Katanagatari ~ Ep. 9 ~ Wanted more shogi. :P

I have to admit, it took me a while to actually like this episode. Togame’s childish jealousy really turned me off at first, greatly amusing as it was (still LMAO-ing here), but after subs came out, I totally loved it with abandon. Haha. xD;

Hardly the best. In fact, I would rank it around at the bottom of all the episodes but still pretty good despite the minimal action (Oshidori as a weaponized human swing carousel was too short, dammit!). At least we got some questions raised at the end about what other possible purposes the sword hunt might have. And at the same time, I’m starting to dread what will happen since they’re close to completing it.

…then there’s those strange movements (provided mostly by Togame, lawl~) all throughout but we’ll get to that later. Seriously, though, what’s up with all that weirdness? ^^;


So we’re in Tendou this time and the town, Dewa, is a shogi sanctuary. Togame has just won a match for a match against the owner of Outou Nokogiri and the 12th generation head of the Shinou Issou school, Kiguchi Zanki.

I’m surprised I never noticed the design of Zanki’s eyes when I was looking through my illustration book. Then again, the anime gives the characters their close-ups in order for to distinguish their features better while the book…well, doesn’t. *shrug*

I’m glad for it, really. When I first saw her, I was thinking she could pass off as Meisai’s younger sister (actually, she kinda still can ^^; ) with her long black hair and dojo clothing and all. If it weren’t for that distinct lock of hair (that looks like a long knife, oh god xD;), I honestly would have believed they were related.

Anyways, Zanki is voiced by the very talented Shizuka Itou, also currently playing the lead female role of Ookami-san this season. She’s using the same tone of voice, only thankfully without the heavy tsun that’s applied for Ryouko.

Ok, moving along…

Well, we’re already having problems, aren’t we? ^^;

Zanki is outraged that she has to fight Shichika who wields no sword and wears no armor. Already, we kinda have an idea of what her personality is like. A stickler to the norm. And Kyoutouryuu is a violation of that norm in its very self. Aye, aye, such a problem.

They pretty much have no choice but to follow Zanki’s conditions for the duel.

Unfortunately, forcing Shichika to wear protective gear and hold a sword is exactly what makes the match very uneven, not the other way around. Poor Shichika. ^^;

But lol, damn, Kyoutouryuu genes are one of the craziest I’ve ever heard of. How does one get weaker just by holding a sword on them? It’s almost like it’s some inner allergic reaction, for lack of brain to think of something better to call it. It really is a mystery.

Anyways, this is a problem. They can’t get Nokogiri without defeating Zanki and Zanki won’t accept a match unless it’s under her terms.

On another note, Nokogiri is the sword that contains the least, or perhaps, none of Kiki’s poison, which gives itself the name as the “king of swords” or something. Right, I really don’t get how that logic works. The title sort of fits, I suppose, since Nokogiri is not corrupted and just a regular sword at best but it’s not like it’s superior to others in anyway. At least that’s what I think.

Also, I don’t think it’s completely without poison since Zanki later says that she experienced some change after she inherited when she succeeded the former head. But we’ll get to that later.

Regarding Zanki, Shichika feels that her sharp sense of discipline is probably what separates her from his opponents in the past and can’t help admiring her zeal for martial arts. Well, no surprise, since he’s a martial artist himself so it was rather nice to see him interested for once.

Togame isn’t pleased with Shichika talking about another woman, though, and does this…

Girls, word of advice. Don’t do this at home. Your boyfriends will surely dump you.


Hmm, so a standstill for now since Togame can’t come up with any schemes or tactics on how to beat Zanki yet. In shogi, yea, no problem there but fighting? Ha!

The topic then switches to ages all of a sudden and I’m confused all over again. Didn’t Shichika ask in ep 2 if Togame was older than him? Now she’s younger? I think he’s the one getting things mixed up. It’s not so much a big deal but I’m pretty sure Togame is older, despite the fact you can’t really tell a difference with this art. And more so since her hair and height are so short.

That aside, what the fuck is up with Togame’s deal? All Shichika did was say a simple, harmless sentence and she goes violent on him. And it wasn’t near anything what he stated in the first place. I swear, that really kills my nerves everytime she does that. If you want to hit him when he’s being bummed out for longer than usual, then fine, go ahead. But don’t chew him out on your silly overreaction.

And it’s not like she listens to him either. What kind of decent girl does that in a relationship with a guy? I almost want to call her a high-maintenance bitch if she actually fitted that description. Oh, in our century, she definitely is one! D8 No, instead, “DUMP HER” is what I’d do. =_=;

And what the heck? Then she decides to get all flirty with him. That so makes me want to slap her. Her jealousy is already so unbecoming on top of everything but at least she has a reason for that. Here? What the fuh is this?!

I don’t know what to think of her anymore. I mean, yes, I guess I’m quite judgmental when I see things happen that I disapprove of and am blinded to many things in the middle of my rage. Even more so when it’s about relationships but it’s better than standing aside and saying nothing as one person gets totally whipped and tossed around by his/her partner for no understandable reason.

Sometimes I wonder if I cursed my shippings again by declaring them “OTP” too soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still holding onto these two but only barely. Their “couple” status, if you can even call it that, is too unbalanced that it violates my rules for pairings. For one thing, where did all that development on Togame’s part went? In ep 6, she was finally aware that Shichika can get hurt on this journey and seemed to start being a little more concerned about his well-being. Shichika can’t be the only one to make sure that he has to avoid injury. She still was worried at the beginning of this episode but what gives her the right to abuse him and get away with it later on?

And don’t say “Oh, Shichika can handle it no problem” or “this is anime, you’re thinking too much” cuz this is a srs bznz talk I’m having here.

Moreover, while it’s obvious Togame has a lot of faith in Shichika and always believes in his ability to win, she doesn’t have much respect for him outside that. Yea, Shichika’s intellect is equivalent to a brick and without Togame to guide him, he’d still probably be lost in some random town. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary to remind him that he’s lacking in that area ALL the time, though.

Not that Shichika really cares, which is unfortunately, the reason why he won’t ever leave Togame. He’s too simple and…well, dumb to think complicated things that might have left him better off.
We still don’t have firm reasoning on why he’s fallen for Togame in the first place, and that, I think, is where the “chemistry” gets faulty. Togame acts like any normal girl, if not an odd one, so it’s easier to understand that she’s gotten very attached to Shichika over the course of the sword hunt. All I have on Shichika, however, is what he said from ep 7: he wanted to become Togame’s sword.

Uh, right, well, that doesn’t read the same as “I’ve fallen for you” in my head. While Shichika certainly has become more human but, psychologically, he still sees himself as more of a sword. I do believe that he has feelings for Togame (in his own weird way) and I’m sure they evolved during the 9 months they spent together but I still don’t know what it was that initiated these affections.

*sigh* Whatever, I’m done talking about just these two for now. Will rant more later.

Anyways, lawl~

Zanki, thanks for your manners but at least wait for the “ok, come in” before opening the door. xD;

Yeaaa…basically, Zanki thought their match was unfair under her impressions that Shichika is weaker than her (with all that equipment he was made to wear) and proposes that she trains him so that he can fight her properly. With a sword and all.

Hmmm…sure! Why not? 8D

Meanwhile, Dokutou Mekki (Poison sword, Gilt) has been found sealed in the mountains or somewhere around there. The Maniwani was able to find it because Houou snapped Kawauso’s arm onto himself and made use of Kawauso’s ability (forgot what it’s called) to track the sword’s whereabouts.

I was wondering when and where he got that replacement from. :P

Back to our heroes, Shichika seems pretty excited for sword training, which sours Togame’s mood even further cuz she’s just being stupid about Shichika being alone with another woman.

Right, if he showed no reaction to you naked in front of you all those times, than I doubt he’d be interested in anyone else. -_-;

They’re supposed to be discussing how bad it is that Togame’s schemes won’t work against Zanki because of her upright honesty but really, all THIS distracted from the point of it.

And the mood wasn’t even right. Nobody would expect Shichika to take the initiative, that’s for sure. But Togame just kept on going on and on…like STFU already, bitch, and kiss him if you’re that much in each other’s face. *doesn’t really care at this point, just annoyed at listening to her* D/

Next morning…

Shichika: “Hey, Togame, aren’t you going to come watch me train?”

Togame: *smirky* “If I come, I’ll only distract you, right?”

Shichika: “No, not really.”

Togame: “GRRR…”

Don’t know why she was expecting any other answer since this is Shichika we’re talking about. As if he’d act like any normal guy and stutter at that. /P

Also, her confidence must know no bounds to stretch into thinking Shichika won’t function and de-function without her being there. Again, have we forgotten this is Shichika we’re talking about?

Shichika: “K then, later.”

Togame: “ARGH! Put up more of a fight, will ya?!”

This novel’s atmosphere is too modern to be historical for me. -_-;

How does one run like Togame does?

*complaining way too much because she is still annoyed*

Huh, Shichika would seem pretty suited for the dojo life. No surprise since he’s done nothing but training since he was young.

And here it comes…

Zanki: “Shichika-dono, don’t move.”

Shichika: “Eh?”

Well…from that angle, it’s perfectly understandable why there’ll be misunderstandings so I can’t accuse her of being shocked over it and running away. Still, it’s nothing but the old “something in your hair” trick.

On another note, interestingly enough, Shinou Issou is a school that forbids slaying. Hmmm…Nokogiri fits for this school quite appropriately.

Ok, going into shock about it, I get. But shoujo-fying it in old-style art and *sparklies* and flowers everywhere?

Had me LMAO so hard. What other things can her imagination do? xD;

Shichika fails sword training in the funniest, lamest way ever. xD;


This reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki’s films for some reason. And I’m sure it’s only the blanket.

I bet the people on the street are wondering what the hell that is up there walking back and forth, though. xD;

So first day of training went pretty well. Shichika is still awful at it but seems to appreciate having Zanki as his instructor. Togame gets more jealous and of course, Shichika doesn’t know why.

And this pattern continues for the next 10 days? Oi oi… |D;

Yea, somehow this lead to…

This. Wha? “Practice in the bath?” Where does she come up with all these stuff?!

Ok, now this is ridiculously overreacting.

That night, Shichika comes home later than usual and continues to marvel at Shinou Issou’s principles on the way of the sword. It’s pretty much quite the opposite of Kyoutouryuu, where they’re taught to cut and kill like a sword, while Shinou Issou “abstains from conflict”. Argh, it would have been interesting to gone into comparison further but meh, we had to go into the dramedy instead. \P

And I grudgingly admit that I felt a little sorry seeing Togame in such a depressed mood while Shichika went on about his day. Just a little. Hmph.

Expected pillow throwing and crying and whining was expected.

Glad it didn’t take too long for Shichika to appease her, too. For once, he kinda deserved to have the pillow thrown in his face. Keeping a girl waiting like that and not noticing when coming back. Tsk, tsk, Shichika.

*sigh* So typical…this couple problem. ^^;

And everything turns bad again just at the mention of “Kiguchi”. Seriously, you were the one who asked in the first place.

Also, don’t murder your vegetables like that. D/

Next day, Togame comes up with a brilliant plan to surprise Shichika with lunch. And that is one heck of a giant onigiri alright. Wouldn’t it easily fall apart though? |D;


Looking at him, I wonder how bad I was when I started kung fu several years ago. I kinda don’t want to remember. lol xD;

Shichika’s not to blame for being a klutz on his feet that ended them up in this position. And since, well, y’know, that’s just bound to happen if your legs are that close together anyway. /P

Really, Togame has the most awful timing to match her crazy assumptions. How troublesome. *sigh* =__=;

Also, DAAANGGG, White Fox, what’s up with that toe of hers?! o_O;;;;

Please don’t bend anatomy like that. It’s really gross. -____-;;

Anyways….PFFFFTTTTT!!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

WAT?! Oh yea, I just wish this would happen so it’d be even more funny if it were actually serious. Xiao is such a cruel bitch. xP

*sigh* Well, it seems someone might be close to realizing their true feelings now. Honestly, she’s never going to confess until the last episode. I guarantee it. Cuz she’s so stubborn and her ego is so friggin’ big, it’ll take something pretty big to make her voice her emotions out.

Moving on, sometime later, these two are discussing about their own lifestyles (living by the way of the sword) and the history of Nokogiri and stuff. Zanki admits that because she is still an amateur, she isn’t willing to part with it yet even though she’s aware that it would be better to hand it over “for the peace of the nation”.

lol, and Shichika is like “Uh, yea, that’s not really the case here…” (cuz Togame just wants a huge promotion, /P).

Not going to go too much into how the sword came into the possession of Zanki’s school since she has no clue herself.

Prior to her becoming the head, Zanki actually lived a more free-spirited life in that she always went out to play shogi instead of taking her role as the successor seriously. That is, until she picked Nokogiri up and suddenly felt empowered by it.

Hmm, I guess you can say that is Nokogiri’s poison. Sure, it can it be seen as an antidote to all of Kiki’s other swords (probably) and Zanki’s desire to keep it stems more from wanting it to represent the school but…yea, I don’t really know how to put it in words. If I were in her shoes, I would probably feel the same way. I mean, “OOOOHHHH, this is a Kiki sword!” and all. lol

In any case, I was happy to see Shichika conversing with Zanki. It’s been a while since he’s talked to another, actual swordsman (the last one was probably being Hakuhei; Kanara doesn’t count in my opinion) and on top of that, Shinou Issou has had a pretty secure background up until now unlike all the others so it really gets Shichika thinking about his current position as the 7th generation head of Kyoutouryuu.

Though Zanki is sure that the school will die out with her since there are no more students to carry on its teachings. Likewise with Shichika, unless he plans to have children or something but I doubt he’ll ever feel enough urgency to think that far. <P

Anyways, Zanki always wonders what her life would have been like if she didn't choose to become the head of Shinou Issou and watching the relationship that Shichika and Togame has makes her a little envious, I suppose? *shrug* Perfectly reasonable. She's had to give up a lot of things after succeeding her grandfather. Shichika, on the other hand, has more freedom since Kyoutouryuu is based on the concept of "being a sword". Yea, it sounds weird and totally contradictory when I think about it. Wouldn't they be more restricted since they're technically being controlled the owner they choose?

Hmm. But Shichika doesn't seem to mind living this way. Keh, and he says that Zanki is not worldly. Wrong. Zanki is very much so in comparison to him. This brings to light on how exactly Shichika is so naive about the world. He's pretty content with his lifestyle. He doesn't need power, fame, or recognition. He just wants to be a useful sword to Togame.

Zanki points out to him that living by the sword can only do so much. You learn it, you master it, and then you pass the knowledge on to the next generations. It's not a lot on its own and perhaps because of that, people seek other things to fulfill the parts in their lives that swordsmanship cannot. Just guessing, anyways.

Yet Shichika kinda clings to the belief that this lifestyle can still have its place in a peaceful era, noting that since Shinou Issou doesn’t kill, it can be allowed…or something. *interpreting as I go*

Zanki, however, points out to him that just because Shinou Issou doesn’t allow slaying doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. That’s why they’re required to wear army to prevent damage but it is still, nonetheless, a dangerous upbringing. “It just doesn’t cut.”

Haaa…well, that was probably the most enlightening conversation I’ve seen in this whole series yet. No doubt it had the most meaning in this entire damn episode. :P

Elsewhere, Hitei is being her awesomely FIERCE! evil self and for that, she’s earned the first “FIERCE!” tag for a post. xD;

Anyways, she goes on about how Togame’s “strength” as a strategian is what repeatedly makes her lose in fights against Togame but she speaks everything in converse order that I had a really hard time figuring out what the heck she was trying to get through. @_@;
All I know is that Hitei seems to be looking for a weakness in Togame and might have finally come across it. I still don’t know what it is or how she came to the near-conclusion about it but it’s clear that Hitei is out to eliminate Togame once and for all for whatever purposes. And since Hitei has always been able to come back no matter how many times Togame defeats her, than there must be something that doesn’t give Togame the full authority to completely put Hitei down.

I dunno, she speaks very vaguely so I’m just theorizing as best as I can. There’s also some foreshadowing in Hitei telling the non-present Mon-kun that he’ll “have to settle things with that woman one day”. I take this as a future order to kill, yes, literally kill Togame in cold blood. And she also mentions there’s a “50-50 chance” of Togame being able to reach the final sword, which is really a no-brainer. Hitei is the big bad here and Mon-kun serves her. What does Mon-kun have in his possession right now? Entou Jyu. That’s going to be the final sword. So is this implying the 50-50 chance to be whether Shichika will be able to defeat Mon-kun or not? Or will Togame survive to get the last sword or not?

We’ll just have to wait and see. :/

While Houou is delightfully basking in their success of obtaining Mekki (and also being poisoned by the sheer amounts of doku practically radiating from it), Penguin is more concerned about the person who was responsible for Umigame’s death. If it’s not Kyoutouryuu, then the Maniwani has another enemy to worry about.

DA DA DAAAAA!!! Speak of the devil!


Two things: Togame is a bitch and I can’t believe it took Shichika that long to finally ask “Woman, is it your time of the month or something?”

Of course, she’s like “Shut up! YAPYAPYAP!”


Ugh, girls are so ugly when they’re jealous like this. It’s neither cute nor funny. It’s just UGLY.

So that aside, Togame finally has a scheme to take on Zanki.

Togame: “We’re going to make use of that weakness of yours and blahblahblah it can only be done one way!”

Shichika: “One way? Uh, how?”

Togame: “We’re going to win by fluke!”

Shichika: D’OH!

I wish I could find this funny but I can’t for some reason. =________=;

YES! Let’s get back to the more exciting stuff, shall we?

Oshidori used a smokescreen to allow Houou and Penguin to escape as she faces Mon-kun off. She surmises that he was the one who killed Umigame.

Yadayada, Mon-kun’s here to assassinate Houou, so on, so on.

Maniwa Ninpou: Eigouben

Now this, my friends, is how it should be done! When I was watching the preview for this, I didn’t even need to worry that I’ll get a satisfying battle between Oshidori and Mon-kun because…unlike Oshidori, everyone before her was INCOMPETENT.

It took nine months just to see the level of a decent ninja. Isn’t that sad?

She has the same horrible habit of getting too confident in the middle, though, and foolishly telling the workings of her technique to her opponent. To add to it, she goes “Oh, you can avoid being hit if you just stay your distance.” Oshidori, are dumb?! Don’t tell the person you’re about to kill that! D/

And hmm, Mon-kun, your regular swords are pretty useless, huh?

Mon-kun uses his Aioi Kenpou but Oshidori makes use of her whip to attack him before he does. Her ninpou seems to be the best combination of offense and defense.

This surprises Mon-kun. That there could be someone else other than Houou to be able to counter his Aiou Kenpou. I guess this means Oshidori is the second most powerful ninja among the Maniwani?

Oshidori is about to end it and peh, when you hear that, there’s a likely chance the one who says that will lose and/or die.

LOL, Mon-kun, what’s with the dramatic arms? ARGH, this show. When I’m taking things seriously, I’m thinking too much and when I’m not, I should be. xD;


That is probably like…the best pair of guns ever. Look! See any bullet holes?

I bet you five bucks that Kiki indulged in Western movies.

…oh and uh, bye bye Oshidori. ;___;

At least she got to join her beloved Chouchou in death.

I swear, these two must have the healthiest relationship out of anyone else in the whole cast. For that, it makes me sad that they’re dead cuz I feel like supporting them now. T.T

Ugh, so dragging ourselves back to the odd ones…Shichika doesn’t want to use unfair tactics against Zanki. Togame flips and takes this as a sign that he has a change of heart.

Omg, what is thi-…you know what? I shouldn’t even care anymore. All I’m going to take away is that priceless, exasperated expression on Shichika’s face. That’s it!

I mean, seriously? She looks like she needs 10 babysitters and 15 bottles of milk just to cool her down.


Togame: “What do you mean it’s OVER?!


Yea, I wish it was like that way. But Shichika’s talking about something else instead.

And it’s not like it’s really important either. Not in how I regard it. All of that talk about being an amateur or not was just excuse to have…

Them kiss. *shrug*

At this point, I really couldn’t care less anymore. So disappointing cuz I was really looking forward to this, too. But I don’t feel it. This pairing. I just don’t feel for it anymore. *wrings hands in the air like a madwoman*

It’s still funny how Shichika, total NOOB at kissing, completely melts into a pile of good aftewards, though. LOL XDDDDDD;;;

Next day, Togame goes to confront Zanki on how it doesn’t matter if one has more skill in the other. In a match, both are considered equals when they pick up the sword. In other words, “MY LOGIC PWNS YOURS! PUT ‘EM UP, BITCH!”

Nice convincing. She must have built up all those wangsty emotions over Shichika to be so fired up about it. /P

So Zanki agrees but on the condition that if they lose, they won’t come after Nokogiri again. Yea, yea. Are we almost done?

With Togame’s 5 wins against Zanki’s 4 in shogi, Shichika has one match to win against Zanki before he can fight her all out.

They exchange some words of thanks for the past week. Shichika still doesn’t know how to hold a sword right. Mehhhhhhhhh…

…I really liked the BGM during this part, though. 8D

The match begins and Togame initiates her scheme: call out her shogi moves.

Zanki is distracted.

Zanki can’t concentrate.

Shichika attacks! “MEN!” *head strike*

Attack is effective!

Zanki is in shock!

Shichika falls over!


…He should think of trying ballet. It will be an utter, total mess. LOLOLOLOL xDDDD;;;;;;;;;

And so, they got Nokogiri. Strange enough, Zanki did not complain about Togame’s foul play because since she was the referee, she was allowed the change the rules and such (but…THAT’S STILL FOUL PLAY! D8). And apparently, it isn’t wrong to shout out stuff in shogi matches. Right, I don’t really get it so I guess I’ll have to learn shogi one of these days to find out. *really plans to*

Thanks to Togame’s impeccable skills at seemingly anything not requiring physical strength, Zanki pretty much became an open book for her to read after 2,000 moves. Then Shichika won by fluke and then won for real. Right, let’s call it a day.

“Henceforth, I myself will be the proof of Shinou Issou’s legacy (kanban)…I’ll be the showgirl (kanbanmusume)!”

Yea, very bad pun. Nisioisin, you and your puns. |D;

And ohhh, Zanki, I wish I could have said I liked you sooner. She’s strict alright but I like her sense of upright honesty. ^^

That leaves 3 more swords to go. Togame’s worried about Shichika’s apparent weakness when it comes to swords but in the light of another matter, it’s not as important now. The issue is Nokogiri. Other than it’s antidote-powers, it seems to be nothing more than a simple training sword. If so, how did it manage to repulse General Kyuu and his army from it?

Good question. Like hell I’d know. /P

Then she lists these three purposes of the sword hunt that for some reason has never been mentioned until now:

Official purpose – To build a sword Buddha (uh…).
Hidden purpose – To elimante all swordsman (wha?).
True purpose – To gather all of Kiki’s swords.

And now there’s a possible fourth hidden purpose as well. Yea, I don’t know what to make of the ends and outs of it or why Togame’s worried about it so I just won’t and leave it for the remaining three episodes to explain.

Togame: “So Shichika! Just forget about it!”

Shichika: “Forget? But it’s not like I can-”

Togame: “What? You want me to help you again?”


Kahaha! Shichika is so cute! xDDDD

Next sword is Seitou Hakari, located in Oushi. Most likely Hitei will be the one to tell them where it as seen in the preview (PV, actually) which we’ll get to in a sec. And we’re going to go more into Togame’s past and actually get to see her dad as well. Ooo, that’s something I’m definitely looking forward to! 8D


ED: “Akashi” (証) by Annabel

Too tired to decipher the meaning of the lyrics but I like this ED. It’s actually good.

Andand, it’s by Annabel so of course it’s good! <333

I also liked the instrumentals and how soothing it sounds. *sighs contently*



Preview here.

Hmm, I don’t think it’s an issue of not having enough time to fit it in anymore. I mean, the preview was never a problem before since it’s only 30 seconds. I think it’s to avoid heavy spoilers since we’re so near the end that it’s just too risky showing it on TV…if that even makes sense.

Whatever, the preview is nowhere near as exciting as the PV though! OMG! I had such a spazz attack that I couldn’t sleep and watched it over and over again till I couldn’t scream anymore! xDDDD


So going in order, ep 10 deals with Higaki Rinne, a young girl (?) who addresses herself as “boku”, and has the ability to take on the forms of one’s memories. I was wondering why her design looked so peculiar. She’s about Konayuki’s height and even has similar eyes and the missing tooth…but her hair is modeled after Nanami’s! o.O; And it looks like Meisai and Zanki will make an appearance as well…well, not really but you’ll see what I mean. Still…THAT’S SO AWESOME! *totally pschyed for this* 8DDDD
And Togame remembers something about her father that she forgot. Wonder what that’s all about.

Ep 11…OMG, is that Kiki I see there?! OAO!!!!
And FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, Mon-kun vs. Houou, Houou getting a power upgrade via Mekki, Houou vs Shichika all in the same episode?! White Fox, if you make me cry, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

…Man, that part made my heart go extremely fast. And Mon-kun saying “Everything is your fault, Kyoutouryuu” and the remix version of Bahasa Palus OMFG WASN’T THAT JUST THE MOST AWESOMEST THING YOU EVER HEARD?!?!?!? 8DDDDDDD just added to the suspense. OMG, I kind of dread this ep…but at the same time I want it so badly!
Something happens to Togame alright and I’m guessing some might be under the impression that she’s been kidnapped since Shichika appears to be storming the Shogun’s castle. I wonder about that. I really do. And I kindly ask people who know TOO MUCH to refrain from spoiling in your comments. PLEASE. I’m dead serious about this. o_O

Obviously, Shichika underwent some HUGE, drastic change (*gestures arm to emphasize*). His eyes have changed color, he’s wearing several layers of clothing that he normally wouldn’t. Most of all, his whole personality seems to have been replaced since he looks cold and fights so ruthlessly. But damn…HE’S SO HOT AND BADASSSSSSSSSS!!! KYAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *fangirling…Xiao has broke* xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I, for one, don’t care how it happens. I just want to see it, dammit!
And yea, he goes up against the new holders of the swords, which were entrusted to them by the Shogun. Pfft, none of them stand a chance against him. And last is Mon-kun. I would like an epic battle please. And TRULY epic, kthxbai! <3


*cough* Yep. Next episode is going to air on a Friday again. Oct. 15th. I’ll probably be busy as hell with work but I’ll try my best to get the post out within a week. K, thanks for reading. See ya next month! (^ _ ^)/”


4 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 9 ~ Wanted more shogi. :P

  1. I actually like the pairing more because of this episode…I don’t know why though 0_0;;; (Maybe because it was LOL inducing?! My logic has always been kinda skewed….)

    I’ve only seen the 3 episode PV as versus the one you have just posted…And my impression of Rinne just went over 9000… I first I though she was only just dodging and running, but it seems that Shichika’s gonna be tossed around quite a bit here….maybe even literally…
    What?! Hida?! What you doing here?! What?! WHAT?! *ish confused*

    And I have so many things to say about episode 11 and 12, but they would be spoilerish…so I’ll shut up. (Why did I spoil myself on the crucial parts of the light novel??? >”<)

    I suppose we should check our stock of tissue paper for the next three releases….

    • Naw, there’s nothing wrong with your logic. I just get really pissed off when I see someone behave so rotten spoiled and make a big deal out of nothing like Togame.

      Haha, it’ll be fun to see Shichika getting pushed around by a loli…again. xD;
      And that Hida’s not really the real one. It’s probably just Togame’s memory of him.

      Spoilers are irresistable, that’s why. >:3

      Yea…I just hope the awesome makes up for it all. I don’t want to leave this feeling sad. ;__;

  2. lol this ‘Shichika can’t hold a sword’ business is still smacking of plot device but it’s finally funny rather than just deus… that scene with him— swordwalking? was hilarious, thanks a bunch for the GIF :D

    though imo, the wacky romance comedy was a bit overused and just out of place in this EP.

    • Hehe, you’re welcome. ;D

      The problem I had with it was that it was too one-sided and stupidly so, too. If she just got jealous, I wouldn’t care but now I’m ignoring the romance since I’m not getting much out of it. I guess the swords and supporting cast are the best of what I’m going to take away from this show. :/

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