Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 1 ~ Prepared to be bewitched!

Oh, what pretty fangs you have, Zakuro-chan~

Pfft, wrong fairytale. xP

So tell me, how exactly was this labeled a “seinen” work? I know Hoshino Lily is popular for her yaoi so…no matter which way you can shove this title into that category, it’s so overflowing with shoujo-tastic flavor, it’d put the sweetest sugar particles in candy bars to shame.

But I LOVE it…so as crazy as it is that I might fail this semester due to lack of concentration but you always had that! xD; and severe senioritis, I think I’m going to blog this after all. 8D;

OP:”MOON SIGNAL” by Sphere

Let’s just break this down quick and easy. Animation wise, it was pretty as hell (goddammit, everything in this show is friggin’ PRETTY, :P). Might not be able to beat Letter Bee’s opening sequence which, imo, still has the best visuals yet out of all the shows this season that I’ve seen but it places second very close. Mucho kudos on the fluidity of the movements, especially during Zakuro’s cool “SMITE YOU!” parts, petal twirling (whee~ pink~!) and…oh yea, hair porn, duh. lol

The song is very fast-paced and I immediately took a liking to the tune but it’s nothing spectacular. I was more impressed with the execution of the animation so it really only added to charm of that…maybe.

Also, I’ve never heard of Sphere before but their voices sounded so familiar so I looked it up and lo behold, it’s a Japanese idol unit consisting of famous female seiyuus Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Aki Toyosaki. They sang for formerly broadcasted anime Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao, Hatsukoi Limited and Sora no Manimani.
Not sure if it’s the same four people this time around (since three out of four of them don’t have speaking roles in this show yet) or not but it’d be awesome if there can be a group rotation among all the voice actresses. Ah~, what I wouldn’t give to hear Kanae-san, Yukarin (Yukari Fukui, not Yukari Tamura) and a few select others to sing together. *drifts off to daydream land a bit* <3

But anyways! Finally! A song that I'll be waiting to get now. Hehe. ^^

Moving along, they show us quite a variety of characters, huh? That gets me excited for what possible conflicts might happen later on. And of course, pfft, the blatant shipping is slapped right into our faces. Even earlier than the time I get up for school. Oi.
I've been on guard about that a lot lately because I always found myself disappointed for jumping into the romance section of a series too soon if it just lays itself at my feet. So I hope it’s not the same case with this one. I have the pairings I want to support but gonna keep it low-key for now.

Other than that, it just makes me burst into giggles that there’s promise for hand-holding between Zakuro and Kei already wait, I thought you said you were keeping it low-key! xD;. A strong-willed, fox girl with a harsh mouth to boot and SUCH-A-WUSS! but somewhat adorable bishounen who would’ve been annoying if it weren’t for his don’t-crack-Tamaki-jokes-plzkthxbai looks and Takahiro Sakurai behind his role. I DON’T, however, classify Zakuro as a tsundere. Even if she has twin tails…but she’s not tsundere! xP

And then there’s so much Susukihotaru (argh, f*ckin’ long name! Which one should I use? Hotaru? Susuki?) and Riken (why you have f*ckin’ long name, too? D8) hinting that I’m just left dumbfounded at it all.

…and Ganryu is such a kid-stud for nailing the twins. Pfffthahahah! xDDD;;;


ED:”Hatsukoi wa Zakuro-iro (初戀は柘榴色)” by Mai Nakahara and Takahiro Sakurai

It says it’s sung by the both of them but all I really hear is Mai-san while Takahiro Sakurai is off on the sidelines saying cheesy-peesy-bosheezy lines.

But what the hell, I liked it. Because it’s Nagisa Mai-san~! <3

And loved the illustrations, too. Last one especially made me a little smirky. Though Kei’s teeth weirded me out a bit. o.O;

*sigh* Guess I’ll have to wait for the translations then. In the meantime, I’m now craving for more of the manga and how awesome it was when I found out today that BWYS has taken it up for scanlating! *so happy* xDD

First chapter is up and follows the first episode somewhat closely but gets cut short. No matter, I’ll just finish the anime first before delving further into the manga. This way, I don’t have to complain as much. ;D



Overall, fairly decent start. Animation has its ups and downs all over the place here and unfortunately, I think it’s going to last for all 13 episodes that we’re getting. Sheesh, what’s up with J.C.Staff and their 100 adaptations this year? /S

I thought the plot moved a little too fast for the first episode, too. It’s like “Introductions? Ok, done! Partnering up? Done! Potential shipping moments? Done!” and yaaaaa desu~… ( > = A = )>

The one thing that really irks me, though, is how Kei’s youkai-phobia was somewhat minimally cured in less than 24 hours that he didn’t have a spazz attack at breakfast with the other youjin inhabitants. That doesn’t make sense to me. I was expecting it to be a more gradual improvement. Not Zakuro needing to accompany to the bathroom like a kindergartner during naptime. But I guess with just 13 episodes yes, I’m not expecting it to last more than that, they’ve got to speed things up a bit. It’d be seriously depressing if his phobia lasted that long (ack, I still haven’t gotten over the harsh comments thrown at Ryoushi =.=; ).

It also probably helps that Zakuro, Susuki (yes, I’m using this name cuz “Hotaru” is too common), Hozuki and Bonbori are more human-looking than the other youjin. But still…ack, whatever. I can overlook something like this. Plus, there’s always the manga.

Anyways, story seems interesting so far. Someone out there is obviously messing with the youkai and it’s up to the Spirit Affairs to solve the problem. Yada yada. I’ll say my thoughts and shoot out some theories as we go along. Aside from that raiju incident at the end, nothing significant has happened yet. It’s all just introductory this week.

The music I haven’t paid attention to yet, but so far it’s appropriate for the atmosphere of the show. I especially love it when the fox girls sing their little song as they’re about to kill/purify/exorcise/whatever another demon. ♪Asore! Appare, appare, appare!♪ Kyuhuhu~! x3

And um…characters? Well…I love them ALL, of course! From the herione to her bum of a partner down to the pumpkin head kiddies and so on. That’s just how I roll. ;Db


Zakuro’s “IIYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” is just the awesomest complaint in sound. It’s like she’s using every ounce of her energy to make her human prejudice known. Ah, and she’s so cute when she’s angry, too! <3

lol, from this to that.

Ok, Kei, but even in shoujo, guys shouldn’t be so covered with sparkly flowers. ^^;

Zakuro glare.



I absolutely ADORE the twins! x33333

And what cute names they have! Hozuki and Bonbori?

To top it all off, Yui Horie and Aki Toyosaki acting as twins. Kyaa! CUTECUTECUTEEEEE~!!!!!!!!

&& I love their hair…it reminds me of butter croissants. lol xD;

And they’re quite taken with the little cutie boaster that is Ganryu. Kehehe~!

He, however, wasn’t expecting such a response. GAH, Y SO CUTE~?! x333

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, milady.”

Well, ain’t he the charmer? *rolls eyes/smirky*

Zakuro is completely taken in by his princey face. Ohh~, how cute! xDDD

To be honest, I would be freaked out if pumpkin-head kiddies started running around me, too. ^^;

Y’know, there’s too much blushing going on…especially for Kei. It’s not normal for a guy to blush so much! o.O;

And Zakuro is still enamored by him. xDDD;;;

Poor Susuki. Just when she told Zakuro she found Riken scary, he walks right past them. ^^;

Zakuro: “I’m gonna getchu!”

Kei: “WAAAHHHH!!!! Nooooo!!!!”


Kei: “I-I mean…If a lovely lady like yourself were to touch me, my heart will be swallowed up whole.”

Zakuro: *completely smitten*

Dakara….where the hell do you come up with this stuff?! You have yet to beat Edgar, though. xDDDDDDD;;;;

Cockroach extermination…tanuki style! >:3

Yyyeeaaa…I’d scream my bloody lungs out. o.O;


…I had a stuff animal of one when I was little. It was my most favorite toy so that’s why I always loved elephants. ^^;

Whoa~! Woot woot, Zakuro~! And you just finished taking a bath, too. lololol

It was so cute when she was being all gushy and lovestruck before Kei came.

“Can you come with me to the outhouse?”


Best expression EVER. lawlzies~ xDDDD;;;

なさけないですね? Nasakenai desu ne? (Pathetic, isn’t he?) ^^;

Haha, this is like Youjin Youchien. *smacked* xDDD;;;

No…”got milk?”? ^^;

Also, what’s cow milk got to do with Jesuit practice? |D;

I wonder if he secretly does it intentionally. Being smart and then acting shy and all.

Scheming little pimp he is. xD;


…is what he said. lmao

I agree. They’re getting along pretty well. After all, like all great couples, they can’t stand each other. Haha! xDD

Riken is a cruel man. Sipping tea as some weird rabbit rapes Kei’s face.

I like you, Riken. XDDD;;;

Zakuro: “Sakura! Kiri! Come play with the nice soldier!”

Oh Zakuro, you are definitely the crueler one. ^^;

This scene was just…so…AWWWWWWWWW and sweet!

I wonder what direction their coupling will take. Zakuro and Kei seem to be taking the comical one, in which case, Zakuro will end up denying any feelings she has and make us all go “tsun~”. But she’s not tsundere! …yet. =3=

Hmm, seems like they’re going to be the Beta Couple, I suppose? I dunno. But timid, small girl + tall, silent guy = me likes. 8D

Ganryu compares the twins’ hair to knotroots and made them cry! How rude, Ganryu! They’re croissants! xD;

He tries to cover it up with a pretty lame “I love knotroots!” and cue awesome “=__=;;” faces from Zakuro and Kei.

It’s fine by them, though, since Ganryu likes them.

lol, what a weird household. xD;

Some big lightning puppy crashed the flower-viewing.

No, it isn’t the Pokemon one. /P

Uwah! Kei doing something brave! Sugoi desu, Kei! Pachi pachi pachi! *claps claps claps*


Aaannndd…we’re back to the usual. |D;

Oh? Kei earning some small praise from Zakuro?

(Like I said before, it still feels a little too soon for me. ^^; )

…oh yea, Halloween’s right around the corner. I just remembered. 8D;

Haha, I totally loved the poetry Zakuro recited here. “Prepare to be bewitched.” That’s an awesome line right there. ;D

While the little skirmish is hardly anything exciting, it was still…pretty.

…hey, I should be asleep right now so I don’t have much to say. xD;

And Zakuro’s fox eyes~ Ooooo~ 8D

All in a good day’s work. Oh look, they might’ve gained a new pet, too.

Kei: “We’re NOT taking that home with us!”


How can you resist such darling smiles?

Ganryu: ORZ

lolololol xDDDDDDD

Aww man, blushing Susuki is so…MOE!! CUTE~!!!!!!

I would totally love more of SusukixRiken moments like these. I think they can really become a sturdy couple. ^^

Hmm, so yep. Pretty good so far. According to my tastes anyway. This was the one I’ve been looking forward to the most so I really hope it won’t let me down. I have plenty of shows to keep me occupied this season, a few of which OYZ can’t even stand level with on but I still want to like this best out of all of them.

And I hope Zakuro and Kei’s relationship will develop nicely so I can squeal my fangirly squeals when that time comes. lol (So much for keeping the romance low-key, ^^; )




Next week, Susuki possibly showing her other youkai skills?

Some childhood flashbacks on Zakuro and the girls?

And obviously, Kei needs to stay away from storage rooms. Especially around that house. lol

Yep, looking forward to it. I’ll try to take less screencaps next time. Or just the ones I found amusing or noteworthy. Shouldn’t be too long as this one. :)


4 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 1 ~ Prepared to be bewitched!

  1. “I would totally love more of SusukixRiken moments like these. I think they can really become a sturdy couple. ^^ ”


    I like it so far. I don’t really find Zakuro to be a tsundere yet (since she was polite until finding out he was a wimp ^^), so hopefully J.C. Staff will get away from that sterotype. Kei was also amusing, even though I had to hold back Tamaki/Edgar jokes when I was watching it. Hopefully shipping will follow.

    • To be honest, anyone can get away with being tsun and dere. I just hope they don’t collide together in this case since Zakuro doesn’t seem to be the heavily dishonest type, which is a crucial trait for being a tsundere.

      I like any blonde sweet-talker more than Tamaki. I don’t really know why but it’s gotten kind of annoying to hear everyone say “He reminds me of Tamaki!” and I’m like “pfft, that kid so doesn’t own his archetype”. And Nokoru from Clamp Campus Detectives might have started that trend…in elementary school, no less. :P

      As for shipping, ha, I think it’s impossible for it to not happen. *sigh* Might as well resign to it. lol

  2. I actually think about Hanzou from Tsuki No Shippo first thing. They always seem to have a dark haired quiet foil who hangs around with them too. I think the sterotype goes back to the 70s or whatever, like most other modern shojo(and shojo parody in other genres ) tropes. And now I’m rambling.

  3. The character designs are great and I love the tension between the couples. Seiyuu cast is perfect to the T so it’s actually enjoyable to see them go around each other. I loved that HAAA~ and went into fits whenever Kei donned his scaredy-cat face. I will definitely continue watching this. XD

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