Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 44

“GRRRR!!!! Fairy Tail is mine! So I should be the one at the top of this post! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

Hai hai, you sure like gritting your teeth a lot, don’t ya? |D;


Continuing off from last episode, Erza engages Evergreen in a duel and Evergreen taunts her and yaps away about how she’s going to take the title as the real Titania while shooting her Leprechaun magic.

Yea, yea, stop living in your kiddish daydreams. Just how old are you?

Erza is like da BESTEST EVAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR! Who else can be so awesome as to fight with all their limbs and toes? x3333

Take that, ya overgrown pixie! xP

“H-Hold it! My Stone Eyes can turn those girls into dust right now. If you don’t want that to happen, bow to my feet! OHOHOHO~!

Erza: “Oh? So if you’re so keen on winning, then it’s only fair that I take your life for those of the girls.”

Evergreen: (;;;O▽O;;;)

LOLOLOLOL Oh Erza, you are my only Titania in the world~! <33333


“I’m joking, moron. Hurry up and change them back already unless you really want to be sliced to pieces.”


Laxus is pissed cuz he’s not the only S-class bigshot in the game now. Freid/Freed/Fried/whatever is being sensible and all “Alright, you had your fun. Let’s go home now” and Laxus is acting like a little brat.

“NO! Playtime not over until everyone is barbecued and I’m the ruler of the sandbox!”

…Well, there is a festival outside. Che, is Freed the only mature one in his little Tribe? -.-;

Well, everyone who is conscious is all for giving Laxus a good, hard spanking but Natsu still doesn’t view him as a bad guy. Well, in terms of deciding who’s the strongest in Fairy Tail anyway. *shrug*

Natsu: “Hey, Gramps. Don’t beat Laxus up too hard, k?”

Makarov: “Natsu…you’re such a…”

Natsu: “So anyways…the second battle for the strongest in Fairy Tail starts now! Bring it on, everyone!”

Idiot. Hot-blooded idiot. lol |D;

Happy: “Natsu…I don’t think fighting women really counts as a battle.”

Natsu: “Man, woman…doesn’t matter to me.”

Happy: “Whoa, that face is pissing me off!”

Why? At least Natsu’s not a sexist. xDD;;;

Natsu: “C’mon, Lucy! Let’s fight!”

Lucy: “Cut it out!!”

Ah, this is why I can’t help but love him. Her lacks so much normal brain yet makes up for it with such dumb awesome. lololol xDD

Gajeel is still tsun about being in Fairy Tail. Such a tsun, Gajeel-kun. Haha.

Then Laxus decided to make CG call to tell his gramps that he’ll be taking the entire city hostage now. “Give me the position of Master or else, kthxbai.”

What a bastard.

And of the worse times, Makarov’s health gets to him! NOOO! Hang in there, Master! Dx

As for how Laxus intends to take the city hostage, have some huge orbs float up in the air that can, oh, each rain 1,000 volts onto Magnolia. Oh yea, he REALLY deserves that hard spanking more than anything now. D8<

Bisca shoots one down but doing so activates the link magic and returns the impact of her own attack to her. Nooo! Bisca! ;___;

Laxus, you bastard! I would so love to smakc him up good right now! D8<

And Natsu still can’t leave the rune space but luckily, writing magic is Levy’s specialty so she might be able to decode the rule (or something) so they can go after Laxus. Yay! Levy~!

I don’t know why the rest of her team are so weak, though. I get that everyone has their own type of magic like Levy does and maybe Alzack was a little bit stronger because he was more desperate to save Bisca but c’mon, you’re members of Fairy Tail. You should be more stronger than that.

I also don’t like how everyone picks on Reedus either. Sure, he sucks at fighting, that I know, but it’s not like he’s combat material to begin with. *loves everyone in Fairy Tail* :P

Anyways, Levy is hard at work trying to decipher the runes and Gajeel is pretty impressed by her. No no no, keep the shipping button off! XD;

Haha, I totally cracked up when he was like “Uh, sure…” at everything she was making notes on. As expected of a bookworm. So focused on the details to the last drop. xD;

Levy’s determined to get them out no matter what and Gajeel is “whatever” but she pleads him to stop Laxus.

Ok, ok, I think I maybe want to get on this boat now but just occasionally. It’s hard to imagine anyone would be willing to sit next to their former enemy who also beat them up and pinned them to tree and seeing Levy completely at ease around Gajeel and likewise just makes me smile a lot. I dunno, maybe Gajeel has a soft spot for blue-haired girls. He seems to get along with Juvia just fine. Haha. xD;

Also…Levy is too cute with those glasses on! x3 Much cuter than the other meganekko who I can’t remember the name of.

Erza: “Laxus!” *barges in*

lol, I don’t know how Erza could have missed the sign but maybe she was too blind on her mission in finding him that she forgot to read “Men’s Bathouse”. xD;

Also, what does that say on that poster behind them?! “Hotwater Addition and Subtraction Shall I…” what? Thank you for your English, all you people at the studio! xD;

Erza: *resistresistresist* …ORZ “I was tricked!”

Erza! Don’t mind! ^^;

Well, while the others who can leave the rune barrier run off to find Laxus, Lucy’s in a dilemma about what to do with the townspeople until…

Bicslow attacks her…and on top of that, calls her the hot-head cosplay girl.


Lucy summons Sagittarius and manages to shoot down his “babies” (creepy, *shudder*) but since Bicslow can manipulate souls into dolls and they’re above a toy store (or whatever), it’s to his advantage and Sagittarius is taken out just as fast.

Btw, isn’t it time Lucy changed Sagittarius’s look already. I’m not irked by the clock guy but I want Sagittarius to look better than this. =~=

ARGH! No! His babies took her keys! Creepy dolls! Dx

Bicslow is about to finish her off for good except…

Whee~! Lucy is saved!

lol, and as always, he has to be cheesy smooth with his entrance.

“Could it be that our love has shattered the barrier between man and spirit, perhaps?”

BAHAHAHA! So cheesy! xDD

“What nonsense are you talking about?

Gah, but I guess some of it did have an effect. Who wouldn’t be surprised when a guy just swooped you out from danger? Haha!

HELL YEA, LOKE IS BACK!!! And nobody’s going to hurt Lucy while he’s around! x3333

…but his hair is still not big enough like in the manga. Grr, needs to be more spiky! More hair gel! C’mon, you’re an anime character. Make your hair look more impossible! xD;

Loke: “Lucy, stay back.”

Lucy: “What are you saying? Spirits aren’t shields. I fight alongside them. That’s my style!”

Uwah~! Lucy, I love you~! <333

Did I mention that I love the BGM playing during this moment as well? xD

Bwah, no matter which way I look at it, they’re pretty cool as partners. No doubt Leo has the best compatibility with her.

Even Happy agrees.

Happy: “You like him~”

Lucy: “I do not!”

lolol xDD;;;

Well, yep. That’s all. The episode was truly a letdown for me because I didn’t feel much for it while watching. Erza’s battle with Evergreen was too short and the only saving grace was Erza (duh, as if some bitch like Evergreen could even stand up to Erza) and Loke’s reappearance didn’t pack as much BANG! as I wanted.

Maybe next week will be better or maybe I’m just not into the anime right now, I dunno. Seems Bicslow will be finished within the first half and then we’ll go straight to Cana and Juvia’s fight with Freed (or something like that) which will then lead to…



AAAAAHHH!!! DEMON MIRAJANE! PleasepleasePLEASE don’t just cut things off at the end, Satelight. I’m seriously getting fed up with expecting some battles to conclude in one episode yet it doesn’t happen at all. -_-;

Anyways, looking forward to next week. ^^


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