Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy Birthday, Amu~! <3

Happy Autumn, everyone~!

Hehe, like last year, I decided to do a post just for celebrating. Except that I have no new banner this time. *too lazy to go looking for one since Kanade already has a moon in the background* BUT! I took some pictures. Very crappy ones and not necessarily anything Chinese-related and I forgot to take one of the moon, d’oh! since we won’t have a big party until this weekend (cuz it’s my grandpa’s birthday on Sunday, too). It kinda goes against my personal principles on keeping my traditions exclusive (aka I don’t really want other things that have nothing to do with the holiday mixing in) but since Amu-chan’s birthday is so close to it this year, I’ll give it an exception. ;)

Before I get into anything, though, just some background info for those who are curious. The Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival (not “moon cake”, say that and I’ll smack you), is one of our most important holidays of the year. It is similar to America’s Thanksgiving Day in that we celebrate the end of a good harvest season and family members gather around, have dinner, enjoy moon cake together and so on. It’s also known as the Lantern Festival but that name isn’t as widely-used.

Hmm, now I wish I had some lanterns with me. I haven’t played with them around this time of year since ages ago. ^^;

Anyways, if you want to read more, I’ll refer you to the Wiki page.

And now for some fun when I should’ve been doing homework cuz I’m so screwed now

Tada! Isn’t she just cute sitting up there?! xDDDD

I got my BRS nendo a few weeks ago in the mail and as I was thinking of what to talk about in my post, the idea just struck me. I’ll have her cut some moon cake! lololol

To tell you the truth, I was beginning to worry if we were going to run out of moon cake (everybody in this house devours a box of it within a week) but luckily, there was still one that my dad received from a friend that wasn’t open yet. And I was so happy it’s Wing Wah’s brand, too. We’ve switched to another brand a few years ago. Because of taste or price or something but Wing Wah’s still the most well-known among moon cake distributors I think since it’s been around the longest. I’ve been eating their moon cake since I was in kindergarten. *nostalgic* <3

God, I hope I won’t get sued or anything for taking a pic of their box. @_@;

But hell, the price for these go up every year from what I’ve heard. I don’t go out of my way to buy them (or I’d be skint broke) but my dad has to for relatives, employees, friends, etc. It’s tradition. *shrug*

And they’re so high in calories. Ugh, I’m going to have to do double the running this week. T____T

lol, BRS is so bored of hearing me yap so let’s move along.

Pretty packaging, eh? :)

BRS will now proceed to slice a piece for herself…with her Black Toothpick Blade! xDD

Gah, my mom already went and cut a piece out a few days earlier so I decided not to open another one.

I also had to sneak this box up to my room and close the door while I was taking pictures. Otherwise, one of my parents will either come up and bother me about what the hell am I doing when I should be finishing my homework or scold me because “Did you clean that thing?!”…yea. My mom and I especially are freaks about germs and my room collects dust faster than I can. -_-;

No worries, though. I made very sure to clean her sword thoroughly.

…China paint and all…can’t trust them. *sniff*


(That yellow thing in the middle is an egg yolk, btw. To represent the round, glorious moon. *way to ruin the mood of the picture* xD;)



BRS: “GRRR!!! Give me back my sword!”

At least…she managed to slice it…somewhat. ^^;

Btw, moon cake is very greasy. I was surprised when it soaked through the paper towel so fast.

And BRS got a little grease on her too in her scuffle against her pastry nemesis. xD;

BRS: “Alright, you wanna fight?! Prepared to be blown to little greasy bits!” *loads Rock Cannon*

(This took me so long to get it right since I couldn’t get the Cannon to tip without it and BRS falling over…and BRS is so OOC. I’m sorry. ^^; )

WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Wait, hun! Don’t kill my food AND my desk! I’ll take it out for you! Now back the cannon awaaayyyy.


…Yes, I have rather unpretty fingers. :P

Pfft, it’s bigger than her own head! xD;

Such a sloppy slice, too. But if it were any bigger, she’d fall off. lol

And finally, though it’s about two days early…

お誕生日おめでとう, あ む ちゃん~!!!!

Ahhh~! The girl of my life! How could I not wish her a “Happy Birthday”, hmm? x333

Hehe, this is the second year I’ve made a special post for her and I intend to continue with it for as long as this blog is active. And even if I decide to leave (but not too soon in the future, don’t worry), I’ll still find some way to celebrate Amu-chan’s birthday. She’s so dear and precious to me after all. <333

Well, this year, I went out and bought a cake…yes, I really love her THAT. FRIGGIN’. MUCH! to go to a bakery store in Chinatown after work and buy a strawberry cake just for her birthday. Laugh if you want, I know there are others out there who are just as bad as they are fervently devoted. xD;

And I showered her with many other presents, too. lol I don’t even get this much for my birthday. xD;

They’re all just food, of course. Some Ferrero Rocher chocolates in that gold little gift box (I love cute boxes like this, btw, and gold matches Amu’s eyes~) that my mom gave to me cuz she got them at a wedding party last weekend and all I just wanted were the boxes but she gave me the chocolate, too. Oi.

Behind Amu is…a bootleg moon cake. xD; I kid, I kid. But it’s not traditional moon cake. It’s more like bean paste (strawberry for this one) and mochi so I don’t consider it moon cake, which has thicker density in its lotus seed paste. Plus, it’s too sweet that it almost tastes like ice cream. My dad bought it to try it out but we did before (they just don’t remember it) and if they didn’t like it then, then they wouldn’t like it now.

I’ll eventually have to eat them all so that they don’t go to waste (but hell no, not all this by myself in one week! D8). Agh, I can feel the scale breaking already. T______T

But whatever! This is for Amu! A true die-hard fan has no shame! x3b

Mmmmm…looks like 50 pounds of extra fat in the morning, huh, Amu-chan?

And I have to help you eat it. Why do I spoil you? You’re going to be the end of me, y’know. *noogies her* x33

The cake itself wasn’t that good… well, I didn’t know. I don’t usually buy cakes from pastry stores and this one was cheap. Just $1. I’ll have to look for better choices next time.

Agh, the cream is getting to me. I gotta go run or do some-…wait a sec, who’s that lil’ blue thing behind the chocolates? (o _ O)

Amu: *turns around* “?”

*hiss* ARGH! Y…YOU! O8<

How'd you get out without me knowing?! You, you…sneaky little cat! Are you here for the sweets or Amu?! Go away! You can't have her today! *pokes him*


Yep, that’s all. Hope all you people celebrating the Autumn Festival are having a great time and enjoy the food and the holiday! And moon cake, of course! ;D

And once again, Happy Birthday to my beloved Amu~!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333


11 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy Birthday, Amu~! <3


    Happy early birthday to Amu

    And I want your BRS * u * *grabby hands*

    Lantern Festival sounds fun~ And that Moon Cake looks absolutely delicious

  2. Oh gosh! This whole post was just so cute and made me laugh. It put me in a really good mood (since I’m currently feeling guilty for not having done much Japanese studying, although I did make my list of stuff that I need to get for my trip and a list of places I want to go when I’m in Japan (from a little travel book that I have) today. So, I guess I got something accomplished).

    Anyway, Happy Autumn! <3 I adore Autumn, by the way, it's my favorite season; I just love the smell of the air at this time and the leaves changing color. It's all just so nice.

    Oh, and I really want to try a moon cake one day, they look so freakin' yummy~

    Finally, 誕生日おめでとう、あむ~!!The little scene, with Ikuto popping up at the end was just so sweet and aww worthy. ^w^ And, by the by, don't think yourself too pathetic about celebrating Amu's B-day, I've been making a vanilla cake for about 3 years straight every year for GACKT's birthday. What fans do for the things they love! XD

  3. YOUR BRS NENDO IS REALLY CUTE!!! I want it! Autumn is my favorite season. I love all the colorful leaves. xD And Happy Birthday Amu-chan!!! That scene with Ikuto was adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had cake for a character’s birthday before… I should sometime!

  4. This post is so adorable that I want to huggle it~! <333
    The BRS cake cutting antics were great! Not to mention the cuteness of it all. So, Happy Autumn and hope you had fun eating Moon cake (I will definitely sample it one day!)

    Also, Happy Birthday, Amu-chan, I hope she liked her delicious looking cake! XD

  5. HappyGoLucky: Thanks! ^^ You can’t have her, though. xD


    LGB: I’m glad it made you feel better. And don’t worry ’bout it cuz I’m sure you’ll be fine. You can review on the plane. lol xD Have fun while you’re there! ^^

    Yes~, that’s what I love about autumn. It’s a bit chilly but not scorching hot and the air just feels really crisp. Plus, it’s the only season where I’m not heavily suffering from allergies or any other form of sickness…other than school. Blergh. xP

    I used to get them for free from my club but now that the board is gone, I don’t think they held it this year. ^^;

    Haha, I thought it’d be nice to have him show up. Actually, I think he sorta had to anyways. He’s such a dork when it comes to her. xD
    And expressing your love is never pathetic, m’dear! *proud to say so* x3b
    And I’d have to say you’re more impressive for doing it 3 years. Also…vanilla. *giggle* You are awesome, my friend. xDD


    Kittymaverick: Aww, I’m sorry. I’d send you a box if I were rich. ^^;


    Amutofan123: Thank you~! x3
    I like autumn best out of all the other seasons.
    And yea, you should try it! It’s totally fun! xD


    Kyo-chan: You may~ And I shall huggle you for liking it. *huggle* x3

    Thank you and hope you have an enjoyable autumn, too. Haha, when you eat moon cake, it’d be nice to have some tea go along with it. You won’t feel so bloated after eating. xD;

    It’s big enough for her to ride in it. lol xDD

  6. Happy Moon Festival!

    BRS is goregous~ Damn, now I need to watch it (it’s still in my drive unwatched after three months -_-).

    Ah you’re little birthday party for Amu was adorable! lol at Ikuto showing up though. He’s always there to steal Amu’s junkfood afterall, be it chips or ice cream.

    • It’s a pretty quick watch. The OVA is really good, too, despite all the mixed reviews about it.

      Haha, I think he’s there to steal the food and a kiss from her this time. And he has no present for her. How rude of him! xD;

  7. Hehe, I squealed and then cracked up at the last picture of Ikuto peeking around the golden box of chocolates. It’s just such an… Ikuto thing to do. Today is really Amu’s birthday so Happy Birthday Amu-chan~! I can’t believe she’d be another year older (though one more year closer to the grown up Ikuto wants her to be heh). Adorable post.

  8. Happy late mid-autumn chinese festival!
    (and happy birthday to Amu)
    I love the BRS pics, they’re soooo cute xD

    I don’t find moon cakes delicious anymore, especially the salty ones with the solidified egg yolk in the middle – plus having to eat it once a year for more than a decade does make my taste buds get tired of it…
    BUT if i was offered sweet ones i wouldn’t refuse xD

    It would be awesome if Ikuto had kitty ears xD

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