additions to the art? If you look closely at Zakuro’s ribbons along with one of the layers of her kimono, there’s floral designs on them now. I don’t know why they decided to suddenly show this, even though the first version is pretty good already but eh, just wanted to point out the detail.


A great episode to follow what last week promised, the Spirits Affairs handled their first mission rather successfully with some help from the higher-ups at the end on the racial issues between humans and youkai.

I’m still loving this show the most out of everything that has aired so far. It’s really got its own pace of things running smoothly and balances out the social and personal problems it presents quite well. We started it off with a casual morning, Zakuro still repulsed by milk as ever (lol), and delved further into paving a way for both races to better understand each other better as far as the partnerships go. Of course, everyone else (who is human) isn’t as ready to do the same which then brings the realism into play.

So yea, now I can see it. This is a seinen work after all. Did a little bit of research on the term over the weekend to see how Zakuro fits the category.

That aside, I was very impressed with everyone’s characterization this time around. They really extended themselves toward each other so quickly after last week’s introduction but not in a *snapsnapsnap* way that made no sense. Bonbori and Hozuki were already fond of Ganryu and I guess they’re even more so now since he might be one of the few who can tell them apart (lol, it’s not that hard if you just pay attention to their voices xD). There’s still no explanation as to how or why he can distinguish them but I suppose there might be one later down the road. As of now, I just find it so cute cuz he’s similar to Haruhi from Ouran on how she can tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart. What’s with all these Ouran references?!?!?
…But I totally like him better. :P

On Susuki and Riken, I went “kyaa kyaa”-ing softly on how well they’re getting along. Wah~, such awesome progress! To think she couldn’t even look him straight in the eye a short while ago and now she’s able to open her heart to him on a bit of her past when he displayed some genuine curiosity about her fighting skills.
I just get a very warm feeling looking at them…there are just very few couples that I can remember who slowly nurture their relationships like these two do. <3

Finally, Kei has earned a great chunk of heart for taking big effort strides into trying to understand more about the youjin, despite his great fear of them. I like it. I really do. He’s still a wuss but he doesn’t deny his flaws and works to improve them, particularly for his stubborn partner’s sake since he’s aware he’ll only be a burden to her (and a disgrace of a soldier) if he stays that way.
I suppose his change of heart happened when he first saw how other people viewed youjin during the flower-viewing and when Zakuro told him that he was no different than them which, on his man’s pride or whatever it is, wants to prove her wrong. At least I hope, hehe Moreover, even though he’s a pansy, he’s still a gentleman with a sense of right and wrong and can see that youkai have feelings as well. I can’t help but admire guys like that.

And it was so cute how he was being so nice and sincere to her, too. I “aww”-ed every time he failed and cried “Zakuro-kun~!”. lol xD;
But I still support you, Kei! Gambarre! You can do it! x3

As for Zakuro, she hasn’t really moved anywhere since my initial impressions of her. Normally, I would get pissed at a person constantly chewing others out by now but Zakuro is an exception since she had to face prejudice all her life. On top of that, I can relate a little on hating the idea of change, especially if it is trying to oust you and your brethren out, so it’ll definitely take more than a few gestures before she warms up to you. Even though she almost easily succumbs to anyone who approaches her politely like Kei and Hanadate did. Ah, I guess she’s an otome to the very core after all. Haha.
Not much else was revealed about her yet but next episode seems to be the one to do just that. On the bright side, yay for more background. On the slightly bad side, it seems to be indicating some “tragic past” which just brings her closer to being a tsundere than ever. Not a full, complete one but close. Urgh. I hope things turn out more interesting than her continuing to throw her discontent around after she learns to trust humans more. That’s her biggest obstacle. She’s not willing to give the other side a chance like the rest of the cast is so I wonder how long that will take before we start seeing signs of it. :/

Anyways, we’ve got the general gist of the surface problem down. Unfortunately, despite this being an AU Meiji era, I don’t see how youjin will be able to get back the same respect they had before Westernization came to Japan. The call for modernization is a much larger force compared to local rebellions of the youkai so they’ll be the ones that are going to be more likely to be stomped out. If we’re taking the strict realism route, that is. Makes me wonder if the antagonists’ intentions are to prevent that and maybe even try to overthrow the government altogether. I dunno, just shooting guesses in the dark right now.



Kyaa~! Chibi!Zakuro is so cute~! And the rest of them are as well! I wanna take them all home! x333

On another note, the persimmon tree and Zakuro’s mother (which I’m suspecting to be the blonde and very pale woman in the OP) seems to have great significance so maybe we’ll go more into it next episode if there is anything relating to that.

She’s so inflexible about everything. For god’s sake, it’s only milk. xD;

And Susuki, that is the probably the first time I’ve ever heard someone suggest putting salt into milk just for drinking it. Then again, I don’t think I ever drank milk that came directly from a cow before so I wouldn’t know what it tastes like. ^^;

Poor Kei. He tries so hard but Zakuro will never acknowledge it and yell at him instead. ^^;

But really, Kei, I think you should have checked with Kushimatsu first before going ahead with the “Here, snack on a candle” plan. No matter what, eating candles is just weird! xD;

Ah, I loved this part~!

Saying that he has to try his best to understand the youjin better. He’s such a good guy. Zakuro’s just too damn stubborn. :P

lol, everybody loves to pick on Kei. Cuz he’s such an adorable wuss to push around. xDDD;;;

Kyaa~! Susuki blushing cuz of Riken! CCCCCUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! x333333333333

And Zakuro is just being jealous for no good reason. <P

Kei: “Hey!” *sparkle~*

Zakuro: *glares*

Kei: *shippai* (failure~)


We don’t want to listen to the mustache ass-hat go on about his French pillars…BUT ZOMG, HOZUKI AND BONBORI ARE SO ADORABLE WHEN THEY’RE SLEEPING!!!!!! HHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Kei: “Zakuro-kun! Don’t leave me~!”

Zakuro: “Get lost, loser!”

Kei: *faints to the ground*

Zakuro, you are so cruel. ^^;

This just speaks for itself. Kyuu~! <333

…why did I see it coming that Susuki was the type to trip herself only to let a guy catch her? *giggle* x33

I c wat u doin’ thar, Riken.

You brought up the topic just to keep holding her hand! lol xDDD

Susuki tells Riken that it was all thanks to Zakuro that they were able to recognize their own power and use it in the first place. That’s why Zakuro is extremely important to them and the love really shows through the close friendship they have with each other.

OMGAWD, that’s just beautiful! Girls together FTW!!! xDDDDDD

I totally did nothing but ENJOY the twins playing “Who’s who?” on the construction site with Ganryu, who’s like “lol, what are you girls doing?” the entire time. It’s just way too cute how they get so happy knowing he can tell them apart. GAH, Y SO CUTE?! xDDDD

Ganryu~, you’re so reliable~! <333

I’m pretty sure Mamezo has the hots for Kei.

…Yep, I’m definitely sure. |D;

Loved how the monster was messing around with Kei. lol xDD

And poor Mamezo. It’s painful bliss for him. BWAHAHAHA.

Another monster of the week done…eh? Wait, did she just slice through a huge pillar of marble?! o.O;;

Anybody else feeling nostalgic about Rurouni Kenshin? xD;

The big scary shadow monster turned out to be this little dude who just wanted the neighborhood to turn their damn lights off. AGH! It’s so cute and tiny and squeaky andand…I WANT IT!! /TAKES HOME x3333333333333333333333333

Kei was pretty cool right here. His protest against everyone criticizing the youjin just because they couldn’t have their hotel didn’t do much but it’s nice to see someone not of their kind standing up for them, even if it’s no use. At least the Spirits Affairs know they have some true allies instead of none.

BOOOOO! Hanadate is obvious VILLAIN in sheep’s clothing all over. I mean, even his face can’t hide it (it looks so fox-like in a sinister way). His convenient aid made him all the more suspicious. And trying to kiss up to Zakuro without the syrupy sap just made it all worse.

Also, Zakuro takes to the prince-type too easily. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson the first time after all. |D;

But really, going to keep an eye out for this guy now. I’m not worried about my shipping somehow, I’m not really big on the idea of OTP yet so let’s not rush things since only an idiot wouldn’t be able to tell that Kei is going to be the one for her (and he’s better looking, too). If he can hand out military land like that, that means he probably has a lot of authority in the army (well, he is a lieutenant) and it’s worrisome.

Bet you five bucks he’s in cahoots with the baddies wearing the masks. :P

Hey~ What’s that? Can I try some? 8DDD

Aww, such a sweet scene. I must praise Kei for not giving up on his goal to work on better terms with his partner. Eventually, Zakuro won’t be so cold and harsh to him when she sees how much he’s truly concerned. And when she swallows down her bitterness a bit. Even with her impression on Hanadate, she still hates humans as much as she hates milk. Haha. xD;

But Kei’s interest in Zakuro seems to be growing more and more, don’t ya think?

I mean, why else would he have such a displeased look about Zakuro swooning over Hanadate.

Hmm…well, setting romantic indications aside for a bit, I think it has something to do with his self-esteem as well. He’s awful when it comes to dealing with demons and as a son of a famous general (or something), that’s a big no-no. It’s quite shameful. And for Zakuro, a half-demon girl, to always rain down insults on him, it’s a good opportunity for him to overcome that while showing that he’s not like other humans. In all honesty, Kei’s a really honorable guy and just wants to prove himself.

I think that he thinks if he’s able to get Zakuro’s approval, then it counts as a big step for him. Zakuro is considerably much stronger than Kei and he’s aware of it. So if she acknowledges him as her respectable partner, he would be able to move away from his cowardly self and become someone that won’t be such an embarrassment.

That’s what I think so far at least.

Gambarre, Kei! :)

Zakuro, on the other hand, has her own things to worry about. Still, it’s good enough progress to have them sitting side by side and discussing things with each other. Zakuro is trying to carve a place for herself in this world, where hanyou (half-youkai) have difficulty finding somewhere to belong since they are neither demons nor humans. I guess that’s why she chose to fight since she, too, probably want both races to coexist peacefully together and hopefully, finally be able to fit into such an ideal society. She’s biased towards the demons either way, though. ^^;

At the very least, she knows that there are many different types of people out there just like there are demons so that makes her a little more accepting towards them.

And look, she’s having fun making harsh jokes about Kei so we got somewhere, didn’t we? :3


ED:”Junjou Masquerade (純情マスカレイド)” by Aki Toyosaki, Yui Horie and Yuuki Kaji

Ok, so while I liked Zakuro’s song last week, I LOVE this week’s ending! xDDD

One, because all three of them are singing together instead of the guy standing on the sidelines and just…well, reading lines. :P
Two, I like the playful rhythm and lyrics to this one. It makes me one to dance. O-dori-mashou~!
Three, I love this threesome! x3333

Agh, I can’t wait to get this in full version!

Looking forward to Susuki and Riken’s song next week. ;)

Andand, the chibis are adorable~! <3333



Ohh~! What’s this? Kei taking the initiative? Woot! Gambarre, Kei! lol xDDDDD

Hmm, seems Zakuro will be put in a tight, emotional spot, though. Just how much is she going to tell Kei about this “tragic past” of hers?

But I guess the most important question is…how did they end up sleeping in the same room? |D;

Ah, I’m curious now. Can’t wait! x3


4 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 2

  1. oh the cute shadow thing >o< omochikaeri~ totally I jumped off my seat when it appeared SO ADORABLE

    Honestly Lieutenant rank is pretty low, platoon command is nowhere close to base-command level that'd usually make those decisions. I think Hanadate is just a serious soldierly dude carrying out priority orders at the moment and know his superiors will back him up (shrug).

    Well it's too early for me to theorize on the ultimate villain and whatnot but the whole Westernization concept is presented remarkly well this episode which make me relieved that it wasn't merely a premise thing~ also… what's in that bottle bothers me more; lamune? xD

    • It looks so…SQUISHABLE! x333

      That’s what I thought was weird about the lieutenant thing. I’m not too familiar with army rankings but my brother talks about it all the time since he’s a pretty big gamer and walking dictionary on war. I still think he’s suspicious, though. Maybe giving out land to a native for Westernization isn’t something so strange back in that time but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say there might be corruption in government connections as well. Then again, I don’t know much about that either so nothing I say can be credible. *needs to do more research* :/

      Lamune? What’s that? I joked around thinking it was ginger ale…because the bottle was green. lol xD;

  2. Bless Kei for trying. But I can definitely see Zakuro viewpoint given the way he went about it.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wanted one of the shadow spirit things~ (so adorable).

    Yep, Hanadate seems like he could be a villian or something. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

    This episode just reinforced how awesome OYZ is so far. It’s definitely better than I expected . Hope it stays that way.

    “Anyways, we’ve got the general gist of the surface problem down. Unfortunately, despite this being an AU Meiji era, I don’t see how youjin will be able to get back the same respect they had before Westernization came to Japan. The call for modernization is a much larger force compared to local rebellions of the youkai so they’ll be the ones that are going to be more likely to be stomped out.”

    Yeah, I’m kind of wondering that too. Possible awareness and government production. The army seems invested in protecting youkai to an extent anyways, so they might try for more support.

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