Summer ’10 Wrap-Up

Summer is gone and I’m back in school now. And hell, people, it’s only after the first full week and I am EXHAUSTED. Give me my summer back! T_____________T

*sigh* Well, I figured I should get this out early since I’m taking a day break before starting on my homework. God, coming home at 9 at night on Mondays and Wednesday may give me more day offs but it’s so tiring, I can’t get anything done and want to do nothing but sleep. *still can’t stop complaining*

Anyways, this season proved itself to be very “bleh” like how I predicted it to be. I dropped a lot of shows and only one, not counting the ongoing anime I was already following, remained. That’s sad. Possibly the worst number of drops I’ve had to date over any season.

I just hope fall won’t be as bad as this since there are quite a couple I’m going to check out. But eh, some of it will probably end up being back-logged due to work and all so I dunno. We’ll see. *shrug*


Fairy Tail – *LEGASP!* Mystogan = Gerard?! Screw “Jellal”, it reminds me too much of “jelly”. xP DAI SHOKKU DESUUU!!! O___O!!!

Pfft, yea right. Everybody should have guessed somewhat that we can’t go an arc without having a Gerard present in some part of it.

Well, I won’t go into the “why”s and “how”s behind Mysotgan and just say that he’s friggin’ awesome after watching the latest episode. Magic-wise, he’s much superior to Siegrain-Gerard, in my opinion. And the fact that he’s not evil makes him very hot for some reason. lol XD;

Also, I had a little “Aww…” moment for Erza when she almost cried at seeing his face and then getting all confused when Mystogan says he’s not the same Gerard she knows. ARGH! Don’t make Erza cry, dammit! T.T

So yea, that was pretty much what made the ep for me (and isn’t it awesome how Erza promised not to die this time?). Laxus is still an ass but his plans are definitely going to fail soon. Yay yay yay. All that’s left is to wait for those painful fireworks and the tri-Dragonslayer battle. I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s not good but I’m still looking forward to it.

And whoohoo! Second year confirmed, which means the Nirvana arc won’t be far off after this arc is done. I’m excited for it since it’s the arc that I enjoyed the most so far. x3

Heartcatch Precure! – Still keeping up with this pretty well. Heck, I watch it as soon as subs are uploaded since, aside from Fairy Tail and Ookami-san, there’s nothing else I’m following regularly.

Unfortunately, unlike how enthusiastic I was about Heartcatch at the end of spring, the overall quality has dropped considerably after the debut of Sunshine. I don’t know why it was such a steep drop, though. I mean, this is hardly a great mahou shoujo (it even receives a lot of criticism from most of the Precure fandom and I’m beginning to understand why though I stil have not watched previous seasons) but it was progressing nicely until Sunshine came…and all the budget seemed to have been depleted after that.

The constant art shifts are annoying, filler characters are becoming more shallow (except for Hayashi, I thought he was pretty okay) and the villains’ idiocy just add to the frustration. Not to mention, ep 31 had the worst script and voice-acting I’ve seen and heard this year EVER. The dialogue hardly transitioned well (heck, it didn’t transition at all!) because too many things happened at the same time and too quickly at that, making it a horrible mess. Seriously, I think all the money that went into making this ep got spent on Yuri’s hair and the sound effects of her shoes. Wtf? D/

Well, I’m still trying to hold up my hopes that it’ll get back to being better. Next week’s (or rather, this week’s) ep centers more on the Precures than anything and Yuri gets her powers back. Oh, and Tsubomi’s going to fight with her hot grandpa who many speculates to be Coppe. If that’s true, I’ll be like “Uhhhh, I was hoping otherwise”.

Whatever, I’ll definitely finish this but at this rate, it’s going to have to do a lot to improve if it wants a decent grade when it’s over.


Ookami-san – *sigh* What to say about this?

Obviously, it was the best of the season only because it was the last one standing on my list. That’s why I’m not satisfied with giving it that praise. Its storyline was okay but I’ve seen ones (HoTD, Shiki) that were much better. I just didn’t follow those shows. /P

Anyways, wordy crap aside, Ryouko just didn’t sell to me and I already knew she wouldn’t no thanks to how tsun she is. Then again, I’ve been turning my head away from tsunderrekos since two years ago because I couldn’t stand how they were constantly marketed everywhere I go. I mean, c’mon, my tolerance can only take so much abusive, foul-mouthed attitudes after so long. Ryouko followed the same formula and showed me nothing new.

Granted, however, her problems originated from a different stance than the usually seen “familial neglect” or alike issues so I’ll give them credit for approaching her personality in that manner. And I sympathize for her on Hitsujikai’s betrayal but that’s not reason enough to make me like her. I don’t love a character out of feeling sorry for them. Her desire to become stronger so that she can protect herself from being hurt again is something I acknowledge but still…I’m not happy with how static she stayed up until the last episode. Don’t get me wrong, I thought her development was alright after seeing her warming up to Ryoushi and trusting him more and more (and she didn’t hit him when he confessed again, so yay) but compared to the secondary characters, hers was not as significant.

But considering what’s she’s gone through, maybe I’m judging her too harshly and I might only be pissed off because she’s so violent towards him just because she’s a little embarrassed. That’s probably the case but it’s not like any (smart) person can blame me for disapproving it. I don’t mind that it’ll take her longer to learn to trust others again or that she has trouble being honest cuz if she had a sudden change, than that would make no sense. I just wish she didn’t resort to her fists so much. -_-;

Whatever. The point is, she wasn’t the one who made this series for me and that’s all. I did, however, grew to love Ryoushi even more with every time he improved himself (and it’s all because Ryouko is his inspiration so I guess I’ll have to give her credit for that as well) along with his hard effort, his loyalty, and his occasional coolness when the situation calls for it. Kyaa, it’s almost enough to make me want to fangirl when he’s manly! xD;
Now I want MiyuMiyu to play more GAR roles …ah, but if you keep him at adorable level, I wouldn’t mind that, too. *giggle* x3

Yea, boys should take lessons from Ryoushi, who knows how to treat a girl right. ;)

Other things that I loved the most were…of course, my Ringo-chan! Ack! I don’t care, Ringo and Shirayuki’s episode is still the best for me! x3
And also, the ep centering on Otohime, who later resolved her problems with Usami. Totally wasn’t expecting that but it was such an “Aww…” moment. <3

And yea, I guess those stood out above all others. This is also getting too lengthy so I should stop. ^^; I’m expecting a second season and am pretty sure we’ll be getting news of it sometime next year or so. The ending shows a lot of promise for one and Hitsujikai is still a major concern so yea, there’ll be a second season alright. :)

Will I buy it on DVD? – I argued with myself over this a couple of times and came to the conclusion that I won’t. It was very fun and light-hearted with its good, melodramatic moments and the right amount of moe factor that doesn’t bother me but to be honest, it’s not very memorable. I have a feeling the light novels will get licensed soon, though, since it’s one of the “populars” so might check that out when I hear news of it.

Nabari no Ou – It was on my marathon list, behind FMA, and I decided to watch this first since it was shorter.

Finished it in less than two days and only stopped because I had to sleep but I was obsessed for about…eh, a week? The anime isn’t extraordinary and I’m sure the manga, which I still have to check out, is better but YEA, NINJAS. BISHOUNEN NINJAS. 8D

The shounen-ai is low-key at the very best which is how I like my shounen-ai. It’s been such a long time since I was able to look at a series that had boyxboy glazed over it without wincing (yaoi completely repels me, period). I think the last one I didn’t mind was X/1999, which had plenty of angst and gore to balance things out. Haha. <– Not funny.

Anyways, Nabari isn't as gruesome though it does have its share of blood and killing even though the action, in the nicest way, sucked. Plot was alright, characters really depend on how you take their actions and such (Kumohira-sensei pissed the hell outta me cuz he was another Suzaku minus the mecha and cute ass :P), basically very average. The humor, however, had so many misses that I kept on wondering why they were even trying. I blame the script because a lot of dialogue just didn't flow well. The voice-acting was alright, it just didn't flow well.

On the brighter side, I really liked how they handle the complexities of the characters. Miharu and Yoite’s relationship being the most prominent (to me) and you just can’t help but want to support them because Yoite is so WOOBIE, you could cry ;____; of all the things they go through together. But it’s not only them. Raimei’s conflict with her brother, Koichi not the normal boy he appears to be, and quite a bit of revenge and psychological issues.

Too much to explain in one short post, really. I think it’s worth watching if you want something to marathon and if shounen-ai is not your thing, don’t worry about it. There’s nothing explicit. It can even be innocent and sweet when you see Miharu and Yoite holding hands or hugging. And they’re so pretty that you can pretend one of them is a girl. xD;

Yea, manga’s on my to-get list now. I want to see what happens after the point where the anime stopped but strayed away from the original.

Will I buy it on DVD? – Ehh…nah. As much as I am tempted because of Mitsuki Saiga (why haven’t I heard from her lately? ;___;) and KugiRie’s exceptional job voicing as a male character, I didn’t love the anime enough. Thoughts are still pending on the soundtrack, though.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – Fell behind while I was on vacation and didn’t feel like catching up. I was never that gung ho about this series anyway. *shrug*

Kuroshitsuji (seasons 1, 2) – Got stuck in marathon hell. Meaning I stopped watching at ep 3 with some intention on picking it up again. Then the constant reminders got to be a drag that I decided to let it go and move on with my life. Was never really crazy about this either. Or rather, it just didn’t *click!* with me and I usually drop shows like that once I realize it. I do, however, think it’s deserving of all its praise though. *nodnod*

Shiki – Dropped it at ep 3. I’m sick of vampires. If it weren’t for the crazy Twilight fad, I would agree that this might have been a good story. And it’s decent alright but not memorable.

Occult Academy – Took up Kyo-chan’s recommendation and watched the first six episodes. I admit, I was pretty hooked until Maya’s obvious tsun jealousy towards Bunmei being a lovesick idiot to that creepy goody-two-shoes curry wench turned me off. I thought Maya was pretty cool up until that point which made me facepalm because Bunmei is so not worth it.
I didn’t drop it there, though. Things were still interesting until they hit the drama episode with Maya and Ami. Then I’ve been debating with myself if I want to continue or not. There seemed to have been more occult happenings after the last episode I watched but my interest had already fallen out of the show.

So yea, while I think it’s definitely decent for an Anime no Chikara work (more so than the Shanghai one, and more interesting than Sora no Oto), I’d say it’d be best to just marathon it all in one day and then be done with it. Waiting for it every week was too much of a chore. That’s all.


Yep…whoo, I’m done. Going to take a break from the computer until after I come back from practice tonight.

In the meantime, if/when I’m not busy with life, blogging, and following everything on my watch/reading list, my plans are to pick up another light novel soon (Hakomari recommended by Aorii-san). Or maybe another manga series. I’ve been thinking of checking Paradox Blue out.

In any case, I’ll be busy and will take a lot of much-needed breaks in between. Heh, this morning, I just went and finished Hakushaku to Yousei. Originally dropped it because of adaptation decay but going back and watching the end makes me want the novels to be licensed so I can read them! Cuz I know they’ll never continue it…since it’s so shoujo-y and all. *sad* TwT

*sigh* Well then, three more priority posts to go. *ready to drop dead anytime* D/


7 thoughts on “Summer ’10 Wrap-Up

  1. I have no idea what the heck happened to my comment, but here it is:

    I want the novels of Hakushaku to Yousei too! >w

    • Your “>” and “<" are what cuts your comment off. Be sure not to put anything between them on the open ends. Otherwise, it won't show up because of html.

      • Ah! Thanks. I didn’t even think of that. Well, here is my whole comment then! XD

        I want the novels of Hakushaku to Yousei too!

        That was a cute anime, it wasn’t special, but it was nice. : )

        Ah, and what you did with the Kuro series is what happened to me a lot of times on a lot of different series! XD The last episode came out today, and it was really good (and even with my fail Japanese language skills I was able to understand what was going on), a very interesting ending.

        I gave up on Shiki too. It’s just not my type of anime to begin with. I’ve heard that it isn’t all that bad, but it just wasn’t all that great for me to keep up with it. Hearing GACKT once was enough, plus I’m more interested in “Bunraku” and all of the wonderful North American coverage he has been getting. The press has been impressed with him, and I am happy! XD

        Nabari no Ou. I’ve never watched the anime, just read the manga, and that was fantastic. Very, very touching, it made me cry multiple times. And, whether or not it is Shonen-ai, which I do consider it to be, the bond between Miharu and Yoite is just beyond the normal boundaries of relationships. Not something that I usually see in anime and manga, and I just loved that.

        Kaichou wa Maid-sama, at least the manga (I don’t know about the anime), is so meh. It doesn’t really stand out to me. I like it, but I only read it to pass the time. I don’t get the hype, especially since there are some other manga out there that need more hype **cough**Pandora Hearts**cough**.

        The other series I don’t know anything about, so I can’t really comment.

        But, good luck with school and that schedule. I’m going to go and procrastinate some more (from studying my Japanese) by playing “Birth by Sleep” and waiting for my “Hetalia Season 1” box set to come in. ^^;>

  2. Honestly, while the show touched up Ryouko’s personality decently I’m not convinced by her backstory — her circumstances doesn’t really warrant a personality change into tsundere (if she was kuudere or dandere is would make perfect sense in a ways). I didn’t really want to annoy Ryouko’s fans in my tsundere post but… (shrug). Ryoushi however, definitely impressed me; although I wish he didn’t so readily slam his understanding of Ryouko in front of others — great you understand, buuutttt, telling other ppl so blatantly is kinda pulling down the pride she worked hard to build…
    in the end Ookami-san’s strongest point, imo, was that it kept me guessing and wondering how those characters relate to their folklore origins…

    I wish I could say Kuroshitsuji 2 is definitely worth watching but… heh, my ‘most looked forward to’ part of the show atm is Sebby eventually killing Claude – worst. butler. ever.

  3. LGB: The novels are a ton more awesome than the anime, I guarantee you that. ;)

    That’s nice to hear. Did it leave an open ending or something? If so, I’m thinking it has prospects for even a third season. lol

    Yay for Gackt! <3 Ack, I have still have yet to see "Bunraku". Thanks for reminding me.

    I wouldn't say their type of relationship is uncommon in anime and manga. It's just that their story is more pushed to the extreme than others, especially in Yoite's case (I want to hug him forever! ;___; ). But yes, it truly is one of the deepest and most beautiful bonds I've seen between two people ever.

    I gave up on the manga, too. lol xD; I can see why people like it and all but it was just became too typical for me.
    And PH has its fair share of popularity, hun. It's just not as active as it was when the anime is over. That's fine with me, though. I find that I can enjoy a series with less hype around me. ^^;

    Thanks and you, too. Lol, it seems I can't procrastinate this year at all since I'm like taking three languages, an econ. class and have a huge thesis paper due. Oi oi.
    And ooo, you play KH, too?! 8D I used to be so obsessed with it but I could never handle video games well (staring at the screen too long gets me very dizzy). So I had to give up on it. T.T


    Aorii-san: Really? I thought that Hitsujikai possibly assaulting her and having no one to believe her was traumatizing enough to turn her against the world. Yea, she didn’t really needed to become a tsundere and all but the distrust is reasonable. Maybe it’s just her extreme dishonesty that’s not working? :/?

    Regarding Ryoushi, I agree that he shouldn’t expose Ryouko’s weakness like that to just anyone but sometimes I can view it as just another character flaw of his. It’s not a very convincing good one but…yea.
    And sure, Ryouko has a lot of pride…but it’s rather cheap pride if she can’t learn to let go of the past and move on. In other words, she’s clinging onto her bitterness which doesn’t help her at all. She doesn’t have to immediately let her guard down or confide everything in Ryoushi and it’s not like I’m saying she should simply forget it ever happened. But only when she can learn to let go of her hostility that she can start to truly become stronger. And we saw it happened. It’s very gradual and slightly above subtle but she’s getting there.

    Nodding at the folklore bit, though. *nodnod* :)

    • Yes, it would make her distrust the world, but not quite in a tsundere way. Typically against something like that, Ryouko’s pride would have put her into a “don’t care” attitude and distance herself from everyone else, hence kuudere/dandere. But instead of hiding her thoughts she chose to become dishonest after the trauma of nobody believing in her? that’s an act of throwing away your pride rather than protecting it (as tsundere do)…
      But in the end I’m no psychologist, just tossing in my amateurish thoughts xD

      Oh I know it’s a character flaw of Ryoushi, since he’s not meant to be the most well-spoken character around; I guess I’m just nitpicking xD; and well— pride alone is always rather cheap imo, it’s the conviction behind the pride that gives it value. Ryouko didn’t have much of that it seems.

  4. Kuro II definitely has an opening for a third season with the way they ended it. Actually, the possibilities are, quite literally, endless. Though, they did wrap everything up (such as Ciel got his revenge and all the issues brought up in the first and second seasons were answered). It was not an ending I was expecting, but I think it was extremely interesting. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t happy, and it wasn’t morally fulfilling; but that makes me believe that it was a good ending for a series like Kuroshitsuji.

    Lol, Bunraku hasn’t even come out yet. But you can see some of it in this video: (is too lazy to make a link) and you can see the focus on GACKT at the premiere in this video: (once again, too lazy). And in an interview he said that next year he plans on touring South America, America, and Canada. Of course, I’m on top of that! XDD

    As for Yoite and Miharu, extreme is the better word. Uncommon not so much, but extreme, yes. You described it better than me. ^^ But gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been that touched by a relationship in a series.

    That’s so true. Less hype surrounding the series, less stress when it comes to fandom. Though, less hype also means less merchandise I can find at con. When I went to my convention this past summer, there was only one bit of Pandora Hearts merchandise, but it wasn’t worth getting (a small keychain or something, I believe). Oh well, I’m hoping next year there will be a bit more…^^;

    Though, sometimes cons surprise me. For example, the convention that I usually go to, ConnectiCon, has a pretty big Princess Tutu following. She won the Cosplay Death Match two years ago (the first year they did it), which was not only surprising (granted I screamed my throat sore in order for her to win) but highly pleasing. Also, I remember at a really small convention I found a gorgeous fanart for Mononoke. Now that was a rare find. Since hardly anyone knows about that gem of a series! o.o

    Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating. I really do. I’ve hardly been practicing my Japanese, and that’s not good. >.>’ I’m kicking myself out of lazy mode starting tomorrow and limiting my gaming and computer time. Gotta practice my grammar, vocab., and Kanji!

    And…YES! I do play KH. In fact, I love the KH series! I haven’t played all of them (never finished Chain of Memories because I was horrid at the card based game play, though I read up on the ending and such, and never played the 365 days one). So, while I love the series, my knowledge of it (in concerns to the Organization members and such) is not all that great. Birth by Sleep though, is really, really good and adds some nice twists to the overall story found in the KH universe. : )

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