SoMT 2010 Final Results, See you next year!

OMG, IS IT OVER?! REALLY?! We’re closing up for the rest of the year until next March? HONTOU NI USO JA NAI?!

Aww, what the heck, it’s going to be a little less exciting around here with SoMT done now. But! It was a really fun year with very satisfying results from all participants. Hehe. ^^

And I will save the small talk for later since I know you’ll all just skip past the cut anyways. lol

So, without further ado…

The winner of SoMT 2010 is…


WOOT! Congratulations to Sawako, this year’s nearly unrivaled favorite, for such a SPECTACULAR performance in that she has not lost one, not even one, match up to the final round. Amazing, eh? :D

And a big applause to Amu for earning second place. YAY! *CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS*

I’m happy it almost came to half-and-half. It’s really similar to last year’s in having a 10-11 vote difference so we know it was a fair duel. ;)

Yep, so there you have it. Now before I get into any further talks, I want to give out some honorary awards (or just make special mentions, y’know the deal):


Awarded to a competitor under the circumstances that she has maintained a perfect, straight record of wins up until either the semifinals or finals only. Meaning from the start of the tournament (the preliminaries), she must not have lost a single match up until the semi-final or final rounds. In addition, the contestant would not qualify even if she had won a wildcard round since she lost in one of the main rounds of either stage one or two.

This award goes to none other than…

Kuronuma Sawako


Awarded to competitors who have had a duel or knockout that ended by one close vote and only by one vote at least two times. Certain ties, rematches and/or extended polls can also count towards this category.

Morimi Saki
Kurumizawa “Kurumi” Ume
Mashiro Rima
Stage 1, Wildcard Round:
Against Honey. Saki = 21 votes, Honey = 21 votes.
Rematch: Saki = 23 votes. Honey = 22 votes.
Stage 2, Round 2, Knockout 5:
Against Kurumi. Suu = 15 votes, Kurumi =15 votes.
Stage 2, Round 2, Knockout 5:
Against Kurumi. Kurumi = 15 votes. Suu = 15 votes.
Quarterfinals, Round 5:
Against Rima. Rima = 21 votes. Kurumi = 22 votes.
Stage 2, Round 1, Knockout 3: Against Razette. Saki = 12 votes, Razette =11 votes.
Stage 2, Wildcard Round:
Against Hungary. Suu = 11 votes. Hungary = 10 votes.
Quarterfinals, Round 2: Against Utau. Kurumi = 20 votes. Utau = 21 votes.
Quarterfinals, Round 3:
Against Amu. Rima = 19 votes. Amu = 18 votes.
Quarterfinals, Round 5: Against Rima. Kurumi = 22 votes. Rima = 21 votes.


Awarded to a competitor who has managed to pass both the first Wildcard Round and the Final Wildcard Round along with delivering satisfactory performance in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and/or Finals.

Yoshida Chizuru

Hmm. Many more names here than last year. Very impressive. *nodnod* ^^


With that, I’m closing the books on this one. *sigh* Glad we’re finally done…really.

Now let’s get onto the serious matter.

I’m thinking of moving SoMT to another site. In other words, off ěk-sěn’trĭk.

Yes, of course, I am going to provide the link for the 2011 tournament so you don’t have to worry about that. I can’t have a tournament where I get very little response, right?

As to the reason why…well, there’s several actually. The foremost being that ěk-sěn’trĭk is a personal blog and therefore, already attracts a lot bias that can overwhelm competition. Maybe it’s just me being a little paranoid as usual not really, cuz I’m sometimes bad at being an impartial hostess but I’ve had this guilty feeling about it as the tournament progressed this year. Since I did nothing but SC! posts in the past, it got a lot of favor from some of the voters who might have also followed ěk-sěn’trĭk just for that.

I am very well aware that SC!’s popularity is more of the cause so it’s really not about the opinions in my other posts that influences the contest. Still, the concentrated bias, however big or small, is definitely there and it makes me feel uneasy if blog and tournament are associated with each other too closely. Funny thing for me to be saying that since SoMT was intended to be a feature of ěk-sěn’trĭk in the first place.

In any case, that’s why I would like to give SoMT its own address. After two successful years, I think it’s big enough to stand on its own. *sniff* Xiao will miss having her baby here. *being so motherly* Doing so might even get it better exposure and therefore, more variety of voters.

There are a few down sides, though:

1) If switching it over to another URL gets it less attention than it does on ěk-sěn’trĭk participation dropped by half this year so it is kinda risky, then I’ll have to bring it back onto my blog. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem but it’ll still be one heck of a hassle.

2) If this plan stays, then there will have to be some changes:

  • Voting procedures and rules are pretty much going to stay the same. However, they’ll be rewritten to look more formal.
  • There will be no more fancy rosters as I probably won’t have time to make them while managing two sites, school, work, and so on. Even stage titles will be omitted. I sound so strict but those never served a purpose anyway. ^^;
  • No more honorary awards (but I can always do them on ěk-sěn’trĭk if I wanted to).
  • My personal commentaries are going to be gone. The only time I’ll probably say anything is to answer any questions or clear any confusion you might have.

3) I see a steady drop of my “views” income but that’s fine, no problem. xD;

Yea, that’s basically it. I’ll still be the one hosting the tournament and monitoring comments to make sure nothing gets out of hand (btw, it’s only moving to another WordPress blog). I just won’t be so much involved on the platform activities as I was here. *shrug*

Though I will continue to contribute tournament badges since we kinda need them. Hehe.

This is still undecided so I’ll set a deadline for myself to see if I will really make a new site for it or not (let’s say around January for now). In the meantime, I would like your thoughts on where SoMT should be headed , too, since it wouldn’t exist without you voters.

Comments appreciated as well.

And that’s it. I’ll let you all know sooner or later.

Closing it off, major thanks to everyone who followed the tournament up to this point and for supporting all the girls! I hope to see even more promising candidates for next year and I don’t doubt I will so until then, start preparing yourselves for it.

And since this is probably going to be the last time before I have to stop my bias shout-outs, I mind as well abuse it.


LOL *so bad* xDDD;;;

Bye bye! (^^)/”


8 thoughts on “SoMT 2010 Final Results, See you next year!

  1. Congrats, Xiao-chan~ in completing yet another SoMT! <333 *throws confetti*

    Thank you for the all hard work you put in compiling and those rankings, with so many semis and finale! A separate site sounds good to cater to biasness and you can also try a round of judges for wildcard round or something to bring in more people/votes.

    Sawako's performance was sure brilliant, no fails?! Like WOW! Only she could do it, so loads of love to her and I just wish a second season is announced already! Product I.G is seriously killing me… TT_____TT

  2. Sawako-chan~ :D I’m sooo glad she won! I think I said I was going to be Team Sawako before the tourney even started! xD (and I totally agree with Kyokai, they need to just announce a second season, dammit! We already know from ANN they’re storyboarding!)

    Thanks for such a lovely, well-run tournament again, Xiao~

    As for a new site, I think either way is fine. I totally get your reasons for wanting to move it away from your personal blog, but if it’s a hassle, I think keeping it here works as well. :] (such a non-committal response, wasn’t it?)

  3. Haha, wow, another intense competition is overwith, eh? It must be my biased view of Kimi ni Todoke, being as I’m a little upset with Amu not winning…
    But, oh well, it was a good match nevertheless, and congrats to Sawako ^^

  4. Very happy with the results :D Sawako is adorable and Shugo Chara! won last year, so it’s cool to have someone from a different series win this time around.
    Suu had a good run. I’ll probably keep my badge on my site till next year when the new ones are released because she makes me smile :)

  5. Congradulations to Sawako for quite the match. I told you all it was gonna be close!

    As for the SoMT, doesn’t really matter to me where you do it. I’ll just be offering and voting Moe shoujos in there.

    (Put K-ON! in the next one if you can, please!)

  6. Congratulations!! I enjoyed keeping up with it this year, too. I participated a bit but not much due to school. Sawako-chan~ I haven’t read Kimi no Todoke or watched it yet but I think I will start to soon, since it’s really popular and the story plot is interesting.

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