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Uguu~…I need to learn how to drive already. T.T

Anyways, school’s starting for me in less than a week. This semester is not supposedly hard since most of my courses are just basic language classes that I chose as electives to fill up my would-have-been-very naked schedule. *sigh* If only I had changed my major sooner, I wouldn’t have had this problem cuz I might not graduate until December of next year. *frown*
Anyways, I’ll be mostly busy on Mondays through Wednesdays but I have at least four days off so I’m happy with that. Also hoping I can keep this job for as long as I can. At least until I get my driver’s license so I can finally drive to Queens to teach swimming lessons to kids. If there’s an opening anyway. That’s going to be my kinda permanent side job from now on, I guess. Pretty happy I can have something to do if I can’t find a job closer to my major yet. ^^

As for blogging, it’s all explained below. Not really worried too much since I can spend the weekend working any posts I plan to publish. I just hope the new shows I really want to talk about will air closer to that time, too. And that I’ll still be somewhat alive before having to go back to school the next week. Agh, such a tough year. Such a tough year. |D;

A rather bleak fall. Better than this summer but eh, still bleak. It’s just a very bad year, I hope. D/

Anyways, I don’t plan on blogging anything or even putting out some first impressions since none of them really excite me…except maybe Otome Youkai Zakuro. Might sneak in a brief impressions here or there if I found a particular episode worth it but most thoughts and feedback will probably be saved for the fall wrap-up post at the end of the year. That’s easier for me.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA – Since I liked the first season so much, don’t see why I would miss out on an OVA of it. Plus, it’s probably the only time I’ll see Saten again in one of the center roles until J.C. Staff decides to continue Railgun sometime later. I really do miss my Ruiko. <3

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Liked the first season enough so mind as well continue with it. I just hope they won’t go all over the place like how they ended season one. That was just BAD, ugh. Dx
Likely going to ignore the masses while I’m watching this, too, and all the people who will complain non-stop about Touma’s preaching again. So noisy, don’t you know there’s a mute button? :P

Checking Out

Otome Youkai Zakuro – Mentioned in this post way back. I even forgot about it. lol xD;
Well, all my reasons are stated there. I’ve been a fan of youkai-involved plots since YYH’s hype, I like historical settings, and the seiyuu cast is just to die for (that’s why it’s at the top of this list, lol). Plus, after watching the PV and listening to some short excerpts on the main site, I really couldn’t resist wanting to talk more about this series. The lack of scanlations for the manga really helps and doesn’t help cuz then I won’t have to complain if anything goes wrong in the anime but at the same time, I’ll be so bored waiting for it to air in October. \D;

Probably going to be the only one I’ll stick with all the way unless I slack off again at the end of every season. Hell, I get lazy halfway so not sure how I’ll be able to manage blogging this with everything else on my schedule. But I will try to find some way. *going to go crazy* ^^;

The World Only God Knows – I read the synposis for this over and over again after I heard Kanae Itou had one of the main roles and to be honest, it doesn’t really move me at all so as shallow as it sounds, I’m probably going to hold out on this show just for her character. However long that will be.
I don’t think it sounds or looks bad or anything but it leaves much room to wipe the “…” expression off my face. Until then, I shall remain in “mehhh…” mode.

Bakuman – Cuz everyone is going to be checking this out so I mind as well, too. Not really all that psyched about how good the manga is. I haven’t read it so I can’t really talk but the premise doesn’t intrigue me much. It’s still something, just not really up my alley. *shrug*
I dunno, maybe it’ll change my mind but if not by the halfway point, there’s a good chance I might just drop it.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – Watching this cuz it’s by Gainax. I think Gainax is the only studio that ever made me want to follow whatever new production they churn out ever since I feel head-over-heels-into-the-concrete for TTGL. And Hanamaru Kindergarten was good so as weird as Panty and Stocking looks, I expect it to amuse me in some aspects.
Probably won’t watch the entire thing, though. I’m still waiting on any news of their historical England-setting light novel adaptation so this will probably be dropped if anything comes up about that.

Letter Bee Reverse – Sat through the first season and went “Uhhh…” and the manga has been making me go the same “Uhhh…” so my attitude towards this series as a whole is just “UHHHHHH…!”.

Honestly? I don’t know why I’m still following this. My interest has waned a lot that I even took it off my wishlist but I still want to see how it ends. For completion’s sake, I guess. Ugh, this is going to be torture. Mind as well start persuading myself to drop it halfway. D/

Star Driver – Hey, BONES, just to let you know if this fails me (because I still have no idea what to make of the PV) , I’m going to be hanging over your studio like a giant rotting octopus to make damn sure you don’t let it happen to Gosick! D8<

Though it’s been a while since a mahou shounen has shown up. And this is a mecha anime, too. I expect a lot of LMAOs to walk away with at least.

Psychic Detective Yakumo – Meh, I’d rather be reading the classic novels since I’m kinda tired with all these supernatural things getting implemented into these stories. I don’t care about appeasing ghosts as much as picking up clues and trying to solve the crime using regular methods. Even though I just read the whole thing through without even trying but whatever.

This is also made be Bee Train which was an instant “Oh noooo, >A<" but I'll still look into it for the heck of it. I have EVERY intention of dropping it the moment I find an opportunity to, though. Hmph.

Mirai Nikki (OVA) – So I heard there was a yandere in this one? Hmm…

Ganbare! Kieruna!! Shikiso Usuko-san (OVA) – Seems like a slice of life one. Centering around a girl going to college. Might not be so bad.

Tamayura (OVA) – Might check this one out to calm my nerves. Junichi Sato’s work and all. Unyuu…


Pretty much everything else but I just wanted to say a few things for one:

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – J.C. Staff, there are some things that shouldn’t be mixed together. Like makeup spread all over your breakfast toast? Yea. Makes you want to vomit, doesn’t it? That’s what smothered all over this title. *gags in a corner* Urgh…blergh. Dx

Avoiding it like the plague. Why am I so seriously repulsed by it when I’m not even watching it? Cuz there’s this exclusive nendo for the pink-haired girl that I found too f*ckin’ cute to resist. And I’m afraid if I even sampled this for the lulz, it’ll turn me off so much that I won’t get her. NO! I must have her! Sherlock is too effin’ cute, DAMMIT! xDDDD;;;

Sadly, I think I’ll have to wait until I can find her separate of that bundle package she comes with. F*ck, that’s just too much for a nendo. Xiao is so sad. T_T

But yea, I’m getting her alright. No need for anything else, especially this…this anime of it. *gestures to it like it’s some dead rat* Dx

Blog Status

*giggle* xD;

Katanagatari, Bungaku Shoujo – Will still be on schedule. Katanagatari probably a week or so after subs come out and Bungaku Shoujo OVA 2 and 3 whenever raws and subs for those come out. Since SoMT will be over soon, I think I’ll have enough time to finish it all by the end of the year. Yay for me. ^^

Special Mini-Project – Explanation coming soon and have a post planned for Sept. 30th. That’s all I’m going to say. :)

NYAF post – Yep, going to NYAF this year, too. Hopefully, I’ll still have enough stamina left after it’s over cuz I don’t want to discard it like I did last year due to lack of time and stuff. I probably won’t be able to publish a post right after I get home on the last day, since I have school the next day (ugh), but I can maybe manage it by the Thursday after that weekend? I’ll see what I can do.

Also, I’m totally psyched for the first USA premiere of the Gundam 00 movie! Kyaa! Pray for me that I’ll get a good seat. Crap, I think I’m going to have wait there the whole day as well. 10 AM to 2 PM? Would someone mind holding my place in line? xD;


I suppose, that’s all for now. So, lessee, currently, my priorities are Katanagatari ep 09 review, the Bungaku Shoujo Movie review, that rambling post (lol, but I promise it will be somewhat more organized), and a summer wrap-up. That’s 4 and I’m currently working on another one right now so that should be up shortly.

Aside from that and school, I need to worry about money and preorders. Oh joy~ I just want to chainsaw somebody every time I look at my wishlist schedule and budgeting plan. Hahaha! *maniacal laughter*

*sigh* With that, I’ll give it my best. You can expect insanity to run wild but I’ll definitely stay alive until after Gosick finishes maybe next summer. Yes, my love and will power is that strong. I WILL ENDUUUURRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

lol |D;

Haaa….I feel like consulting a pillow to extract all negative thoughts out of me before I really turn . Need myself a plushie to hug. Where’s my corn plush!? *goes off to look for it* T.T


5 thoughts on “Blog Status + Fall Watchlist

  1. I hope you found your corn plush! ^^

    Basically all the ones you are giving a shot at watching are the ones I thought about giving a shot at watching too (with the exception of Letter Bee, only because I never got around to watching the first season or reading the manga).

    What you are planning to do for The World Only God Knows is basically what I did for Shiki. Once I heard Gackt’s voice I was done! XDD

    The anime that I know I’m watching though, without a doubt, is Togainu no Chi. Me and my friend from Japan are already planning to watch it together. Ah, we are dorks. OTL I knew that wouldn’t be on your To-Watch list though. ^^;

    Ah, and my summer watching has basically been Hetalia World Series, Kuroshitsuji II, and catching up on older anime and manga. It’s rather lame and bare, but Kuro II has been making up for it all, with it’s intense and nerve racking plot! O.O;

    Anyway, good luck with your job and with classes (and with getting your license, I haven’t got mine either…>.>; )

  2. Ah changing majors always result in a bit of a mess (extra bad if you’re jumping between hard sciences though), but Ganbarre~! (b^_^)b

    So far I know three of my friends check out Bakuman, and all three instantly fell in love with it so… feels like there’s quite a bit of promise there~

    lol you might want to be careful with Gainax; yeah, they’re known for the biggest robots, the GARest of awesomeness, and all the way “hard work and guts”, but they’re also known for Gainax-ing and Daicon-isms xD

    Mirai Nikki is the most yandere of them all~ nuff said. Frustrating characters, but darn intriguing plot (new addict here >..< I mean it's not like I really care but it's not fair to dangle bait like that xO!

    As for your giant plushie/pillow, Squishables ( visited Otakon and I ended up picking up stuff from them but maybe they'll drop by NYAF also xPPP the stuff is really soft and adorable (better than their pics too~)

    Also… how did you get your crazy-monkeys? (the emoticons), there a plugin for em? :D

  3. Weird HTML formatting cut off stuff… I meant on that:

    “Everyone is always so secretive with their mini-project!!! >.< I mean it's not like I really care but it's not fair to dangle bait like that xO!"

  4. LGB: I did. It was in my closet. |D

    Letter Bee is…eh, I guess pretty okay but it’s nothing spectacular for a shounen series. It can get very boring several once in a whiles. :/

    I hope it’ll be better than that, though. There are a few other seiyuus I’m looking forward to hearing from so just waiting on how it’ll impress me.

    Togainu no Chi I looked up on Wiki a couple of months ago and the story looked pretty exciting. If only it wasn’t so concentrated on BL, I might’ve considered it. ^^;

    Glad you’re still enjoying Kuro II. ^^ I mean, I’m barely getting by on just three shows alone, too, and that seems pretty lackluster but it’s enough to keep me from starving of boredom. lol

    Thank you! You, too! xD


    Aorii-san: Thanks~! Haha, I actually jumped from completely different fields but thank god my major required some of those courses I already took. Otherwise, I would have wasted two years worth of tuition. ^^;

    Yay~, that’s good to hear. I don’t want to love it too much but at least it should keep my interests going for a while.

    *nodnod* xD

    Haha, I know. All your recent tweets about it has made me very excited! xDD

    Aww, I know that feeling and kinda hate it, too. ^^; B-but I plan to have that post up by today so it kinda isn’t really a secret at all! xD;

    Ooo! I think they were at NYAF last year! Or at least I saw a vendor like them. Ah, those plush are so cute~! I really want one now. Maybe I’ll buy one at NYAF if I can’t find anything else to purchase. x3

    Ah, no, but I wish. I grab the urls for them from some emoticon site and just inserted them via the upload image button. WP seriously needs to install some emoticon option for blogs already. /P

  5. Oh, that’s good. : )

    I may check out Letter Bee, but since it sounds like it’s an “okay” type of series, I might not. I have to be a bit more selective in my reading and watching nowadays. I don’t have much time anymore. ):

    I hope The Word Only God Knows is able to impress you too, besides just listening for certain voices and such.

    As for Togainu no Chi, I think the anime might be a bit like the manga, in which the BL element is extremely toned down (and maybe not even really there). I only have the first volume of the manga though, so I can’t say this for certain, and I haven’t actually watched the anime yet, but…

    The friend I’m going to be watching the series with isn’t a huge BL fan, or so she says, but she supports Kaname/Zero in Vampire Knight…then again, she might have just gotten fed up with Yuuki like a lot of people (myself included) did, so…! xD

    Well anyway, I’ll let you know how it was with the BL elements (after I’ve finished watching it), and then you can decide if you want to give it a go or not.

    Ah, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t watched like a ton of new anime this summer. I try to stay on top of the “hot” and “new” series, but there are so many of them that I usually end up having to catch up (like I’ve been doing this summer). OTL

    Oh, and you’re welcome (and thank you!) ^^

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