SoMT Semifinals Results


Current ranking…

3rd place ~ Mashiro Rima
4th place ~ Hoshina Utau
5th place ~ Kurumizawa “Kurumi” Ume
6th place ~ Yano Ayane
7th place ~ Yoshida Chizuru
8th place ~ Dia


Um……well shoot, I’m honestly dumbfounded by this. I mean, don’t get me wrong! I am certainly very happy, especially since most of the duels turned out kinda-almost evenly split and I thank everyone for their votes and support again but damn, Amu-chan came out stronger than I thought she would. o.O;

Was it because of the final chapter for SC!?
Omg, wait, did I step out of line again like I did last year?! Oh no, I didn’t think I did. I hope not.

*worries aside for now* With that, our last year’s top 2 have moved down from their former ranks. Congratulations to Rima and Utau for going this far and still putting out such strong competition for this year’s tournament! Woot! Give a big round of applause for these STELLAR moe champions! And while we’re at it, another one to all those loyal SC! supporters as well. Pachi pachi pachi~!

Haha, alrighty then. Finals are going to be held THIS SATURDAY. Amu vs. Sawako. Sawako vs. Amu.

Please continue to cheer your best for these two till the very end! ;Db

*aside* I’M SO HAPPY FOR MY AMU-CHAN~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “SoMT Semifinals Results


    I’m really torn between the 2 but I think my heart will choose Sawako this time.

  2. Go Amu-chan ! I’m so glad she came this far. . . I’ve been supporting her since I first heard of this tournament. Even if she ends up losing, 2nd place is still great ! ! Amu~!

  3. If the semifinal poll between Sawako and Amu is any indicator, we’re going to be in for a close match.

    Congrats to those two and may the best moe girl win.

  4. XD I love your little Amu-fangasm that nobody was supposed to know about…
    I’m happy for Amu-chan this year!!! Her place last year kind of upset me, but, whatev. Things move on!
    Good luck to them both!

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