Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 45

There are only a few good things about this episode…


Che, they had Lucy say the “I trust you!” line instead of Loke’s “What? I thought you trust me?” while he’s giving her a that confident smirk but they are still pretty cool in their team-up against Bicslow. I wish Loke would’ve charged at him and made the attack look like one awesome punch, though. Here, he just shoots some fireball-looking thing out of his fist. Yea, that’s nice.

And I did get a good laugh when Lucy whipped Bicslow good up just once when the idiot got distracted by Loke calling him weak. xD;

Raise your hand if you thought of the show when you saw this! xDD;;;

Meh, but it would have been cooler if he did some corny pose and shone in all the wall instead like he did in the manga. This anime really does downgrade the series by a lot. *not happy* >:/


Juvia taking herself out of the competition because she refuses to hurt her nakama. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! JUVIAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BAWLS* Dx<

And all she wanted was to be accepted by everyone because she loves Fairy Tail. Omg, Juvia, of course we all love you! *huggles Juvia*

Seriously, this part did get me very emotional while I was watching it. And Cana was so awesome, too. ;________________;

Because she gonna beat the crap outta that bastard Freed for hurting Juvia and calling her a Phantom woman.

I was this close to hating Freed this episode for all those things he did. Not only to Juvia, but Cana and Elfman, too. Don’t care how gay he is for Laxus, he still f*ckin’ pissed me off! D8<

And dude, we all know we need more Cana action with this screencap, amirite?! =3=

Anyways, finally, the BEST part…


In all her BADASS glory. Honestly, everybody in Fairy Tail is quite badass in their own right but Mira totally OWNS this term with this form. Yes, I’m very fangirl for Demon Mira. Haha! xDDDDDD

And just when she is about to land a huge permanent bruise onto Freed’s pretty face, she stops short after remembering Lisanna (OMG, BRB, *CRYING FOR LISANNA* ;_______;) because even though Freed acted like a total dick, he’s still a part of Fairy Tail and their comrade.

I also think she’s become aware of how crazy with rage when she was in Take Over mode and that probably reminded her of how Elfman couldn’t control his Beast Soul. If she really hurt Freed, she’d have more regrets.

Ohhh, Mira~ *huggles* ;____;

Really touching moment with the ray effects, lawl~

But really, yea, you better cry them damn man tears, Freed! Otherwise, I would not forgive you! *indignant sniff*

With that, Laxus is the only one left remaining.

Overall, this episode was a big improvement over last week’s thanks to better animation but the fights are still not impressive. Mira against Freed’s was okay but not great because I think they made her move too slow.

Hmm. *shrug*



Alrighty, I didn’t see Gajeel in the preview so I’m assuming he got lost after he making that paper-doll phone call of his but he’ll show up sooner or later.

Anyways, HELL YEA, Mistgun (or is it Mystgun?) finally gets some important screentime and Erza’s joining in as well so oooo, I can’t wait to see that happening! x3 lol, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone would feel surprised no thanks to all the spoilers the OP gave us. And heck, they had to show us a little of Mistgun’s face and hair color, too. Surprise killer. xP

Don’t think I’m going to blog the next one, though. I dunno, the anime lacks the ability to spark interest in me like the manga does and it’s starting to feel like a chore doing all these posts so I think I might break away from that for a while until the next arc comes up…which I’ll only be blogging for Lucy’s epic battle against Angel. *shrug* :/


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 45

  1. First time commenting here ! *big smile*

    Hmmm I didn’t read the manga but I do think that it would have been better if Loke did a corny pose (and became all kira kira) . . . Really, the corniness is what makes Loke so awesome. They should’ve emphasised that more. Making him shoot some “I love Lucy” in the sky was pretty awesome but. . . Yeah. Not enough for me :P

    Juvia. . . T_T It was really noble of her to sacrifice herself but. . . Juvia ! It feels a little like when Erza fusioned with the lacrima to save her nakama. I had the same “don’t do that you noble idiot !” vibe both times (and lol, isn’t “noble idiot” what you called Erza in your episode 39 post ?)

    Mira’s fight against Freed didn’t impress me much, probably, as you said, they made her move too slowly. But it’s true, demon Mira is pretty awesome. . . *has become a huge Mira fan now*

    It’s good that she didn’t kill Freed off. I like Freed. He’s the only person on the raijin tribe that seems sane. And you’re right about her probably having regrets later if she killed Freed. Because she’d be killing someone in Fairy Tail. Not someone from her direct family, but pretty close. Since everyone in Fairy Tail are family ! *loves that characteristic of Fairy Tail*

    And I’m looking forward to next week. . . I hope there’ll be a S class wizard battle ! I’ve been wishing for it. . . Since the beginning of the series, really. Again, I didn’t read the manga so I don’t know what to expect. . . but I hope there WILL be a S class wizard battle :). And I want to see more Erza ! ! And more Gray, if possible. He’s been a bit neglected for some time now. He was taken down too easily by Bickslow. Hmph. I want more Gray ! ! *misses Gray*

    I think that’s it. . . Sorry for writing such a long comment ^^”

    • Hey there, thanks a lot for reading and commenting! And no worries about it being too long cuz they’re always welcomed. ;D

      Exactly! I guess because this is a shounen series that if they showed Loke too corny, it’ll turn people off but that’s totally not true and irrelevant since Loke isn’t in every episode anyway. :P

      Haha, yes, that’s what I called Erza because she really is one. And now Juvia is, too. Then again, I think most Fairy Tail members are noble idiots when it comes to their friends which make them frustrating irrational at times but you can’t help but love them for their loyalty all the same. ^^

      Yes~ More love for Mira! x3

      *nodnod* God forbid there ever come a day that a member of Fairy Tail will kill his/her comrade. That would be just utter sad. T_T

      I hope this isn’t too spoilery for you but since the ones who can actually fight Laxus on par are S-class wizards since Laxus is S-class as well (aside from Natsu and Gajeel but you’ll see what happens), so you won’t be disappoted in getting that at least. ;)

      And Gray will definitely be up and back in action soon. I also agree that it was totally unfair how Bicslow won his match against him using dirty tricks so grr, they better make up for that. >:/

      Thanks so much again for the comment! ^^

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