SoMT Quarterfinals Results

Woot, got this post together in like 20 minutes or so. I don’t think I’ve ever been that fast. lol xD;

So yep, now it’s time to break the suspense!

And yes, the large charts are clickable.

Current ranking…

5th place ~ Kurumizawa “Kurumi” Ume
6th place ~ Yano Ayane
7th place ~ Yoshida Chizuru
8th place ~ Dia


CONGRATULAAAAATTTTTTTIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to our Final 4 and a big applause for Kurumi, Ayane, Chizu and Dia for making it this far. I can say I am very satisfied with how the duels turned out so WOOT! Thanks again for supporting them, voters! *applauds for you, too* ^^

Alrighty, semifinals are in the works and should be up shortly. It will be a very quick round and will probably be up around Wednesday. Till then, Xiao is going to take a day or so breather before setting it up. We’re almost there! Keep it up! ;D


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