Mini-Organization Project

This project has no official name. In fact, I don’t think I even want a name for it since it’s only going into the “R,R,R” section. Though I will put up a separate page for it on this blog as well as my livejournal.

So, what exactly am I up to now?

Well, it all started with MAL…

I decided to quit. :P

It was just too much of a hassle to log on and keep track of everything I watched and read so plain and simple, I just quit. Then I got struck in the head with the idea of listing all the series I have completed or am currently following. I know, sounds silly. Why quit MAL then?

I suppose I wanted to keep track of things under my own files since it has always been easier for me that way. Most of all, I only have to count the ones that I actually had an attachment, too. Like all those pointless fanservice/moe shows I tried that ended up raking my nerves? Yea, those aren’t going in there, NO WAY. =.=

As of now, I’m nowhere near done because I’m sure I might have forgotten some anime and manga (oho, especially manga) that needs to be added to that list but I think I’ve pretty much covered all the major ones I’ve picked up since the day I got into this hobby. Apparently, it seems that I haven’t really watched or read as much as I thought I did. I’m not too surprised but still, I’d figure I would have at least finished 90 anime. Nope. :/

Moving along, somewhere during or maybe even before that, I was recalling what really made this one story or that other story so memorable for me. If you guessed it was mostly because of the characters and such, then you’re correct. Heck, the story is them anyways so I don’t think I need to go into that any further. But aside from them individually, the one thing I really love most about a plot, regardless of how long or short or great or “just okay” it is, are the relationships in it. Loving or hating characters is one thing but I don’t walk away from a series with a sense of satisfaction based on that alone. If I did, then that series certainly would not be worth my time, much less be among the other series I keep very close to my heart.

And now I’m getting too sentimental but the point is, you can’t have a story without relationships. And you can’t like a story if you don’t like the relationships within them. Am I wrong?

So while I’m still in the process of finding more series, I’m going to look over the ones that are already finished again and pick out which relationships really moved me the most. This is, of course, not limited to only shipping, which I will get to in a bit, but also things such as family, friendships, rivalries, and so on.

It’s also a good opportunity to practice on my writing analysis (or analysis writing, whichever) because if there’s anyone who follow my posts even semi-regularly, all of them are so long-winded and sloppy. Are these posts going to be short? Not even close. /P But if I can get them to be succinct and tone down on the redundancy, then that’s good enough for me.

And it’s fun~ :D I always wanted a reason to just freely ramble on and on about things I love but it didn’t occur to me how I should do it in a productive way until now. It’s also going to be an ambitious project since there are so many anime and manga for me to cover, some of which I just scratched off because I know I’ll never get to them, and my quite-often struggle with writer’s block but still, I want to do it so I will!


With that all explained now, here’s how I’m going to divide them:


A – Where the OTPs go. However, there are sub-levels.

  • A1 – The forerunners of my OTP cache. These are the OTPs that I love with every burning fiber of my being and have pretty much sworn my lifetime loyalty to. The couple’s love has everything I’m looking for in a very true and very deep pairing, which also makes their relationship the strongest out of all others and one I would never even think of hesitating to show my fierce! support for. x)b
  • A2 – OTPs that I had a huge passion for which has faded over time or they just never reached the intensity of A1-level. But they are nonetheless, still OTPs firm and through.
  • A3 – OTPs that I acknowledge but do not have a fervent fondness for. I do support them all the way of course but am just less enthusiastic about compared to A1 and A2 OTPs (note: other categories can rank higher than this one as well).

B – Secondary pairings, aka the ones I support behind my OTPs for each series. Or just regular pairings if I don’t have a particular OTP.
C – Family relationships.
D – Friendships, rivalries, one-sided, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, etc. Can also be a mixture of two or three.
E – OT3s go here.
F – Groups (i.e. SSS).
G – Crack. xD;
H – Honorary mentions. Relationships that I’m hardly into and are not on my list but will mention for their significance.

Fwoo…yea, I’m slightly OCD about having structure in how I do things and that keeps me sane. Weird…but it’s me being ěk-sěn’trĭk. Huzzah.

Now it’s time to set up the rules. Yes, there are rules and in this homey little blog of mine, they are ABSOLUTE and to be adhered to with the greatest discretion.

No, I’m not joking about the seriousness.

Rules to Shipping

  1. You absolutely MUST love or like the pairing you ship.
  2. You MUST love or like both partners mutually.
  3. In regards to an OTP, there are no side or backup pairings. One-sidedness are a different matter but the OTP is the one and ONLY.

Rules to OTP

  1. Both have to have shown some signs of interests, love, affection, attraction, etc, or all of the above towards each other.
    Just acknowledging the other’s existence one or two times does not count either. It has to be MULTIPLE times. This = potential pairing.

  2. Must have meaningful plot material to give the pairing substance. It can range from the smallest things such as a simple “Thank you” to turning points or very intimate moments in the relationship.
  3. Both must show some development through interactions with each other. No real couple would have zero progress throughout the story.
  4. Both must be able to understand, respect and accept each other completely.
  5. Both must view the other as his/her ONLY one. It’s not called a ONE TRUE PAIRING just because it spells that way.

Confession time. The reason why I felt the need to make such easy guidelines for me to remember is simply because shippers, I don’t trust any of you.

It’s not entirely any specific person’s fault or anything…but in general, a lot of them are the cause of most of my bad experiences ever since I joined the community. I know it’s unfair for me to be saying this since it should be expected but who can blame me for pointing fingers? I’m tired of all the annoyances of petty complaints, the shipping wars that have been constantly redefining the word “pointless” till it became equivalent to “retardation”, the shallowness of opinions, everything. And it’s even more frustrating to admit that I was no different from that lot only a short while ago (heck, if I get this furious just thinking about it, I probably still am). Through some sanity still left in my head, I became aware of how arrogant and stupid I was but at the same time, it drove me into paranoia.

Laugh if you want to, I guess I became yangire for shipping this way and this project is a sort of rehab. Its purpose isn’t only for me to fangirl in an organized manner. It’s also a way to improve on the issues I have and to explore everything the series gives to the fullest extent, something a lot of fans always neglects to delve into in favor of something more trivial which kills my patience every time.
Furthermore, I hate elitism. There isn’t a single person I know who is qualified to call themselves as such, myself included. Yet I can still have high standards. I don’t ship or support something just because it takes my fancy. I need it to have a significant meaning and represent the values I look for in relationship. If not, we mind as well hold a big wedding for the most infamous enemies on this planet and watch as the world collapses right as they make their vows. Apocalypse by crack. Isn’t that just lovely? [/sarcasm]


To make things clear, while this is a project with a focus on things I support, it is in no way a place to spark more “blahblahblah sux! blahblahblah is so much better!”. Like I said before, it is necessary to examine every inch of plot in front of you and not miss even the slightest detail.

I will not deny it won’t contain some bias since these are my thoughts, after all, but I have to try my best not to let that get the better of my thinking. Because believe me, once a person gets into an extreme shipping mode, they’re like a train running without brakes. Shipping, shipping, shipping, that’s ALL they ever talk about. It makes me sick, especially when they let their fantasies get ahead of themselves. Honestly harmless but can still be rather irritating.

At this point, if you’re graciously not fed up with me yet, I’ll say that there a handful who thankfully know how to restrain themselves and I appreciate that. I really do since I can’t yet and am still learning how to. But I’m still wary for many already stated reasons.
Of course, I’m always open to discussion and arguments, even when I have to force myself to when I’m not in the mood, because that’s obviously how you develop your thoughts better. Most of all, it’s good practice on…well, showing common respect, something I always had trouble with. Yes, in reality, I’m a spiteful, selfish, rude person deep down, not the nice Xiao I sometimes try to be, but I want to follow by this ideal: “If you want to be respected, or at least not disrespected, then show that you’re capable of doing the same.”

Conscience: “Good girl, Xiao.”

Xiao: “STFU, conscience, you’re not my mother! D8<" *obeys anyway*

Just keep in mind that while I have this stapled to my forehead so that I don’t trample on others’ views like a madcow, that doesn’t mean I have to value them the same way. I mean, you all must be aware of how opinionated I can get, especially since I’m still ranting even now. :P
So there, I will be blunt and honest but attempt to be level-headed and understanding while trying not to contradict everything I promise to do in this project…unless you break any of my rules above, then prepare to face my inner hell hounds. They shall kindly accompany you off my territory. *GLARE*

I guess I shall end it there and start working on my first planned topic that I would like to have out on Sep. 30th if I can. But since I just started school and have other posts I have to do (along with the Autumn Festival and an anime convention coming up), that deadline might be a little too difficult for me so we’ll have to wait and see. ^^;

And though I said I didn’t want to name this project, it’s going to be such a pain if there isn’t an easier way to refer to it. So we’ll stick with “ROP”, “relationship organization project” or “rambling outrageously portfolio” or “really obfuscating person hazard” something for now. Mind as well if I ever want to do individual character evaluations later down the road. *shrug*

Well, let’s see how far this goes, eh? Will I end up getting all my goals riding on it or will I burn out before I’m halfway finished. All I know is that personally, it’s going to be a bumpy emotional ride…and that I’ll need a lot of comfort food while I’m typing. Aww crap, I’m gonna get fat. Iiiiiyyyyyaaaa desuuuuuuu!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Mini-Organization Project

  1. I think this is a really good idea! I would love to do something similar, but I don’t even want to try and go through the list of anime I’ve seen and manga I’ve read, nor do I think my mind is capable of being quite this organized. So, I give you major props. ^^

    The rules that you’ve laid out seem simple, but specific enough. They work and are a good guideline. But, of course, when it comes to shipping, which I’ve found is a very personal subject (most likely because it deals with how people view love) it’s hard to constantly keep emotions in check. Nevertheless, ganbatte! ^0^

    Ah, now for me, this seems as if it will lead not only to some relationship analysis, but also to some character analysis. Which, for me, is a very wonderful thing.

    I look forward to whenever you get this up and going…And you’re not gonna get fat! XP

  2. Well, I don’t have my own version of manga/anime tracking, but the other great benefit to MAL imo is the ability to compare scores with people you know as well as easily check what all your friends thought about a series <(^_^ <)… (shrug) I guess some of that can be done even if one doesn't maintain the account's animango lists ^^;

    I have yet to see a good series (book, TV, movie, w/e) that does not explore some kind of deep relationship ;D Even Cast Away featured relationship to a volleyball-face xD
    but it doesn’t always have to be OTP either… I certainly don’t love Romance of the Three Kingdoms for any OTPs in there! xD and a clique of BFFs can be just as beautiful as an OTP imo (thinks of Toradora!~)

  3. I’m suspecting this will be my favorite currently going project in the blogosphere. It’s been so long since we used to discuss pairings (and even then it was basically Shugo Chara! XD ) so I’m looking forward to some more insight into your OTPs.

    I was thinking about doing something like this when I hit my five year blogging anniversary (along with a few other ideas, oh yes, I plan ahead). I was pretty much thinking of sweeping it aside though because of what an immense undertaking it would be. However, I salute you! XD Maybe you’ll inspire me to at least get my Top Ten out of the way.

    Oh also wanted to remark on your OTP rules. How did you see into my soul? There’s a difference between pairings I ship (some just out of boredom and because of those pesky “shipping goggles”) and ones that I adore. And to me logic says, it’s not worth my OTP devotion unless they’re really a couple by the end of the story. I think that’s been my biggest source of ire in (non-Shugo Chara! related) shipping wars I’ve been roped into. Why support a couple so vehemently when they aren’t even a couple?

    Of course, I don’t even get into shipping wars at all anymore. …I swear.

  4. LGB: Thanks a lot for the support. Yea, I know it’s a pretty big task but I’ll be immensely satisfied when/if I manage to cover all the very important ones. So it’ll pay off even if I don’t complete it entirely. ^^

    Haha, that’s why I came up with this project. To work on controlling my massive rage inside. lol xD;

    Of course~ After all, relationships can only be formed between two or more distinct beings, right? ^^

    *eats a potato chip* :u


    Aorii-san: I’m so lazy I can’t even do that. xD; But I suppose it’s more because of how MAL is. Too many clusters all over the place which is something I want to avoid (that’s why I just stick to following blogs). It brings back very bad forum memories.

    If it didn’t have one, I would wonder how it ever got published in the first place. o.O;

    Yes! That’s exactly one of the points that I want to shed more spotlight on. I like having my “kyaa~!” for OTPs very once in a while just fine but seriously, romance is overrated. People need to be aware of the many other types of relationships out there.

    And you mentioning Romance of the Three Kingdoms made me go “urk!” inside. I still haven’t found the translated text in my library yet and I want to read it so badly! >.<
    Also still not done with the TV series either (the one made in China) which I really want to finish. T_T


    Fuyu-san: Yay! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it cuz I’ll need your saneness to lean on when I run out. lol xD;

    Naw, but really glad for the support. It was only a vague idea a few months ago but I figure I should start it soon since I don’t know when I’ll graduate and not have so much time as I do now to rant ever again. NUU~! ;___;
    So I gotta do this good! *determined*

    It’s only an ability available to really experienced shippers. *points to you, me, certain people who know who they are* Then again, I guess cuz we’re older girls so we really need to demand something more reasonably tangible when looking at a couple (I mean, people can’t just date anybody, y’know). Younger kids don’t tend to think much. They just want a kiss, fluff and more of that over and over. There’s not differentiation and it’s all chaos so I felt that I had to make it. *getting too wordy so will shut up for now*

    As for officialness, I agree. Not completely, but I agree. It really depends on the two characters, though. Cuz “couple” is such a broad term that can’t be fully read out without some context behind it. But we’ll have plenty of time to discuss about that, won’t we? So I’ll just save it for later. Haha.

    Good, it is sooooo beneath you, hun. *nodnod*

  5. “It’s also a good opportunity to practice on my writing analysis (or analysis writing, whichever) because if there’s anyone who follow my posts even semi-regularly, all of them are so long-winded and sloppy”

    It’s awesome though, usually.

    New project is also cool, though I forsee fanbrats descending on you.

    • T-thank you! (.////.)

      Fanbrats do not have the capacity to read my posts, much less have the intellect to pick a fight with me. My TL;DRs are also especially fearsomely long when I’m motivated. ;)

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love it! I obsessively update MAL (what can I say, I love lists, lol), but I can totally understand the feeling that there’s just some crap on there that I don’t even really remember why I watched it. Relationships really make series for me too and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have to say~ :D

  7. I think this sounds like a fascinating idea. I was never that into MAL (mostly because I’m just too lazy to update it) but I like the thought of categorizing the relationships that mean the most. Your rules make a lot of sense to me, too, and I hope this is something that you’ll be able to have some fun with. Obviously I’m a shipper, but I like to think I’ve reached the point where I can be critical but kind of relationships not deemed OTPs in my eyes. Who knows? Can’t wait to see your first post. ^^

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