Brief Impressions: Ookami-san ~ Ep. 9

KYAAAAAAA~~~!!!!!!!!!!! J.C. Staff, since you have given me this wonderful episode, I can never ever hate you! x33

Not only does it covers my evilly adorable Ringo-chan’s past with my most anticipated supporting character of the series, Himeno Shirayuki, but to have them related as sisters (Xiao is a total sucker for sister relationships) and for both of them to be voiced by seiyuus I have a HUGE special place in my heart for…*SCREAMS*

This is just heaven. *floats off to the paradise of happiness*


So it starts off with Ringo having a dream about this one wish she want granted. All the while, I’m sitting here expecting Aladdin to pop out and go “Give me back my rampu!” because this is just a very odd thing to picture. Little red riding hood and the Genie in the Lamp…only in this universe can it make sense. lol

And I’m so slow. I totally didn’t think this had any other relation to the later parts of the episode. *SLOW* |D;

OMG~, Ringo-chan is always cute to me but when she’s not actually scheming anything and hiding behind a pole, waiting anxiously for Himeno to come home, it just made me SQUEAL loud enough to break windows. Ringo-chan, so cute! Ringo-chan, so cute! Ringo-chan, SO CYUUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! x333333333333

And aww, she missed her chance to call out to her because she’s afraid. I kinda wanted to give her a little push and say “Go for it!”. Ringo-chan~ This side of you is so cute! <33

BWUAHAHAHA! So Ryouko and Ryoushi have to babysit Himeno’s munchkins of siblings and it’s just hilarious. Ryouko makes use of them while they make use of Ryoushi. Ms. Kuroko Narrator had to go and say “Uwah! Ryouko and Ryoushi’s kids!”, too, and my reaction was “Can they even make that many kids? …ALL AT ONE TIME?!” *SMACKED* xD;

Anyways, it seems that babysitting request was originally made to Ringo but she didn’t show up for reasons yet unsaid. To Ryoushi at least.

As for Himeno, she works part-time at a convenience store to support her crowded little household and because of such, might not be able to attend university due to her financial situation. Omg, such a devoted, hard-working Onee-chan! *sniffs*

On the other hand, KYAAAAAAA~!!!!!!! Himeno is so beautiful and so cute at the same time! And the apron looks so good on her~! *wants to go to the place she works just to GLOMP her now* x333

She and Ringo-chan are definitely related, alright! If I look closely, they kind of have the same face structure (it looks like they have the same eyes, too).

Ahhh~, and Yukari Fukui does her voice so perfectly! Mature and so sweet…it’s Nia’s voice she’s using. Omg, brb, nostalgia totally breaking over. *huge Nia fan* Nia~ <333

Seriously, my Yukarin needs more roles like these. I've looked at her ANN profile and most of the shows she had roles in either gave her really minor parts or they were blatant fanserivce ones that I couldn't care less about. Ugh, I get it if it can't be helped because it's still her job and all but please give her characters who can truly bring out her talent and live up to her wonderful voice-acting. She is worth much more than those crappy shows.

…I've decided. I'm going to start a campaign to spread more Yukarin love because she totally deserves it. I've already started one for my beloved Kanae Itou and she's getting at least one important role in each season which I'm more than satisfied with. MOAR POWAH TO THE LESS LOVED! YEA!

Well, since Ryoushi wants in on what’s the deal between Ringo and Himeno, they go back to their dorm and Ryouko tells Ringo if she doesn’t speak with Himeno now, she probably won’t have the chance again after Himeno graduates.

This makes Ringo even more depressed and ARGH! I want to hug her and comfort her! RINGO-CHAN~! *HUG* ;____;

Ryoushi wants to help, too (haha, he’s so cute when he’s eager) since Ringo was the one who always helped him out. With his growing relatioship with Ryouko, that is. Kuhuhu~

Aww, and he was being so serious, too, but everybody just can’t miss up on the chance to Jiiii… at him cuz it’s too much fun to ruin his cool.

Such a shame.

Still, I find this trait of his irresistibly adorable. lol

And it’s not like he isn’t trying to improve. Ringo-chan, you are such a bully! xD

So Ringo-chan goes into telling them about her childhood. She and her mom used to live alone together in a simple apartment and it turns out Ringo-mama was the one responsible for her being such a scheming little devil in the first place. What a horrible parent, blackening Ringo-chan’s innocence at such a young age. And yet, I wouldn’t have my poisoned little apple any other way. <3

ASDJKFLAKSJF Look at how cute chibi!Ringo is! Trying so hard to adapt to the polite speech her mom told her to.’

HAUUUU!!! KAWAII YO! OMOCHIKAERIIIIII~!!!!!!!!! x33333333333

“Hai…desu no?”


Ringo with pigtails is sooooo cute! x3

One day, she and her mom move into this huge mansion. Oh wow, now that doesn’t happen everyday, does it? :P

While playing by herself, Ringo mentions how lonely it is and Himeno (Chitcha! KAWAII~! x33) peeks in from the doorway in an oh so cute way that I just…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OMOCHIKAERIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~!!!!!! *steals them both and runs for it* xDDDDDDDDD

Omg, they just had to paint that day all perfect weather and all glowy and everything, huh? Sadistic bastards.

But ah~ These two look so cute together! I just want to take them in my arms and hug them and never let either one go! x3

On a side note, when I first heard that there was going to be a Shirayuki character in Ookami-san, I was actually expecting the Japanese yukionna and totally forgot that they’re different terms altogether. “Shirayuki” means “Snow White” and Ringo, only in reference, is the “poisoned apple”. Then there’s Himeno’s seven younger siblings to be the dwarfs as well. I don’t know how I forgot that. Silly me.

It’s the end of the day and Himeno is about to leave when Ringo asks if she can see her again.

Himeno responds in a very Onee-chan-like way: “If Ringo-chan is a good girl.”

It’s displayed so purely between these two children that you just know something’s not going to go right. ARGH! The vileness of adulthood! *RAEG*

I just wanted to put this here because Ringo’s shortness totally adds to her charm and I just want to pick her up from behind to help her. Ringo~ My chibi lil’ Ringo~ <333

Ringo finds a letter addressed to Himeno from her father and learns that Himeno is actually her older half-sister. Her mom had forced Himeno and her mother out of the mansion after Ringo’s father divorced Himeno’s mother.

Wow, that left me in a little shock for a while. I’m guessing that Ringo’s mom was her father’s mistress or something judging by how more high class Himeno and her mother seemed to look (the name is a suggestion, too; Himeno) so it shouldn’t be a surprise if she urged him to file for divorce if she wanted that very position, the wealth, etc. Knowing how devious Ringo can be for humor purposes, this being the real thing…is much worse.

Personally, it strikes a very bad chord with me when it comes to issues about affairs. I sympathize with the person who gets everything unfairly ripped away from him/her by adultery and I also feel sorry for the children who have to go through all that ordeal, especially if they are at this age. I don’t know what the situation is really like with Ringo’s and Himeno’s parents but I can’t help but see Ringo’s mom as a horrible witch. On the legal field, she didn’t do anything out of line but…I just can’t stand looking at her smiling so happily after kicking the former family out. I really hate people like this woman.

Anyways, after that, Ringo thought it was very difficult living at home with that knowledge so that’s why she decided to dorm at the Academy to get away from it all. She even attempted to talk to Himeno after all these years but always caved in and avoided her instead.

Oh, poor Ringo. ;_________;

Adults are the worst. Dx

Heh, that’s rare to see, Ryoushi telling Ringo not to be like him and hiding all the time.

Anyways, Ryouko gives her a ticket to “Mermaid Pool” where they’ll be taking Himeno and her dwarves the next day and suggests that Ringo should come.

Detta~, pool episode. /P
Haha, this is really a show that has everything, isn’t it? Perfect for guys and girls to enjoy. And it seems that there’s no age-restriction either if Himeno’s brothers can get all ogly-eyed at older girls in bikinis. xD;

Mou, Ringo-chan tara! Go join your Onee-chan and have some pool fun already! *pouts*


Omg, what smart little dwar-I mean, kids you are! Protecting Hime-onee-chan from losers like this!

That’s just awesome. x3

And yea, of course we can’t go an episode without some screentime for tsun! shipping. Durrhurr~ /B

Dwarf #5: “Oh! It’s a says-they-can’t-shake-each-other-off-but-she-can’t-break-up-with-this-useless-guy thing!”

Dwarf #3: “He’ll keep pushing back the wedding date!”

Oi, who watches these kids when Himeno’s not at home? Does she even have parental control on that television of theirs? And what channel do they watch cuz I wanna check it out. \D;

lol, and I honestly didn’t think they’d pair these two ups even with all the low jab hints at it but I guess they are. Argh, is there a show that is this good that can also go without shipping?

Ringo~ Jump in the pool, dammit! x3

And it’s around this time that you wonder…where the hell are the lifeguards on duty?! D:

Oh no, Himeno can’t swim! Somebody! Hurry up and save her! HURRY! DX

WOOT! Ryoushi rawks when he’s in MAN mode! xDD

Ringo is so reliable. Nay, she’s not just that. She’s such a reliable imouto. <333

And hearing her say “Onee-chan” for the first time, even if it’s in her head, really got me “Awww”-ing like no tomorrow.

Yay! Himeno is saved! Woot woot! Let’s all go out and party now! xDDD

Now just wait a moment there, missy. You ain’t going nowhere until you sat down with your Onee-chan and have a good talk already!

Good job, Ryouko! ;Db

Himeno tells Ringo that she isn’t at fault for anything since it’s because of her that she her other siblings were able to come into her life.

Right, for some reason, that doesn’t sound completely fair at all but Himeno seems pretty happy with how things are so I guess I can let that slide. Besides, I like those dwarves of hers, too. <3

Himeno apologizes that she couldn’t be an Onee-chan for Ringo all this time and thanks her for being her little sister. Ringo then breaks into tears and calls her “Onee-chan” for the first time (Kanae-san, as always, I love you so much for your talent at evoking emotion from me with these scenes <3).

Ok, all together now…


Now this seriously made me tear up inside. It is a true moment of gold to see two sisters making up. And then watching Himeno do the big sister thing by wiping Ringo’s tears away… omg, tissue please. My running nose is getting worse.

With that, Himeno introduces her siblings to Ringo so now they sorta-kinda have a big sister now! Yay!

Seeing Ringo so happy really makes me happy, too. C’mere, Ringo, you~! *huggles* x333

lol, I completely forgot about this guy and that his name was “Lamp” so he’s actually the genie.

Meh, genie my ass. He’s just a dirty old geezer who happens to be principal with a lot of money in his beard. xD;

But how thoughtful of Ringo. Yes, Himeno did earn that scholarship but Ringo willingly gave up her other two wishes for her Onee-chan. Ringo~, you’re such a kind imouto~ <333

Nyaha~! And everything’s back to normal now that Ringo’s back to her regular devious self at teasing Ryouko about Ryoushi. Expected cute tsun face is expected. Ryouko, you’re not honest at all but it’s so clear on your face. Haha~

So end’s Ringo’s chapter. I can take her home now, right? *huggles her Ringo-chan* <333

Ah, before ending, more shipping service. Haha! Ryouko truly is a girl no matter how “ORE!” she makes herself sound. A princess waiting for her prince among a bed of flowers. Ohoho~

And my, doesn’t Ryoushi look just dashing in her dreams? Uwah, I don’t think I can resist that deep MAN voice either. lol xD;

Ryoushi (in Ryouko’s dream fantasy, lawl~): “I know how to wake a princess.”

Ryoushi-kun, I don’t think Ryouko secretly wants to be woken up but if you must! *dramatic gesture* Kiss her awake like no prince has done!


Kyaa~, Ryoko’s dere face.

Poor Ryoushi, the effects of her dokidoki! dream will probably last the whole day.

I hope she has another one soon, actually. Kuhuhu~! x3



Looks like we’re getting back to some Ryouko-plot next week? That other wolf girl, Reiko (is it?), seems to be back. Wonder what her relationship with Hitsujikai is. Hmm. Well, all I know is that she’s voiced by Mai Nakahara so that’s good enough for me. \3